New Player Guide

Legend and you…

As you may well know, characters can create a character anywhere from legend 2 to legend 4 in chargen. The following explains what people should be like at different legend levels. When creating your character, also realize that you will most likely be in scenes with individuals of a similar power scale. If you start at Legend 4, you will be in scenes with those of that power scale, who may be far stronger than you who just started at Legend 4.

Legend 2 Characters who are very recently visited and have not had much experience fighting Titanspawn, do not know the expectations of their parents, and generally do not know much about what has happened thus far should be legend 2. These are newbies. These are the people who need the most guidance, and it's suggested that you try to find a PC mentor or an NPC guide to help you ICly.

Legend 3 Characters at this level generally know what to do. They have had around six months to a year of experience or even more. Or they have been Scions for a while and just have not generally done much. Still, they are more experienced than freshly visited characters at legend 2 and have had their own legend grow. At this point, you may have fought Titanspawn, caused collateral damage, invented something amazing or something like that.

Legend 4 Characters are at the cusp of demigodhood (is that even a word?). These characters have a few years of experience or longer and know what they're doing. If anything, they can also mentor legend 2 characters and even legend 3 characters. They are the pinnacle of hero level and are well accomplished. At this point, if you do start off at legend 4, please know what happened in New York City. If you are a New York native, continue reading so you know what is to be expected knowledge of major plot events of what has happened since the game started. These characters know their duty and fulfill it. They are almost at the brink of becoming a demigod afterall.

In-character events and you…

These are the following snippets of major events that have occurred thus far on the MUSH. Anything in the MORTAL PERSPECTIVE will be considered IC knowledge for anyone who keeps abreast of the goings on in major New York and World News.

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