Odd Looks

It's late afternoon, and Marc makes his way down Wall Street with a happy whistle, he moves quickly only letting the crowds slow him where most serious, he ocassionally pauses however to check the addresses of buildings before continuing on his way again.

Ahead, close to the steps of the Wall Street building itself, there is more of a crowd. This group of people is different from the other groups of people around because they have slowed down, taking in some sight as they walk past. As Marc draws closer, he sees what they saw: standing on the second-to-last step from the bottom is a pirate. Looking like he just stepped out of a movie, he is dressed in black silk clothes with a blue greatcoat over them, a sword at his side and a bandolier full of flintlock pistols across his chest, tri-cornered hat on his head. He is looking up at a building across the street, and seems to be measuring something in his head by the way he keeps flicking his fingers in the air as if doing calculations upon it.

Marc makes his way to the crowd, he lingers in said crowd for a moment paying only enough attention to the 'pirate' not to look out of place he returns to the business of picking the pockets of anyone who appears lucky enough to have money. He makes his way through the crowd slowly until he's near enough to the man to talk. "So… this some kind of performance art? I've never been much good with art."

Nestor glances at Marc and shrugs. "Me neither. No, not art. This is how I dress." He speaks with a thick Canadian accent. "I'm a pirate, after all. Wouldn't look right in shorts and a t-shirt, would I?"

Marc nods slightly. "Ok, heard stranger things… although I'd have thought a pirate'd wanna fit in when not out…well pirating?"

Nestor grins and nods. "Exactly! Which is why, when I am out pirating, I don't fit in. Such as right now."

Sighing slightly Marc nods. "Sounds good. Although pirating… by generally accepted definition happens at sea, not much of an ocean around here if you get my point?"

Nestor grins wider. "Only fools limit themselves. I'm scouting right now, anyway."

Marc nods, he takes a look around. "You need a crew… or are you just looking for your next load of trouble?" He sounds as though he's having no difficulty taking all this in, although his slight grin and tone suggest he's finding it highly amusing. "'cos not many of the former around this part of town I'm thinking… and well in this town I don't think it's more of an effort not to find trouble."

Nestor smirks. "I've got a crew. They're kinda green, for the most part, but fairly solid guys. They're off drinking right now, preparing for tonight. Are you looking for a ship?"

Shaking his head Marc laughs. "Nah, I'm set for work." He smiles slightly. "So, you been out Samolia way, or you more regular to the local area?"

Nestor flips a hand in dismissal. "Those pretenders are just capitalizing. Not interested. Besides, that's quite a voyage, and I'd need a better crew first to attempt it." He shrugs. "New York has plenty enough plunder for me. Also, less Naval presence."

Nodding Marc looks around. "Yeah, don't often see much of a navy down Wall Street." He frowns slightly. "'course people aren't going to like pirates running around Wall Street either, you start the whole looting thing… well either you're going to end up locked in a cell somewhere or people'll start getting hurt."

Nestor spreads his hands wide, smiling confidently. "That's why we do it at night. No one around. Business district, there aren't even any apartment buildings that could get hit by collateral."

Nodding Marc takes a look around, he'd considered hitting places in business districts himself. "Too much risk, the business district's…. protected. You'll find security and police swarming the place… unless you're subtle, make sure no one's got reason to look that is."

Nestor cocks his head. "What about a cannonade at an abandoned building, to draw their attention elsewhere?"

Shrugging slightly Marc rubs his chin with his knuckles. "Might work….. people like the odd explosion, but of course there are a lot of police… likely you'll just pull some cops off their beat, maybe help a few gangs run their muggings in peace for a night." He shrugs again. "But I guess you've always got a punchers chance."

Nestor shrugs, patting the pistols on his chest. "Don't punch all that much, really. Besides. By the time they catch up to me, I'll be long gone."

Nodding Marc frowns as he runs over the ways he'd handle such a job. "Yeah, well good luck with it." He removes a hip flask from his pocket taking a quick swig he offers it to the pirate. "Long as no one gets hurt it sounds like an ambitious job."

Nestor sniffs the flask and then takes a long pull, nodding in appreciation and handing it back. "Thanks. It is ambitious. But, Go big or Go home, as I believe you Americans say. I can't go home, so that leaves going big. Thought I'd start my going with a bit of a smaller target. Eventually work up to it, see?"

Nodding Marc grins. "I'm not a Yank mate. I'm English." He laughs slightly. "Sometimes it's better to take small slices… you'll often find before long you have the whole pie and no one's even noticed."

Nestor grins, inclining his head. "You sure you don't want a job? It's very lucrative."

Shaking his head Marc laughs. "Nah, I've got too used to being my own boss." He grins slightly. "Anyway, like I said… small slices, too much money draws too many eyes for me."

Nestor nods, accepting the explanation. "Well, I can respect that. That's why I do what I do, for the most part. You don't like the spotlight?"

"Love it, just like to keep it low key." Marc chuckles as he slips his flask back into the pocket he took it from. "I never thought it smart to have people watching you after you're done performing for them."

Nestor shrugs. "That's why you leave."

Nodding Marc sighs slightly. "Yeah, that's always an option, but not one I like to make hasitly." He looks to Nestor, but then I guess it's part of the pirates way?"

Nestor bows a little, smiling.

With a grin Marc bows his own head. "Well maybe I'll see you around… I'd guess you're the type that finds yourself in… strange situations, if so we'll almost certainly meet again." He then makes his way back in to the crowd, letting them continue to stare at the pirate, as he continues to relieve them of their goods.

Nestor salutes him as he heads off. "I'll see you again sometime, then." And he goes back to his figuring.

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