Olympus Cafe


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Scene Title Olympus Cafe
Synopsis An almost quiet interlude for gods and demis and heroes at the Olympus Cafe.

Olympus Cafe

It's the Amnis District of New Yo… erm, New Atlantis. That would be the Upper East Side really of what was once the Big Apple. It's an overcast afternoon and it's around lunch time. This part of New Atlantis seems to a new diner open up. Those not touched by the divine ichor of the gods ignores it for the most part, but the diner wafts delicious smells ot homemade apple pie, spanakopita, and other such foods to draw in Scions wandering about the area.

The diner itself has the sign The Olympus Cafe proudly displayed in bright yellow lights. The windows are transparent for those with divine blood who wander by. In one such booth, is a young green skinned young woman. She has strong Japanese features as she's dressed in a silk kimono while she digs into her stuffed French toast. There she's sitting besides a golden sun kissed man who is absolutely gorgeous. Across from her is a woman with golden hair. Literal golden hair. They're chatting about, and there are other patrons, but those three stand out the most in the window.

"I know there used to be an organic foods store somewhere around here…" Mumbling to herself, Nike wanders around the new Amnis District, looking more and more frustrated the longer she can't seem to find her store. Finally, she gives up and muttering something to the effect of 'Damn Atlanteans', she turns and heads for the nearest subway station. Might as well go home. Almost there, she catches a very familiar, mouth-watering scent and stops dead. "Mmm, that smells fantastic." Peeking down into her rather obnoxiously large bag, she coughs. Or something. There's a snorting sound then - perhaps she has a cold - and suddenly she has a new direction to try. Right, left and another right lead her straight for the diner. For a moment she simply stares. The flashing lights, the obviously non-mortal patrons sitting right there in the window… "Whatever happened to less is more?" she grumbles, sighs and walks right on in. Smells even better from the inside.

So, yeah. It's Saturday. No school. No practice. Nothing to entertain Zack. He's pretty much opted out of attempting to overthrow New Atlantis. The fight against those Titanspawn a couple of days ago really threw him off. He thinks maybe he should focus on his own life, despite the transgressions being made against his great nation by these invaders. Hands in the pockets of his leather jacket, Zack walks the streets, brooding. And hungry, aparently, as he stops for a moment to sniff the air. Something smells good. His eyes move up to the cafe, and he hmms, as he glances around. There doesn't seem to be too much activity at this place. He walks up to the door and then enters. He steps in and closes the door behind him, eyes scanning the patrons inside. His eyes settle on Maia, and narrow a bit. Her. He met her right before all this happened. Though she looks a bit different now..

Jingle jangle! The bells on the door start to ring about as both Nike and Zack enter. The cafe isn't that crowded right now. It's not peak hours afterall, as a variety of Scions can be seen discussing things heartily, just relaxing. There's a sense of peace when they enter as there are magicks upon the cafe that makes sure no one fights when inside. Stil, they can be angry, but hostilities will inevitably lead to people being banned from the cafe until they calm down.

A rather wispy and airy woman heads towards the pair. She smiles brightly, looking to be in her late fifties or so with silver hair as she wears traditional diner waitress clothes. Her brows furrow as she looks towards them and smiles brightly.

"Welcome to the Olympus Cafe!" she replies, as her nametag has Nephele on it. She looks like Hera which means she looks like Meryl Streep, but less scary.

And not too far away are Maia and the other others still discussing a few things. She scrunches her nose and continues chatting with them.

Dee just followed her nose, so to speak. In more than one way. She's still getting used to some of her abilities, and one of them is the ability to find strange places. This just happened to be the nearest one. The smells don't hurt the temptation to check it out, either. She parks her bike out of the way, then heads in. She looks wary, but then she's pretty sure the current royalty isn't happy with her. Better to keep an eye on the exits, though she does relax a fair bit when she goes in. It's just that sort of place. She has a look around as she takes off her helmet, and purses her lips when she sees one of the several who seem to look like Maia.

"Yeah." Zack says, "Lemme just get a table.." He kinda wishes Pei were here. So he could buy her lunch. But she's not, so he'll just get a meal for himself for now. Maybe bring her by at a later time.

Nodding in return of the waitress' greeting - though considering the rest of the current occupants, Nike's fairly certain this woman's not just a waitress - the Columbia student slides into the booth next to the one occupied by the green lady and her party. Her bag is set on the bench between her and the window, then she picks up the menu and starts browsing. So far, she seems vastly unconcerned about the rest of the customers, although that might have something to do with the little black head sticking out of the bag, trying to use his muzzle to get a better look at the menu. That'd be enough to distract anyone, right?

Dee hms quietly to herself, her forehead furrowing as she glances out towards the street, then back in at the patrons. "Huh." she says, as she catches sight of another familiar face. She tells the nice waitress that she's with her, and heads over to join Nike. "Mind another?" she asks with a smile.

There's amicable chatting at Maia's booth. Baldur lets out a soft chuckle under his breath as he wraps an arm around the young woman and gives her a fond squeeze. She did for a while date his son afterall, so he has a silght soft spot for her. "So word is, you're the rebellious flower princess now. That's what I heard references to you." he chuckles.

Maia blinks and flails in an exasperated fashion. "Rebellious? I.. I.." and then she thinks about it. "Well okay, I don't like Uncle Susano-o's rule, so I guess I'm rebellious." she pouts a little as she takes a deep breath and relaxes.

Then here's Sif, her future step-mother-in-law. The goddess smiles cheerily. "Oh, don't worry. Thor and I already are planning a pre-wedding gala in Asgard for you and Haldor. So invite people. It should be fun.." and then she squeaks. "We should getgoing! I know Delling wanted to talk to us.." she says, looking towards baldur as well. And with that, the two Aesir suddenly disappear in bright rainbow colors. Rainbow bridge indeed.

Hikaru is alone, and makes no display of him passing by the window to the cafe; he's merely passing by after finishing stage rehearsal earlier than normal. The whole Atlantean takeover, it says, barely phases him in any discernable way. Appreciation for the arts is actually UP, even if they want to see more Atlantean plays than Japanese kabuki plays. But even though demand for kabuki is down and demand for Atlantean is up, Hikaru can still perform kabuki in the city. No one's telling him that he can't! When he notices the green skinned woman sitting there, he quickly startles, then runs inside and hurls himself at her, seeking to bury his nose in her shoulder. He missed her and was worried about her, it seems. "I thought you were gone for good," he says, holding back some tears.

Zack hasn't really stopped looking at Maia ever since he got in here. Then of course, some crazy person comes rushing inside and aparently locks her into some sort of bear hug. Zack looks away at this point, and then grabs ahold of his menu and pulls it up in front of his face. He hopes that there's something good on the menu.

"I - " Just as Nike's about to respond, there's a jangle and a flash of color and then a thump. Suddenly there's a … well, it's probably a person attached to the green-skinned lady. Blinking several times, she merely shakes her head and gestures to the empty bench across from her and Mavros. Who is currently chewing on one corner of the menu. "Stop that!" she hisses, tapping him a bit sharply on the nose. "Now behave, Mavros, or I'll feed you nothing but chicken the rest of this week, I swear." This threat seems to be sufficient, for the little black horse settles himself quietly - though sulkily - on the seat. That done, Nike looks back up towards Dee. "Is it always this slow?" she inquires, a deadpan drawl to her voice. "Can't imagine where people get the idea that their deities are overly dramatic…"

Dee watches Hikaru come in, and then hurl himself at Maia. She can't help chuckling. "Slow?" she asks Nike, then. "I've never been in here before. Caught wind of it, and wanted a look. Small world, isn't it." Theyonly met the day before, after all. She looks towards Maia again then, waiting patiently for Hikaru to finish his greeting.

Maia's glomped by the emotional Hikaru! She lets out another ack and flails her arms just a little as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Awwww, I missed you too, Hikaru. Though…" and she takes a deepbreath. "I met a bunch of your siblings in Yomi." she says with a little pout, scrunching her nose once more as she takes a deep breath and focuses for a few moments. Being all wierd and planty is still new to her as she soon shifts her form into her regular college co-ed form. Of course, that's definitely more recognizable to Zack and Dee at this point.

She gives him a squeezy hug before motioning towards towards her French toast as she doesn't want to talk about her siblings killing his. That would not be good conversation. "Want some? Nephele makes the best French toast, they're stuffed with apples, maybe apples of Hesperides, I dunno, but I get them every time I'm here." she smiles cheerily before she notices Zack in her peripheral vision. "Hey! I know you! You're Haldor's younger brother." she chirps merrily, oblivious to a lot of the changes in New Atlantis.

It's then that Nephele heads on over towards Dee and Nike's table, her brows raised as she looks at them expectantly. "Would you like more time or doyou know what you want?" The menu is well, it has anything and everything one could ever want really. Cuisine from all over the world.

"You've got no idea…" It seems like there may be more to that answer, but Nike is cut off by Nephele's arrival. "I'd like two gyros - lamb, please, not the beef nonsense the Americans have been sporting lately - and light on the taziki, a small dish of Arabic rice and - " She glances over at Mavros' incredibly pitiful face and sighs. "A raw steak, if you have it." The menu is folded and offered back to Nephele. "Oh, and I know it's not the right season for it, but if you've any honeysuckle wine, I'd love a glass."

Hikaru sniffs again, wiping his eyes. He looks elated, though. It's like when Christmas morning is over but you find one last present hidden away in the closet or it's a bike in the garage or something like that. He hugs Maia one more time tightly and releases her, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. Lower lip still poked out. He track's Maia's exposition toward Zack now. "Oh? That's Haldor's brother? Does he have younger doom?" he wonders, rolling his shoulder slightly. "It's all Susano's doing. My siblings in Yomi. They deserved better. My kin are not very common. And dead for what? To be a scapegoat?"
Zack blinks as Maia finally notices him, "Er..Yeah." He says, "I guess.." Wait, why is everybody noticing him now? He looks around at the others that are looking at him, "I guess that I am technically his brother, yeah.." Zack looks at the two of them, "Younger doom?" Now Zack looks confused.

Dee smiles to Nephele, and replies "Taramosalata with pita, and a lamb souvlaki platter with rice, please?" She might as well go native. It is a diner, after all. "Unsweetened iced tea with it." She does glance at Zack briefly, curious. More of her attention stays on Maia, though.

Of the three new godlings, Maia is the least perceptive. She's scared of the dark and she's oblivious to things. Oye. She waves Zack on over and lets out a soft chuckle of amusement. "Haldor has a lot of HalDOOM." yes, that part is emphasized in her sentence. "But uh, have a seat?" She doesn't know he's mad at her afterall. She then nods as she looks towards Hikaru. "Yes, he's kind of taken over Takamagahara. I was there at his coronation. Well, I wasn't there officially, he wants me and Haldor dead now too." she says with a soft sigh. "We got the warmest response from oddly enough, Odin. Though he's intimidating as Hel." she says with a sage nod.

Nephele scribbles the orders down and heads off, "All right! It'll be with you in a jiffy!" and she heads into the back kitchen area.
Zack moves over and sits down at Maia's table. And Zack isn't nesicarily mad at her, to some extent. He's not entirely sure what he's feeling, now, "Maybe you can give me some advice." He says, as he listens in to the conversation at hand.

The red-haired Japanese boy ponders at Maia's troubling description of events in Takamagahara. He sits down near her, crossing his legs lotus style in the booth, making him as small an object as he can. "I've always heard that Odin is a hard, but compassionate man. It is why they call him the Greatfather, after all. He's like someone's dad. Susano-o, on the other hand. I feel bad for the state of affairs in the heavens now," — he ponders for a moment, then brightens. "Oh! I have an idea. Why don't you talk to Lord Sarutahiko? I am certain that with a bit of persuasion, he would be more than happy to welcome you. Do you get along with Ame-no-Uzume?"

Nodding her thanks, Nike watches Nephele leave before turning back to Dee. "Come here often?" The cheesy pickup line, drawled in such heavy-laced sarcasm, can't help but be a little funny. Or maybe that's just Nike's twisted sense of humor. With her attention on the other Scion, it seems she doesn't notice Mavros' current antics. Or maybe she just doesn't care…

Oooh, look! People! People who aren't Nike! People who can see him. How novel! Turning around, Mavros tucks in his hindquarters and raises his front so he can peer over the back of the booth at Maia and Hikaru and now Zack. With his front legs curled over the back of their booth and his dainty little ears pricked up and forward, the small black colt is the pure picture of 'the eager beaver'. Especially once he smells the apples…

Dee can't help but listen to Maia, Hikaru and Zack. She's feeling kind of nosy just now, and it's pretty interesting stuff. She does smile at Mavros, though. It's really pretty adorable. And Nike gets a chuckle. "My first time, actually. You?"

Hikaru does the recoil and lean back in surprise gesture as the pony leans over the edge of the seat. Lean back. Eyes wide. Not in fear, more of in a 'what is a small horse doing in a cafe' sort of thing. Granted, he's well aware of where he is right now, in a cafe where gods and divine things hang out for fun, but that doesn't mean that a pony can't startle him. Whaaaat. "Hello, pony," says the fox scion. He then notes Dee, and is nosy himself: "Plunder bunny! It's you! Have you appropriated anything fun lately? Fire from the force of Hephaestus?"

"Ame-no-Uzume is kind slutty." That she says completely deadpan as she scrunches up her nose once more. "She wanted me and Haldor naked so she could 'study' us.." she says with fingerquotes before letting out an impish chuckle. "Still, she's a nice goddess as far as I'm concerned." Maia says brightly as she takes a deep breath and phews. "No, Susano-o became my mother now. We didn't get a shance to meet Saruktahiko-sama. Still, we have clues as to where your mom or dad is." she chirps to Hikaru. "Apparently he owns FOX." laughing afterwards before she looks towards Zack now with raised brows.

"Um, I can try? I'm not the best person for advice I guess." she says with a bright smile.

"Never seen it before in my life, though I'm pretty sure that's because my favorite organic foods store used to be right where we're sitting." There's definitely a bit of irritation at that. Nodding out the window to all the mortal passersby, Nike glances back at Dee. "None of them see this, do they?" She rolls her shoulders and arches her back in a small stretch. "They can't be seeing it. She - " Nike jerks her head back towards Maia's table. "Was green when I walked by and I know these people have a reputation in that arena, but they're not all completely oblivious…"

Squeeeeal, snort! That would be Mavros' reply to Hikaru, right before he leans forward to sniff at the three beings. There's suddenly a sharp poke to his ribs and a hiss from Nike to 'get down and behave', but this is so much more interesting than sitting nicely at his place and staring out the window.

Hikaru turns his head to the side curiously: "Are you sure it's not a trick?" he wonders. "Is it Twentieth Century Fox? I suppose that could be possible. Inari probably took an interest in the Westerners just before World War II. I think he knew what was going to happen. Of course, now it's a subsidiary of NewsCorp, that group made by Rupert Murdoch from Australia, but maybe he was the person who started it," he considers. There's a little grin! "If it's true that Inari-sama created FOX, that means he is directly responsible for Shirley Temple and Marilyn Monroe! Which would explain why I'm into acting too!"

"Okay." Zack says, as he rubs the back of his head a little bit, "I'm not entirely sure how to ask this, I guess." He says, "You're a lot more experienced than I am, clearly." He says, "So, I guess I just find myself curious what you would do in my position. Though you probably have no idea what my position is, so that's kind of a vague question, huh?" He laughs a bit, "I dunno. Just pretend you're my age and you have all this responsibility suddenly dumped into your lap. Which for all I know you did. How do you deal with it?"

Dee grins at Hikaru. "Hey there, stranger. Been too long." she replies to him. "No Fire from Hephaestus, no. One of his daughters is my Bandmate. He might disapprove, or something. I've been into a few things, though." To the goddess with him then, "Pardon, Maia. I don't think we're formally met, though we've been in the same place when Fate tossed us things. I'm Dee."

There's an impish giggle as she looks towards the little horse as she awws. "He's adorable." Maia chirps before she peers towards Hikaru. "That's what she implied about Inari." she says matter of factly before she chuckles as she peers towards Zack. "You're like my age, aren't you? I mean I'm nineteen now." she says, hrmming for a few moments before she motions towards the empty spot in front of her. "I've just been an active Scion since I was seven. My mom started me early.." she winces before peering up towards Dee. So many people!

"Oh! Hello! I think so! Nice to meet you." she says matter of factly.

A bit tired of having her face flicked with a little black whipcord tail, Nike hefts Mavros off the seat, swivels her waist and sets him on the ground. "There, go bother someone else for a bit." Thrilled, the little black colt half-bucks and trots off to explore his new surroundings. With the sigh of the long-suffering, Nike pushes her bangs out of her face and leans back against the seat. She takes note of the introductions but neither adds her own name or any sort of commentary. This time.

Hikaru seems all too amused to watch the horse wandering around and exploring the cafe. People in the city take enough offense to dogs in buildings. But tiny horses? That's altogether new. "He reminds me of Lu Bu's legendary steed, Red Comet. Except about one fifth its size. And adorable, also, instead of crushing the heads of his opponents. But maybe someday. Until then, he can just crush wildflowers. That must have been awesome," he chuckles. "Your parent got you a magic pony for your birthday!"

Dee does watch Mavros have his fun, and she can't help smiling. And then laughing, at Hikaru's comment. "Nice to meet you, too." she says to Maia. "I was actually at your place recently, seeing if you were around. Bit of a medical emergency going on.
"Really?" Zack says, as he frowns a little bit, "I see. Guess you didn't have as much of an overprotective mother as I did." He says, as he looks back at the menu for a minute, "So, yeah. I guess I've got a lot of catching up to do, huh?"
Jason has arrived.

"Medical emergency? I didn't end up killing a bunch of Japanese people here, did I?" There's a faint whine at that as she purses and takes a deep breath as she feels really guilty for almost destroying every single person of Japanese descent, spirit or god. She scratches the back of her head before she peers back towards Zack.

"My mother is hardly overprotective. She's the one who activated my own divinity at that age. My dad, he's the one who has been overprotective, so he taught me how to fight Titanspawn and whatnot." she smiles cheerily. Yay for legendary mortals! She shakes her head. "And it's not that uncommon to be visited by your parents later. My mom just kind of visits her children early. Really early." she says matter of factly. The gathered group is at one of the booths where there's still some French toast on Maia's plate. She was hanging out with Baldur and Sif earlier, but now she's sitting next to Hikaru and is across from Zack. "So what can I help you with? I mean I'm going to be an in-law soon, so yeah, might as well see what I can do!"

"My… parent… is a bit more secretive and hands off than that," Hikaru mentions. "Nine times out of ten, if you meet Inari, you don't know you've met Inari. A little inscrutable and a lot secretive. But kind. I don't know if you'll ever meet someone who cares about human beings as much as Inari does. Which is why I'm actually somewhat happy with the situation with the Atlanteans. They're not murdering people in the streets. That I know of. And they haven't shut down places like this — they're not ostracizing any of the other gods, are they? I could actually let my tail out if I wanted to."

Without even opening her eyes, Nike responds. "One of my father's stallions decided he was going to get frisky with one of the man-eating mares. I grew up raising horses." She shrugs, though only Dee could see that. "I suppose it was a logical choice." The comment about wildflowers earns a snort from her, though. As if he knows he's being discussed, Mavros ambles up to Hikaru, butting him in the thigh with his muzzle.

Dee blinks. "Killing a bunch… No, no. Nothing like that. My Band rescued seven Scions that the Atlanteans were experimenting on. A few I know, like Kailin and Marius, and a few I don't. Really rough stuff. They're in bad shape, and we're not doctors. We've already almost lost a couple of them." Her forehead furrows in concern. She does note to Zack though, "A lot of us meet our parents later. I met my father on my eighteenth birthday. My mother… well, she'd already started training me to do some things before I even knew who he was." She stays a little vague on that point. She does also pipe up on the point about the Atlanteans. "They were going to, Hikaru. I heard them discussing what to do with the homeless. Until some of us made clear we'd get in the way, they were going to slaughter them. Nice, huh? They only pretend to be good people. They aren't."

"The Atlanteans are good people." That's Maia speaking up suddenly as living through the End of Atlantis has given her a bit of perspective. "They're just messed up. You would be too if you had every single Pantheon go and gang up to destroy you, your ccivilization and seal you in some blackdarkplace for thousands upon thousands of years."

Then again, she sighs softly as she wrinkles her nose while musing a bit under her breath. "Parent this, parent that.You'd think none of you had mortals sides. I hope Haldor's and I's children just don't refer to one of us or the other." she says with a soft sigh before she hrmms and purses her lips. "Speaking off, I should visit my dad and see how he's doing." she muses under her breath. "I know he's awfully worried, and I'm sure your human parents are too. Go call them or something. It takes an egg and a sperm to make you, and it doesn't matter which one from the divine one or not, you still have two parents." Unless one of them died or something, but she doesn't mention that possibility.

A portal flickers open near the door for a moment, a swirling vortex of colors and light and through it steps Jason. The passage closes behind him and he takes a moment to look around the interior before heading for the corner with at least some familiar faces and settling himself at a table even while motioning for some coffee. "I'm glad I remembered this place. I do hope this far enough away that even the most determined suitor will have a hard time following me to it." Peering towards the doorway he seems not entirely certain of that fact.
Zack snorts a little bit at the mention of the Atlantians, "If they wanted to come back, that's fine. But they should have come back to their own damn city." Touchy subject for Zack, it seems, "And aparently I don't have a mortal side.." Zack mutters, a little bit more to himself than to Maia.

"Killing the homeless?" Hikaru asks, curiously. "But what possible reason could they have to kill potential worshipers? They could convert them rather than murder them. I'd have to see that myself. Maybe it was just… just an isolated incident. I hope. I don't know much about them. They had cousins in Japan, though. They're gone now too. A place called Mu. Like the sound a cat makes! But… I always thought they were just a legend. Both the Atlanteans and the Mu."

Dee looks curious, towards Maia. "I talk to my mother all the time." she says. "She raised me. She's the person most responsible for who I am. I suspect that most of us were raised by our human parent or some other mortal guardian, and a lot closer to them than our divine one." She can't help but be confused at Maia's assumption, though she does also look curious about Zack's reply.

She does concede on the other matter, "Yes. The Atlanteans had a very hard time of it. If they weren't acting like they are, I'd be all for helping them however possible. I was actually pretty sympathetic and willing to help somehow." She was willing to gather Relics to barter back to them for peace of some sort. Or whatever was going to be done with them."But their imprisonment doesn't make it okay to mass slaughter people and experiment on others. It just doesn't." She shakes her head to Hikaru. "I heard the conversation myself, or I'd have a hard time believing it, too." She watches Jason come in, cause he's really, really pretty and who wouldn't, and offers him a wave. "Hey there."

"Maybe your dad was a great parent, but some of them dropped the ball." Motioning for Nephele to make her order to go, Nike reaches for her jacket and pulls it over her shoulders. "I haven't seen my mother since I was three, so don't lecture me on my mortal half." At his mistress' whistle, Mavros scrambles back, only to be scooped up and slid into the bag before it's slung over her shoulder. Glancing at Zack, Nike offers one final point. "Maybe my mythology is off, but I was always told Atlantis was held by Poseidon. It'd be kind of hard to go back to a home someone else owns." With that, she takes her to-go box and heads for the door. Jason's arrival startles her, but doesn't divert her course.

"No, you have to have a mortal side. If not, you'd be a god already." Maia tells Zack matter of factly as she shrugs her shoulders once more while taking a deep breath as she looks towards Jason. She chuckles softly. "Thrud did fall for you. It was rather bizarre, but then you'd be an in-law or something.."

She then looks back towards the others and shakes her head. "No. Atlantis was always separate from the Dodekatheon." she explains matter of factly as she sighs and looks towards Zack. He's the one who asked for advice afterall. "So what did you want to ask me about? you said you wanted some advice." she says.

Jason rolls his eyes at Maia and he responds, "She really did, and so far is providing surprisingly determined. I do rather hope she does this sort of thing regularly so someone else can tell her a story already and leave me again free to lounge in comfort." Dee's wave is returned even while he catches up on conversation, "Our parents aren't exactly free from the slaughter people side of things. Not that this really makes it right wherever it happens."

Hikaru pokes his lower lip out slightly, tilting his head downward. He looks somewhat disturbed about the turn of events. "I… don't know. Dee's usually always right. Did they say why they're doing that? Is there some reason, or do they need something? Or is it out of spite? Maybe there's something they need, and they just don't know better. Many gods, as Jason says, have done bad things. But it's wrong to… sacrifice innocents, and dishonorable. Maybe that's what it is. A sacrifice. I've never even heard of this level of transformation before. To reshape an entire city, its people, and their minds. The level of power needed to do something like that must have been astronomical. Where could they have gotten it?"

"Mom was a Scion. She got…Well, she got killed. Then my adopted mom is a scion. And she lied to me, told me my mom died in a car accident." He shakes his head, "I dunno. I was gonna ask what the best way to deal with the responsibility of having these powers was. But you're only a year and some change older than I am. And…Well, how do I get over feeling anger at the Atlantians for taking over one of our greatest cities?"

Hikaru rolls his slender shoulder slightly. "Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I'm more likely to be willing to forgive not because of Inari's compassionate nature, but because I'm not from New York, and not American. I would likely feel very different if it were Kyoto that were transformed. I don't think I'd care if it were Tokyo, though," he says, grinning broadly. "But anything in the Kansai area? I'd have to rain chaos and fury upon them," he says. It's good that he can find humor in this. "I'm Nakamura Hikaru, by the way, and if you didn't notice, I'm Inari's child. Don't know if Inari's my mother or my father, or who my other parent is. I was adopted. Like Superman. Or Supergirl. Am I Superman, Maia?"

Dee nods towards Jason. "Yup. Still doesn't make it right." she agrees, then looks back to Hikaru. "I know. It just sounds wrong and pointless for them to do something like that. But that's what they decided to do to them. It wasn't a sacrifice. The change had already happened. They were just being bloodthirsty. Some of us are, too. I like to think we'd stop them too, though." She adds then "Oh, they didn't do it. I think they're just taking advantage of it being done. Puros did it. No idea how. Still need to find information about that one." Her forehead furrows over Zack's comments. "That really sucks. I'm sorry to hear you've had a harder time of it. And believe me, I'm pretty pissed off by what's happened, too."

Dee also waves towards the departing Nike. "Take care."

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