Napoleon Dynamite Pt 2


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Scene Title Napoleon Dynamite Pt 2
Synopsis Zombie Helena?


There must be something about Minerva. Maybe it's her intelligence, or attractiveness, or some unknown quantity that seems to have drawn Scott out of his shell.

Or, maybe it's because she doesn't yawn in his face when he talks and actually laughs at his jokes. It's the little things that can go a long way with someone. Dinner seems to have gone well, because the two are walking and chatting, with some laughter intermixed between conversational pieces. They are not holding hands, to note.

Not holding hands, but Minerva's arm is hooked around his. He wanted a tour so he's getting on. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she stretches her arms into the air. "I'm sure you know what this place is…" she quips, snickering softly the entire time.

A rental car rolls up along the side of the road beside the pair, and the window's rolled down. A fedora topped head sticks out, and Gene snaps out, "Quick! Get in the car, they're right behind me! There's no time to lose!"

"I've only read about it in books," Scott replies, now actually embarassed when he says it. "Most of…well, did a lot of reading when I was younger, Mom worked in a library, and her and my dad weren't together by the time I came around." Thoth himself never speaks a word that isn't true. Scott's under no such restriction, but he prefers to be honest, if not thorough. "Taught me there was a bigger world than Denver, and-"

Scott turns as the car pulls up. "Hmm? Holy crap, is there a lion?"

Looking nervous, Scott turns to Minerva. "Come with us. If they saw us together, you're in danger, too."

Her eyes widen as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red. This is somehow..exciting! She nods and heads towards the car and tries to unlock the door so she can get in. "Indeed..a hasty retreat.."

The doors are, indeed, unlocked. After the two are in the car, the tires squeak, and the rented Camry pulls away from the curb, heading down the road at speeds just beneath the speed limit!
"So," asks Gene cheerfully, "How was your date? Figure out any interesting mysterious secrets of the ancients? Set a date for the marriage yet?"

"Awesome, some, and don't you think that's a bit premature," Scott says, answering the questions in order as he scrambles into the car. He's changed, by the time he gets in. More serious, and a little less shy about speaking. "Gene, we can't leave you alone for two hours…what happened now, and who's trying to kill us today?"

Now, Scott turns to Minerva. "Okay, this is going to sound like a king-size crazy with wacko on top and some WTF to wash it down, but have you ever heard of the Egyptian diety of knowledge? Thoth?"

"It was fun! I showed him around and I almost spilled the wine on my dress.." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement, thinking Gene is just pulling her leg of course. Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red at the question and pshaws, not really answering that other stuff. "But we did discuss.." and then there's a pause as she looks between Scott and Gene once more.

People..try to kill you?" There's a bit of surprise on her features as she wrinkles her nose and runs her fingers through hair as she swallows a bit nervously. "Um..yeah, bird headed guy.."

"Of course she has," Gene replies breezily, driving along down the street at a decent clip, "She's one of Athena's adopted daughters. So, Lost Library of Alexandria, we should get to that before we're killed by a flock of Stymphalian Birds or something."

There's no explaination of who's after them. If anyone is at all.

"/Giant/ bird-headed guy," Scott corrects. He's seen it. Dude. Giant Bird Head. "Well, it's like this…" And that's about when Gene cuts in, andthe boy's eyes widen. "I…really? Woah…" Gulp. "Sorry I lied to you. About why we were there. You? Dinner? That being awesome? That was true."

Her cheeks flush a bright beet red and she nods, chewing on her bottom lip. "It's all right..I didnt think you'd believe me if I told you Athena was my mother..or rather adopted mother. Aphrodite is my true mother, but my father kind of annoyed her considering my name and all.." she says with a soft and nervous chuckle.

Then Minerva looks back towards Gene, taking a deep breath. "The hidden library…I have no idea where it is. But the Oracle might know.."

"Then I'd say it's time to go consult the Pythia," Gene says with a low chuckle, slanting a glance to Scott, "What, you didn't figure it out? She's even named after Aunt Athy's Roman name…" His gaze sweeps back to the road, and he states seriously, "We're on a dangerous quest here, Minerva. Titans, monsters, even Gods might try and stop us. On the other hand, it's got to be more exciting than leading tours, eh?"

"I believe you," Scott answers, and turns towards Gene with a question in his expression. "It's all right. Thoth is my dad. And he's Tom Aston. I didn't lie about that." That's the alias about Thoth that he knows of. He gives Gene a baleful look. "It could have been coinc-oh, right. Us. Forgot. But, nice to meet you, and yes, we're all for consulting the Oracle, and I do know she is real but I was trying to act the part of the mundane." He pauses. "Of course, me knowing the Atlantean language was a bit of of a stretch for suspension of disbelief."

Scott keeps going. "Short form. We're looking for Seshat's lost library because she might have information on the Antlanteans, and they're starting to come into play in New York City, which is where our band is based."

"My sister and her group are there too! Have you run into them?" Minerva asks curiously, hrmming for a few moments as she nods and takes a deep breath as she starts giving Gene the directions to the oracle. It's driving distance from Athens afterall, even if it is a few hours.

"But I see…trying to figure out the Atlanteans..I thought they were just a myth, but I guess it makes sense you were looking for Plato's books..the original texts where they were mentioned.."

"The Gods smote their island into the ocean a long time ago," Gene says with a shake of his head, taking an exit and heading onto the highway. Well, what passes for a highway in Greece. "Some of them were preserved, though, and at least one of them is alive and well - and being hunted down. We're trying to find out what happened." A glance into the rear view mirror, "Hm? Couldn't say where she is these days, no, only met her twice before, and briefly both times."

"I have never met her, as a matter of fact," Scott says. Also true; he never met Helena. "I think I met some of her friends." One of which wants to play OMGWTFBBQ-nookie with Scott, but details, details. "But Atlantis did exist, and they did something…the ancient dieties cast them down, and then wiped almost all the information that they existed from Earthly knowledge. Which is biting us in the ass right now, because we're going on the world tour to find what's left."

"World tours arent that bad. I'd love to go on one!" Minerva admits ruefully, settling into the back, as she sighs softly and looks out the window, before turning back towards the others. "But if the gods brought down Atlantis..there is something they don't want you to know..perhaps ignorance is bliss?"

And she quickly adds, "Especially if you are risking yourselves for such knowledge.."

"I've never been one for bliss," replies Gene with a low chuckle, "Besides. Heroes and gods were never born of those who meekly accepted their role in things… one way or another, we're going to find out what happened back then."

"I will respectfully disagree on the idea of ignorance being bliss," Scott says, but his smile for Minerva is warm. Very warm. He's close to blushing. "But, the sitch back in New York is that there's Atlanteans involved, and we're not sure of the hows and whys. We need the knowledge to make sure New York isn't destroyed." He pauses. "And, okay, finding the lost library is pretty awesome, if we can pull it off." He leans back a bit. "Gene? Now that the air is mostly clear, what's chasing us?"

"You're the son of a god of knowledge, I'd hope you'd disagree.." Minerva quips with a bright smile as she leans in and steals a quick kiss on his cheek before she lets out a happy little giggle as she nods, taking it all in. "Finding a lost library would be neat, I just worry about potential consequences of such a thing.." And at the question she peers curiously towards Gene..yes, what is chasing them?

"Hm? Oh, nothing," Gene replies absently, "I just always wanted to shout that."



That would be the sound of Scott smacking himself in the forehead.

Little known fact: when Scott Cornwall dreams sometimes, he dreams with narration. The fact that said narration could recap the lasdt day of his life is either pure coincidence, or some twist in the skein of Fate…

The narration, as Scott takes a catnap in the car as the trio drive out of Athens, goes something like this…

"So there we were. Gene Horkos and I went to Athens on what could be called a business trip. We needed to find Plato's original notes in the museum in Athens to find out what he knows about Atlantis, since we're dealing with it back home. In lieu of breaking into the museum in the dead of night, Gene flashed his Press Pass and got them to read the notes without all that pesky lawbreaking. One of the museum guides was one Minerva Manolis, sister of Helena Manolis, corrupted Scion of Aphrodite whom Gene killed, but we're keeping that fact a bit on the down-low, since…I asked Minerva out. Spur of the moment thing, but she's /smart/ and cute and I like that. So, while we were sightseeing in Athens after Dinner, Gene picks us up under the false pretense of us being in danger. I blow my cover, and it turns out Minerva is also a Scion, and while Aphrodite is her birth mother, Athena adopted her. Gene knew, and he made vague murmurings of meeting his own mother while Minerva and I ate, but the path is clear. To find out more, we need to find Seshat's Lost Library, and are driving to Delphi to seek out the Oracle (whom Minerva seems to know. Isn't she just /awesome?/), to get a clue or two of where we're going to next…"

In the meantime, Scott's leaning back in the rear seat of Gene's car, dead asleep with his mouth wide open like he's catching flies…

Gene Horkos, Scion of Discord, has one arm resting on the window ledge and the other on the wheel as he drives, the wind spilling into the car and past it with a soft roar. The music's on, and he's singing along with it despite not knowing the language it's in, heading towards Delphi. The biggest problem he's having is which side of the road he's supposed to drive on.

And there's Minerva next to scott. She's noticed he's fallen asleep and lets out an impish giggle as she nudges him so that he can rest on her long ashe doesnt drool of course. They've been driving for a while, and it's now late at night..long pastthe time the site at delphi is open, which is perfect really.

"Just make a left here, Mr. Horkos..and we can walk the rest of the way.."

At the nudge, Scott shifts, now half-awake. "Mrr?" He doesn't drool in his sleep, nor does he talk, which he counts as a good thing. He rubs at one eye with a hand, brain still sleep-fogged. "We make it?" he asks, mumbling.

"Almost there," Gene replies easily, taking the turn, "Then we'll be hoofin' it."

There's the parking lots and Minerva motions for him to drive in. She sighs a little as there's no lights. She wrinkles her nose a bit and looks towards the other two, letting out a soft little chuckle as shepeers towards them.

"I hope you guys have flashlights.."

"I do," Scott says, rummaging in his backpack for the palm-sized flashlight he carries in there. "Started hanging with my band, learned how t'be prepared. And to catch sleep when I can," he admits, a bit sheepish. He hands the flashlight over to Minerva, and takes a moment or two to stretch his muscles out, and to palm his monocle in case it's needed.

"I don't believe in flashlights," replies Gene as he steps out of the car, the door swung closed with a loud thunk. A grin's flashed over, and he allows, "I suppose those've you who -aren't- descended from Nyx might have some issues, though."

Mmmmm. Nerd muscles, of which there really arent any, but Minerva isnt like a certain bubbly Japanese girls who likes big muscles. The greekette nods and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she turns on the flashlight and heads out the door with a soft chuckle under her her breath.

"I do think that's cheating.." she admits ruefully, pursing her lips as she starts heading up towards the path, motioning for them to follow

"Whether it's cheating depends on the ruleset you're working with," Scott says, becoming more awake by the moment, and actually smiling. He hefts his backpack, and offers to carry the flashlight in his free hand now that he's all limbered up. "So…" he whispers. "We go?"

"No time," Gene says firmly, heading up after Minerva, "Like the present."

And up the hill, then down the hill they go. And it's off to the Castalian Spring. The sacred spring of Delphi lies in the ravine of the Phaedriades. The preserved remains of two monumental fountains that received the water from the spring date to the Archaic period and the Roman, with the later cut into the rock.

Minerva looks back towards the other as she chews on her bottom lip, "We have to go in cleansed.." she says softly as she starts to slip out of her dress. Oh my!

"Amazing," Scott says, as he runs a finger along some of the glyphs at the edge of the pool, reading the ancient language. "So much history still here, stone forever, and…" His mouth opens with an audiable *pop* as Minerva starts to shed her clothing. "Okay, I'm the outsider here compared to you both," he says. "What is involved in the cleansing ritual?" Beat. "I'm going to have to strip, aren't I?" Kill me now.

"Skin down, buddy," Gene replies in affirmation, giving Scott's shoulder a firm clap before shrugging off his jacket. The shoes are kicked off as well, and he carefully folds the jacket, shades pulled off and set atop it with fedora resting just beside.

"It's only a ritual cleansing. No orgies or anything like that.." Minerva quips, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she slips out of her dress and shimmies out of the rest of her clothes soon bare naked as the way she was born before she slips into the water…

"Figured," Scott says under his breath as he starts shucking his clothes off. Whether he's just confirming it, or he might be disappointed on the lack of orginical practices… 'Is Orginical a word' he thinks to himself, as he drops trou. Of course, the young scholar is almost beet red by the time he slips into the pool. He closes his eyes, trying to relax, or calm himself, or find his center, or oh man she's naked and right there don't look she'll kill you.

"We could fit that in if you're in the mood," quips Gene, giving the young woman a rather appreciative look as she strips down. The other scion gets a nudge by his elbow, and he murmurs, "Lucky bastard. Relax. You're not a hind yet."
Shameless, he strips down, stretching with a backwards roll of his shoulders before slipping down into the water after them.

"I don't do that on first dates.." Minerva replies, snickering softly as her cheeks are flushed beet red before she gives Scott a glance and then Gene, smiling to both before she takes a deep breath and submerges herself in the water…

The look Scott shoots Gene as Minerva goes under the water is one of…well, there's a mix of fear and amazement and a whole lot of other emotions. It might be the most emotions Scott's shown other than coming alive when books or lost knowledge or academics are mentioned. It's certainly throwing the Thoth scion for a loop. He settles in slowly, the cold water raising gooseflesh along his skin.

"Virgins," Gene murmurs in amusement, drawing in a deep breath and then pushing forward, ducking his head below the surface of the pool.

Minerva still hasnt emerged from the water. There's a good reason why. She's swimming down to the an open canal underneath the rocks and she looks back finally seeing Gene duck his head under the water. She motions for him to follow..hopefully Scott gets the message as well..

Scott can swim without looking completely stupid, but that's about it. He does follow Minerva through the watery canal, but it's hard going for him. He struggles, his lungs screaming for air and the lights flashing behind his eyes. He makes the effort, and seems only able to barely make it by force of will alone…

It's not easy for Gene, either, as he moves through the water after the other man; his lungs filled to bursting and then nearly empty as he kicks his way through the underwater canal, pulling himself along the wall with his fingers as he pushes on…

Unlike the pair, Minerva seems at home in the water, traversing the canal as she continues to go until there's a light in the water. It's above them and she motions up as they find themselves about ten feet below a hidden temple. Eventually she eases on up, gasping for air as she lets out a soft sigh, treading the water wanting to make sure the others are okay..

Unfortunately, Scott is nowhere near as graceful as that as he comes up…well, gasping. And naked. "Aaaaah!" He clamps his mouth shut, trying not to make noise, but his chest heaves for more of that much needed oxygen.

A sharp gasp draws in breath as Gene bursts from the surface of the water, coughing a bit, his chest and shoulders heaving as he gulps in air. "Well that… *caff*… was exhilerating…"

"Are you two okay?!?"

There's clear concern on her features as she starts swimming to the edge of the pool that they're in. They're in some kind of temple with incense wafting up from the various torches surrounding them. She sighs a little and pulls herself up, still naked as she looks towards them once more.

"I…I was hoping you were better swimmers..this is the fastest way to get to the Sybil.."

"Afraid not," Scott gasps. "But it gives me something to work on in my off-hours." He's bobbing in the water, looking around. "But that's really cool. I mean it. This is like…well, out of a story with ancient hidden passages." His cheeks color again. "When dad told me who he was and what I was, I jumped in with both feet…"

"I'm good…" Cough, cough, Gene's hand held up, "…I'm good, just… been a long time since I swam, s'all. Not much chance in… New York." He looks around, "…huh. Nice place."

Minerva nods as she takes a deep breath, glad the two are okay. She runs her fingers through her hair as she looks around and runs her fingers through her hair, chewing on her bottom lip a bit. She blinks a little at one of the passage ways and hrmms for a few moments.

"That..shouldnt be closed.." she says softly under her breath as she slips out of the water and starts heading towards it..

"I take it she doesn't take breaks," Scott says, suddenly serious and heedless of being starkers as he clambers out of the pool. "Oh crap…" He looks back at the pool again, where his clothes, backpack, and other important things like his gear are all not at hand.

"I knew I should've brought my sister… suppose the water would've left her useless, though," Gene mutters under his breath as he climbs out after the others, shaking off some water and strolling after them.

"You're suppose to arrive at the Sybil with no murderous intentions.." she says matter of factly, heading towards the closed door when suddenly as she approaches, a hand pops out and pulls her through causing her to let out a yelp of surprise before she disappears!

"Min!" Scott calls out as he watches the Athenian scion vanish. Without thinking, he's already rushing off towards the door, ready to pound on it if necessary to get past. But, he's not very strong compared to some Scions, so that won't be all that effective. "Min!"
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Soon enough, Scott reaches the door, one hand balled into a fist to pound on the door with a demand to release the girl, but he never gets the chance. "Min-ooooaaaahhhh!" When he goes to hit the door with all his strength, his hand goes right through the door, the rest of him stumbling forward and following after.

"Smooth, Scott," Gene observes, moving after him, "Real smooth."

There's a few high pitched cackles that can be heard as Minerva is nowhere in sight. They've stumbled through a long corridor with torches for light though there's only darkness beyond. The sound of the young woman struggling can be heard and then, there's silence…

The small heat from the torches only makes Scott a bit more aware of the sudden breeze as he gets to his feet. "Minerva," he says. "Where are you? Give her back…please…" No murder in your heart, no murder in your heart…

Yeah, that whole 'no murder' thing isn't going to work for Gene.

"Scott," Gene says in cautioning tones, one hand stretching out towards the other man, "Don't move." He looks into the darkness down the silence, his eyes narrowing, "Who are you?"

"I will come back into this world.." a female voice responds, one that should be eerily familiar to Gene. There's no bitchyness behind the tone though, as it sounds slightly frail. There's a soft chuckle under her breath once more. "Don't you want me to come back, handsome?"

"Tell me you know her. I'm from out of town," Scott says. He doesn't touch anything, but waves a hand as he starts to head down the passageway. "I do," he says. "I pulled her into this…or Fate did. Whatever happens to her is my fault."

"My, my, Cerberus'll just let anyone waltz pass these days… what'd you do, give Charon a blowjob?" The breezy banter becomes sharply serious a moment later, even as Gene's hand drops to Scott's shoulder in a halting manner, "Get back to Tarterus and the fate of all traitors to the Dodekatheon, bitch."

There's another bit of recognition there as in the darkness, Minerva's voice can be heard. There's a gasp as she mutters softly. "Hel…ena? Why..what happened?!?" she cries out.

And there's Helena voice once more, snickering softly as she does..whatever she's donig in the darkness, though Gene can see that she's clearly overwhelmed the body of her younger sister and is placing her on an that usually holds the offerings for the Sybil herself. "Actually, I did..he enjoyed it quite thoroughly and let me through. And you know…your boyfriend over there..he and his friends killed me. All I wanted to do was reach godhood.."

"So that's her," Scott says, voice tight as things start to fall into place. "You wanted to reach godhood," he says, starting to move forward, picking up speed. He's being a bit bolder than usual, tonight. "You sold out your family and sided with Henri and Preethi and Kamui and the frigging Titans, Helena. I never even met you before now so cut the bullshit." He squares his shoulder, and rushes the woman. "You sided with the titans for power, and tried to kill everyone in New York to do it!"

Fortunately for Scott, he can't see in the dark, but he does tackle Helena down on nthe ground. He'd feel cold flesh against his body as he tackles her down onto the ground and something wriggling..are those maggots? Ewwwww..
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A torch is seized off the wall, and Gene stalks along the hallway towards the site of the ritual occuring, the smoldering brand in his hand casting his chiseled features into dark, shadowed lines, his eyes reflecting a hint golden in the light. "Back to Tartarus," he snarls out, "Or I'll send you there again myself, traitors to the World."

With a thud, Scott tackles Helena before she can kill Minerva. It's not the two-fidted toughness of a regular action hero. He just manages to stumble into her, but the level of courage is the same. "Sacrificing your own sister you sick…" If anyone can see in the dark, one can see Scott pale as he scambles up and away from Helena. "Oh shit, I think we've hit zombies."

Zombies? That would be a word to describe the creatures of rot and filth before our heroes. They are three women clothed from water logged bodies that they brought down. They're least to anyone reading the news lately as victims of drownings near the sights of Delphi.

Minerva gasps in horror seeing what her sister has become. There's a shriek of fear as she's tied up on the sacrificial alter with her arms tied down and a dagger already next to her…

And with the down zombie Helena, the other two help her up just hissing towards the living, yearning for the touch of warm flesh…

Swatting leftover maggots off his arms as he backpedals away from the unliving monstrosities, Scott bumps up against the alter and turns. "Dammit I left all my birthrights by the pool and oh crap I can't fight my way out of a paper bag." He picks up the dagger, and starts cutting at Minerva's ropes. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry…"

"Helena Manolis," Gene speaks, then, his voice thundering with authority as he takes a step forward between the altar and the zombie-women, the light of the torches flickering behind him like an aura, casting his chiseled features into deepest shadow like a masculine silhouette against smoldering firelight, his eyes seeming to gleam gold in that darkness, "Traitor. Oathbreaker. Tool of the Titans. You have been judged, and executed, and walk here in defiance of your judgement. Get your ass back to Tarterus… or I'll send you there again myself."

The zombies eyes widen at the sight of the hunky yet powerful presence of the scion of Eris. They shriek as they start running through the corridors in fright clearly intimidated by the hotness that is Wolver..erm, Gene. And then there's just the trio once more…

Minerva's cut free from the sacrificial altar and wrinkles her nose, letting out a soft sigh of relief as she isnt trading bodies with her sister. Her very much dead sister. She swallows a bit nervously, her cheeks flushed as she just found out a lot of things and looks towards the two men, before sheepishly says, "I…I'm okay..thank you.." she tells Scott.

Scott puts an arm around her shoulder. If he had clothes, he would have put his button-down across her shoulders, but he's not clothed so it's an arm. "I…I never met your sister, but I knew, and I should have told you before. If there was any way I could show you I'm telling the truth…she turned to the Titans. I am so, so sorry."

Gene stares after them until they're out of sight, his head shaking ever so slightly. "Yeah," he notes, "Someone's pissed off at us, to let that bitch wander past the gates… she doesn't have it in her to get past Cerberus on her own, even if the Ferryman let her across the Styx."

"The goddess of love will torment your path.." and it's Minerva, her eyes widening a little as she feels something in the room. Who knew that she was the Sybil? At least, she is when she comes here. "Tragic Death and Love mingle together to only bring pain and tragedy. Nihilism. Loneliness. Sacrifice. Intoxication. Destruction. Despair. Rage. Greed. Madness. They will haunt you as you search for the truth. Everything is connected.." and suddenly, she blinks a little as she had no idea what just happened.

Minerva looks towards the pair and takes a deep breath, chewing on her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through her hair and peers towards the two. "The Sybil..did she come?"

"Gene!" Scott hisses, in a low voice. "She was still her sister." He turns to Minerva, and lifts a shoulder. "I did not see her, tell you the truth. Don't know my way around.

"Yeah." Gene's watching Minerva in the smoldering light of the torch, nodding ever so slightly, "She said about what.. I thought she would, unfortunately."

Clink! Clack! something falls from the ceiling right where Scott is standing. It's a scroll of sorts that just happened to have been hidden above them. Isnt that convenient?

Minerva ahhhs as she nods and wrinkles her nose at the scroll while she waits for Scott to pick it up. She sighs softly and runs her fingers through her hair as she nods. "No..I should have known she was up to no good. Her boyfriend threatened to kill me when I wouldnt translate things for them…but I didnt think she sold herself to the Titans. She had to have been controlled.."

"They threatened-ow!" Scott had some questions right before he gets clonked on the head with a scroll. He just stares at the thing on the ground for a moment, before sighing. "Fate. Likes me. Teach me to play with it," he comments as he kneels down to get the fallen scroll. "I wish I knew the truth, Minerva. About your sister, if she was controlled or not. You deserved to find out in a less…craptacular way." He feels bad, from his tone.

Gene gives his head a subtle shake. "It's… possible," he admits, mostly for her benefit. He takes a step over, then, craning his neck to look at the scroll as he murmurs, "I've no apologies for what I've done."

"I don't expect any. Controlled or not, if she was serving the Titans, then I would've done the same. I'm sort of glad someone else did it instead..I don't think I could've killed her.." Minerva admits ruefully as she wrinkles her nose and smiles warmly towards Scott, leaning in to steal a quick kiss…on his lips!!!! "Thank you…both.." she says looking towards Gene as well.

Scott turns bright red. "Your welcome. But, maybe we should get back? OUr stuff is out there…"

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