Olympus - Aphrodite And Eris Pt 1 - Getting There


The Power Rangers

Scene Title Getting There
Synopsis Olympus-ness!

Another trip to the overworld. This time Olympus bound. Jason's yellow GTO aka Phaeton is looking loaded up with basic supplies, climbing gear in particular as they are, after all, going to a mountain. Jason for his point is tapping away at his GPS, making heavy use of the ancient Greek characters upon the thing to pull up it's special database and directories as he looks for the nearest point to take them to Olympus. "We might wind up having to go through the Dark Hour again, but I kind of hope we can find another way. I'm not entirely sure the Atlanteans did not actually want us to get in such trouble last time around."

"The Hour's not that bad," Gene observes mildly, checking his pistol before sliding it into his holster, "I'm familiar with the lesser Titans that're part of the greater, and on fairly good terms with them. As Titans go, there's worse."

Jolie is in the back seat, occassionally napping. She's complimented Phaeton, grinned at Sybass, and has just generally been a good passenger. Frowning thoughtfully, she says, "If we have to go there, we just go there." She glances at Gene. "Yeah, you did make friends with the little kids, didn't you? Hey, Gene'll talk us out, no prob."

Near the rear of the car, there's another young man focusing on a book he's reading; a small leather-bound tome he's claimed is another gift from his father. Scott Cornwall, demigod Scion of Thoth, looks at something inside it. "The Dark Hour is almost…almost cake in comparison. But that's a pretty thin almost," he admits. He's been quiet for most of this, reading through his monocle at something. Since the Book can open its pages to anything Scott's ever read, it's become his Portable Library, and he's studying. "Jolie's got the right idea."

Jason looks doubtful and continues to tap away. Tap tap. "Yeah. I'm still going to keep looking. Whatever the state is with the little kids, I still don't think Amnis and her crew have much love for us. They might /need/ us on some level but that need comes in the form of wanting to make things as hard as possible for us. That whole, that which does not kill us makes /them/ stronger deal."

"We need to go back there at some point anyway, someone hid the Secret Library of Alexandria inside it," admits Gene, adjusting the set of his fedora as he leans back in the passenger seat, letting the edge tilt forward to shadow his face, "That should help us get some more information about this whole… problem… we've got there, pretty-boy." A pause, and he asks, "Anyone know what the story is with that 'Sven' guy?"

To his credit, Scott does not start drolling at the mention of the Library of Alexandria. Immediately. "Making them stronger, depending on our definition of 'them,'" he says, not yet looking up from his notes. "Seems to be a running theme lately. I did learn from Seshat that the Pandora Boxes can bind Titanspawn. Gene's question gets a shrug. "Afraid not. I've been out of the loop 'cause of research."

Jolie grins at Scott. "You want at that library, don't you?" She scratches the side of her nose, then adds, "Don't know who this Sven guy is. And how many of those Pandora boxes are there, man?"

"No kidding" Jason grumbles to Scott, "They also almost get you eaten by dragons, or pulverized by giants, or chased by roving gangs centaurcycles. Pandora Boxes are big big trouble. That said I've.. uh.. got one on me in the hopes it will work on Helena in her new role as a Titans incarnation. It's got one very large and very pissed off giant in it that will be let out the next time it's used though. And there are eleven copies out there, plus the original somewhere, of course."

"I think that I've missed this…" Gene looks back over his shoulder to Scott in the back seat, then to Jason, his brow furrowing a bit, "Pandora's Boxes? My siblings used to be confined in the original, mythologically speaking of course— I hadn't heard any mention of them."

"We're going to need everything we have," Scott admits, closing his book and stuffing it into his backpack. "And Helena might not be all too hot on the idea I'm dating her younger sister, besides." And, he now has a dragon. And barely any idea what to do next. He spares a grin for Jolie. "I do, but there's things to be done first. If I didn't want at it, I'd risk being disowned, I think."

"Zeus made the original" Jason muses, "A prison for the energies of the Titans. Then along the way somewhere copies but made, but most of those are missing now. The titanspawn don't much like things which can lock them away and killing all those around a box to sneak it away off somewhere safe kind of seems to be a recurring theme." Clearing his throat, "So yes. Keep your eyes out. I've shielded it from most lesser Titanspawn but dragons can be a bitch."

"Maybe you can use the giant as a weapon, Jason. Open the box up and drop a giant on somebody's ass." Jolie looks amused by the concept. And then she gawks at Scott. "You're dating the White Bitch's SISTER?" She blinks. "Wait…you're DATING?"

"I introduced him to a hot young thing in Greece," Gene replies absently, "Happened to be Helena's sister. Fate's a sarcastic bitch sometime. Okay.." A tip of his head to Jason, thoughtful, "…mnm. Maybe my mother knows more."

"Or," Scott says with a chuckle. "Let Gene talk to the Giant before we let him loose. He's got a gift…" Scott was there for the Giant Incident. It's why the band has some very big friends. "At this point, we do everything short of getting Titan help to take these guys down. Enough's enough." He looks sheepish at Jolie's question. "I get more people asking me that second question with shock, alarm, and surprise at the first," he comments. "Minerva. Helena's sister, scion of Athena. She's not a demigod yet, but we try and see each other when we can. I think Athena has her on some solo business, while I'm out galavanting across the cosmos."

"Maybe" Jason says to Gene, "But we're not exactly having a lot of luck chatting up the parents lately." An unhappy grimace, "Really Circe might be our best bet, she is tied into things Greek for all she does not get out much and helping people find lost things is just part of what she does. I don't think she's likely to welcome me back though after last time."

"Circe…doesn't exactly fill me with trust, I admit," Scott says. "And I think saying that name around Rupert is going to set him off again, after what happened to him recently." Band Rule: Do not bring up the Pig Incident in front of the angry darkness demigod. He gives a nod to Gene. "Yeah, we'd need time to explain, then there would be an Incident. Never a good idea."

Jolie looks almost as sheepish as Scott. "Scott, you're cute, but I always figured you'd be datin a library before you'd date a woman. But, I guess a scion of Athena is close enough." She winks. Then she snorts at Jason. "You better /not/ talk to that woman. I got half a mind to give her a good talkin to, but I don't wanna end up lookin like Miss Piggy in the process."

"Good thinking" Jason responds giving a grimace, "I just hope it is not as difficult as last time, or filled with quite so many surprises. We got quite waterlogged enough. And uh.. Rupert is still a little sore about that huh?" To Jolie he grumbles, "And I don't want to, just.. she is a possible resource. Reasonable, in her fashion, if you actually want to meet her price. Which I am not, really, so better if we had some other cute and single guy to fuck her."

"I can give talking to her a try, if you want," Gene suggests as he settles in, a smile quirking to his lips about the Pig Incident, "I'm pretty good at talking my way through… unpleasant situations and difficulties. If I can convert a bunch've giants to our side, a witch shouldn't be too much've a problem." A wink over to Jolie, "He needed a little encouragement." Or just one firm push, anyway.

"So did I," Scott whispers, confidentially, to Jolie. He does speak up when she mentions Circe. "Maybe she would, Jolie, but think of the mad Kung Fu skills you'd get in the process?" He pauses. "Trying to think positive, you see…" He glares at Gene, protesting. "I am not that…oh, can we just drop it already?"

Jolie laughs as Scott mentions Miss Piggy's Kung Fu. "I dunno if it would be worth it, but it would be funny to see the look on her face when I released the Pork Chop. Pig Fu, bitches!"

"Be careful if you do" Jason says to Gene, "Rupert kind of thought he could talk his way in and out of anything as well. It didn't actually work all that well. I found her reasonable enough but.. have to stay polite and be willing to meet her price." Pause and he allows, "Of which seems to have only one. Sex."

To the Dark Hour they go! Disembarking from the car after arriving although Jason has Phaeton transform and follow along. Occasionally checking the screen he leads the way through the halls, looking for the specific entrance to Olympus.

And eventually, the group, still in the comfortable gheycar that is Phaeton arrives inside the open castles of the Dark Hour. Phaeton instinctively knows the way somehow and they enter a hallway, that's big enough for the car to have its windows open. There's the symbol of the Dodekatheon on the doorway with a pillar…how do you open it?

"And I thought the Beltway had bad exit signs," Scott muses out loud as they make their way through the Dark Hour. He's carrying his staff for one, and is loaded for bear against whatever they might come across in this place, but they've managed to not have anything drastic happen. Still, the young man is wary, and he stares at the door. "I think it's going to need Jason or Gene to pop the lock," he admits. "Considering they're attuned to Olympus because of their parents."

Jolie is probably making Gene happy since she's wearing her tight black "Atlantean" clothes again, with stompy boots. She has her bat and her katana tucked in her belt, her gris gris around her neck, her pocket watch in her pocket. She's very ready to go. She looks at the doorway and frowns. "When we had to go to Ville Au Camp, I had to make a blood sacrifice. Might be something similiar. Gene or Jason has to do it."

Hey, Gene can appreciate a good set of tight clothes. As they're stopped, he steps away from the car, walking over towards the pillar and looking up at it. "Hm." He scratches under his chin, "No idea. We could always try to push it over or something."

"Probably" Jason agrees peering at the doorway engraved with the symbol and the pillar present. "It might just take a touch. It might require a feast of strength and pushing the damned thing over like Gene says. Or climbing it." He continues to tap away at GPS keys, working to pull up the access details for this particular doorway.

What are they going to do. The pillar is only eightfeet tall. The ceiling is ten feet…

"There's probably something up there," Gene observes, his chin tilting slowly back as he looks up… up… and then he rolls his shoulders back, and leaps up to grasp hold of the pillar, feet bracing to it as he starts to scramble upwards the side of it with deft movements.

And while Gene is climbing, Jolie looks around for anything else in the area that might be useful, any items that might be two feet tall…

Jason just hangs out. Others have it handled.

On his part, Scott is looking around not for something that could give them a boost, but guarding against the off chance that they were followed, or that something has found them.

And there's nothing on top! Oh goodness. What do they have to do? Who knows? This is a conundrum…

The top edge is grasped, and Gene pulls himself up to it— of course, there's only two feet clearance, so he's basically laying atop it, looking down from above. "Nothing up here," he calls down, "Any writings anywhere?"

Jolie rubs the side of her nose. "Maybe you don't climb it, you pick it up? I dunno. I haven't seen anything else round here that's of any use."

"Climb down off of there" Jason calls up towards Gene, "If we are not supposed to climb up to the top, maybe we are supposed to go all Hercules and see the thing lifted up to the ceiling. I've no instant better ideas at least." And he moves to get a grip on the pillar, prepared to do his part once Gene is clear.

The sound of stone grinding against stone can be heard. As gene lays on top of the eight foot pillar he'll notice that it's getting shorter..or perhaps it's sinking into the ground. As it sinks, the door slowly opens, the cool mountain breeze blowing through the doors..

Or.. Jason does not do that. Since that would actually stop the door from opening. Right.

Jolie blinks, then laughs. "Whoah, it's just a giant button!" She swiftly turns towards the door as it opens. "Well, the good news is…no water floodin in."

"Okay," Scott says as the pillar starts to lower, and the door opens. "So…" he cuts off as Jolie speaks. "Little miracles," he says, with a bit of a smile as he remembers that incident. Though his face falls a little as he remembers more of it. "No, wait, that totally sucked."

There's silence from above. Then: "No fat jokes."

Then down Gene comes, sliding down the sinking pillars once the doors are opened.

Fat Gene is fat. Or at least he's muscled enough to have the body mass to lower the pillar, but it stops half way. The doors are only partially open. Obviously the pillar's height and the door opening is connected. But how will Gene get in?

"Phaeton" Jason calls over to his car, "Think you can transform and sit on top of that and see if you can get it the rest of the way down. Then you can shift back to car, we can hop on in and race through before it goes back up." It's a place. Sort of.

"That is pretty cool," Scott comments, when it comes to Phaeton, trying to keep an eye on the door. "'Source, Maia wants to build Zords with me. No idea…"

Jolie is just geeky enough to make that Transformer noise when Phaeton does his thing. "All we need is Shia LeBeef and that woman with the toe thumbs."

"Works for me," Gene shrugs, glancing over to the car— shaking his head in bemusement, then looking back to the doors.

Phaeton actually does not need Transformer noises made. Erika has.. fine tuned that part depressingly well. Telltale and probably very familiar sounds of the transformation echoing through the hall as the yellow GTO turns into a robot which promptly sits on the pillar. Underneath the robot weight it goes down and down, doorway opening fully. Robot shifts back to car and Jason urges everyone one inside. "Rush it" Jason tells the car, and that is just what Phaeton does, vehicle zipping forward to pass through the newly opened door and into the world byeond.

And eventually the door opens completely. The doors are wide and the demis have room to make it through with ease. Phaeton..well he barely makes it through, he grumps a little as he transforms back into the car at the base of..well..a rather large circular rock..

"So…" Scott stops, looking at the large boulder, and raises his hand to scratch his head. "Is Sisyphus on break or something?"

"I think he escaped awhile back," admits Gene as he walks through the doors, pausing before the rock and reaching out to rap at it with his knuckles lightly, looking around, "Anyone see anything else?"

Jason has a good look around after, it seems, stepping and not driving through. Maybe? He lets his eyes play about the area, especially upwards. "Fuck if I know" Jason says towards Gene, "Nice rock though. Round. Comfortable. Maybe it's just the top end of a pillar on this side of things. Switch on both ends to open and close the door?"

No. The rock isnt the one Sisyphus was tortured with. It's not. Those of the Dodekatheon would remember stories of the navel of the world while Scott identifies the rock by it's markings. There's Greek on it, and it's the Omphalos. They're at the base of Mount Olympus at this point. It's beautiful and well the top of the mountain is rather..high up there. THe clouds are covering what's up there though..

Jolie looks up and up and up. "That's a long hike, or drive. I hope you got a good CD to play," she says, with a wink.

Jason simply stares upwards for a time and he glances over to his recently transformed back car, "I know Grandmother said she was going to have some special modifications made to you to help reach Olympus. I haven't really asked until now, but just what changes did she make?"

"If it's an elevator, I'm going to be seriously impressed," Scott quips.

"You know," Gene notes, glancing back to the others with a brow's lift, "It is traditional to walk. C'mon. Get some exercise." He grins, "We can sing dirty songs on the way up."
Phaeton does not in fact transform into an elevator, but the car does begin to rev a little differently and the wheels lift about a half foot off the ground.
Jolie whistles. "Niiiice. Hey Jason, can he transform into a low rider?" She laughs and then snorts at Gene. "You can walk. I'm savin my energy in case we have to do some head smashin."

"And we can still sing dirty songs on the way. This way, everyone wins," Scott says, as he approaches Phaeton, ready to roll.

Jason does not seem eager to climb up Mount Olympus the hard way. Hoping behind the wheel of Phaeton as it seems everyone else is getting aboard as well. "All very classical and noble to go up the hard way, but we're kind of in a hurry."

Jolie hops in the back seat. "I'm not a classical kinda gal, remember? Besides, the last thing we need to be is too damn tired when we get to the top. Wouldn't that be kinda rude, sweatin all over your folks' chairs and stuff?"

'"Aaaaand, let's face it, I'd be more of a millstone if we tried to climb," Scott admits, settling into the back seat again.

"I could manage it" Jason says with a speculative look up the mountain, "But it would be pretty slow, and I think I'd have to be kind of worn out by the time I got to the top. Still.. I should not just assume everyone wants to take the car." A pause and he allows, "In fact sense could be made for going both routes. So even if something happens to a few the others make it through. It's.. a really big mountain."

Jolie says to Jason, "So, we goin up to the top of the mountain? Or do your folks have some other place to stay?"

And up in the air..there are clouds. Lots of cloud. Just so many clouds it's so thick. But there's definitely something..or is it somethings that are up there?

Jason narrows his eyes as he stares upwards into the sky and he says to the others, "There is something moving around in the clouds up there. Or maybe somethings. There might be some sort of aerial predators circling the mountain."

"And Phaeton might make a way tempting target," Scott replies, drumming fingers on the leg of his pants. "Which would be safer…"

Jason stares up the mountain some more, working his shoulders from side to side. "Both? One of the more fit among us can go to climb, marking any particularly stable ledges or pathways as they go. That might be me, if nobody else feels up to it. The rest take the car and try to get to the top. If things do go bad, can make it to a closer spot where you can have the ground beneath your feet rather than fighting something aerial in their own turf. And.. if the car ride is quick and painless Phaeton can always return to pick up whomever was doing the climbing."

"That will keep us all from being one target, just in case, because we are on a time crunch," Scott admits. "Look…I'm not a climber, I'm going to admit. If we split into two teams, I would only show the climbers down."

Jolie sighs. "I'm not much for climbin either. I mean, I ran track in high school, played softball in a summer league. That's about as athletic as I'm gettin outside the bedroom." She smirks. "I got a bad feelin, Jason. It's like we gotta climb it or else."

"Like you two just said" Jason says to Jolie and Scott looking between them, "You're not climbers. And trying to be might just result in that.. or else. I'll go up marking the trail as I do if I come to any safe spots. If something attacks you, land on one of them and duke it out. If I'm able I'll assist from afar with a sniper rifle or something, although I might be kind of out or range or unable depending on how things go."

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