Player Run Scene

A player run scene is meant to allow players to provide for the entertainment of other players while the staff is too busy to manage to such matters. Its just like any other scene, where in an event occurs and our heros respond to the matter as they ought. However, it is meant for one shots and short things. It is not meant for people to shopping list toys and destroy the world while the Staff isn't looking.

Things you Can do with a Player Run Scene

  • Have fun
  • Kill bad things
  • Talk to other things
  • Get some experience (See below)
  • Acquire non-major, non-magical equipment and other thematically appropriate things. [Cars, Cash, cute fuzzy kittens]

Things you can't do with a Player Run Scene

  • Change the Setting
  • Hand out Relics, Trophies, any other Birthright
  • Permanently alter, harm, maim, another character
  • Steal/permanently remove birthrights from a player.
  • Kill another character
  • Force another character to participate in your scene

How to Run a Scene

First: Ask for permission to run it from the Staff. To do so, please use +pitch so that there is a record of it in the system.

Second: Run the Scene!

Third: Log the Scene. No log, no Exp

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