No Rest For The Sneaky, Either



Scene Title No Rest for the Sneaky, Either.
Synopsis Dee breaks into the Atlantean Palace to find out some of what's going on in there. She finds some captive Scions, and steals… an arm.

Dee's had a very busy few days, though most of it has been spent in various states of quiet and still. She has a lot of experience casing a place, and for the most part she is treating this like every other job. It isn't, and it's significantly more dangerous than anything she's done before, but it's got to be done. Part of that time has also needed to be spent learning the 'new' technology, of course. Everything's way ahead of where it was before the change, so nothing can be assumed to be what she's dealt with in the past. She certainly isn't celebrating her new demigodhood with something easy…

Fortunately, she has a few advantages she lacked in the past. The Unlidded Eye is helping her perceive any magical obstacles or possible surprises, though she isn't at all assuming it will catch them all. Her perceptions, as always, are helping her with physical and electronic obstacles, since she expects there to be difficulties on all ends of the spectrum. She is hoping that Unbarred Entry will help, but she isn't banking on it. These are people who know how to protect themselves against that sort of thing, after all. Using it might even alert them to her presence. Better to do as much of this mundanely as possible, apart from using her senses.

While it might be more convenient in some ways to break in daytime, while the royalty is out of the palace, it also reduces the chances of there being any of the really good things to find in there. So, she waits till it's well past an hour for sleeping. It's a weekday, since those tend towards earlier bedtime, if not for the royalty then hopefully for most that work for them. She's looked for the best spot for a break-in, and if there's one that looks much better than another, she skips it. That's where you keep your ambush, after all. Second best will be her target.

Cue Mission Impossible music…

Dee has chosen to accept a mission that well, is ridiculous. A demigoddess she may be now, but the Atlanteans have been around for a long time. A ridiculously long tmie actually. Also, there are a lot of assumptions that Dee is making which may break or make. Like do the Atlanteans really need to sleep? are they even here in the palace? It's the public view of the royals and their cabinet afterall, and there is still the Terra Incognita of the Dark Hour where they all originated from. Not to mention a few secrets that no one but the Atlanteans know.

Still, with the magic spell that she casts, what was once a difficult task becomes even more difficult. The Atlanteans, with the assassination attempt on Melanope are paranoid if anything. A series of bright lines starts to show itself all over the palace, a grid made to where it would be difficult to nearly get past anything without tripping some sort of alarm. Wards show itself on various areas, strong wards presumably there to keepher out. Every wall, every entrance in has warning lines of all sorts as the place looks even more complicated now with the unlidded eye, a grid of 'laser like' red lines to act as motion detectors can be seen. The entrance itself, from the walls to the archway into the palace has warning lines. While the palace isn't built like Fort Knox, it's security, especially it's supernatural security is at least one hundred times better.

Dee knew it would be a tough job when she took it on. Nothing she sees really surprises her, but it does cause her to frown. Nothing's impossible, but this might be one of the closest things to it on Earth. Much of the security grid issue might have to be trusted to her natural agility and ability to ignore gravity, rather than make an effort to try to turn it off. Magic doesn't have the sort of on/off switch that electronics do. As far as she's aware, anyway.

She's as ready as she's going to get, really. Staring at the problem won't change it, so she finds her best way to the actual building, avoiding detection from the ground and any lights and electronic surveillance. Fortunately, the latter will be little trouble with her Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception. She's certainly appreciating her new ability to better pay attention to several things at once. Once she's next to the actual building, she can determine the best next steps.

Dee knows there's nothing much on the bottom ten floors, but then she didn't expect there to be. Why take over a building like the Ritz, and not take the best suites? Those are at the top. She figures they might also appeal to the egos of those involved - Royalty, looking out over their domain. It's far from the tallest building in the city, but still. She paces herself carefully, watching for the mundane security that might trip her up on the way to it, in order to fly to just outside the warning lines decorating the place. She needs a more close-up look at this part of the building.

Wooosh! Dun dun dun! Fortunately, it's late at night and no one notices Dee flying up the palace. Not many people look up when wandering the street of New Atlantis anyway. Still, her perception goes through the 38th floor. At least she can see what's inside, but it's a bit more difficult now. Something is interfering. Lots of electronic systems and noise are up here. It's lots of variuos em radiation being emitted from all over the place such as radio, x-ray, electrical, magnetic, the full spectrum. There is LOTS of shit going on up here. Whether it's part of the plan to distract Dee or whether there's actually a LOT of shit up here is not able to be determined at the time. Thus, she can focus mainly on just the 38th floor, but that's already proving to be difficult.

From the hazy 'mist' that is all the loads of EM radiation being emitted from this building, she can detect seven warm bodies. Seven humanoid like forms in a small fifteen by fifteen foot area on the floor.

It's what Dee would do too, if she wanted to mess with someone like herself. She just has to be patient, and take things one step at a time as much as possible. She chooses the window she wants - one that's not too far from the people inside. Then, she takes two handfuls of marbles from her pack. With Lightning Sprinter, she flies quickly around the building and tosses the marbles a few at a time at and down the building. Hopefully, she'll ping the alarm in several areas, and give herself a little time while they look for the right one. Then, she'll return to the one she's chosen in order to break in. She'll treat it like a regular window if it looks like one from outside, and do what she can to get in quickly and the window closed behind her.

The marbles shatter through the windows as they're flung. Ironic huh. They start to spread out near the floor, but she's only so strong and without epic strength, the marbles just kinda go around near the windows they shattered. Someone will be annoyed about the cleanup, but Caryl will probably have to do it. Poor Caryl.

Still, no real reaction. The seven figures detected on the floor still stay in the little fifteen by fifteen foot area.

Dee winces as some windows break. She wasn't going for that, but plans often don't survive implementation. Hopefully enough of them were on other floors, to give those she was trying to distract other places to look for her. She just focuses on getting herself inside as quickly as possible.

Did the marbles ping the warning lines as they hit the windows? Dee doesn't know, but at least she's able to lock pick the window with the hinge to head into the 38th floor! There are no real blaring warning signs of entry. Maybe she got in safely without detection? Maybe she didn't. For now, all she can see on the floor is a series of electronic locks, very sophisticated.

What's behind the locks? There's seven people, those she may or may not recognize. Kailin, Amirah, Glory, Elin, Corgan, Zach and Marius are strapped to various devices. There are needles and other sorts of advanced Atlantean biotech in their bodies as green fluid can be seen slipping out of various tubes connected. They're all unconscious as they're huddled together in the fifteen by fifteen room.

Dee is not going to assume she got in undetected. These are very old, very smart people. She just has to get in quickly, do what she can, and get out. The locks are something she can work on quickly with her own skill, of course. Skill, and her special lockpicks.

The locks are child's play for Dee. Well, not really child's play. They are sophisticated and have lots of decryptions and the fact that it's allin Atlantean. That makes everything a bit difficult. But still, she has luck on her side, and the use of cipher and her arete help her along.

Still, she makes it through and looks through the various people. Again, the medical charts are in Atlantean, something she can't really read. That sucks for her so she has no idea what's going on. But, she does notice something unusual with the group. They're stronger. They're muscle tone is bigger. Kailin has an arm graft for some reason which is glowing with power. So does Zach, something very similar at least. Amirah and Glory have their legs spread apart as the tubes go… inside them. Are they being artificially enseminated or are their eggs being removed for harvesting? It's difficult to tell at this point without actually knowing the technology present. Still, time ticks. Tick tock tick tock.

Dee's plan, of course, is complicated when she realizes at least a little about what the Atlanteans are doing. Great. There's no way she can rescue them all, though she briefly gauges how far she is from the nearest building in all directions. Yay, Unerring Orientation. There's the briefest of looks for anything immediately useful in here, though she's certainly not expecting to see their Relics. They're likely far from this spot, even if they're in the building by some miracle.

She has a carefully look around her so that everything is clear in her mind, and also quickly records the scene with her camera. It's really important for the others to know what's happening. If she has time to get one of them on her way out, good. She could ruin the equipment they're attached to at the moment, but they'd just reconnect them to new machines. It's time that would be a waste, and that she can't afford if she's going to learn as much as possible. Then, she needs to get gone. If there's air vents, that's ideal. If not, doors will have to do. She's still watching for wards and the like, of course, along with other security measures.

Check! Leaving fellow Scions at the hands of the Atlanteans to continue to do terrible things to them. Surely this doesn't bode well with the Dodekatheon, especially for Hermes who is watching his daughter. Who knows if that decision will come back tobite her backin the ass later on? Fateful aura effects suck afterall.

Still, the pictures are taken. Snap snap. And there are air vents. It takes a few minutes to quickly undo them, but she has a rather tight fit as she goes through the air vents. Each little bit causes a thud thud as she makes her way through and she's lost any and all wiggle room. Literally actually. As she proceeds through the vents, there are ways up and down. Good thing she can fly. Where will she go next? The EM radiation still screws with her perception to see what lies beyond. Where is she going next?

Dee gets the vent cover off, and moves to get inside. Wow. That is tiny. She was clearly expecting larger vents, rather than something she'll make a ton of noise trying to get through. That'll just scream 'HERE I AM! COME GET ME!' It calls for a change in plan, so she gets out of the vents first chance she gets.

Once out, Dee will stay off the actual ground. Hovering in the air, she looks for the nearest stairway. As much as possible given the interference, she 'listens' for any approaching. That's just a matter of time, really.

Echo-y stairwells are echo-y. Thus far, she doesn't hear anyone going up or coming down, at least not from the floor she's on. That means a good five floors up and a good five floors down is scott free amongst the stairwell.

Another great thing about not touching the ground. Dee doesn't echo as easily in stairwells. She heads up one and peeks out into the hallway carefully to see what her more limited senses can tell her about this level.

One floor up! The thirty-nineth level! It's a clear and empty hallway. It's a bit better decorated, not as sterile as the medical ward downstairs. There's a beautifully decorated archway though. Curious that. It has different sigils on it in different languages. Most of it remains undecipherable, but there's one name that can be seen. It says: Jolie on the archway.

Oh! It also has Greek, which Dee presumably knows. There are two names on it in Greek. Gene and Jason.

Dee hms inwardly. She tries to remember what she might know about Jolie, but she met the woman maybe once. The other two though… She frowns, though for different reasons. That isn't good at all. There's video taken of the archway as well, then she's back to the stairwell for the last floor up. The more everyone knows, the better prepared to deal with this. Certainly, she knows Gene and Jason are too much for her, if they've been flipped.

As she starts to peek back out from the floor, she'll notice someone has appeared in front of her. It's a familiar face. It's the blonde and creepy little girl in a black pseudo goth dress. There'sa blood red bow around her waist with a skull to complete that pseudo-goth look of hers. Her skin is porcelain white and she hrmms, standing in the way up to the next level.

"Why are you here?" she asks curiously, her tone completely neutral.

That's not expected. At all. Dee just stares at her for a moment, then says "For information." she replies, her voice a whisper. She has no idea whether the little girl's voice will register on any surveillance, but hers certainly will.

"Why not simply just ask for it then?" the little girl asks, her head tilted to the side as she peers down towards Dee, her nose scrunching up a bit as she remains just standing there, letting out a soft giggle of amusement escape from her lips. "What information do you seek? Surely this information must be more precious than your comrades below?"

Dee's forehead wrinkles. "They are very important to me." she replies then, still quiet. "And I will get some out if I can. But any single one of our lives, or seven of our lives, is secondary to out jobs saving humanity from its enemies. The more I can learn here about them, and about what caused this, the more chance we have to stop them. Information is power. We are not well enough equipped for this battle."

"Information is power. That is the addage of the Atlanteans themselves. Their powers allow them to manipulation information." Mary replies as she lets out another girlish of glee. "You are not that different from them then." she says while she hrmms for a few moments, pursing her lips. "Who says the Atlanteans are humanity's enemies? They fight the Titans as well. They fought side by side millenia ago."

She hrmms as she continues to peer towards the thief. "You want to know what caused this? I will tell you. In exchange for the jewel of Philemon, my brother."

Dee has to pause again, to that. It was kind of her ace in the hole. She had no idea what it might do, but she felt no need to assume it would do her ill. She purses her lips, then takes the jewel from a pocket. It was very easily accessible, in case of need. "It is a fair trade. Even if I can't get out of here, the information I'm collecting can." She's keeping it all queued and ready to send. She hasn't wanted to do it yet, since the signal could be tracked back to her. She offers it to the girl. Or whatever she really is. "Thank you." she also offers.

With the little jewel in her hand once more, Mary quickly dissolve it, giving Philemon the lost piece of power he lended to the Scion. She sighs softly and lets out another impish giggle. "Puros." is all she says.

Yeah. That's what Dee was afraid of. Something really vague. "Your father. Are you willing to say more about the specific of how, or was it just a gamble lost?" She will cope, regardless. She has to, after all.

Dee doesn't sound annoyed. It was her gamble to take.

"Should've asked for a better deal before you gave me my brother's power." Mary says with a little twirl and a mischevious little twinkle in her eyes as shetsk tsks and wags a finger towards Dee. "You wanted the answer to one question, I gave you the answer, the true answer." she says matter of factly. "Prove to me you are a hero worth championing my cause and I might tell you more."

Dee also remains very aware of the passage of time. She continues to watch and listen carefully for the arrival of something that will suck for her. She sighs quietly, then says to the girl "You favor humanity. You want to give them a chance. I took that at more face value than was wise. The fault is mine. But in the end, the only one I need to prove myself to is myself. The only way to do that is to help save them from this. If you will excuse me now, I have more intel to gather and get to the others." Though, she's aware that the gamble cost her more than the jewel. It really did cost her time she didn't have. She moves immediately to see what else she can learn.

"Child, you have no idea what you're dealing with, do you? Every floor is guarded and teeming with Versak's advocates now. They know you are here. There are three ways out for you if you don't want to die a horrible and gruesome death."

Mary's snapping back. She doesn't take the disrespect of a demigoddess well, especially one that she is genuinely trying to help out.

"The floor below has one advocate guarding your friends. That is the weakly guarded area and you can escape. Seven floors above us is a relic of power, the crafted flesh of a god itself. It is not guarded. Then in the penthouse suite is what you most likely seek, the crown jewels of New Atlantis. But there are ten advocates guarding it. Those are the three least guarded areas." And with that, she poofs and disappears.

Dee listens carefully, taking in every bit that Mary said. She hadn't meant to sound disrespectful, but this is the hardest thing she's ever done and there's too much on the line. However, despite being unhappy Mary did give her very important information. She nods, trusting that the 'girl' is watching, and whispers sincerely "Thank you."

If she keeps going up, the Atlanteans will know the locations of those Relics are compromised. They already know the location of her fellow Scions is compromised. It's not a hard call, given that. She immediately heads down, towards the others. If she can get some out, the rest will have someone to study, to know more about what the Atlanteans are doing to them.

Dee pauses again. She's so used to doing this sort of thing alone, she sometimes forgets she doesn't always have to. A signal goes out to several, sending what she's collected, and with the message to Vette and Rufus telling them where to strike, RIGHT NOW, to save some of their own. Hopefully they can do more damage that way than she can by herself. She heads up then. She has no idea what this crafted godflash is, but it definitely sounds like something the Atlanteans should not have.

Seven floors up…

The floor is pretty much empty. With the exception of twelve paintings on the wall and the one in the middle of the room on top of a vault. There's a clock on the floor with the three hands, (the hour, minute and second hand) pointed at VIII, IIII and VI. As Dee explore sthe room she finds it completely unguarded as Mary had promised. Still, she notices the twelve titles of the painting. IGNUS. INANDANTIA. IUDICIUM. INTERVIGILIUM. VIGIL. VIVIDARIUM. VIATOR. VENUS. XIPHIAS. XERAMPELINAE. XYSTUS and INAUDAX. The painting on the vault has no name. But there is a keypad on the vault with the alphabet.

Dee gets to where she wants to be. It's clearly where she wants to be. It's always good to see no guards, but she does know that doesn't mean something will be easy at all. She remains hovering as she studies everything in the room, careful because she suspect that in a setup like this she has exactly one chance to do it right. She studies the paintings, though more the names as her brain tries to work through the connection between them. Finally, she turns to stare at the painting on top of the vault.

The painting is very abstract. It must be some Atlantean aesthetic. It's like a Kandinsky painting.

Dee continues to look around herself carefully, making sure she isn't missing anything before proceding. She studies the clock, then looks around to gauge the paintings and determine how they best correspond. Where the clock points to twelve is where she will look to find the painting designated with that number.

No, she's not missing anything. Tick tock tick tock. Time is passing.

Dee does not delay all that long, of course. There's time considerations. She tries not to laugh at the lame sort of pun. Finally, she counts out the paintings as she heads to the keypad. She whispers, to herself, "Love sleeps in the garden." as she gives a silent prayer she's right and types out VENUS INTERVIGILIUM VIVIDARIUM

BZZT. WRONG. Two of the three words are right, but with that, there is something else ticking. "WRONG PASSCODE. Security countermeasures will soon be in effect."

Dee frowns. Dammit. She takes a moment, so that she doesn't make another mistake out of frustration, but it's a very, very brief one. She counts again, but she wasn't wrong the last time. Eight o'clock: Venus. Four o'clock: Intervigilium. Six o'clock: Vividarium.

She frowns more. Two of the words are right, so it can't be as simple as the time indicated by the hands. IIII is kind of the easiest. The fourth I name is the same as before, so hopefully that is one of the right words. VIII and VI. One of those has to be either Venus or Vividarium. Venus is the fourth V name, and Vividarium is the second. She works at that, then…

Duh. At least, she hopes it's Duh. This time, she punches in VIVIDARIUM INTERVIGILIUM VIATOR.

Din ding ding! The vault opens up before security measure can be done. at least there's a window for her to escape with the gruesome looking relic. It's an arm. Muscley and gross. But hey.

Dee is first relieved, then totally disgusted. Neither have time to be explored though. She can enjoy both reactions later, when she's not where she might die soon. She grabs the arm with glaved hands and holds it tightly, cause who knows what happens if you touch godflesh, and then she is flying out at speed and looking for the nearest exit. Any window will do. She'll cope with broken glass. That's the least of her worries at the moment.

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