Petros "Peter" Lambros
Portrayed By: Liev Shrieber
Status: Present
Age: 39
Calling: Familial Chieftain
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Hera
Significant Other(s): None.


Petros (called Peter outside his family) Lambros was born a few years after the summer of love, in 1970. There was, however, little love involved in his conception. Like all things, Hera value practicality and long term planning above trysts and passing affections. Knowing what was starting and what was coming, Hera decided it was time to make new heroes. Being the Goddess of Family, among other things, she couldn't just have one night stand. No, she assumed a human form and spent a brief but full life with Stefanos Lambros, and even raised Petros for two years before she allowed her human form to die. Her husband, Stefanos, was ruined emotionally, having fallen in love with the aloof by brilliant and powerful woman. No woman ever compared to her again, and so he worked and worked himself to be everything he thought his dead wife would want him to be. This obsession lead to an early grave in the mid-90s, when Peter was only in his 20s.

Before that early death, however, Peter grew up in a small family of wealth and privilege. The Lambros family was old money (importing and retailing exotic wares). And each year, on his birthday, a strong woman would find him and ask him what he was doing with his life. At age 3 she encouraged him to get a dog. At age 4 she told him to stop lisping and learn to speak properly. Year after year an old friend of the family, or a visiting head mistress from a rival private school, or a mother of a schoolmate that Peter had never actually met but who knew everything about his life, would find Peter and tell him he was being weak, that he was wasting his life, which he was destined for something great but he had had to work for it.

On Peter's sixteenth birthday, more than long enough to become an adult by the standards of Ancient Greece, Hera revealed herself. Mother told him, in no uncertain terms, what he was and why she had given him birth. It was not for love, but for service. Though she did love him, of course, because a mother always loves her children. And he had better love her back. Peter would serve his family, his real family. Anything else would be an insult to himself and (more importantly) to Mother. Mother then laid out an involved curriculum of the studies and practices and physical activities in which he was expected to excel. Thus Peter studied. He went to the finest schools training both the mind and the body. He learned fencing and writing and ancient literature and modern business practices.

On Peter's 21st birthday Hera gave him his final gifts, the sword and shield from an entire village that worshipped her — Samos. Samos was a smaller town and, therefore, had less powerful relics. They were not the greatest gifts Mother had ever bestowed on divine offspring, but then Peter, to date, had only been 'satisfactory' in her appraisals. The best is only saved for the best, and while Hera believed this son of hers had potential, Mother made it painfully clear to him that she did not feel he was living up to that potential.

Still, he was progressing within reason, and thus Hera tasked Peter to practice them and learn them as well as anything else in his life, because in his life Peter would need them. And so Peter has trained his voice, his skills, his body, and his martial prowess. Waiting for day Mother would call him into service.

Nearing the age of 39, Peter is a virgin, because Mother has impressed upon him that sex out of wedlock is against the good of the family. Women are mothers and matriarchs, not venal objects to be used and discarded. Thus Mother fully expects Peter to wait until marriage. Peter, however, remains unmarried and therefore a virgin because none of the dozen of women he has dated has ever lived up to Mother's standards. To date, every girl friend is doomed to be dumped a few days after his birthday. Through his teens, twenties, and even into his thirties, Peter had his annual visit with Mother to discuss his progress, and that included his search for a suitable wife. And each year, Mother found Peter's current paramour lacking. At 37 and 38, Peter didn't even bother.

Instead of a full romantic life, Peter has instead trained and prepared himself to be a warrior in the upcoming battles. Even before his father's death, Peter had taken took over the family business, cajoling his father and all his contacts into better deals and more sales, turning the already profitable venture into a great success.

Thus, Peter lives a life of luxury — a Park Avenue apartment with an ascetic taste of a few furnishing that are all of exquisite taste and price. He has donated enough money to political causes to get through to anyone's private phone short of the President. He is ready to fight for his family in action, in word, and in influence. But he does not go out and seek it like some sort of pulp fiction era crime fighter. He waits for Fate to have its way with him, or for orders to do so from Mother, because you never cross Mother. Still, his 40th birthday approaches, and that must be a significant number. At least that is what he tells himself. Perhaps this is the year when Peter will do more than wait, perhaps this is the year he will finally get his calling to act. If Mother wishes it.

Peter loves his mother. But he hates his birthday.


Quiet and reserved in a new situation, gregarious and vocal once he knows the lay of the land. Proud and arrogant, but (usually) not over bearing about it. He is a calculating man, planning his actions instead of leaping in blindly if at all possible. But do not confuse circumspection for passivity. Peter is often like a spring, pushed tight, waiting to spring forth.


Link Known As Information
Tyler Tyler Met in a morgue, announced he was a Scion but not of whom. Willing to work together on the murder of the two Dodekatheon Scions.
asterisk_icon.png Asterisk Sirko Declared herself as a Scion of Persephone. Is offering to be bait in a trap set for the angels. Peter strongly opposes this idea.
leonard_icon.jpg Mister Mystery Met in a morgue, announced he was an agent of the Pesedjet. Is actively investigating the murder of the two Dodekatheon Scions.
lin_icon.jpg Lin Kun Met first on Ellis island in passing, then learned later he was a Scion of Yan Luo. Pledged to help avenge the two Dodekatheon Scions.
danny_icon.jpg (unknown) Saw him literally flying around in a bank. Assumes is a Scion, but no information beyond that.

Also have encountered the following, but have not made enough an impression to get on Peter's radar as a Scion or otherwise person of note. Just people in the city:

Morning Glory Tamis
Kailin Knight
Pauline Hightower
Sven Lucas

Events Thus Far

Cash Withdrawal in which he heroically failed to do anything of consequence. :(
In Which Names Are Somewhat Revealed in which he orates, and drinks coffee.
Recriminations And Plans in which he proves himself right, at least in his own mind.

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Academics 3 Animal Ken 2 Athletics 2
Awareness 2 Brawl 2 Command 3
Control (Riding Animals) 1 Control (Car) 1 Empathy 1
Fortitude 2 Integrity 2 Melee 3
Politics 2 Presence 4 Thrown 1
Relic - Ivory Dog Clicker (1) Relic - Sword of Samos (2) Relic - Shield of Samos (2)
(Purview Item - Animal (Dog)) (Weapon: +1 Acc, -1 Speed) (Shield: +2 DVs)
Animal Communication (Dog) Animal Command (Dog) Arete (Presence) 2
Benefit of the Doubt Blessing of Importance Inspirational Figure
Overt Order God's Honest Holy Fortitude
Takes One to Know One Cat's Grace
Epic Attributes
Strength Charisma 3 Perception
Dexterity 1 Manipulation 3 Intelligence
Stamina 1 Appearance Wits
Expression 1 Intellect 2 Valor 3
Vengeance 3
Legend 4 Legend Points 16
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 6
Health -0 -0 -0 -1 -1 -3 I D


The Sword of Samos is a xiphos (Greek sword) with base stats: +1 Accuracy, +3L Damage, +1 Defense, 4 speed.
This relic version is +2 Accuracy, +3L Damage, +1 Defense, 3 speed.

The Shield of Samos is an aspis (Greek shield) with base stats: +1 / +1 to DVs.
This relic version has +3 / +3.

XP Spends

7/8/09: 8 xp for Epic-Manipulation 3 (+ Takes One to Know One knack)
7/10/09: 10 xp for Epic-Dexterity 1 (+ Cat's Grace knack)

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