Orion Nathaniel Granger
Portrayed By: Keston Karter
Status: Fired Up
Age: 28
Calling: American Ronin
Pantheon: Yankee
Divine Parent: John Henry
Significant Other(s): Claudine Salonga


My parents actually met back in 1975 - in a disco no less - even though I wasn't born until much later. Either my dad was a lot more romantic than some of his buddies or, I don't know, he just didn't know where to stick it. Who knows what mysteries Fate may work, am I right?

Anyhow, back to the point and the story, my dad was in town looking for a real bad brotha that had stolen a lot more than lives and money. He felt Fate pulling strings and gravitated, natural as Fate can be, toward the very same Newark disco in which my mom was boogieing down. Of course, their meeting wasn't that simple. When ol' John Henry appeared on the scene, my mom was getting hassled by some thugs that he felt were looking to turn her into their prize once she got fed up and tried to leave.

John Henry told them what he thought of that and, after a few exchanges of verbal barbs, he let them have the first shot. Being as phenomenally powerful and resilient a brotha as he is, they broke their hands just trying to hurt him. After booting them out of the disco, he and my mom traded digits. For the remainder of her time in college and nursing school, my mom dated John Henry off and on until one night in 1981 everything changed. Sort of.

See, my mom had just found out she landed a sweet job at a hospital down ATL-way and decided to celebrate with her favorite guy. John Henry had just "conveniently" won an all expenses paid vacation to Jamaica and offered to bring mom along. One thing led to another and wouldn't you know it, come sunrise, I was conceived in a sugar cane field. If you ever feel the need to hear a real creepy romance story, you go ahead and ask my mom 'bout her most romantic night ever.

Naturally enough, I was born nine months later in August 1982. I had a pretty typical childhood, I think, for growing up in a mostly single parent household. John Henry was a good father, on the off-occasions that he was in the picture at all, don't get me wrong. I learned a lot of stuff about the World and Beyond from him when I was a kid. Thing is, part-time dads have a way of saying just the wrong thing to set a kid off when they suddenly reappear after a long hiatus. Even with him being a god - yeah, my dad's a god, I know it sounds crazy, but roll with me for a few minutes here - John Henry managed to say just the wrong thing to me.

I asked once why I wasn't like him - so far as being above and beyond normal human limitations - and the answer I got was that he hadn't really expected to make me a Scion of his. So far as he could tell, I was missing something. He said I was a great kid, smart and tough and if that were all that went into being a Scion, I'd have the stuff. Unfortunately, that's not all that goes into being a Scion. You gotta have that certain something, a spark or a particular gleam in the eye or /SOMETHING/, that screams divinity. As far as he was concerned, I didn't have it.

Even so, he had groomed me to be a hero in his limited visits. Plus I was smarting right in the ego about that little thing, so I took it as a personal challenge. So I joined the Army straight out of high school, right after I turned 18, in August of 2000. By the time I got done with boot camp and specialist training, I was ready to go fight a mortal war and prove my worth to my dad. I was fired up right up until terrorists blew up the World Trade Center. Then I was somewhere beyond fired up. Just like that, I had multiple reasons to be fighting the good fight for country and my fellow humans livin' in the twenty-first century.

They put my ass on the first jet that wasn't loaded down with Special Forces to Afghanistan. I did three tours over there before getting new orders that sent me over to Iraq for another two tours. Or, at least, I was supposed to do two full tours in Iraq. A whole lot of things happened that overrode the last half of that second Iraq tour.

First and foremost was my dad just popping up in my dreams one night to tell me that I had proved my worth and that the war the gods were waging was going badly. In a couple of days, I'd be getting orders transferring me back to the States for the remainder of my current agreement with the Army. He had a job for me to do once I got back to the good old U.S.A. Whatever he thought I was missing couldn't be that important, I was as good as some of the Scions he and the other American gods - who knew America had multiple gods, right? - had unleashed during World War II and I wasn't even endowed with super-human abilities yet.

Of course the next day an IED damn near killed my ass. Most of my unit fared better than me: explosive force trauma, cuts, twisted joints, burns, moderate shrapnel wounds. I guess Fate just had it out for me that day because I was hanging on by a thread, more or less literally so far as I could tell. One minute I was in triage in Iraq, then I came to in Rammstein in a surgical suite, and then I came to back in Walter Reed. John Henry says he had Betsy Ross literally stitch me back together again in Rammstein for him. The Army must not have noticed that I was better than healed fine because they still gave me a medical discharge and sent me on my way after the mandatory recovery period and some really aggravating physical therapy.

By this point I'm naturally confused by why John Henry hadn't activated me - well, Visited me is the technical term, but whatever - yet and maybe wondering if I didn't get duped for some reason. Well, let me tell you. That is the last time I let my brain wander when I'm not in a secured location. I got jumped by cultists worshipping Huracán, an Aztec god of typhoons. Normally I'm a pretty sharp guy, but fresh out of the hospital and mixed up in the head? Between getting the drop on me and outnumbering me, they knocked my ass out and dragged me off.

I came to in the middle of a mixed ritual and mass melee. They had me chained down to a granite statue whose figure I couldn't really make out from my position while a bunch of cultists fought with a squad of random Scions. Meanwhile this crazy looking Native American looking guy was chanting over me while donning some kind of shawl made of lizard skin and feathers. A moment later, he picked up this huge obsidian knife and somehow managed to carve open my chest in spite of my ribs and pulled out my heart. Needless to say, I blacked out within a minute from, y'know, massive trauma and lack of a heart.

When I finally came to, I was in some sort of Appalachian shanty-mansion. It was built to look like an Appalachian shanty shack at any rate, but the place was absolutely palatial in scale. Wherever it is the gods exist, they apparently don't put much stock in physics. John Henry was standing over me and was doing something, I think he was trying to heal me by his willpower alone. After I got accustomed to the whole nonsense spatial dimensions thing, I realized that my chest felt like it was on fire.

That's pretty much when things took a turn for the life alteringly bat guano insane. The Scions that dad had sent to recover me - kids of some of his friends - couldn't get through the horde of cultists before the cult leader cut out my heart, but they did snag me before the cult could turn the rest of me into a bloody sacrifice. They promptly hauled my carcass the hell out of there and to some place where they could call John Henry, who snatched us all up and put them up in guest rooms in his place.

He set to fixing me the only way he knew how, which would be why he crammed the molten iron and roaring flames from his furnace into my chest, shaping it to fit the heart-shaped void in there in the process, to replace my missing heart. With the application of a healing trick he learned from Betsy Ross or somebody, it revived me before the clock one of the gods of death put on my soul departing my body. From the sound of things, I'd wager it was Baron Samedi, but I don't know for sure. Anyhow, I've pretty much got a divine prosthetic heart of fire and iron now, which suits me just fine. It keeps me warm on those long, cold nights in the wilderness and it somehow keeps me from feeling the heat too much whether I'm wandering jungles or deserts.

Apparently almost dying for a second time in rapid succession convinced John Henry to awaken my powers - or at least explain them to me, I think having a relic crammed in my chest pretty much did the trick of awakening my powers - and tell me that for right now, all he wanted me to do was go out into the World and make my own way. He seemed to think that I had suffered enough of the Overworld War for the moment. The way he figured it, I had pretty much helped to shut down a Titan avatar's cult and I needed a chance to really come into my own to be of use to him and his.

So I went out into the World and I've been doing my best to do right by people. For the past 4 years, I've been wandering the globe with a fire in my heart, a divinely empowered sledgehammer in my hand, and people in need of help always calling out to me. I earn a living when I can by fixing cars and motorcycles or doing temporary labor in foundries, high rise construction sites, or wherever else I can put my skills to use without needing to make a long term commitment. After all, odds are good that I'll end up on the nightly news as having broken up a bank robbery or something with a great big orange glow coming from the one side of my chest. Usually that means my time is up in that town and it's time I moved on to the next place full of people in need.

Now though… Now apparently some kind of ancient evil has taken over New York and turned it into a different city entirely, half cut off from the rest of the World. John Henry gave me a call, told me that it was time I proved I had learned my lessons well from the road. New Atlantis needs deconstructing and I'm just the legendary day laborer for the job.


About what one would expect of a career soldier, Orion's personality can be charming and disarming one moment and serious and gruff the next. More often than not, such a shift in personality is not likely to happen unless something happens to instigate a shift from playful, compassionate hero to professional soldier - a titanspawn attack for instance.

That aside, Orion is very much the compassionate hero. He has seen some of the worst things that war and violence can cause, indeed he has been the victim of such as well, but that doesn't stop him in the least from believing in the essential value of people. At times this can seem like needless naivete or compassion where none is due, but Orion has made it clear that he has a specific goal in life. Above all other things, Orion wants to improve the lot in life of other people, even if they are people that would otherwise improve their lot in life by doing wrong by other people.


Name Relationship Notes
Claudine Salonga Girlfriend They met in the Philippines. She's a hot daughter of Pele and she kicks some serious Titanspawn ass.

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Appearance: 3 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 3
Epic Appearance: 1 Epic Charisma: 0 Epic Dexterity: 0
Intelligence: 3 Manipulation: 3 Perception: 2
Epic Intelligence: 0 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Perception: 0
Stamina: 4 Strength: 4 Wits: 2
Epic Stamina: 2 Epic Strength: 2 Epic Wits: 0
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