The Patriots are Formed


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Scene Title The Patriots are Formed
Synopsis A new band called The Patriots is formed - and they make their first mark on New Atlantis, Arson!

Lower East Side - New York City

If New York City is the melting-pot of America, then it gained that name because of the Lower East Side. Every block here has a different style, atmosphere and people. Changing rapidly from Jewish to Arabic to Chinese and back again. Chinatown and Little Italy are here, but there are Italian neighborhoods all the way through the area, not just in the one little section. In the Jewish areas there are some of the oldest and most noteworthy synagogues in the world. The old Police Headquarters building here now provides accommodation rather than protection, a definitely strange sight. Irving Berlin commented that 'everyone ought to have a Lower East Side in their life' and many would agree with him, that this is the most varied and exciting place in New York City to be.

The neighborhood is in transition now; some of the formerly dark, dank blocks south of Houston Street have been invigorated by a new influx of immigrants, many of them Asian, and former denizens of the Villages (both East and West) in search of manageable rents.

It's late. Really late. Well, not /really/ REALLY late - but late enough that the number of people randomly wandering the Lower East Side, have slimmed. It's late enough that it's mostly trouble, that lurks. Trouble, and people who move quickly, towards their final destinations.

One of the 'trouble' it seems, is Roxie, who stands near the entrance to an ally. Her hood is up, to obscure her expression - the red glow of a cigarette is the only thing that defies the cover of night. Slowly, she spray paints, while humming to herself, in wide, bold strokes.

It seems that more than one person has the same idea tonight. But Zack is a good kid. A future All American. A kid who wants to be an astronaut. He's the kinda guy who stays late at baseball practice or stays up studying or tutoring others. He's not the type to be wandering through the Lower East Side wearing a black hoodie, with a backpack over his shoulder that rattles every once in a while. He's doing his best not to look suspicious, since..Well, it's New Atlantis, and he's seen the price of civil disobedience on the news.

Andrew Drake was trouble. He wasn't the same type of trouble as Roxie or Zack. He sits in a park car down the road from Roxie's Alley. He waiting for his contact to make a drop. He sits there with a package of peanut m&ms. He plots one in his mouth and watches Zack walk past. He mumbles to himself, "That kids going to get himself in trouble. He doesn't know what the boy is plotting but he's seen that look before. It even was on his own face in the mirror a few years back.

Black hoodies, it seems, is the 'in' thing to wear to those causing trouble. Roxie's own backpack is readjusted on her shoulder, as she stops to shake her own spray can, and take a deep inhale, of her smoke. It's as Roxie steps back to admire her latest 'tag'? That her nose actually tilts to the air, in an almost.. animal way - before her attention turns in the direction of the other two. "Hey. Seedy. Psssssssst!" The girl mock whispers, as she begins to beckon spray paint laden fingers towards.. one of them? Both of them? "C'mere." Roxie continues, in that 'too loud' whisper, before she pauses to draw from her cigarette once more.

It seems that Zack was walking past the alley at just the right time. He turns his head towards the 'whispering' girl and then glances around, before he ducks into the alley as well. He hasn't really noticed the car with the guy sitting inside of it, "What?" He asks, "I'm kinda busy, so this better be important." Whoever she is, she's distracting him.

Andrew was watching Zack with a bit of interest. I mean the kid was up to mischief and it was entertaining to him. He casts an eye back to his drop. It was at the broken pop machine just up the road. He looks back to check if sign of the drop has happened. He pops another m&M in his mouth before checking his watch again. Then he turns to see what Zack's up too now.

"Hey, get over here. Help me out." Roxie notes, matter-of-factly. As if the proposition of recruiting Zack, wasn't an option. "Wait. You're not one of /them/ are you? Cause I don't want to have to shoot you. Who's your parent?" The girl sniffs the air once more, before flicking the butt of her cigarette past Zack, and into the street. "Cause else we can rumble now, then get on with bucking the system, yeah?" Roxie offers, as she slowly turns one of her lip rings with her tongue - contemplating.

Zack of course, realizes what she's talking about by now, "Uncle Sam." He says, "Who's yours?" One of Zack's hands goes into the front pocket of his hoodie, however, "I guess you're out here for the same reason as I am, then." He doesn't know what her reasons for being out here are. They're probably not the same as his…But if they're along the same lines, then that's all that matters.

Andrew watches somebody in the alley catch Zack and he sighs, "Good luck kid." He'd move to help the teen but he had work to do and important work. He turns back to the pop machine. The drop had been made. A piece of paper had been been taped on the machine for a flier for a band. The door of the car opens and out steps Andrew. He wasn't wearing a hoodie but a black ski jacket. He whistles a tune as he heads toward the pop machine.

"Oh, good." Roxie smirks, before she shrugs her backpack off of her shoulder. "We're gonna make a big statement tonight." Roxie notes, before she tosses Zack the can she was using.. if he's ready or not. All scions have supernatural reflexes, right? "I'm Roxie. Daughter of Artemis." The girl notes casually, before opening her backpack. "You got a light?" She asks, before pulling a glass bottle out of her backpack - a rag stuffed in it. Roxie pauses then, and contemplates a moment. "Can you fight? Cause we might have too, after this."

Zack snaps his fingers, "Now I know where I've seen you before. You were at that fight with the big squid thing, right?" He asks, as he catches the can out of midair. He plays baseball, catching and throwing are two of his specialties, "Yeah." He digs around in a pocket and pulls out a Zippo with the American flag on it, "I can fight. Maybe not as good as you, 'cause I'm still kinda new at this…But I'll do what I can." He says, as he looks at what she's got, "What's your target?"

Andrew stops at the pop machine and starts to put in coins. Then he goes to hit the button for a coke to pop out. But nothing comes and that was all part of the plan. He lets out a low curse word. Then he looks around and starts to beat the pop machine with his feet and fist. In the process ripping off the flier. It gets pocketed. "God Damn it, just keep my damn money." With that he goes to head back towards his car and the vandals.

"Oh yeah! Sorry I didn't get the chance to introduce myself. Knee deep in squid eye and all." Roxie smirks, before taking a second bottle out, and closing her backpack. "So long as you can fight, that's fine. I'll help you out, don't worry." The girl winks, before standing once more. "So here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna tag this block, then we're gonna set that building over there." She hooks a thumb towards what looks like an 'office' building. "On fire, by throwing these.." She lifts her own glass bottle.. "And chucking them through the window. We're making a stand, you and I. Congratulations. See.. I don't care what the others say. Staying low? Isn't gonna make any changes. We're gonna get this shit in motion, tonight. Trust me, the others'll thank us later." Roxie notes, before nodding her head towards the bag Zack wears. "Looks like you've got your own plans.."

There's a bit of a grin from Zack, as he opens up his pack, which is full of cans of red, white and blue paint, "I've been working on a bit of a project through the city.." he says, "But I think your idea is much better.." He glances out of the alleyway, "You got a car or anything around here? So we can get away before the cops show up.." Not that he's too worried about cops, but better safe than sorry.

Andrew looks both ways as he makes his way to his car once more. Hey there's that kid and he's talking to a girl in a hoodie. That handy power of Penetrating Glare catching the light of Roxie's cigarette and allowing Andrew to see them both plainly. Hell the kid might make it out alive. Though looking at Roxie, he figure the kid might be in real trouble of a whole new kind. That he couldn't help with for sure. If only he knew the truth. But he unlocks the door of his car and gets in. The car pulls out driving into the night. If he knew the truth maybe he would have helped.

"Nice." Roxie smirks, her expression going.. thoughtful once more. "A car? No. But! We can slip away in the city pretty easy, I'm sure. Besides. If we have to fight, we fight. We're making a stand, after all. We've gotta wake this city up." There's another pause. "You got a name for what you're doing? We need a tag line, you know? Someone to credit the chaos we're gonna make to? A movement, you know?" Roxie smirks, before she takes a half crumpled back of cigarettes out of her pocket, tapping it until a filter is exposed.

"My car's not far from here.." He says, "We can make good our escape before the cops ever show.." He hmms a little bit, "I'm doing this for America. We need to have the name be something related.." He hmms, "The Patriots?" He offers, thinking back to the video games he knows.

"Cool, we'll escape in your ride." Roxie smirks, before offering Zack a chuckle. "The Patriots'll work /just/ fine." She continues, before pulling out a half wrinkled cigarette with her teeth, pocketing the pack once more. Once her hand is free, she offers it to Zack. "The Patriots. We've gotta fight this, until the bitter end, or until there's liberation." The girl notes. "Now lets tag that place quick, then light it. Let's leave a message, yeah? The Patriots are gonna rock New York /back/ to it's core."

Reaching into his bag, Zack grabs a couple of his cans of paint, and then heads for the building. Once he's up against the wall, he begins to spray paint. He's going to do up a huge American flag on the building, along with the tag of their new group.

When Zack moves towards the building to tag? Roxie begins with her own, using white spray paint to tag things like 'Fight the lie', and 'Wake up!' Along the walls herself, only pausing to light her cigarette, before she begins to spray paint once more. The girl tries to move quickly, perhaps not wanting to tempt fate TOO much, before the coup de grace is complete. And once she's done painting? Roxie takes a few steps back, taking one of those.. rag stuffed bottles, "C'mon kid, you ready? You ready for this?" There's a gleam of.. excitement, in the girls eyes - though her features are obscured by the hood.

Zack finishes up with his flag, and then under it in red, in big letters 'THE PATRIOTS WILL NOT REST'. He steps back and then grins at Roxie a bit, "Give me one of them." He says, as he grabs his Zippo and gets ready to commit the first major crime of his life.

With a nod, Roxie hands over one of the bottles, before holding the rag end of her own towards Zack, and his zippo. "The Patriots will not rest.." She notes, with a smirk. "Time to spread the word." The girl winks. "Light me."
Zack lights up her bottle, and then lights up his own bottle. Zack's skill with thrown weapons is nearly unmatched. At least among Scions his age. He takes the bottle and then hurls it like it was a baseball, right for one of the office building windows. It should break right through and explode on the inside

And after she's lit? Roxie throws her own bottle. While her skill at throwing isn't as exact as Zacks, but one only has to be a so-so aim, when lobbing a firebomb. The bottles strike the building, before bursting into flames - catching the contents within the broken windows almost instantly. "C'mon!" Roxie near giggles, as she begins to run. "I don't know where you're parked!"

Zack begins to run as soon as the two Molotov cocktails go off inside of the building. A black Chevy Avalanche is parked a couple of blocks over, and Zack unlocks it and starts it remotely as he jumps into the driver's seat, "Hop in!" He'll drive out to the suburbs to hide out. Nobody'll look for them there.

"In other news, law enforcement officials suspect arson in the fire at the Directrix Inc building in the Lower East Side of the Badarus District. The fire, which started late in the evening last night, was accompanied by graffiti art on the walls of the building."

<Pictures of the graffiti art include slogans such as 'Fight The Lie!' and 'Wake Up!', as well as a large American flag, with the words 'THE PATRIOTS WILL NOT REST' in red below it.>

"The Royal Police are seeking any eyewitnesses, and looking for any information in regards to 'The Patriots'. Anyone with information should call the tip line."

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