Percy Alexander Storm
Portrayed By: William Zillman
Status: Taking Names and Kicking Ass.
Age: 18
Calling: Captain of the NYU Rugby Team
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Zeus
Significant Other(s): Taking Applications


Born in Marble Hill, Austalia, to a farm family, mother and father. Muriel never told her husband about the trist she had with the passing visitor she met one day. It was a hot hour of passion, then was over….the result of course was that she had a child and Peter thought that he was the father of his son. Life was great and everything seemed to be going as it should. The child was born, Percy Alexander Storm was raised for the first few years on the farm. However, Peter having some idea as the child grew that he held none of the physical resemblances of the rest of the family grew suspicious of Percy's legitimacy.

While Muriel continued to swear that it was his, Peter knew better and grew abusive towards his family. Things continued in this manner until mental abuse became physical, and one night in a fight and crime of woe and drunken rage, Peter was near to killing Percy. Muriel doing what a mother could, killed him, took his body and buried it in the desert. She was of course discovered in the middle of hiding the body, and with no witnesses, taken to prison, and found guilty of 1st degree murder. She would serve a life sentence and never see her child again.

Percy was taken to a orphanage and became a ward of the state. There is he grew into a rather competitive hellion of a child. Always getting into trouble one way or another, but still in him was a deep seeded ability to befriend anyone that would let him. He smiled easy, laughed easy and was always at the top of most social circles. He went to highschool and there fell in love with sports. He started playing Rugby and found a natural affinity for it. As a matter of fact, his highschool coach took a great deal of interest in him and tutored him day and night in the sport, pushing him to run harder, take more abuse and become the strongest of the team. It wasn't long before he was kicking ass on the field. So much so that a rival team ambushed him during a game and took him out. Under the pile of bodies and in his unconsious state, his Coach came to him again…however this time he revealed himself as his father. He was given gifts and when he awoke the coach had vanished never to be seen again.

Percy went on to destroy a few titan spawn in the outback, but was quickly snapped up by the NYU Rugby team in hopes of bringing the newly formed rugby team a great deal of renown. So, given a full scholarship, Percy heads to the big apple to fullfil his destiny as the child of Zeus and the Scion of Strength.


As changing as the skies, Percy's personality can best be described as stormy. He's a serious guy when it comes to things about. He can be calm and good natured, but underneath there is always a storm waiting to surface. He is often moody and if one would note, his personality is highly tied to the weather. He's loyal to a fought and good natured but has an extremely high competitive spirit that sometimes boarders on dangerous.


Wesley - Douche-bag McGee - People are dieing left and right around him being drained dry by vampires and he is going on about milk. If you have time to quip and make jokes, maybe you had time to save a few people….

Events Thus Far

*Explosion in Country North of Manhattan gets Percy's attention. Helped defeat an army of rock monsters and a great monster with giant cannons in it's shoulder.

*Fought vampires at a Whole Foods store…developed strong dislike for Wesley.

Character Sheet

Strength - 4 Charisma- 4 Perception - 2
Dexterity - 3 Manipulation - 1 Intelligence - 2
Stamina - 4 Appearance - 4 Wits - 2
Academics - 2 Athletics - 3 Awareness - 3
Brawl - 3 Command - 3 Control - Cars - 1
Fortitude - 3 Integrity - 3 Politics - 2
Presence - 3 Survival - 1 Thrown - 3
Relic - Atlas Bracers - 5 ((Legend to all Strength Rolls, Sky, Justice)) Relic - Tempest Ring - 3 ((Legend to all dex+throwing rolls, Transforms to Pilum, Unlimited Ammo))
Arete - Thrown - 2 Sky's Grace Judgement
Uplifting Might Holy Rampage Hurl to the Horizon
Trick Shooter Untouchable Opponent Self-Healing
Trick Shooter
Epic Attributes
Strength - 2 Charisma Perception
Dexterity - 2 Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina - 2 Appearance Wits
Intellect - 1 Expression - 1 Vengence - 3
Valor - 4
Legend - 3 Legend Points - 9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower - 7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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