Ozaki Daisuke (尾崎 大輔)
Portrayed By: Furuhara Yasuhisa
Status: Slacking
Age: Early 20's
Calling: Punk Samurai
Pantheon: Amatsugami
Divine Parent: Hachiman
Significant Other(s): Can't be bothered to currently.


(Work in progress, needs some editing and fleshing out from the original)

Ozaki Daisuke was never particularly motivated or challenged in life. He was the youngest of three children, one brother and one sister, descended from a Samurai family who had managed to retain most of their ancestral estate in Kanagawa prefecture West of Tokyo. His father was a high level consultant for the Japanese Defense Ministry and a typical Japanese father (or so he thought) and thus never around, but considering the cultural climate this was hardly out of place. His mother was a typical society Japanese mother, thus more involved in various clubs and social circles most of the time than actually raising her son, that was left largely to nannies and servants. This is not to say that she didn't love Daisuke and on occasion even try to show it in her own inept way, she just had more important things to do.

Thus to anyone watching it should have hardly been surprising when Daisuke started to act out and get into fights at school. He was enrolled from his primary school days at the prestigious Gakushuin (Peers' School) in Meijiro, Tokyo. Were it not for a combination of his seeming natural intelligence and general giftedness combined with a seeming general fear of his father on the part of school officials he likely would have been kicked out long before. As things stood he frustrated his teachers to no end with his lack of studiousness combined with his ability to pass whatever tests they put before him earning him passage to Middle School and High School in turn much to their chagrin.

By high school he was actually leading a small gang of punks composed mostly of fellow trouble makers from the Kendo club and given a wide berth by many of his peers, yet while he was prone to engage in petty delinquency and more than a few fights with other delinquents he and his followers overall avoided any really serious criminal activity. Things came to a head just before his high school graduation when he was approached by a Yakuza recruiter and for the first time in his life his father intervened directly in his affairs. Intervene being a euphemism for having Defense Ministry agents (who were actually divine servitors of his) deal with the recruiter (who was actually Titanspawn of Mikaboshi) and then beating his son quite soundly once he got him home for even considering such a path in life. He was samurai his father told him and it was really time he started realizing what that meant. This was not a divine visitation to awaken him to being a hero, it was simply a wake up call.

His father informed him that he would be going to Tokyo University and studying Law, the entrance exam was a formality, it had already been arranged. He also told him this was his last chance, that if he messed it up he'd be going into the Self Defense Forces and learning some discipline the hard way. Hachiman was impressed with his son in some ways, his fighting spirit and his ability to lead others, but he still thought he needed discipline and control to channel those talents.

At Todai Daisuke actually began to put some effort into his studies, he also still feeling the call of Budo joined the Kyudo club and became an accomplished archer during his four years at Todai, ultimately becoming the club's captain and leading them to the All Kanto and All Japan Championships. While Daisuke still possessed a bit of a maverick and wild streak, still a bit of a punk, between grades, club leadership and family influence it wasn't hard to secure his acceptance to the prestigious Columbia Law School in New York.

Hachiman was pleased and had decided his son was ready for the truth. Before Daisuke left for America he explained who he was, that he was the son of one of the great Guardian Deities of Japan, that the Gods were real and so were the Titans, that it was his Fate to fight in this war and to make his father proud. Hachiman explained to him that everything prior had simply been preparation for this. It was a lot to take him but Daisuke accepted it with a certain glee, for his heart truly was that of a Samurai, for all of his black sheep nature, he was his father's son. Armed with a pair of new Relics and a measure of Divine Power he left for New York ready to do battle with the Titans wherever they crossed his path and to continue making his father proud.


Name Relation Notes
Tsuchikura Jyunsei (TBA) My half brother. Apparently he's my Keeper. At least he's a very mellow one. I wish him luck trying to keep me in line.
Natsuki Hino (TBA) She's only part Japanese, I don't really care though. She acts Japanese enough and is a little too fond of annoying cutesy nicknames.
Hikaru Nakamura (TBA) He's a Fox child, one of Inari's kids. Fantastic actor, good company, just keep an eye out for pranks.


(白鳩誼) Translated into English loosely means "Dove Friendship". Pronounced "she-roh-ha-toe-gi"

Gifted to him by his Father, one of the Relics he received, this white jade Dove's feather set on a necklace allows him to access the Animal (Dove) and Sky Purviews, allowing him to communicate with his Father's messengers should he have need of them. Sky was a little extra woven in by his Uncle SusanoO when Hachiman wasn't looking since he liked the Ozaki's style despite Hachiman's efforts to straighten his son out.

2 point Relic

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