Picnic Trouble


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Scene Title Picnic Trouble
Synopsis Haldor and Maia go out on a date in the park to have a nice picnic to get to know each other better. However, what comes is worse than ants..

Central Park

Sometimes he can't help it. The Viking shifts through the ferns and other foliage, leading the way through the forest from the jogging path along the reservoir. Haldor swears he has the perfect spot for a picnic, for some time to get to know one another as just people.

No Scions. No super powers. Just who they were before they found they could cleave people in twain with weapons made of drumsticks or paper, flip cars with a modicum of effort, or survive getting hurled across a room by something that could flip a car without a second thought. Those are the rules to this picnic in the park.

And Haldor, for all his brooding intensity, swears he has the perfect place to go. The Viking finally disappears through some brush, out of sight for several moments before his head pokes back through the brush to look down the incline at Maia.

"You coming?"

The daughter of a goddess of the sun and fertility does not go through the foliage as easily as she'd like. She wrinkles her nose, dressed casually in a yellow sundress as she follows, chuckling softly the entire time. Even though it's suppose to be just a regular date, she can't help but be paranoid, and hence she brings a backpack full of paper with her..you know..just in case.

Maia leans in and steals a quick kiss on the lips as Haldor appears from the foliage and nods. She reaches out to let her fingers entwine with his own as she follows and grins wryly.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! This dress seems to attract the twigs and stuff.." she grumps a little, giggling softly as she heads through to look around Central Park. It's a beautiful day and the sun is up in the sky beaming over them. It's almost as if her mother is watching..be careful.

"Well I told you not to wear a dress," chides Haldor. He had to pause, of course, to recover from the stolen kiss under the sun. Faintly he looks over his shoulder in the direction of the sun to see if a solar flare is coming for his head or not.

The Viking pulls Maia clear through the shrubbery and other brush once her fingers are twined with his. He smiles warmly as he stands upright beside her in the midst of a small forest clearing. Precious little background noise from the city or the rest of the park seems to resonate within the confines of the space, the trees just starting to regrow their leaves after a long winter's nap. About the only noise, aside from the relatively light numbers of bugs in the area, is the sounds of the water from the reservoir. It's a faint sound, of course, but it is a soft, soothing, almost subconscious sort of white noise.

"Jeans and a t-shirt would've served you better."

"This is my first date…ever. Father was very strict and a Shrine Maiden of Ise did not have the luxury of dating. I wanted to look pretty.."

Maia grins wryly as she looks up towards the sun and winces a little before turning her attention back to her date. She squeezes the Viking's hand fondly before as she looks around the small clearing. No one's around. No people to interrupt. And best of all, no monkey boys. It's perfect.

"But I'll keep that in mind next time. Jeans and a t-shirt.." she says, grinning as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath.
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"Well, uh. I'm just… Y'know. You always look pretty."

Haldor seems momentarily at a loss for words. Slowly he shifts the weight of the cooler he insisted upon hanging across his shoulders off and onto the ground. Promptly Haldor reaches behind his back and under his hoody to pull out an enormous picnic blanket.

"Care to set this out while I get the food ready?"

"Okie dokie!"

Maia sure is in a bubbly mood today, quite chipper as she leans in and steals yet another kiss on the cheek. The girl's going to get her smooches in damnit, whether her mother is watching or not. She beams and runs her fingers through her hair as she puts down her backpack in the grass before starting to set the blanket down on the nice little grassy knoll. She's humming something softly under her breath, not having a care in the world..at least right now.

Meanwhile, a perceptive Scion…if he or she looks out towards the reservoir would notice…a bit of frost starting to form at the edge of the reservoir..

Haldor's face flushes again at the kiss. Quietly he sighs a bit and turns away from the reservoir. For the moment, he is busily doing something inside of that cooler. Somehow he's managed to keep its contents secret from Maia, though every so often there's a flash of white paper or the tinkle of glass bottles.

Fortunately for whatever is doing things at the reservoir, Haldor is facing the opposite direction and rather absorbed in his task. Of course, his current task also involves the cold so that might be why he's not noticing any temperature changes.

Alas, Maia's caught up in the date that nothing else matters at the time. She's setting up the blanket, working out any wrinkles as she lays it down on the grass having a merry old time. She sighs softly and flashes a toothy smile towards Haldor every now and then though as she looks in his direction, her brows quirk a little. There's something..near the water. It's turning into ice and she blinks blankly before a chill wind passes through the area.

She shivers a little as she chews on her bottom lip, getting all goosebumpy as she peers towards Haldor curiously. "The weather was suppose to be nice and sunny today, wasnt it?"

"Hm? Yeah. Bright, sunny, and warm until mid-week. Why do you ask?"

Haldor pauses, arching an eyebrow as the chill wind whips through the treeline. The Viking stands up slowly, closing the cooler again as he turns to face the reservoir. Instinctively one of his hands curls into a fist, blue eyes glaring down the incline.

"Did I offend your mom?"

And Haldor definitely notices something that's changing the water near the reservoir. Things shouldnt freeze..especially not suddenly like what's going on in this case. In fact, he'll notice the grass starting to wither as something gets closer…

"It's still bright and sunny. Mom can't control the weather.."

Maia says, pursing her lips a little as she shivers and wraps her arms around herself as she stands near Haldor, nestling up against him as she continues to look out towards the water, finding the phenomenon rather..strange for the most part.

"Did I offend one of your relatives?"

"I doubt it. Sif seemed pretty awesome, Baldur's a sun god himself, and Pop can't make it cold without making clouds. I don't even know that he would make it cold. I think he'd go for thunder and lightning. Other than that, the other Aesir haven't seemed particularly interested in me."

Haldor clenches his fist tight enough that his knuckles go white. The Viking stares down at the reservoir, eyes flicking toward the withering grass as he steps between the moving cold and Maia herself.

This can't be good. There's something clearly affecting the ground and soon she pulls out one of her ofuda and mutters a soft prayer. "Let me see that which is unseen.." she says, the prayer strip starting to become razor sharp as it becomes filled with power. And there it is…two spirits approaching, though unfortunately for her, seeing the second is too late as it manifests and sends her flying in the opposite direction into a tree. Why does she always get flung around by spirits and she smacks against it clearly winded.

Now they're visible to Haldor though, both manifesting not too far away from him. They're two disgusting looking things. One of them seems to be a rather large man, his eyeball barely clinging to one of his sockets. He grins in a predatory fashion as he flashes his yellow teeth towards Haldor and brings forth a sword of pure ice.

Meanwhile, the one on his other side laughs heartily doing the same.

And these are the Aptrganger, the Corpse Demons of the Titanspawn.

Why must she always get attacked first? This is always a bad sign..or at least bad luck. As she coughs a little, she eases on up from the tree and looks towards the two creatures made manifest surrounding Haldor.

"Some date huh!" she cries out with a soft chuckle of amusement.
"Titanspawn crashing it…you know..I could forgive most anything else, but damnit, this is my first date ever!" she cries out angrily, most definitely miffed by the whole thing. For now, she just stares at the two creatures trying to find a weakpoint..

One of the vile creatures of death and frost starts slowly trudging its way towards Haldor, grinning the entire time. It raises the sword of ice into the air before coming down trying to make a slash at the hunky Scion…

Haldor doesn't need to activate his super speed to avoid a free-wheeling, uncontrolled zombie. The Viking leaps to the side, rolling through the leaves and grass before coming up in a defensive crouch. One hand reaches into his back pocket, pulling out his drumsticks, the other arm shaking until his sleeve peels back to reveal his bracer.

"What the Frigg? Can't we just have a quiet day to ourselves? Don't the Titans have something better to do?"

Slowly he stands up, face screwed up with seething fury. Haldor sprints forward, with nary a sign of super speed, and draws forth a war hammer not unlike that of his father with one drumstick. The Viking leaps forward, closing to strike range with the beast whose frigid blade is still stuck in the ground.

In mid-air, Haldor whirls, swinging his hammer with every ounce of strength he can summon.

"They don't apparently.."

Maia is annoyed, most definitely annoyed. But she also knows that it's a two to one battle right now, and she huffs a little as she makes a quick dash to get closer towards her intended target, the creature behind Haldor.

As she runs she gains momentum and suddenly jumps high into the air, her silhouette blocking out the sun's light and grace over the creature before she throws the two ofuda towards the creature's eyes, hoping to at least blind it..or something like that.

Apparently, the creature blinks a little as the ofuda strikes, doing jack crap…

The creature that was struck with the might hammer of Thor..son crushes it's head, spirit goo going everywhere. Whatever it touches dies, the grass turning black and withering and an unfortunate squirrel lets out a light squeak as it's heart immediately stops from touching the Titanspawn ichor.

"Die. Die. Die!" it cries out, starting to build up it's own legend, changing it's form until it looks like one of the warriors from Valhalla, except with the appearance of Charlie Manson.

Haldor's other hand produces a duplicate of the first hammer. The Viking slams into the ground, pausing only long enough to stand up to his full height again. Spirit ichor sprays around him, freezing the ground and a squirrel, but Haldor himself remains unaffected, his positioning just right.

The Viking continues to seethe with fury, eyes fixed on the Aptrganger as its form shifts and warps, twisting into an aspect of one of Valhalla's finest. He spins his hammers around, grumbling in aggravation as he starts stalking toward it.

"Me? No, friend. I'm gonna have to send your ass back to wherever the Hel you came from, be it Valhalla or Helheim. NOW GET THE HEL OUT OF MY PICNIC!"

Haldor keeps swinging his hammers around, the short straps at the end of their hafts coming in handy. Each hammer faintly screams as it picks up speed, whirling through the air. The Viking sweeps one around at the spirit's midsection. A moment later, he crouches down and swings the other hammer upward, launching himself upward in pursuit of it as the first hammer torques his body around in a whirling hammer uppercut of death.

Apparently Haldor knows how to perform the Shoryuken, sans flame.

Vikings are all power and fury and the bonds of family and friend. Expression of these often comes through violence of action, of music, of speech, and of thought. Haldor is no different, especially now that his day has been ruined. A war cry escapes his throat as the first hammer slams through the sludgy midsection of the Aptrganger, spraying ichor all over a rather unfortunate tree's trunk as well as the grass and shrubbery to that side of the clearing.

Haldor's tremendous strength propels him upward with alarming speed and power, the hammer shattering the bones in the face of the Aptrganger as he sails upward. Its head even snaps off of its neck, some arterial spray freezing layers of rubber off of the soles of Haldor's boots. The head rolls about on the ground, spreading a circle of frigid ichor before both body and mangled, ravaged skull melt and evaporate into a sickly mist that is washed away with the wind.

The spray of dark ichor ruins the shrubbery killing anything it touches not touched with the power of legend. As the dark ichor seeps into the ground, plants die and the ground frosts over as it's scrunched and lets out various sickening squelching sounds as it's deathspasms. Soon, it fades into nothingness leaving behind only a shield glowing with the radiance of Baldur himself.

Meanwhile, the other demon corpse cries out as it starts to become larger, taking in the remains of it's former brother. Where it was just as tall as Haldor in the beginning, it's now twice that height, towering over the trees as it cries out in anger once more. It's claw like appendages brush over it's icey sword making it even more lethal as spikes form from the main part of the blade before it gets into a defensive stance staring straight towards the two Scions.

"You. Two. Will. Die.."

Haldor slams back to the Earth with a hideous *KRRRRRRRR*-*AAAAAAAAAAAACK* as his feet plant on the frozen ground. The earth shatters under the impact, the Viking momentarily destabilized but to no true effect. As the Aptrganger grows and grows, Haldor springs toward the gleaming shield.

Bearing aloft the shield, Haldor glares up at the enormous demon corpse. A slow, possibly evil smile spreads acros Haldor's features as he winds up with the shield. Both of his drumsticks are in his right hand, clutched tight while he prepares his next move with the shield in his left. With a tremendous, spinning release, Haldor launches the shield at the Aptrganger's legs.

A moment later, both of Haldor's drumsticks have disappeared. Instead, he bears a pair of Viking long swords. One is held in a reverse grip, the blade trailing behind him as if he were about to engage in a knife fight with it. The other is held normally, though at an angle that guards his body. Haldor charges forward, leaping moments after the shield has caught the giant's attention. In mid-air, Haldor starts slashing and hacking at its face.

As gravity reasserts itself over Haldor, the Viking brings his swords together. They fuse and meld, flowing together into a tremendous labrys. With a mighty roar, Haldor swings the double-headed axe up and then down, attempting to carve a positively enormous trench down the front of the Aptrganger with his axe, his strength, and an assist from gravity.

Frigid, almost slushy ichor sprays in nearly every direction as Haldor slashes at the Aptrganger's face. A vast network of oozing, "bleeding" lines are ripped across its face as it is mangled. The shield long forgotten, its damage as a distraction already done by preventing it from noticing Haldor's approach.

Haldor descends, almost in slow motion at first, and swings his enormous axe around to sink it deep into the Aptrganger's throat. Gravity drags Haldor downward, inexorably downward, and his axe comes along with him, carving a ragged, oozing trench that drips slushy ichor after the Viking. The labrys hooks on the spirit's pelvis and Haldor swings his legs, sending him swinging between the Aptrganger's legs before his drumsticks revert to their 'natural' state.

On the ground, Haldor snarls and turns around, watching the spirit warrior collapse forward with tremendous force. It too melts and evaporates into the wind, its intended destruction forgotten.


The sight of the gore and the dark ichor over the ground curses the land around the area. It's a disgrace really, especially to the young woman who's the daughter of not only a sun goddess but of one of fertility and plants as well. The sight of the destruction and the curse upon the land sends a shudder down her breath.

Maia heads on over towards the melting and evaporating ichor that disappears with the wind. She looks up towards the sky and mutters a soft prayer as the icy blue jewel on her ring sparkles in the sun's light. She twirls softly before pressing her hand towards the patch of ground, hissing a little as her hand starts to become just a tad bit frostbitten from the legend. She chews softly, wincing a little as she closes her eyes.

"Kami of the park, I beg for your aid. Spirits hear my plea, banish this curse and cleanse the blight.." and soon, the darkness on the ground disappears, though there are still brown spots of dead grass…

After several minutes, she lets out a soft sigh, winded and bruised on her chest and back, though it's not visible with her sundress before looking towards Haldor. "You okay, handsome?" she asks curiously.

"Well my cooler is covered in frost zombie goo and about six inches of ice… Oh and our picnic is kind of ruined. Course, I'm pretty pumped on adrenaline and some Viking blood lust, but I'm not hurt. Are you?"

Haldor turns to face Maia, moving closer to her as he studies her body language. Just this moment, he can't tell she's bruised, but he can see she's winded. Gently he wraps an arm around her, helping to support her while she recovers herself.

"It got me good.." she says, wincing a little as her stomach is still bruised as she chews on her bottom lip while she leans against him, sighing softly.

An arm wraps around his broad and muscular torso as she coughs a little, nestling closely before she hops up and steals another kiss on the lips. "I think we can salvage things…we can easily wash off the goo and ice and try to make the rest of the date..you know..pleasant?" she asks with a bright smile.

"We'll wash the goo off, chip away the ice, but we're going back to the apartment. I'll just have to think up another great date idea. Something that can't get ruined."

Haldor smiles gently at Maia, rubbing her cheek with his free hand. The Viking glances around the clearing, just to make sure there's no more surprise Titanspawn lingering about. Lightly he takes her frosty hand and rubs it gently with his, trying to get the circulation going again.

"Just watch, tengu will attack there.." she says with a self depricating smile as she smiles brightly and pulls him close with her non frosty hand for a tender kiss on the lips.

"And you kicked ass. I was utterly worthless.." she says with a soft sigh. She looks to the side a little, wrinkling her nose before she starts moving her slightly frostbitten hand just a bit to continue to get circulation through it before motioning towards the cooler. "So shall we, handsome?"

The Viking smiles gently at Maia and kisses her cheek. "Physical combat is not your thing, Maia. That's alright. You keep us out of trouble with dead people. Plus you're smart, like scary smart. You don't need to be hardcore to be worth a lot to everyone."

Haldor pauses a moment, peering at the shield he flung. It is, inexplicably, stuck in a tree. After several moments of consideration, he disengages from Maia and moves toward the gleaming disc. Curious, he pulls it free to inspect it more closely.

Maia beams brightly at his reassuring words. Of course, the kiss helps as well. "I know it's not. Just remind me to stick close all the time then.." she says matter of factly, wrinkling her nose as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red.

As Haldor goes to get the shield, she goes over and picks up the cooler, lifting it over towards the water to wash the goo and the frost off. Hopefully the goo doesnt kill anything in the water, but hey, that's a risk, right? Eventually all the goo is gone, disappearing with the rest of the hoarfrost on the cooler before she takes a peek inside. He was hiding something in there, right? What is it?

The shield in Haldor's hands is rather large and has an emblem of a sun on it. Clearly it's a shield of Baldur, but how did the Aptrganger get it? What does it do? Who knows?

Inside of the cooler? There are about sixteen different sandwiches, all fresh from the deli, if the white paper wrapping around them is any indication. A half-dozen bottles of soda, of varying flavors, are also in there, half-submerged in ice. Oh and let's not forget the brownies; they look to be double chocolate at least, if not moreso.

Haldor continues to inspect the shield, puzzled and curious about it. Thoughtfully the Viking hefts its weight, seemingly testing it as he leaves Maia to her thing. Slowly he makes his way over to join her, smiling a bit.

"Thanks. Sorry I got distracted… I think this is one of Baldur's shields. Not sure what a frost zombie was doing with it… Or even what it does."

Maia looks through the cooler and beams brightly as she heads on over and peers curiously towards the shield. "Well, it looks like you have a new shiny!" she chirps merrily, hooking her arm with his as she leans in against him and nestles closely.

"When we get back to the apartment, I'll ask it for info if you want?" she says, raising her brows as she's also put up the blanket as well. She did have time for lots of cleanup afterall.

Alas, poor blanket. Haldor knew it well. Picking it up was a noble cause, but one with little merit. Like the earth upon which it was lain, the blanket was frozen by Aptrganger ichor and subsequently shattered by Haldor's terrible impact with the ground.

The Viking takes the cooler from Maia and smiles, nestling her against his body. He smiles at her and nuzzles her cheek for several long moments as he considers something, though what is up for debate, as he gazes into the gleaming shield.

"A very shiny shiny… And yeah. May as well find out what it's for… If you're feeling up to it."

"I'm up for it, but let's do it at the apartment.."

Do what at the apartment exactly? That's up for debate as she leans in and nuzzles her nose against his cheek as she beams brightly and starts heading off, sighing a little. Their date was ruined, but at least they got some cuddle time, and that's always a good thing.

"You know, for a first date, this is to be expected when you're a child of a god I think..next time, we should stay in and I'll cook you some food.." she snerks.

"Meh. Some days I really wish I weren't the son of a god. I'd like to just be able to go on a date with a g- Errr… Woman in whom I'm interested without having to fight giant frost zombies or something."

The Viking sighs a bit, trailing after Maia. Haldor rubs the back of his neck, carrying the shield on his right arm and the cooler in his left hand. What a date.

"Then we can always nput off asking the shield for information to later? Just put on a movie and snuggle back home? I'm cold anyway.."

Maia looks back towards him beaming brightly the entire time as she gives his hand a gentle squeeze before bringing hisknuckles to her lips as she places a soft and tender kiss on it.

"Pleasure before business and all that. And I'll even make dinner!"

"I'd like to know what's going on with the shield first… I can relax once I know, Maia. We can order in, watch a movie… That sort of thing."

Haldor smiles at the ex-shrine maiden, stroking her cheek with the hand she just kissed. The Viking smiles gently at her, moving closer to her so he can take her frosty hand in both of his. Lightly he rubs her hand, trying to warm it back up.

"Sounds good.." she says, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge at his fingers brush up against her cheeks. And since central park isnt far from the condos, she leads him back through the foliage off towards the pathway until they're back at home.

"Okay..ordering in sounds good." she says, slipping out of her shoes as she heads into the apartment, stretching one of her arms up. Of course, her other hand still has her fingers entwined with his own as she lets out a happy little giggle. "Could you set up the shield on the coffee table while I put the food away?" she asks curiously.

Haldor nods to Maia's request, though he sets the shield down on the floor first. For the moment he has to work on getting out of his boots. While she's putting the food away, he's busily removing his boots and his hoody. There is a *CLANG* of the shield against the coffee table, followed by an apologetic "Oops."

When Maia peers out, everything is in order, save Haldor seems to have set the shield down a bit harder than intended.

Fortunately, the table can handle it. After Maia finishes putting all the food away, she wanders into the living room, flopping back onto one of the couches as she picks up the shield.

"You know, this is the second relic I've started to investigate. I think this is going to become a habit for me.." she says with a wry smirk before she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "Spirits, hear my plea, reveal to me that which is not known and that which is hidden.."

Soon enough, a slight breeze fills the living room, and the whispers of the kami start to be heard, even by Haldor…though as to what they're saying..only Maia can know..at least for now.

Haldor crouches down across from Maia. The Viking remains quiet and patient, watching and listening intently as the wind mysteriously picks up, carrying with it the voices of the unknown. For the moment, this is Maia's show. Haldor's just along for the ride.

Soon the whispers of the spirits become quiet and the form of a dwarf appears on the shield. It's about the size of the Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars and it looks…annoyed, waking up from it's slumber. "Where am I? Who are you? You're not my master! What's going on!?!?" he cries out angrily, huffing and puffing a bit. The shield suddenly becomes heavier, pinning Maia in the couch.

"Help..please.." she says, looking pained a bit as it threatens to crush her legs from the weight. "We mean you no harm. We found you from the remains of a creature…one that I don't even know of. Haldor…" she grumps a bit.

Both of Haldor's eyebrows raise as Maia seems to find herself in pain. The Viking moves quickly, all but leaping across the short space to wrap his hands around the edges of the shield. He applies all of his formidable strength to trying to lift the weighty shield, peering at Maia and the shield alike.

The shield is suddenly very heavy. Of course Haldor can lift it, but alas, Maia's no Aesir. She lets out a sigh of relief as she eases on up as there are cuts on her legs from the edges of the shield starting to slice through her skin from it's sharp edges.

"We mean no harm. Please..calm down.." she says, looking towards the shield, begging at this point.

As Haldor lifts the shield up, the spirit wanders the shield and recognizes the futhark bracer and harumphs a little, suddenly becoming much, much lighter in the hands of the Aesir. "You're not one of us, Jap.." he says angrily. "The last time we worked with your kind, we ended up dying.." he grumbles a bit. Oooh, he's slightly racist too as he looks down and studies Haldor's features a bit.

"Thorson…okay. I'll be nice to you. But what happened to my master?" he asks grumbling and most definitely annoyed.

Haldor blinks a few times as the dwarf fades into focus in his vision. The Viking peers at him, shifting the shield a bit this way and that before arching a red eyebrow again.

"… Dvergar?" Haldor pauses a moment, focusing on what's important. "Who is your master? I might know someone that could shed some light on it for us."

"Johanssen was the name….at least that's what I always called him" the dwarf spirit says, looking towards Haldor suspiciously for a few moments. "I won't work for anyone but him!" he says seeming to throw a tantrum at that point, the shield shaking a bit in Haldor's hands.

At this point, Maia facepalms as she rolls her eyes and grumps a little. "Great..just what we needed.." she says sighing in the end.

"Johanssen?" Haldor doesn't get much further than that as the shield starts shaking, rattling, and quivering in his grip. Presumably it's also getting heavier to boot, which causes Haldor to nearly double over as he tries to restrain the thing.

"I don't know a Johanssen. We were attacked by, I think, Aptrganger. One of them dropped you… Hrnngh… Please, dvergar, I know you're upset… But we seem to have rescued you."

"…." The spirit is quiet for a few moments. "What?!?!? Aptrgangers killed Scions, Thorson. I'm pretty sure Johanssen is dead if you rescued me from the demon corpse.." he grumps once more. The shield calms down finally and the dwarf starts to sit down still facing Haldor. He doesnt look towards Maia for she's a filthy Jap and totally not of Aryan origin.

"I might be willing to take a new master. So how about this. I won't kill you and you may use me in battle. If and only if…" he says while peering towards Haldor intently. "You pass a test."

Haldor shrugs a little bit at the spirit. "I've heard they're pretty ridiculous, but I dunno. I killed two of them myself. Maybe they weren't true Aptrgangers, but something… else. They sure looked and acted a lot like them though." The Viking arches his eyebrow at the dvergar's mention of a test.

A brief glance is cast toward Maia before Haldor fixes his gaze on the dvergar. He leans in close, peering the Norse dwarf dead in the eyes.

"What kind of test?"

"I have to think about it. Till then I won't give you any access to my abilities.." he harumphs once more. Making a dwarf spirit think on the fly is mean and a terrible thing to do. "Til then, I'm just a regular shield.." and with that, the spirit disappears going into hibernation again.

And that's when Maia just stares shaing her head. "I have never met a more offensive spirit in my life.." she grumps.

"He's old school. I had a neighbor like that back in Pennsylvania."

Haldor shrugs a little bit and sets the shield down, carefully, on the floor. Gently he settles down beside the ex-Shrine Maiden and gives her a big hug.

"Sorry I got you hurt with the shield."

"It's okay…it looked old. I wouldnt be surprised if he had some history with someone in my family.."

Maia lets out a soft chuckle as she wraps her arms around his torso and squeezes fondly, nuzzling softly against his chest before stealing a few quick kisses every now and then.

"So..back to our date.." she says with a wry grin.

"Yeah. Let's watch a movie or something. I'm a little disappointed that the shield couldn't tell us more."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, snuggling in against Maia's side. The Viking seems content to just be comfortable and nestled against her for the time being. It has been a weird and annoying day.

"Indeed, you get to choose.." she says, handing him the control before she curls up on the couch and rests her head against his strong and powerful form. She hrmms and purses her lips for a few moments as she looks up towards him, studying his features for a few moments before she lets out an impish giggle as she cuddles against him once more.

"Mmmm, did you mean what you said last night?" she asks curiously.

"What did I say last night?"

Haldor peers at Maia, gently hugging her as he flicks on the television. The Viking hits the mute button, flipping through channels as he snuggles in against her.

A soft chuckle escapes from her lips as she gives it a dismissive wave.

"Nah..it's okay. It probably was in the heat of the moment.." she says softly, still curling up against him while leaning in to kiss his chest once more.

Haldor quirks an eyebrow at Maia's response. Gently he snugs her close and nuzzles her cheek a little bit while starting to channel surf.

"O… Kay then."

The TV is secondary on the young woman's mind. She just watches Haldor quietly for a few moments, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she brushes her fingers against his cheeks, watching him for a few moments.

"So, you wanted to get to know each other better..you know..with our regular lives and all. Anything you want to know about me?" she asks curiously.

"Yeah. I figured a picnic out in the middle of the park, where the world was so far away… We could just chat, eat, hang out. It'd be nice. A way to just feel normal again."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, hugging Maia close. Lightly he kisses her cheek, one hand stroking the back of her head. Comfortable, he stretches out a little on the couch, curiously looking at her.

"Watching TV and cuddling is pretty normal." she says with a wry grin, letting out a happy little giggle at the kiss on her cheek as she pokes his stomach playfully. "So come on…this is my first date ever. Continuation of a first date rather, and fighting Titanspawn is a good physical activity I think.."

Maia rests her head on his shoulder as she meets his piercing blue gaze with one of her own. She smiles cheerily as she hrms for a few moments. "So..you can ask me anything you want, and I will answer.."

"Bleh. The day's been ruined by Titanspawn. I say we just snuggle up, watch some tv, and wait for dinner to arrive. Maybe after dinner we can try something else, but… I'd rather wait for another day."

Haldor flops over onto his back, sprawled across the couch with Maia hugged atop him. The Viking meets her gaze evenly, one hand moving up to stroke through her lustrous hair.

As he sprawls out on the couch, Maia follows, laying on top of him as she meets his gaze, quite in a chipper mood. Sure she's bruised from the fight, but it's better than being dead. She rests her chin on his chest as she starts running her fingers through his hair, studying his features still.

"Snuggling, TV and dinner definitely sounds like a good idea. After dinner, perhaps we can have a bit of dessert?" she asks, her brows waggling suggestively as she leans in for a soft and tender kiss.

XP Awarded to Haldor.

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