Neuromancers -- Part 1


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Scene Title Neuromancers — Part 1
Synopsis Erasma and Dee dive into a computer to extract the information they need from it.

Inside an apartment. Then, inside a thinking computer.

Erasma is wearing jeans and a T-shirt and pacing around her room. On a chair in the middle is the brain. There are cables tied up to it, little USB cables so that it can be connected to a laptop. Mind you, she hasn't set it up to Tal yet until she knows its safe. Even so, the girl brushes a hand through her hair as she glares at the brain as if trying to will it to open up to her. She has the apartment to herself tonight, stocked soda and energy drinks and Pizza. The perfect night to break a brain.

Mmmmm… Brain… No matter that Dee's had a ton to do lately, she wasn't going to miss the chance to hack a robot brain. Come on. ROBOT BRAIN. She, too, has prepared a few things, and then gets over to Erasma's place. There's a knock, Dee practically bouncing on the balls of her feet. She expects this to be… interesting.

Erasma runs over to the door and smiles. "Heya! Hey come in come in. I have soda, pizza, chips. We can do makeovers and do our hair and hack into robot brains." she says with a wry smirk. "Speaking of which.. did you bring a laptop? I only have Tal and I dont want him to get taken over by a robot."

Dee grins to Erasma. "Thanks." She laughs, then. "Oooh… Makeovers, hair AND robot brain? Excellent." Then, she nods and shows off her satchel. "I brought all the goodies I should need. Yeah, you shouldn't risk Tal right off."

Erasma gives a small nod. "Sadly nothing really seems to fit. I have been trying to play hide the salami with the ports and all the cables I have but… nothing yet so either we need to brain hack it. Or we get inventive. I would just rather not brain hack alone."

Dee sets down her satchel, then has a look at the thing. Her senses are sharp, and expansive well past what normals can perceive. "Hm." She uses her REP among others, to find any sign of residual emission or power to the thing. "We'll figure out something. I'm sure we can hotwire it somehow."

Dee purses her lips a bit. "There is a little something going on there. Lemme see what it sounds like." she says then, and taps into the emissions. She looks ready to shut it down fast if necessary, though.

Erasma shrugs. "Well again, worse comes to worse I can try to hack it. In fact I am kinda tempted to try it. Just um.. if I start to walk around doing the whole…kill all humans thing. Smack me very hard." she says as she takes off her ring and walks over, putting it behind her.

Erasma gives a small nod before she turns on the laptop and hooks up her webcam and mike… "Hey Tal.. this is Dee. A cousin. Keep an eye for us and let us know if you notice anything will you?" she asks to which the computer responds. "Oh yes Gooodie. Because I want nothing more then to watch two ladies smash that thing with a hammer." The computer speaks in a dry and sarcastic english accent.

Dee waves distractedly to Tal, then hms. "Some part of it is on. I'm going to take a quick peek. Feel free to try to bonk me unconscious if I start doing something unfortunate?" She reaches out with her mind then, to try to tap into whatever is happening there.

A surge of data dumps into their brains, thousands and thousands of gigabytes of information (we call these things 'terabytes' these days) flows just moments after the connection is made. Senses are overloaded, static fills eyes and ears. Their tongues turn to mercury and their nerves melt like icecream on a blacktop. An eternity passes in an instant. If they had mortal minds, they would be shattered. But Erasma and Dee do not have mortal minds. And after only a moment, the surge of overwhelming sensory information gives way to something intelligible.

A digital framework of buildings in wiremesh spring from a plane that grew from a line that formed from a point. A strange and alien landscape of lines given volume. Skyscrapers of pulsing filaments of radiant blue light tear at the matte grey heavens above and packets of luminous data flit to and fro in this digital world.

Erasma screams as the sensations begin to overwhelm her though she fights back as hard as she can. Finally she opens her eyes and sees the strange virtual world of blue and looks down at herself. She is larger in this world then in the other world, covered in heavy metal armor with wild hair tied behind her and a pretty if roughly drawn face. She glances around in shock. "Whoa.. just…whoa. We are doing the tron thing arent we. Give me a moment while I stop my brain from melting."

When she connects through the box to something far bigger than anything she's ever touched before, Dee would like to scream. She'd like to, and she may even go through the motions, but there's no sound. Her body stiffens as though electricuted and her physical senses are overwhelmed by the impulses pumped through her brain forcefully, and then she drops like the dead weight she's already become.

Unlike her body, Dee's mind is very, very awake. It's stunned well past any reason for an indeterminate amount of time, and is another indeterminant amount of time returning to something that in any way resembles sanity. At least, it's supposed to be sanity. What she sees before her makes her doubt hers has survived the interface. All she can do at first is stare at the digital framework. When she finally is able to react… she laughs. Actually, it's more like a disturbed little giggle. "We're trapped… In Tron." Yes, it may be that sanity is over-rated in this particular case. She hasn't even looked at Erasma yet, or down at herself. She's just staring at the digital world around them. What the other woman would see, however, is something still human and female, but more feline. Other than the the wings at her ankles, of course.

Erasma nods as she looks around again and closes her eyes, focusing on creating a weapon for herself, trying her hardest to remember how her axe used to look, how it felt to translate the information into her hand. Its a strange fealing, still being able to see just as well with ones eyes closed but it seems they are simply cosmetic in this place. "Is this thing inside each of those robots? Or are we in the net itself?"

While Dee goes through the motions of breathing, and breathing hard as though adrenaline was somehow still able to affect her here, she slowly tries to get more of a grasp of what's going on. Her laughter stopped as quickly as it started, and she looks at both herself and Halima. While red, her 'skin' is almost like a red mercury (ha ha), holding its shape but still fluid rather than firm as though an armor. "Huh." she says then, before thinking about that question as well. Now that she's starting to think properly again, she has a more careful look around.

Erasma suddenly sprouts a large red looking axe, blotchy and a bit spikey and unfinished but it seems to convey the general informaiton of 'axe' or destructive weapon. She gives it a small swing and nods. "Good.. alright, well lets find out where we can find information here."

Dee's head tilts as she watches Erasma sprout an axe. "Huh." she says thoughtfully, though she herself doesn't try to sprout anything. "Well, we're in. And if we're digital too, maybe we can provide our own spark to anything off that we need to be on. Unless red and blue aren't compatible. So, we need to find a filing cabinet. Or something."

Flitting about here and there are small, polygonal objects. Each hum and pulse with its own rhythm, as if it were singing a single part in the greater harmony of the thrumming wire-mesh megapolis. Small, crab-like 'creatures' clatter here and there, drawing stray lines back into place and dislodging little packets of light when they get stuck at an intersection. Over time, some of the towers of wire mesh shift, subtly altering themselves, growing new features and deleting others.

In the far distance, if distance means anything here, a low, dull, hollow tone can be heard (if hearing means anything here). Moments later, a wave of bright energy wipes across the world, like a line drawing across a great radar screen. It feels incorrect when it passes over the two. That is, it feels wrong. Like the pressure that weighs on the back of your neck when you realize you're intruding in a private moment.

Erasma blinks as she spots the little packets and gestures. "This way… lets find out what they have." and she begins to walk over towards them when…whoosh the green line passes over her. "Shit shit.. thats not good. I think it knows we are here. Be ready. Now lets see if we can read these packets."

Really, it's all fascinating. Dee watches like a child seeing her first broadway show. She doesn't let that fascination distract her from what they need to do, but she does try to work out by reason or 'feel' what each change represents from a computer perspective. She nods, and lets Erasma set the pace.

Erasma walks over and one of the packets and holds out her hand, trying to read the information there she wrinkles her nose. "Well crap..this dosn't seem to be doing us much good. We should find someplace that is more secure looking."

It may be nothing important, but Dee's grin says she's loving the 'little things' like a packet about a broken flipflop. "This is so cool…" she says quietly as she removes her digital hand from the thing. "We need to find some serious secure caches, and go swimming."

Erasma grins at Dee. "Hmm… I think we can find out where its going by following. I would say we go to the memory first. Less defences and more chance to find out WHY they made this thing." she says with a small grin.

Dee nods her agreement. "I agree." she replies. "We also need to find the address to which data was being transmitted. And what was transmitted."

Erasma gives a small nod. "Storage I think actualy would do better…so lets find one that is going there and follow it." she says as she begins to look around for it.

"Lead on." Dee replies with a smile. "I meant storage, really. Need to be more specific, when strolling through a hard drive."

When the women merge with a passing packet, the sensation again is impossible.

The world melts away in a heat so hot it freezes you to the bone. Infinity passes in each second but no time seems to pass. Knives slide under your fingernails and your tendons curl around hotrollers dug under your skin. You cross an entire universe in a heartbeat. And just as the sensation seems to calm itself it happens again, but inside out and backwards (backside outwards?). And you're booted off the data packet as if you had never stepped on it. But things are different.

Gone is the softly pulsing and thrumming wire mesh city with the soothing grey background and the happy little polygon crab custodians. The room is confining. The wire mesh is no longer a mesh—now the grid-given-volume is covered with planes, giving it the illusion of solid ground. The room is like a squat cylinder. It pinches in the center, top and bottom almost touching around a bright white core where all the streams of data, each a angel's hair of light, converge and depart to the remainder of the computer. The faceted surfaces of the room you find yourself in pulse purple and another dull, hollow tone sounds. Bulks of data in big blocky chunks like voxels pour from openings that appear in the ceiling and floor (or the floor and ceiling, depending on your orientation). Silver blocks aggregate to form a vaguely humanoid shape. The sound of an piledriver cracks in your mind.

The humanoid shape sharpens and hardens, forming a perfectly smooth and silvery, but featureless body. The genderless form draws in more glittering grey voxels about its body, swarming like a cloud of sharp-edged gnats so thick it's nearly impossible to see through.

Wow. There is no part of that trip that does not suck a lot. Dee's digital form wavers as all sorts of pain steamrollers over her. When it all stops, and they're somewhere else, it's all she can do to pull herself together in case something else awful is about to happen to them. Like, oh, the security system. She doesn't really have time to look around them before she has to avoid being damaged by said system. Thank goodness she's so hard to hit. Usually. Hopefully, it will translate.

Erasma winces and holds her …well head if only because its the easiest part to try to localize the pain in. SHe takes a breath and then as she spots the system she tries to focus, armor armor…ARMOR. Hopefully this works the same here.

The swarm of voxels seethe and heave about the humanoid figure, pulsing and swelling. Thousands of volumetric pixels drive towards the pair, firing towards them with the screaming of a dial-up modem and the grinding of an old fashioned magnetic hard drive. The hailstorm tears through digital bodies but bounces harmlessly off the 'wall' of the room behind them. The voxels swarm up from behind to snap towards the humanoid on the rebound, ripping through data again before entering a boiling orbit around the humanoid once more. Each voxel sends a jolt of what would probably be pain in a flesh and blood body. In the digital world it's simply an overload of information.

There are interesting things that Dee does for a living. Sure, a lot of it is more hands-on than minds-on, but there's still a lot of crossover. What she does for a living is bypass security systems, and most of those systems these days are computerized or electronic. Will it be enough to translate to useful here? She has no idea. But that's what she has to do here. She has to figure out how to shut down security so they can get to the treasure. With that in mind, she reaches with her mind towards the program that's attacking them, to find and trigger the 'off' switch.


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