Penelope Chan
Portrayed By: Michaela Conlin
Status: Surviving
Age: 22
Calling: Accident Waiting to Happen
Pantheon: Celestial Beurocracy
Divine Parent: Sun Wukong
Significant Other(s): Nope.


Unfortunate though it is, some kids just really are not wanted by their parents. This was exactly the case with the newborn babe abandoned on the steps of the firehouse of a rural town in Upstate New York. Late one early spring evening, the firefighters were drawn outside by the cries of the infant - and took her inside to warm the poor thing up. The tiny girl had no identification, and no indication of where she’d come from.

The man who first picked her up, the youngest of the firemen at the station that night, made a comment about hoping that it was as good luck to pick up a found baby as it was to pick up a found penny. It was a horrid attempt at a joke, but the name stuck, and the little girl’s name was recorded as Penelope, but typically just Penny for short.

Despite the healthy culture of gossip in the town, no one could even hazard a guess as to who the child belonged to - it was generally assumed some poor dear passing through had just been unable to care for the child and had dropped the darling bundle of joy off at the first town she came to. Penny became a ward of the state, and was placed in a group home in the town, although generally everyone contributed in some way to her care and upbringing.

Either way, the years went on, and the foundling grew into a young girl, and this young girl was, well, clumsy to say the least. By the time she was ten, she’d already managed to make her way to the emergency room with some rather distressing tales of just how she managed to get injured. Walking into walls in the dark, dropping a cup of scalding tea on herself, and occasionally misjudging distances and falling down stairs - Penny was always decidedly accident prone. Somehow, she always managed to emerge from these accidents without too much damage, usually missing being severely injured by the tiniest margin.

As she neared adulthood, the young girl had developed an interesting set of set of scars to show for her misfortune, and she could cheerfully tell you the tale of how she got each one of them. She was a bit of an outcast in school, but her infectiously cheery outlook on life, despite everything that seemed to go wrong around her, made her hard to truly dislike. Of course, the fireman who had originally named her was picked on mercilessly for poor Penny’s lack of luck.

Penny took up a job in high school working as a waitress at the local diner, although she’d originally hoped to be a chef, an incident with a fire in the kitchen quickly put the kibosh on that idea. After high school, Penny got set up with a nice little apartment near the fire house, as she’d always looked to the firefighters as her extended family. She continued working at the diner for quite some time after high school, working hard to save up money to pay her way to a major city college.

It was late one evening when she was working the late shift at the diner that Penny, then in her early twenties, would have a conversation with a strange man that would change her life forever. In the strangest way imaginable. It went something like this:

The Asian gentleman entered the cafe late in the evening, just after closing time, and took a seat at the counter directly beside the coffee maker that Penny was working on cleaning up. It took her several long minutes to notice that the man was staring at her, and she was slightly startled when she saw him, as the bell hadn’t rung when he came in, and she could have sworn she had locked the door.

“Um, I’m rather sorry, sir, but the cafe is closed for the evening. The kitchen’s closed,” Penny told him, without looking up from her work - she was concentrating very hard on not burning herself on the hot plate or dropping the glassware she was cleaning

“Your parents didn’t want you,” the man says, matter-of-factly, leaning their his elbow on the counter ant watching as Penny cleaned.

Raising an eyebrow and chuckling quietly to herself, Penny moved on to cleaning the counter top, “Well, gee. Thanks so much for letting me know. The fact that I was dropped off in the middle of the night was obviously not enough of a tip off.”

The Asian man laughed at her response, shaking his head, “That isn’t what I meant, child. She’s relinquished her claim on you, and so has your sire. So I’ve decided to adopt you instead.” There’s a swift nod of his head and an almost apelike grin.

It was at this point that Penny stopped her cleaning the counter and looked at the man, apparently not very amused by his commentary, “Well, ignoring the obviously creepy overtones of that statement,” she said, gesturing with her cleaning rag, “I’m twenty-two. Pretty damn sure you can’t just declare you’re going to adopt me. That ship sailed five years ago.”

Snorting, he set a handful of stone and metal coins on the counter with a clatter, “You say that as though you have a choice in the matter, child. Which, I assure you, you do not. I am Sun Wukong, and I declare you to be my daughter from this point on.” There was a terrifying certainty in his voice as he said this, his amber-brown eyes regarding her coldly over the counter. And then, he was gone as quickly as he had appeared, a small pile of coins and what-not remaining on the counter where he had placed them.

The following week is nothing but a blur for Penny. She received a letter that she had been awarded a scholarship to a university in New York, all expenses paid, provided she would arrive by the next weekend. She quickly packed her meager belongings, broke the lease on her apartment, and hopped on a bus to what she expected to be New York City… the fact that said town was now going by New Atlantis was considerably unexpected for the young woman from the small town.

Penny is entirely new to being a Scion, and not entirely sure what that means, exactly. It’s not like her “father” gave her a detailed explanation. So now she’s bumbling through this the same way she’s stumbled through most of her life - barely escaping her unusual luck at every turn.


Penny is very upbeat and hopeful, despite her poor luck. And she does have some really horrid luck that effects both her and those around her. Things might catch fire, buildings seem to flood, pipes burst, glass breaks - not always entirely her fault. Extremely accident prone, Penny tends to come off as a bit on the bumbling side, and occasionally seem outright incompetent.

She is quick to apologize profusely to those affected by her horrid luck, doing the best she can to make it up to them.


Name Notes
Shawn Richards I met him in Chinatown just after I arrived in the city, and he has been really nice to me. He's helping me to not be so clumsy, and I'm taking classes with him. He's surprisingly patient, which is good.

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength 4 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 4 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Academics 1 Animal_Ken 2 Athletics 3
Awareness 1 Brawl 5 Craft_Cooking 1
Empathy 2 Fortitude 3 Integrity 2
Larceny 1 Medicine 3 Melee 3
Presence 2 Science 1 Survival 2
Relic - Black Coin 1 Relic - Burnt Coin 1 Relic - Chipped Coin 1
Relic - Dull Coin 1 Relic - Shiny Coin 1 Relic - Lucky Penny 3
Relic - Oxidized Coin 1 Relic - Ring of Breaking Stuff 3 Relic - Ring of Hitting Stuff 3
Relic - Good Luck Prayer Beads 2
Animal Communication Eye of the Storm Five Cycle Augmentation
Adaptive Fighting Benefit of the Doubt Devourer
Doin' Fine Escape Artist Inner Furnace
Making it Look Easy Refined Palate
Epic Attributes
Strength 1 Charisma 1 Perception 1
Dexterity 1 Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina 1 Appearance 1 Wits 1
Duty 3 Harmony 1 Intellect 1
Valor 4
Legend 3 Legend Points 9/9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D

Relic Descriptions

Good Luck Prayer Beads - Relic 2: Access to Chaos, Animal (Monkey)
A mala of brilliant green beads, a bit too bright to be natural jade, ending in a bright white tassel. Sun Wukong wasn’t exactly forthcoming when asked where they came from when asked (meaning he forgot where he got them). Penny wears them wrapped around her right wrist, and they tend to clack rather notably when she gestures.
Lucky Penny - Relic 3: +3 DV
On his way to Visit Penny, Sun Wukong noticed a rather shiny copper coin, about the size of a quarter, on the ground outside her apartment. It reminded him quite a bit of a shiny penny, and this amused him, given who he was going to visit, and he figured he would give it to her as a gift. He bit a hole through it and strung it on a leather chord with other coins he had already planned to give to her.
Dull Coin - Relic 1: Earth 1 (Safely Interred)
An ancient Chinese coin made from a gray stone that doesn’t seem to have any luster.
Oxidized Coin - Relic 1: Water 1 (Water Breathing)
An ancient Chinese coin made from copper that seems to have turned green over time.
Burnt Coin - Relic 1: Fire 1 (Fire Immunity)
An ancient Chinese coin made from a piece of petrified wood that has been singed at some point in time.
Chipped Coin - Relic 1: Frost 1 (Frost Immunity)
An ancient Chinese coin made from white stone that is missing a chip out of the side it.
Shiny Coin - Relic 1: Sky 1 (Sky’s Grace)
An ancient Chinese coin made from a very lustrous metal that shines in even the lowest light.
Black Coin - Relic 1: Darkness 1 (Night Eyes)
An ancient Chinese coin carved from a piece of black obsidian.
Ring of Hitting Stuff - Relic 3: Add Legend to Dexterity rolls
A simple stainless steel band inlaid with a central band of what looks like dull steel from a meteorite. Sun Wukong happened upon a massive crater, where a meteorite had struck, and it looked pretty nifty, so he made a ring out of it. Penny wears this as a thumb ring on her right hand.
Ring of Breaking Stuff - Relic 3: Add Legend to Strength Rolls
A simple black band made of anodized titanium, with several shiny rocks set into it. The stones are from a small piece of the meteorite Sun Wukong found, which had broken off on impact. Obviously, these stones deserved to be made into a shiny thing all on their own. Penny wears this as a thumb ring on her left hand.
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