It looks like we have something in Common


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Scene Title It looks like we have something in Common
Synopsis Lin bumps into Amirah in the hospital after the big Press Conference. They talk about family and some clues about who might hit the conference.

Bellvue Lobby - Gramercy - New York City

Hospital Lobby and then Cafeteria

With the Prisoner secured and more guards placed on his door and wing, Lin walks tiredly in the direction of the Lobby. He reaches up to rub at his eyes before looking up and down the hall, knowing the ghosts were there, just needing a direction home.

Amirah doesn't know anything about ghosts, but she is sitting in the lobby, her 15 Persian Immortals standing nearby, waiting to see a doctor herself. She may not be that injured, but she's still got some nasty scratches.

Lin slows to a stop when he looks upon the Immortals are standing guard. "Uh…" He looks past them to the woman beyond. "Uh, Hi." He tries to wave. "Mind if we talk?" He asks.

Amirah smiles. "Sure. Uh, don't mind them. They are technically dead, and only get to have fun when I summon them. Apparently, this is their idea of fun. Warrior afterlife and all."

Lin actually lifts up his eyebrows at the mention of Dead and Afterlife. "Huh?" He makes his way through the guard, offering his hand. "Sorry that I never did officially introduce myself. I am Detective Lin Kun. It seems I keep bumping into you." He tries to joke. He looks up to the guards. "You think any of your boys here would be interested in guarding the Terrorist?"

Amirah bows her head. "Amirah, Detective." She glances towards the guards. "Sure, but when the sun falls, they'll dissolve into dust. I don't think you'll get more then a few hours from them. I could just summon them again, and they'd be good until the next sunfall, but I've expended an awful lot of energies today."

Lin nods his head slowly to her, gestering to some of the lobby chairs. "Perhaps we could sit down…or would you care for some coffee? We could go down to the cafeteria. It would give us a chance to talk?" He offers up. He looks to the guards. "As for them, I just thought if you could spare one, it would have us covered…mystically?"

"I don't know about mystically, but I can spare you five, yes. That should at least help keep against assassins or the like until nightfall. By then, perhaps you can get him in protective custody." She pauses. "Lead the way to the coffee shop."

Lin turns to the guards. "I would appreciate it, Warriors. Room 301. The man has killed hundreds for his actions and must be properly punished. I would appreciate the time you can protect him." He says as if they were living. He looks to Amirah. "This way, Ma'am." He says, directing her to the elevator. He pauses before looking to her. "So…does your family deal with the..underworld?" He asks curiously.

Five of the warriors bow to Lin, and then proceed to room 301. The other 10 follow a short distance after, marching in formation to insure the two remain safe themselves. "Actually, my mother's husband - who is not my father - does, but she herself does not, no. These warriors have been bereft of their gods, so now they serve Arabia and the scions who hail from it in general. I offer them a chance for battle, and the chance to live again, and so they give me loyalty." She follows after Lin, towards the elevator.

Lin gets the elevator and holds it open for her before stepping in. "We're going downstairs. To the Cafeteria." He tells the warriors so they can follow. He looks to her. "Then…I guess we have something in common." He says to her as they ride down.

The warriors head down the steps when the two get in the elevator.

As it goes down, Amirah continues to speak. "You too, are a child of the gods?" she asks. "Which one?"

Lin glances around the elevator before nodding his head to her. "Yan Lao." He answers her quietly.
"You're like the first I actually shared this with." He admits to her.

"Yeah, I don't usually tell people who my mothers. I mean, I'll admit I have a divine parent - to the world even, but telling who she is just…feels wierd." She pauses. "Isis, actually."

Lin nods his head slowly to her. "Ahh. I have heard of that one." He says, trying to give her a tired smile. He looks up as the doors open, directing her out. "I mean, with…Dad, I have to deal with Death. That isn't something people usually shout about." He comments to her as he leads to the food line for some coffee and anything she might be hungry for.

The warriors are waiting at the bottom of the elevator. They are, apparently, quite fast.

"Yeah, I can understand that too." she admits, following Lin to the food line. "But its still a noble heritage, either way. And it gives you an opportunity. Death has long been seen as mankind's one and true enemy. But what if it could be a friend? Or what if death befell the evil, instead of the good and the young?"

Lin just gives the lady behind the counter a smile and pays for the food and coffee, having grabbed a muffin. No donuts. He leads her over to fill up their cups. "I guess so. Still, good or evil, it is picky in who it takes." He comments, serving his coffee black. "Still…it is nice to find someone who is…similiar?" He says, giving her the tired smile again.

"I think you'll find many others like yourself. I have discovered fate tends to draw us together. You will find many others who are similiar." She smiles back, and fills up her cup halfway with black coffee, and then /loads up/ on cream and sugar. "That news conferance sure was a bad idea, wasn't it?"

Lin leads her over to a table; a corner table to make the warriors happy. He looks up at them. "Maybe I should ask Dad if I can do that." He comments before taking a seat. "Huh. Well, there seemed to a lot of them at the conference. Maybe I will get to know them too." He considers her comment before shaking his head. "You had good intentions. You were trying to bring a little hope to the world. And maybe you did…for a while."

Amirah sits down. "Maybe. Its just…there are so many problems. And I'm afraid this will be a new age of the Gods. And perhaps it should be. But…I don't think it has to be. If mankind were to stop wasting its energy on war, racism and genocide…and just…cooperate, they would be more powerful then Gods and Titans both."

Lin shakes his head slowly. "Mankind rarely changes. It takes a very long time for it to happen. Heck, when our.."parents" were probably in our position, mankind was still fighting," He says before taking another sip. "Still, if there wasn't hope, I wouldn't be out on the street. If there hope, there is potential." He pauses before giving her a smile. "There is reincarnation after all."

Amirah laughs. "There is, or so they say. At this point, I'm willing to believe in almost any afterlife you want. Except I can't figure out what happens to the atheists."

Lin nods his head to her. "I am with you there. I guess I could ask Dad." He says back to her. "So any ideas what you're going to do, considering what happened?" He asks her curiously.

Amirah breathes deeply and bites her lip. "No idea. I'm going to be thought a heritic or a madwoman by millions of people - not to mention whatever group helped that terrorist. I have a bit of inside information that he was working with others, but…not enough to be specific or useful."

Lin considers, reaching up to rub his chin. "Hmmm, press was a good idea, but more on one on one." He says outloud. "As for if there was anyone else behind this, that is my job."

Amirah nods her head. "I know that he is working with the Church, but not necessarily specific churches, for example - the Catholic church is not his ally, but he is somehow working with 'All the Churches.'" She shrugs and points upward. "If that doesn't make any sense to you either, blame mom."

Lin lifts up his eyebrows as she gives him that clue. "All the Churches? Hmmm, I churches…" He mutters outloud. "I will have to figure that one out then." He looks to her and smirks. "Mom, huh? Well, at least your Mom gave a clue."

"Yeah, she'll slip me occasional clues but…good luck making sense of them." Amirah sighs. "I do need to figure out what I'm going to do next. I have long-term goals of course, but I don't know what to do in the short term. Fight the titanspawn I guess."

Lin nods his head slowly, mulling it over with his coffee. "That there is a rather good question for me. Dad wanted might help with some ghosts that escaped from Hell, so that's what I have been doing…well, it was until that thing in Time Square. Now there are so many ghosts out there that needs help."

"Ah, so thats what you meant." Amirah says with some understanding. "How do you help them?"

"Well, first I will help to calm them down," Lin starts. "The ones that escape, Dad gave me something that will allow me to hit them. As for the others, I just guide them to the righ location. I can't really just take them there myself."

"Yeah, I can see that being a big task." Amirah admits. "How many are there? Have you been able to learn things from them?"

Reaching up to scratch his head, Lin nods slowly. "Yes and no. There are some who travel easily enough to the afterworld. There are a lot who have escaped. Then there are some who are just lost." Lin lets out a soft chuckle. "So, let's just be glad that they all aren't corporal." He tries to joke. He shakes his head. "Not yet. I am still kinda new at this." He admits.

Amirah nods. "I understand. I'm rather new at it too. To be honest, aside from the bird and the soldiers, I don't really have any powers worth noting. I can learn interesting things about the world, or about choices we can make, or I can manipulate or dazzle with charisma or looks…but…" She shrugs.

"Hey, being charmy can be helpful as well," Lin says back to her with a smile. "Will besides the sword, I am pretty good at seeing or noticing things," He says back to her. He shrugs his shoulders to her. He lifts his cup to her. "Well, hopefully this will all work out."

Amirah lifts her own cup. "And if it doesn't, I guess the world ends. Err, I guess thats not very cheerful."

Lin chuckles and just shakes his head. "Well, I best get to work to make sure it doesn't." He says, getting to his feet. He pauses before digging into his jacket. "Here is my card. Give me a call if you need to talk to someone." He offers.

Lin now knows that the Terrorist was working with "All the Churches".

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