Plot Announcements

Prologue - Making the Band(s)

Right now, everyone is still making their respective bands. Currently, fate has brought together a Chinese opera star, a virtuoso violinist, a deathmetal rocker and a college student together to fight against the Titanspawn. With the noted rivalry of the Celestial Bureaucracy and the Amatsukami, will the influence of the Scions of Kali and Baron Samedi be enough to keep the band active? Will they make it to another season? Will they end up like Danity Kane and all the other failed P. Diddy bands only to fall to in fighting and become victims of the Titanspawn? Who knows?

Just like fate is gathering the Scions in the war, a group of corrupted scions has already been working together. And now, it's time to make their move. The Scions of Sun Wukong, Baron Samedi, Kali and Amaterasu uncovered a storage warehouse full of harpy eggs where they ran into their first real challenges as Scions..Scions themselves! Fortunately, they were able to capture a Corrupted Scion of Hel who gave them information.

The next day, in retaliation, the Scion of Amaterasu was captured and was going to be sacrificed to Terra by the Scions of Aphrodite and the Morrigan. If it wasn't for the timely intervention of a Scion of Ares, perhaps she would have been sacrificed and the door to the Titanrealm was temporarily closed.

Immediately afterwords, the corrupted Scions were off to work once more. This time, three new corrupted Scions came out of the woodwork and attacked and tried to capture a Scion of Tlazolteotl. At the same time, at a club on the other side of Manhattan, a Scion of Thor was attacked and tried to be brought into the fray. Fortunately, our merry band of heroes were able to to prevent these two from being captured or turned.

The finale of the prologue has all our heroes in shambles. David and Maia obviously do not get along. Rupert is a snarky. Haldor is still new to being a Scion. Jolie is the new Sailor Moon. With their growing legend from their deeds, the stakes are higher… Who knows what will happen next?

Hero - Seeds of the Future

The Dark Hour begins. The Corrupted Scions have drained sufficient Legend to create a new Terra Incognita in Times Square only accessible by Scions and above. Black spires stand tall in the middle of the corrupted wasteland that only appears in the real world at regular intervals. These intervals are called The Dark Hour.

Our heroes have been tasked by the Fates themselves to make sure the balance between the gods and the titans does not change. Given Amaterasu's mirror and new relics to further empower them, our heroes begin a quest to find more Scions before the Corrupted Ones do…

Hero - What would you do for a Scooby Snack?

The Mystery Machine find themselves facing a new corrupted Scion… Roberta Elwes aka Scream Queen… Stay tune for more information!

One on One Side Plots for Our Heroes!

  • David - Quest for the Dragonballs
  • Rupert - It's All In The Family
  • Jolie - Six Feet Under
  • Haldor - Big Daddy
  • Maia - My Fair Lady
  • Scott - Napoleon Dynamite
  • Zeke - Die Hard - Cancelled Due to Evil Death
  • Anne - Promiscuous - Cancelled Due to Dead Hanging
  • Jay - Brother Where Art Thou?
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