No My Staff Does Not Go There


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Scene Title No My Staff Does Not Go There
Synopsis Mizuko reveals her scion status to Gayle and Matthew. They accuse her of being evil. Hilarity ensues.


Webster Hall - East Village - New York City

The club is jumpin jumpin. Webster Hall is one of the places in Manhattan that is divided into two levels. The first level is a HUGE and wide spacious dance floor that is dimly lit while the latest in hip hop, electronica, house and even Top 40 hits are played depending on the night. There's a rather large stage for live shows that are usually filled with writhing bodies and other club filled cliches for it's New York City afterall. The bar is always full of patrons, ranging from eighteen year olds trying to get by with fake IDs to creepy old men who buy said drinks. The patrons on the first floor are wide and varied.

Downstairs though plays more hip grinding hits amongst the reggae and hip hop crowds. There it's smaller, more intimate and darker allowing people to get away with well, it's surprising what can be let go here. There's another smaller bar downstairs with a different clientel. Still, people are having a blast on both floors and the lobby is full of people trying to get in. It's just a $20 cover charge away..

The id really isn't that much of a fake. It is Mizuko's photo, and her weight, height, and eye color … she just fudged her birthday by a singular year. Considering she has 4 months as it is until her actual id can get her in, Mizuko didn't really consider it cheating to sneak in. So as she manages to slide her way through with the ID and the 20$, she makes her way to the back, far away from the door. Don't remember her. It's a bar.
Gayle is on the first floor. She isn't exactly in a reggae hip grindy mood. She isn't here with her beau afterall and is instead here with her BF. It's a bit of weekday fun for the pair! She giggles as there's the jammin hits of Timbaland being played. In fact, the producer is here himself going through the crowds topromote his latest CD release.. woosh!

So it is. No hip grindy with the Gayle for Matthew. Or Gayle. Poor Matthew. Poor Gayle! He is just chilling out and looking over the floor and sipping at a coke as his ID is not quite up to passing muster at the bar. "So is Pei Pei going to be coming too or did she have to study or something?" he asks of his companion.

"Coke please!"
"Is this ID real?"
"Yes. It got me in, didn't it? /Coke/. Soda. Not alcohol." With a charming smile and a quick enough wit, Mizuko manages to get her soda before she does a driveby on the Timbaland producer, eyeing him strangely.

"She has to study I think. You know her, always wanting good grades. Oh, and I found out I got into Juilliard today!" she squeaks. There's a reason why they're out afterall and she grins at Matthew as she bumps up against him.

"Congratulations!" Matthew says in that oblivious sort of way that hints he really is not all that sure what Julliard is or why Gayle should be happy about it. "Oh. Wait? That is that place your boyfriend dances isn't it?"

"I thought Julliard was a Performing Arts school, not a bar." Mizuko comments on her way past Gayle and Matthew in the current that is Webster Hall. "Don't hold me too that though." She make sa quick right and comes back up on the other side of them.

"It /is/ a performing arts school." Gayle scoffs as she looks at the Japanese girl's outfit and lets out an impish chuckle under her breath. "Wow, how stereotypical can you get?" she asks curiously, canting her head to the side. "Are you lesbian too?"

Matthew looks over Mizuko before quirking a brow back at Gayle, "You in the market already? All filled up with a Boyfriend you're not hunting for a Girlfriend? Must be one of that cosmic harmony type things you asians do. Ying and Yang right?"

Scoffing, Mizuko tsks. "Bi, thank you. That's why I've got my own single up at Colombia Uni." She does smile though, wryly. "It's comfortable, so sue me. Congrats on getting into Julliard." Her English has a Japanese accent to it, not heavy, but there. "Yin and Yang, black and white, yes and no…"

"It's Columbia.." Gayle corrects once more and rolls her eyes as she looks towards Matthew. "See, stereotype. Just watch she might bust out with the 'kawaii' cat ears and put up peace signs in pictures."

Matthew looks between the two and inches a bit back. The better to be out of the way of extended claws and flying fur after all. "Or she might punch you. One of these days someone is actually going to punch you." Eyes look back towards Mizuko, "Don't suppose you are actually a boxer or kickboxer or something?"

"I hate cat ears." Mizuko informs Gayle. "I'm a water girl. Cats don't do water." She looks back at Matthew. "Bo staff training with my dad, nothing serious." She explains, simply.

"Wah. She's an obsequious Asian stereotype with that outfit. She wouldn't punch me.." Gayle replies witha dismissive wave as she looks back towards Matthew, seemingly confident in her assertion.

Matthew takes a moment to look Mizuko up and down and grumbles, "You aren't hiding a Bo staff anywhere in there. I guess there won't be any violence. Well. Unless there is punching. Or kicking. Slapping? There could at least be slapping. Girls slap all the time right?"

"Wah. I'm a obsequious Asian sterotype because I am Asian." Mizuko says. "I got a full scholorship to Columbia out of Secondary School, where we had to wear the skirt and the traditional outfit." She then eyes Matthew. "Not I. I've got my staff on me."

"…" Gayle just rolls her eyes once more as she facepalms and shakes her head once more. "Jesus Christ save me.." she says before wandering off.

"She's not very obsequious" Matthew explains to Mizuko as Gayle starts to storm off. "You really should have hit her with a stick. Or made out with her. She likes both of those a lot."

Giving Gayle a look, Mizuko shakes her head, then asks of Matthew, "And where am I supposed to use a meter and a half bo stick, really?" She sighs, and trails after Gayle.

"In her vagina cause she's a huge slutho, Matthew. I thought that was obvious.." Gayle says matter of factly as she stretches her arms in the air before sticking her tongue out towards the jock.

"Oh" Matthew says sounding kind of surprised by this whole thing and he gives Mizuko a whole new impressed look, "A meter and a half? You could like.. go on Youtube or something with that. I bet it would get all kinds of hits."
Mizuko says, just as matter of factly, "I'm not, but thanks for the opinion." A pause. "Susano-O and the Gods save me, it's not like that."

"No problem.." Gayle says firmly and resolutely as she gives Matthew and come hither look. She wants to dance now todestress! That is how she deals with things.

"No seriously. You could make a lot of money!" Matthew says sounding all kinds of enthused at Mizuko, obviously kind of entranced by the idea. Still he lets Gayle lure him towards the dance floor even as he asks the other woman, "So could you fit a bo staff in your vagina? I mean that really is unusual right?"

At Gayles' words, Mizuko rolls her eyes. Then Matthew speaks, and the woman /stares/ at him. "… would you like to /see/?" Mizuko asks.

"Matthew, stop getting distracted by the walking stereotypical slutho please?" Gayle whines a little as she facepalms once more and wrinkles her nose.

Matthew all headswivels back and forth and he grumbles, "Right. Like you wouldn't be curious about some guy that could put a six foot sword up his ass. People that can put big things in them are just all famous and stuff. But yeah. Julliard! Hurrah. You rule. Dance then?"

"There's a guy that can do that?" Mizuko asks Matthew, interestedly. "… how weird." She eyes Gayle. "I'm not a slutho, thanks. I'm still a virgin. My dad will kill me."

"Right, you have a miraculous immaculate conception where you can stick a meter long pole in and out of your vagina and yet you're a virgin. Right uh huh… I believe you.." Gayle snarks back.

Matthew again eyes the two girls warily and continues to keep his distance! Right! For violence is surely just waiting to break out! "Well I don't know if there is a guy like that or not. But I bet if there is he is on Youtube making a fortune from advertising or something. You can get rich from Youtube right?"

"I never said that's where it was." Mizuko says. "For that matter, I never said it was in it's Bo Staff form right now." She shakes her wrist. "For all you know, it could be my charm bracelet that shifts into a metal staff."

"!!!!" Gayle blinks for a few moments and facepalms. She whispers something to Matthew and starts to take a few steps back, looking towards Mizuko rather suspiciously.

Matthew looks kind of alarmed and he hurriedly whispers something back to Gayle while looking over at Mizuko.

Mizuko blinks slowly. "What'd I say?"

"Nothing. Just don't start killing people crazily.." Gayle says matter of factly, wrinkling her nose as she stares towards Mizuko intently. "We know what you are. And that's evil!"

Matthew gives a quick and firm nod of his head. "That is right. Evil and crazy. And if you go on one of your killing sprees here she is totally going to kick your ass. So don't even start it. Just sit back and relax and no murdering people!"

Roll confusion at /eight/. Mizuko blinks. "What in the feck are you two talking about."

"We know people who can have things turn into other things. One of themis a crazy pedophile fox furry freak and ntheother is a lesbian lunchlady who went about aiding and abetting murderers on the news. So go and be with them before we call the cops on your ass.." Gayle says firmly and resolutely!

Matthew nods enthusiastically , "Or you know. There are the ones who are just new to things and like.. make armies their sex slaves or want to go bursting into churches and murdering everyone there and stuff. But it's all bad! So just.. don't you do it!"

Still confused. Mizuko blinks. Then says, grumpily, "So there's other people running around that have gods for parents."

"Exactly! Don't go all around trying to get revenge on people who made fun of you in the past. It's so tacky.." Gayle says with a little squint like this. "And of course there are. Don't you watch the news?"

"Soaring down on crowds. Murdering innocent people." Matthew says with his own eyes narrowed at Mizuko, "How many have you killed? I bet you think the school girl outfit is all clever cover but I've seen Kill Bill."

"…" Honesty. It's time to have it. "I've known since about /maybe/ two months ago." Mizuko says, angrily. "I didn't even get into the States until … about 48 hours ago, give or take jet lag."

"And you don't read the news? Oh mai gawd!" Gayle says slapping her cheeks together as she continues tolevelthe snark towards the bisexual Asian schoolgirl. "I thought Asians were like supersmart being stereotypical and all.."

"And just because you were murdering people overseas instead of here doesn't make it allright" Matthew says firmly, "Probably came here because you were on the run. Two months of murder and mayhem behind you back home you decided to invade some other country. Well we've enough murderers already!"

"Really. I have a question." Mizuko smiles sharply. "If I was on the run, why would I be going to a prestigious school using my real name?"

"There are lots of criminals who go to Columbia. Puhleeze, my best friend,the other one, got into Columbia and she's done some heinous shit.." Pei-Pei has done bad stuff! Oh dears!

"All kinds of politicians go to prestigious schools" Matthew agrees, "I mean.. being evil and cruel and ruthless is obviously like.. part of the admissions processes. You probably put down how many people you had tortured to death and they fast tracked you."

Mizuko facepalms. "Why the hell are you both so mad at what we are?"

"You're evil! EEEEEEEEVIL!" Gayle says pointing accusingly. Yes, she is convinced that Scions are evil! Except her hunky boyfriend and best friends. They're the only good ones

"What she said. We've seen what your kind do. We've seen what you become. I mean maybe you think it is /ok/ to be so sick and twisted but that is because you're sick. Because your mind has been poisoned and you are all rotten inside." Matthew says unhappily, "But we're not looking for a fight. Not here. Just leave these innocent people alone and go back to your evil friends and it'll be allright."

Patiently, Mizuko then asks the next question, "And what have I done to you?"

Technically nothing, and Gayle will admit it! "You haven't done anything..yet. We are just warning you..we know what you are, so don't go around murdering innocents."

Matthew nods there, "Right. Simple request isn't it? Just don't go around butchering and we're cool. If you don't go around murdering people you can even make out with Gayle or something. You'd like that right?"

"… Thanks for giving me a chance, I think." Mizuko says, sadly.

"I do not think Preston would appreciate me lesbianizing with a stereotype. If I am to lesbianize I want it to be with a unique individual for a one of a kind experience, kthnxbye.." she says matter of factly before she nods,seemingly satisfied that Mizuko won't go on a murderous rampage. "Where is Hitagi? I wish that bitch were here.."

"You'd lesbianize with Hitagi?" Matthew asks sounding intrigued at this concept, "That would be really really hot. I mean not as hot as me heterosexualising with Hitagi but still pretty hot you know?" Mizuko gets a cautious nod, "Hey. It's good you know. Maybe it is like being an alcoholic, you just have to take not being evil one day at a time."

"I'd lesbianize Hitagi! Sure. She's cute! And feisty! If I was going to be a lesbian, I'd want to lesbianize with someone feisty. Like Hitagi. Or Pei-Pei.." Gayle reveals way toomuch atthemoment.

"… I can be fiesty." Mizuko drawls cheerfully. "I'm not evil. I'm /new/."

"She has office supplies too" Matthew says agreeably, "Have you seen Hitagi naked? I've seen Hitagi naked. She didn't have any staples tucked away weird places that I saw but I did not explore all that closely. Man. I hope not though. That would really really hurt. Which makes me think she probably does." Mizuko gets peered at once more. Hrm.

"I don't do stereotypical girls. I said unique!" Gayle emphasizes as she wrinkles her nose and shakes her head and facepalms as she oyes and shakes her head. "Oh come on, Hitagi has lots of hiding places. And how did you see her naked? did you sleep with her? Oh em gee! Did you?!?! You slept with that bitch?!?!" she squeals laughing the entire time.

"How many bi Asian schoolgirl aged college chicks do you know that are still virgins? /That's/ unique." Mizuko says proudly. "This Hitaga chick has to be hot."

"I did not sleep with her!" Matthew defends, "I just had to take a shower with her! It wasn't even my decision! Pei Pei made us shower together! She wanted us to be all purified and stuff! But I felt totally impure afterwards so I don't think it worked very well at all."

"Pei-Pei just wanted to see your wang." Gayle says matter of factly, snickering the entire timeas she looks towards Mizuko. "Look, I said I'd lesbianize if I broke up with my boyfriend. You're not on the shortlist of lesbian experiences, kay?"

"She was not even in the bathroom at the time!" Matthew counters quickly once more sounding on the defensive now. "Although I guess she is all computer girl right? She probably has the whole place wired for video. She totally recorded us showing together." Looking to Mizuko he asks, "Are you actually even bi if you don't have sex at all? I mean bi schoolgirls have sex with boys and girls, but you like.. have sex with neither boys or girls. You're sexual preference is like.. null."

"So I'm a try." Mizuko says, emphasizing the 'y'. "Look, I don't care. Don't judge me before you understand me that I just got here and know absolutely NOTHING."

"She who knows nothing is the wisest person of them all. I think Yoday said that.." Gayle says matterof factly as she gasps and chuckles at Matthew's rather astute observation. "I bet she has snakes in her vagina. My dad told me about this mythological creature that had snakes in her vagina..or was that on Drawn TOgether.. I forget.."

Matthew looks at Gayle horrified for a moment and then sniffs, "She does not. I mean if there were snakes in her vagina there would be no place to put her staff and she ahs her staff so there are no snakes." Eyes shift to Mizuko, "Right? No snakes?" He shivers a bit, "Ick. Now I have this whole image of an Anaconda eating a rat. But like. I'm the rat. Thanks a lot."

Taking off her necklace, Mizuko dangles the charm off of it. "This is the kanji of the Japanese word courage." A pause, and a look at the pair. "Whenever I need courage, I ask my dad to bless me, and this transforms into my staff. So no, my staff is not in my vagina."

"But notice how she did not deny that she had snakes in her vagina.." Gayle promptly adds as she chuckles once more, wrinkling her nose as she steps away from Mizuko.

Gayle quickly adds, "Also her staff can't be in her vagina. If so she'd be fucking herself.." Ha!

"Vagina-medusa? That's not Japanese mythology, thanks." Mizuko says. Then her eyes close, and there'sa quick flash of light as her necklace disappears and the Bo Staff appears. "See?" She says, grumpily.

"So you two can hook up then because that has got to be kind of unique" Matthew says, "But uh.. I think I'm going to head home. We'll celebrate you getting into Julliard more later. And uh.. keep on with the not murdering people thing schoolgirl. Go you!" Words of encouragement offered he retreats towards the door.

Gayle squeaks as she sees the staff. "She's going tomurder everyone!" She flails her arms and starts running after Matthew! "Wait for me! You're my ride ass!"

Mizuko can't help but laugh. She closes her eyes again and the staff disappears. "My name's Mizuko cutie! Look me up!"

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