New Meetings
Scene Title New Meetings
Synopsis Simone, Alexander, Kailin (briefly), and Connor meet in a coffee house. Discoveries are made and parentage is discussed.

Java House

Sultry notes of Jazz waft through the air, along with the fine aroma of over fifty different types off coffee. Ranging from the esoteric (and delicious) Jamaican Blue Mountain to the almost mundane flavor of amaretto, the Java House carries them all. The interior, while somewhat drab compared to Starbucks, is almost entirely in neutral earth tones. The Java House is less like a house than a long hallway, one lined with a variety of trendy peices of art.

The noise from all the shoes of the customers in here treading on the hard wood floors sometimes drowns out the music, but it still produces a rhythm all it's own. The vibration from the tunes, and from the many feet walking on the wooden floor, almost fills the room with a subtle buzz, one that only complements the excellent coffee here.

Still new to New York, Simone finds herself wandering back to the Soho coffee house that she'd discovered recently. Sitting at a table by door, the brunette is sipping a tall mug while reading the Times. A half-eaten bagel with cream cheese and lox rests on a plate close by.

Alexander steps inside slowly bearing the faintly dazed curious look of a tourist himself. He glances around with a faint, thoughtful, frown on his lips. He heads on towards the counter once he spots it, waiting in line patiently for his turn.

Kailin comes into the coffee shop with a light pull of the door handle with a gloved hand, walking in behind Alexander. He wears reflective metal shades that he doesn't bother to take off as he gets in line, but he pulls them down slightly, looking over the top of them to read the menu.

Simone looks up discretely from her newspaper when the quiet coffee house draws a couple more patrons inside. Giving each one an efficient once-over, she turns the page of her newspaper. Another sip of her coffee drains the mug, and she gives it an annoyed look. Closing the paper, she slides out of her seat and makes her way to the counter as well.

Alexander glancing around catches Simone's annoyed look and quirks a half smile "Always awful when you reach the end of your first cup" he says as his smile broadens just a little for a moment, before he nods politely to the large black man between them.

Kailin quirks an eyebrow at Alexander as the man talks around him and it lifts just briefly over the rim of his metal shades. He turns slowly around towards the woman behind him and gives a smirk upon seeing her. "Oh…" He turns back around in line and brushes back his jacket, sliding his hands into his pants pockets.

Simone returns Alexander's look with a wry smile. "Even worse when it's your third." she replies, boot heels scraping the floor as she takes up her place in line. She holds the smirk for Kailin's benefit as well, and offers a greeting to them both. "I'm Simone. I'm new to the city, so don't take me outside to break my kneecaps for being friendly or anything, okay?"

"Alexander, and well likewise" he adds with a brief nod towards the faintly intimidating Kailin. He pauses as he reaches the front of the queue and navigates the menu to order a plain black coffee before looking back "I suspect New York may have some bylaws about being overly kind to strangers" he adds drily.
Kailin gives a very brief smile and motions in front of him to Simone. "Hey, why don't you go on ahead of me. I'd hate for this guy to get a back or neck injury trying to talk around me." He steps back to let Simone pass. "It'll be easier for everyone, I'd suspect."

Simone smiles sweetly to Kailin, looking from Alexander and then back to him. "Really, no. You don't have to do that." All the same, she lays a palm briefly upon his bicep in appreciation as she steps up closer to Alexander as she asks. "You sure?"

Well you don't seem quite big enough for me to have to crane my neck out that far" Alexander comments to Kailin with a brief smile as he shifts back away a little to await his coffee, offering the large man another polite smile.

Kailin steps in behind Simone and slides his hands back into his pants pocket, waiting patiently as he says with a polite smile, "Really, it is not a problem. An extra thirty seconds won't kill me." He returns the nod towards Alexander. "It was hyperbole. I didn't mean it in a literal sense that I thought you would actually injure yourself. I was only making light of your efforts to talk around me like I wasn't there. But I get it. Don't worry about it."

Simone looks from Alexander to Kailin, giving each a keen look for just a moment. Kailin gets another smile and she nods. "Well thank you again." she replies. Turning back towards Alexander, she realizes it's her turn at the counter now. Holding up the empty mug with something of a sheepish grin, she gives a light shrug. "Another refill, please." Handing the mug over, she steps beside Alexander.

"I am sorry I couldn't quite think of anything witty to spark conversation with you sir" Alexander says a touch apologeticaly to Kailin then nods to Simone with a smile "So what brings you to New York?" he asks curiously.

Kailin laughs at Alexander's response and subsequent question to Simone. He covers his mouth, stopping himself from answering the question meant for the brunetter, as he moves towards the counter. With an incredulous shake of his head, he orders a sandwich and some sweets. He takes his sweets and makes his way to a table, setting down while he waits for the sandwhich to be made.

Simone is standing at the counter with Alexander and Kailin; she's getting a refill while the others are ordering their first. She glances over to Kailin as he laughs, a small smile coming to her lips as well. The petite woman looks up at Alexander, then, and very deliberately answers him. "What brought me here? The bus." The smile broadens, and she adds. "Actually I figured I could do a bit of moonlighting here. I just finished my Residency in Massachusetts."

Connor wanders in from the street, unzipping his leather jacket as he makes his way over to the counter and takes his place in line. Naturally, he looks over the place and who else is in it.

Alexander takes his coffee with a murmured thanks to the server then looks back to Simone with a nod "A doctor?" he asks with a brief smile as he looks around for a clear table with a thoughtful frown, glancing over to Connor as he enters, brows creasing as he tries to place him mentally.

Kailin hops back up from his seat as his sandwich is ready and he steps up to the counter taking the plate with a nod of thanks. He heads back to his seat and sets the plate down, finishing his cookies before touching his sandwich. He looks over towards Connor for a moment, but continues snacking quietly.

Simone takes her refill and heads back to her table while she talks. There's an open New York Times beside a half-eaten lox and cheese bagel. "Yes, a doctor." she replies to Alexander, gesturing to the seat across from the one she slides into. "Rather than joining a practice or a hospital, I thought I'd come here and work freelance. See what good I can do."

Connor seems to vaguely recognize Alexander as well and tries to place the face. As they step away from the counter, he orders a simple cup of coffee and pays for it in cash. Taking his coffee, he turns to look for an empty table with a good vantage point.

"Interesting, although student loan repayments can be a pain. I know I have had to take a job I didn't want to cover them" Alexander admits as he sits down at the table with Simone and takes a small sip of his coffee. He sets it down and glances back to Connor a moment, shaking his head then looking back to Simone with an apologetic smile "Sorry still getting used to this City"

Kailin finishes up his food and wipes his hand on a napkin. Returning his plate to the counter, he orders a bottle of juice to take with him and heads for the door to go about his business.

Simone takes a little sip of her coffee then sets it down to cool, switching to the bagel instead. "Actually, no. I sort of worked my way through so I didn't have any loans to pay back." She takes a bite, chewing a little before continuing. "So I find myself in the enviable position of being low-maintenance. What is it you do, anyway, Alexander?"

Connor spots a table and starts heading toward it but then pauses and looks at Alexander again. A small nod and he turns his steps to the man's table. "Excuse me. The park, right?"

"Appraiser and researcher for Christie's auction house" Alexander explains to Simone then glances up to Kailin and offers an apologetic smile "Sorry for being a little rude before sir" he says politely and about to perhaps say more looks towards Connor and nods "Ah yes. Er..I am afraid we decided to leave before more police turned up"

Kailin looks back for a moment as his hand hits the door. "It’s cool. Maybe I'll catch you around some time." He smiles again faintly and heads out the door, getting back to the city.

Simone gives Kailin a fluttering sort of goodbye wave, turning her attention back to the others. "So you were in the park and left before the police turned up?" She gives a soft little half-chuckle and adds. "Sounds like working for Christie's is a pretty exciting gig."

Connor nods at the answer. "Ah. I was wondering if you had heard anything else or if the police had turned up anything. It seems not then. Perhaps I'll give the detective a call in a few days and see if he can tell me anything. I'd truly like to see that woman caught."

"No, New York is that interesting" Alexander replies to Simone with a faintly pained smile "I stopped to look at an impromptu concert in the park and wound up witnessing some..well murders I suppose" he says with a frown and a nod towards Connor "As did this gentleman, who's name I did not catch" he says as he offers a hand over "Alexander Roubos by the way, and this is Dr Simone whose last name I did not catch" he adds with a smile to her.

Simone looks from her tablemate to the new arrival, giving both a smile. "Simone Devoir, and I'm still getting used to the title. So a woman murdered some people in the park and managed to get away?"

Connor shakes the offered hand and returns his own name. "Connor Burke." Simone gets a nod. "Doctor. A pleasure to meet you. It was… complicated. They appeared to merely be unconscious from being punched. No charges were going to be filed so she walked away. It was only after that they were found to be dead."

Alexander's handshake is firm in reply as he nods "Three men were trying to start a fight. This one woman punched some of them. They went down but didn't…well I didn't think a punch like that could kill someone.." he says with a shake of his head and a faint frown "Of course I am not a Doctor" he adds with a nod towards Connor and a faint smile. He pauses to consider something then takes a small sniff and pauses for a moment "..oh my" he says with a glance between both of them and a faint smile "I suspect we may have some other issues to discuss, if you will join us sir?" he says to Connor.

Simone picks up her coffee, taking a sip while she listens. "Yes, won't you join us, Connor?" she offers. "It's -possible- to kill someone with a lucky punch, but there are so many factors that need to be just right. And such things usually happen in a boxing ring between professional fighters." She pauses, then adds. "So it would appear that this woman was more than she seemed."

"Other issues?" Connor regards Alexander a moment but then pulls out a seat and sits down. "And there was no sign of visible damage so that they were just knocked out was a reasonable assumption." Though he doesn't sound entirely convinced of that since he was played for a fool.

"Well.." Alexander begins as he looks around him to make sure no-one is close enough to listen in and then drops his voice a few notches "It seems that myself and the good Doctor are related through, I would guess, absentee parents?" he offers with a faint smile then looks to Connor "..and you seem to have some similar blood in you?" he asks with a raised eyebrow, still keeping his deep voice soft.

Simone blinks and just stares at Alexander, the coffee mug held poised in her delicate fingers. A good poker player would have come up with a glib reply to pass it off, but she's not much for poker it seems. Rather than deny anything, she simply says. "Would you care to elaborate, Alexander? And perhaps tell me how you reached this conclusion?"

Connor looks from Alexander to Simone searchingly then turns back to the man. "Oh? If you're saying what I think you're saying, then the mention of Athena that time was not just an idle academic chat?" What leads him to that conclusion is also of interest to him as it is to Simone though he seems less bothered by it. He too keeps his voice lowered.

"I, quite literally, have a nose for such things" Alexander comments, his expression somewhere between amusement and faint embarrassment. He clears his throat and lifts his coffee up for a long swallow "We tend to smell like olives.." he says to Simone then looks to Connor and furrows his brow "You smell, er, like a fresh cut lawn" he says with a broadening smile "..which I have no idea what it means exactly. And no we were hazarding guesses at our parentage"

Simone looks from one to the other, smirking at Alexander's admission. "WE do?" she echoes for clarification. "Well I've never been one for twenty questions, myself, so I'll come right out with it. Artemis, here. And it's a lot more unusual than it sounds."

Connor sniffs an arm but all he can smell is leather so shrugs. "I see. Interesting." Reaching into his jacket, he pulls out a small flask and after opening it, pours a dollop into his coffee. Nothing better than Irish coffee. "I am a son of Brigid." he says and tilts his flask with an inviting glance at the others.

Alexander blinks once in surprise as he looks over to Simone "Ah yes, as by all accounts I have read she would not bear the touch of man. And I think I have read most accounts" he says with a half smile as he looks down over himself

"Hecate is apparently my mother. I will pause for your gasps of surprise" the semi-goth man comments wryly then blinks to Connor, brows furrowing "Celtic yes?" he ventures after a moment, keeping his voice soft still "Sorry my studies focused on Greece and Rome"

Simone chuckles softly, giving Alexander a nod. "And yet I am hers as fully as if she had borne me." she replies. Squinting, she peers more closely at Alexander and remarks. "You need more eye shadow, then." Looking over to Connor as he cracks open the whiskey flask, she replies casually. "That would explain the scabbard as well."

"Celtic, yes." Connor agrees. "The Tuatha De Dannan. I've noticed they aren't as well known in the US as some of the others." Pause. "I blame Bullfinch." Since the others don't seem to want any, he puts his flask away. "Yes, she felt I would need it. It's come in very useful." The sheath does have a triscele on it for those who'd recognize it.

"No makeup before the sun goes down" Alexander replies to Simone with a faint smile and a shrug "Not to mention having gainful employment with strict dress codes is ruining my wardrobe" he adds with a half smile. He sips his coffee and nods to Connor "I would say this would be the city for them, with the Irish population though?" he offers then looks back to Simone curiously. He pauses, manners warring with curiosity "So…might I ask how that works?" he ventures at last.

Simone makes a mental note to research the Celtic pantheon later, giving Connor a nod for now. "The mechanics weren't as difficult as they sound, actually, but they -do- make for an interesting story. When my …sire …left at my conception, he renounced all claim to me. Through a prior arrangement, apparently, She was there to claim me as her own. The spark remained, she made -it- her own as well."

Connor nods to Alexander but it's Simone that he's listening closely to. "Now that is interesting and would make a fine song too. A pact between gods, the siring of a daughter, the renunciation and then the claiming. The adventures performed in her name. An epic ballad. But there's a lot of that lately."

"Sounds terribly…prosaic" Alexander replies, sounding a little non-plussed for a moment. He lifts his coffee up and takes a small swallow. He pauses in silence for a few moments as if considering what to say then shrugs "Mother has never spoken to me, and my father refuses still to speak of it, so" he shrugs one shoulder and settles back a little "Here I am in New York City at her will with no idea of just what that is.."

Simone's lashes lower and she sips her coffee, coming as close to embarrassment as she can remember in a long time. "Well don't you find it coincidental that you're here -right- at the time when strange women are killing people with a single punch? I don't, personally. In fact, I've stopped believing in coincidence some time ago."

"To fight." Connor tells Alexander. "To battle and to learn and to help win the war. That is all our destinies. How you decide to go about it will determine what songs are sung about you." He nods to Simone. "There is no coincidence. We all have our destiny to fulfill. Of course, figuring out what exactly that is is not usually easy."

"Well two sons of Ares did train me…a little. But I am, well I flatter myself I am a scholar" Alexander says with a faint smile as he holds out one slender arm and looks at it wryly "I suspect I would fold like cheap furniture in a decent fight" he adds with another smile "But it was a little odd yes Doctor" he admits with a nod to Simone "I really should have tried to follow her but…I little taken aback by it all to tell you the truth"

Simone nods slowly to that, sipping her coffee. There's a muffled buzzing and she frowns, then, putting her mug down. "That's me." she replies, fishing out a cell phone. Taking a receipt, she turns it over and taps it, pointing to each of them and making writing motions as she pushes to talk. "Hello, this is Doctor Devoir…" Making a somewhat stern face, she points to the phone, to the paper, and then to each of them. Tearing off two scraps of the newspaper, she scribbles her own number down.

"A cunning plan can be of equal worth to a dozen blades." Connor notes and reaches for the scrap of paper Simone gives him. Glancing at it, he deposits it in a pocket and pulls out two business cards to pass over. They advertise custom automotive work for cars and motorcycles. "I should be going as well."

Alexander pulls out a rather new and shiny business card with his full name as well as M.A on it and Christies Department of Antiquities beneath, then offers one to Connor as he takes both cards with a murmered thanks "Well hopefully, I think my main skills are in working out what is what however"

Scene fades as the group disperses.

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