Not a Shot Was Fired

Scene Title Not a Shot Was Fired.
Synopsis Leonard, Asterisk and Dee avoid a fight.

Theater District - New York City

Lights, cameras, showtime! The Theatre District, the showbiz end of New York's Broadway, has it all, almost outdoing Southern Manhattan in the money-grabbing stakes. To some, it's the heart and soul of New York - alive, bubbling, colored and lit up like a Christmas tree. Shops and businesses still have a home here, and if you look just right from the taller buildings, you can see over towards Central Park. Over to the west is the Irish area of Hell's Kitchen, on the docks, to the west is Midtown, to the North the Upper West Side and to the south the Empire State Building. It's a plethora of sights and sounds, enough to overload the senses (or do the lights on the streets do a good enough job of that?) and leave lasting impressions for years to come.

The Museum of Modern Art is, like most buildings in New York, a square. This one is, however, particularly square, and particularly unimpressive. Glass windows reflect a fading afternoon sun, and one wide pathway cuts to the entrance of the building. One tiny block of stone rests in front of the entrance, several letters engraved on the thing, glimpsed over by the people that pass. Right not it's occupied by a bird, inky black raven that's settled itself on the stone, snapping at visitors that come too close.

Leonard is around too. The man is making his way toward the building, intending on meeting here already. He doesn't have anything with him, no tricks or baggage, just an easy smile as he surveys the area.

Asterisk is wandering her way down the sidewalk, Hands are tucked into the pockets of her shorts as her feet carry her toward her newest destination. It would seem that the Museum is her end, the woman wandering up to be right alongside Leonard. "I found you."

Dee has been in the area for a while. It's not the museum she's casing, so much as the comings and goings of the curator. To those watching, she's just someone out to enjoy being outdoors for a bit as she sips from a can of soda. Asterisk is a familiar face though, and she purses her lips for a moment as she spots the woman.

"You did." Leonard isn't going in, not quite yet. The man merely stops outside, casts eyes back and forth across the crowds. One hand is raised at Asterisk, his attention landing on another face after. Dee is familiar enough, and these sorts of things are expected, so he angles himself over to raise hand at her as well. The crowds continue to move meanwhile, and another raven plops down next to the first.

"Aren't I special," Asterisk mentions slightly with a bobbing of her head, eyes moving to see just where Leonard is looking to. "Oh, hello," she claims to Dee as one hand raises up into the air to wave in a greeting to her.
When Leonard waves, Dee focuses on him and there's recognition then. She returns the wave, before making her way to the pair over at a casual pace. "Evening. How're you both doing?"

"I seem fantastic. How are you? Any word of trouble lately?" Leonard offers smile toward Dee when the woman approaches, magician wagging hand one more before he tilts himself back toward Asterisk. "You are lucky," He mentions absently, "I hear there are a few new items to the collection in here."

Asterisk's head nods slightly, a little shift happening in her body as she attempts to make herself more comfortable. "New items, hmm? Nifty. I haven't been to the museum for quite awhile as it is. So I won't remember a whole lot."

Dee smiles. "There are." she says regarding the current collection. "Some very interesting pieces. I'm not a huge fan of most modern art, but I like to keep up with what's going on."

"I think it looks silly, sometimes. Have you seen the plate and cup made out of fur? I don't understand it, really." Leonard's gaze wanders back toward the entrance, returns to company again. "All you have to do is remember not to touch, I believe." That for Asterisk, then toward Dee afterward. "Heard any work about angels?"

Asterisk scoffs at Leonard's mocking comment, her nose wrinkling just a slight amount before she speaks. "I'm not a little kid. I know what I shouldn't touch," she lays claim to before falling silent once more to look toward the ground.

Dee purses her lips in thought. "Not yet, at least for anything inspired by these angels, but I suspect it's only a matter of time. It's a subject that kind of begs for attention from the artists in it for the sales." As opposed to real artists.

"I think a lot of these things look ridiculous, personally. I was raised on real art, though." A grin from Leonard is flashed toward Asterisk, before he mentions, "I believe we're going in. You're welcome to join us, if you'd like." In the meantime the background has filled up with about two dozen dark shapes, birds that flap and waddle across the pavement, paying little heed to the people that are attempting to step around them.

Asterisk looks a moment to those little birds that are all gathering on the sidewalk, eyes looking back over to Leonard after a second. "We're going in?" she teases him before looking toward Dee with a smile and a nod.

"Sure, if you don't mind the company." Dee replies. "I have a bit of a timetable, but I think I'm good for a little while." She doesn't go into detail. "Anything new with either of you?"

"If you behave." Leonard's lips pull into another smile, the man making one arc back before he turns. He gives a small pause at the birds that've snuck in behind his back, staring at the black creatures before he begins to move toward the entrance. The birds themselves are squawking amungst their gathering, finding a tune between them as they strut across the concrete.

"I'll behave.. I always behave!" the woman claims with a little snort before her eyes look back toward Dee. "Life is boring sometimes," she answers lightly with a bobbing of her head. The woman waves one hand at the birds, as if to shoo them away."

For herself, Dee doesn't seem worried about Asterisk's behavior. Her own gait is that of someone entirely confident in herself as she follows the pair. "Hey, enjoy the boring while it lasts…" Though, then she adds "Nevermind. I feel like such a hypocrite saying that. I start to get itchy if there's nothing that needs doing."

"I feel the same way." Leonard leads then, the man threading his way across birds with a wary eye, into the main area of the musuem. It's one large flat space, with several displays up upon the walls. The central feature is a statue, a large wooden structured, dark oak that's been hewn into the shape of a nest of birds much like those outside. "I can keep myself entertained, most of the time."

Asterisk continues to wander alongside Dee and Leonard, a little smile on her lips as she raises a hand uwpard to scratch at the back of her neck. "Life is boring sometimes. And you know that," she answers with a nod of her head. "That just exactly what I mean."

"Oh, I'm pretty good at keeping myself entertained." Dee replies. Of course, it's generally at someone else's expense. "I could do without quite so many monsters, though. Those get on my nerves after a while." Her voice has dropped some, of course. "On the other hand, it's just something we'll have to deal with. Often."

"It seems that's the case. Not a day can go by without something bothering me." The birds are pecking at the glass door now, causing an obvious concern from those clustered nearby. Leonard, apparently, is not paying attention. "Did I ask what you did?" The question is for Dee, hand gesturing between himself and the other woman. "She's a firefighter."

"I don't have much to do to keep myself entertained, really. Boring stuff to do, at that," she mentioins with a bobbing of her head. Brows furrow slightly as the woman listens to how Leonard gives her up. "Yes. I am. I coulda told her that if she asked."

Dee replies with a smile "Me? I'm in security. I test systems and suggest improvements." She watches the pair, always interested in reactions to that claim. Some get it, and some don't. Then again, it's easier to get, for those aware of her lineage. "Firefighting's pretty cool. Well, you know what I mean. Nothing better than saving lives, right?"

"You can tell her something about me," Leonard suggests, "It'll be a sharing exercise." Dee's own profession draws the man's lips into one contemplative line, "That must be interesting. I don't think I could make a living doing that sort of thing, though. Not enough people would know me."

"Firefighting is alright, I guess," Asterisk mentions with a little bobbing smile off her lips. "Security, hmm? Now that sounds interesting." At Leonard's own words, however, she simply sighs and shakes her head. "That's just pathetic… Incase you didn't notice Mr. Ego here is in showbusiness. He's a magician." Nodnod. In case Dee didn't know.

"It's very much a word of mouth sort of profession." Dee says. "Makes it hard to get new clients, but the ones I do have pay very well." Even the ones who are legitimate clients as opposed to targets. She chuckles then at their back and forth, then looks interested. "A magician. Very nice. I'm quite the fan of slight-of-hand, personally."

"I'm good at it," Leonard mentions, eyes rolling over toward Asterisk. "I was nice when I was talking about you, you don't have to say such hurtful things." There's a lazy humor in his words, eyes cast back over toward the door, where the ravens continue their work. "That looks like a problem."

Asterisk breaks into a wide smile as her fingers rise upward to form into a little heart with her fingers that she situates right above her own heart. "What comes around goes around," she speaks of her saying such 'hurtful things.

Dee glances over at the ravens, and nods. "I was thinking that, yes. Our sort of problem, at that. Think we should do something about it before they start to break things? I mean, despite that we're likely to break things too, in the process?"

"You could shoo them off. I'm not really sure how to deal with a flock of birds. Sometimes I put them in hats, or up my sleeve, but I don't think I could fit that many." Leonard's words are somber, his hands folding together as he surveys the glass and the avians outside of it.

Asterisk looks at the birds again for a moment, taking a curious yet careful step toward them. "Um. Well. Don't you kinda just…" Shoo! She flips her hands a little bit at them and forces an attempt to make them fly away.

When birds are acting like typically birds? Yes. Shooing them should work. These ravens are being a little less ravenlike though, and it has Dee very wary. She digs into her satchel for some steel ballbearings, and waits to see what the birds do.

The birds, from beyond the glass door, don't seem very alarmed at the motions that Asterisk makes. They do, however, stop pecking. Save for one, which raps against the glass several more times. The rest begin to twirl, hopping up and down on their little legs, doing an odd little dance for their observers.

Asterisk raises to her regular height, hands resting onto her hips a moment as she lets out a heavy sigh. "Well that didn't go over too well," she notes while still watching the odd birds through narrowed eyes

Dee hmms, and walks towards the birds. "To quote many, 'I've got a bad feeling about this'." She walks over to see whether they scatter in the very near presence of a person.

They don't budge from their place in front of the door, though they do decide to speak up again. Just the one that's actively assaulting the door. It's a small voice, raven-like, streatched out and pronounced. "Hey," It demands through the door, "Bring me that statue." The others stop, turn toward the door, and hop once, as if to show their approval for the directive.

Asterisk blinks a moment, raising one hand to tap against the end of her chin. "The statue?" Eyes look between Leonard and Dee. "I don't think these are good birds," she notes in a deadpan tone, head nodding a single time.

There's a faint smirk towards Asterisk. "You think?" She looks towards the lead bird then, before replying with "Aren't there enough statues in the city for you to shit on already? you don't need that one." She glances then to Leonard, to see what he's doing during this.

"Those guys in the statue are ours. You should give them back." The bird taps the window once more, for emphasis. It doesn't seem in a hurry, nor as irritated as the incessant pecking before might indicate. Leonard himself has wandered over to examine the statue in question, tapping at the wood before he threads his way back to his companions.

"I thought that we weren't supposed to touch things," Asterisk asks of Leonard with a raise of a brow, as if teasing him for how he spoke to her earlier. But to the birds once again, almost ignoring Dee as she's teased, she only listens

Dee looks a bit like a headache is coming on, her forehead furrowing as it is. As Leonard checks out the statue, she asks "What guys in the statue. What exactly do you want from it, that you think is yours?"

"Those aren't really wood. If you could drag it out here we'd appreciate it." The raven offers response, other birds wobbling back and forth, bobbing up and down to add emphasis as appropriate. Leonard's shoulders roll over at the others when he makes his way back, finger lifting over his lips at Asterisk's comment. "Bad me."

Dee gives that a long moment of thought as she looks around for any people of authority at the museum who might have been drawn here because of the odd commotion. Finally, she looks back to the lead raven and asks "Who do you serve?"

There are several people who appear to have some authority, though most don't seem to be doing a lot. A few are on phones, a few wander back and forth, speaking to people gathered in the lobby. The reply of the bird is, perhaps unhelpfully, "Raven."

Dee rubs her head. The reply, perhaps, did not help her headache. She looks again to Leonard, then calls to those people who seem to have a salaried position. "Is that piece for sale, do you know?" Just out of curiosity, of course.

"It was donated." The reply is unsure, several of the group glancing between one another before they decide on, "No, it's not for sale. We're supposed to display it for another week."

Dee mmms quietly. To the raven again "You serve the spirit Raven?" Native American beliefs being what they are…

"Yeah." The bird hops, back and forth. "Are you going to get that statue or not?" The rest, as usual, mimic, performing another avian waltz. The magician in the background is listening, though he seems to be defering to Dee for the moment, when he's not examining the statue.

There's another long moment of consideration. Dee asks Leonard then, "What do you know of Raven? Straight, or trickster like Coyote? My knowledge on it is a little sketchy."

"What isn't Raven?" The bird contests, "Raven stole fire, Raven created the world. Raven is wise, and cunning, swift and keen. Not like Coyote. Coyote is an idiot." They bob, none of them a fan of the aforementioned spirit.

Dee chuckles as she hears their reply. She looks then to the ones who answered her before, and says "These birds claim the statue holds some of their own captive, and claim it in the name of Raven. I suggest you bring it out here, and if they do free something inside of it you'll know it to be true. If not, bring it back inside. They're birds. What's the harm, if the artist is innocent?"

More glances between the gathered. Eventually, though, they seem to decide it's for the best. Several move to lift the thing, edging it closer to the door and quickly retreating. The birds are patient enough to wait, though once it comes within reach they're flooding through the door and clustering around the thing. Then the peck. They chip away at the wood, working themselves into a frenzy, shaving off dark chunks to reveal the thing beneath. Another bird, like the others. It flutters several seconds after it escapes from the wooden cocoon, craning head back and forth. After that it leaves, taking flight, back out the door. The others make the same motion, departing in on great puff of black feathers. "Thanks."

Dee is startled and steps back, as the ravens begin their assault. Apparently, for some reason it didn't occur to her that whatever they were planning included decimating the piece. Then, though, her eyes widen as there does seem to be something captive within, and she just watches as it's freed. She remains quiet as the bird then leaves with the rest, and once all the rustling of feathers is gone she says "Huh."

"Strange things." Leonard's comment is an airy one, fingers tapping thoughtfully to his head. "I'll have to find out what that was about." He offers a smile after, chime of, "You did that well, though." He's not about to let that spoil his day at the museum, though. So he wobbles several steps, past crowds and toward more secluded rooms. "Strange things," He repeats.

"Strange things." Dee echoes with a thoughtful sort of chuckle. "And thanks. I guess some would have cut right to the fighting. The birds were in the right, though." She does offer to the museum staff "Sorry about that, but it was wrong for the artist to imprison that spirit for his art." It has to be a spirit, after all. A regular bird wouldn't have survived. She, too, doesn't seem deterred from visiting for a while, and continues on alongside Leonard.

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