Napoleon Dynamite Pt 1


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Scene Title Napoleon Dynamite - Pt 1
Synopsis They are off in Greece to find clues on Seshat and Atlantis..Scott gets a girlfriend instead


"So," Scott says, as he and Gene stand outside. "The rundown is something like this…

"Remember that strange symbol of The Unconscious you showed me a couple of weeks back? Turns out the unknown language is Atlantean, which now that I broke the cipher I can read." Scott Cornwall, brainy son of Thoth, should really shy away from the pride. "The writing on the pillar in the Dark Hour said 'For the Sins of the Father, Atlantis is destroyed.' Now, to start, there is…was, I'm not sure, a pantheon of gods of Atlantis. But, long ago, the Atlanteans did something to piss off all of our collective parents, and they wiped out the continent, and did a total information purge of Atlantis in general. However, there is a minor Egyptian goddess of the written word, Seshat, who has been said to have saves some of the knowledge. Which I hope we need, because a Japanese death spirit possessed Maia last week and tried to get her to kill…someone. Might be an Atlantean scion, but I do not know the details. I stopped over in Japan last night to talk to Maia, and they might help but she and Haldor have thier own business." He's almost pacing by now, and raises a finger. "But, I asked you to meet me in Greece because we'll need Plato's description of Atlantis, untranslated so we can get as much of the original source as possible before we head to Egypt and find the Hidden Library of Seshat, possibly Seshat herself if she still lives, and the Atlantean lore."

The dark-haired scholar turns to the taller reporter. "Sounded like your kind of thing, which is why I asked. So…questions?"

"You mean they're busy screwing each other blind," Gene provides ever so tactfully, looking out over the airport as the scooters go to and fro and taxis roll up to pick up their customers - while further along, at the more executive exits, limos pick up the VIPs arriving at the terminal.

"Never been to Greece before. S'pose it's home, wonder if we'll run into any of my family here…" A hand lifts, adjusting his shades before allowing casually, "I got it all the first time, Twizzler. So where do you think we'll get our hands on a copy of Plato's records? Alexandria burnt down a long time ago."

"Actually, Ameraterasu has set Maia to find the lost king of the kenku," Scott says absently. "The blindness is merely a sidequest."

He changes the subject, and flashes a grin that's downright mischievious. Well, for Scott it is. "Plato's records are at the National Museum in Athens proper," he says, hefting his carry-on luggage bag over the shoulder opposire of his backpack. "What do you know of B&E?"

"Don't be ridiculous," Gene rolls his eyes, raising one hand to flag down a cab, "We're not breaking and entering to the National Museum. I have something far more powerful and arcane that will get us in to examine it, scriptures so potent in their authority that every door will open for us."

This is answered with a smile, but a short sigh, from the scholar. "And that would be…?" He tries to fold his arms, fails. "Please tell me, but the next time any of you says 'Scott, you're no fun' I will recall this conversation."

"International press credentials," Gene replies, hefting up his suitcase, "Now put your bags in the trunk, we'll go find a hotel and I'll make a few phone calls."

"I already made reservations," Scott replies as he hefts his bags into the trunk. Well, some of them. His backpack is always with him. "The Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel. One of the best 5-star hotels in the city proper, and close enough to where we're supposed to go." He lets out a breath. "Dad's an author. He's got the cash."

"Your father gives you a line of credit? Hell, I have to make due with my publisher…" The bags are loaded into the trunk, and Gene clambers into the vehicle, calling easily to the driver, "To the Athenaeum, my good man. I've got a hot tub to investigate."
You paged Scott with 'Maia gave you a copy of the manga that stars all the Power Rangers that her father released btw ;). I forgot to mention that!'

"You do that," Scott replies. "I'm hitting the shower first. Or maybe a bath, especially if we're going to go the non-tense route at the museum." Pause. "And food. I'll buy?" His grin flashes. "Oh, and since I'm done with it, you can borrow the manga Maia gave me. The one about…um…us…they love her in Japan. A lot. No word on Germany and Haldor, though."

"…Japan has Maia hentai?" Gene blinks at Scott a few times, "Wow." A pause. "I wonder if there's a live action version."

"No idea," Scott replies, getting into the rented car with a *thump*. "But the video game adaptation is due fourth quarter. It's…slightly creepy."

"I'm mildly terrified to read this, now," Gene admits, his tone dry as he settles in, "I'll take a look at it, though. Anyway. Chances that we can take care of all of this without anything happening in the process before we get the information?"

It's been a few hours and soon our comedic duo arrives at the Nationa Archeological Museum in Athens. It's not too far from the hotel, just a few blocks really. Athens is a pretty metropolitan city, though not as cosmopolitan as new York, it still has your consumer whore-ism near the various archeological sites. It's a nice juxtaposition really…

Eventually, at the front, they'll see a young woman dressed in a pair of snug fitting jeans and a University of Athens t-shirt. Her hair is long and flows down to her shoulders, there's a pair of glasses resting on the bridge of her nose and it seems she's just finished a tour, beaming brightly as she waves towards the tourists who start to go see other things once more…

"Gene, quick question…" Scott is walking at Gene's side as the two approach the entrance. "Do you speak Greek? I was curious…" He slows a bit, to not rush right into the museum and go wild. The young woman is watched. A bit. "Your pass bypasses the tour," he says.

Gene waggles his hand in a 'so so' sort of manner. "A little," he admits, walking along into the museum and looking about the foyer, a smile quirking up at one corner of his lips. "Now, let's find someone that looks official…" Hey, there's a young woman waving at people. He checks her out,t hen looks around, asking casually and openly, "Anyone around here speak English?"

"Considering the tours are mostly in English, lots of people speak it.." the young woman speaks, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement as she adjusts her glasses just a bit. She heads towards the pair and smiles warmly, her brows furrowed as she looks towards the both of them.
"Minerva Manolis, I'm an intern here for the summer and I'm from the states, which I assume you are as well considering your whole does anyone speak English question.." she snickers softly.

"Scott," the young man says, extending a hand. "Visiting, I should say. I know Greek, but I'm willing to use either language in consideration of what's most convenient for you." His teeth flash in a grin for the girl. Cute, and Not Trying to Kill Him. Always a plus.

Manolis? Gene's brows raise ever so slightly, though a smile quirks to his lips. "Gene Horkos," he greets casually, getting in line to offer his hand next, "Associated Press. I do speak a little Greek, but I'd embarass the hell out of myself trying."

Yes, Manolis. Sounds familiar doesnt it? Minerva smiles warmly as she runs her fingers through her hair as she smiles warmly towards Scott, she seems about to be his age afterall. And she's definitely not trying to kill them. They just met afterall!

"Ahhh, pleasure to meet you both!" she says with a bright smile, shaking Scott's hand first before doing the same towards Gene. "And it's all right, no need to speak Greek if you don't know it. Athens is a pretty English friendly city anyway. So, how can I help you two gentlemen?"

Scott has a moment or two of silence, as he tries to find the words to answer Minerva's question. His shoulders slump a little as he demurs, letting Gene do the talking at the moment, due to their method of approaching the situation. Hours later, Scott's going to come up with all sorts of witty answers to her question, way too late. Someone's going to be smacking their noggin into a pillow in frustration before they sleep.

"Actually," Gene offers his most charming and easygoing smile, clapping a hand to Scott's shoulder, "I'm working on a book - you might've seen my piece on the looting of the Iraqi museums, a few years back? - and my friend here's helping me write it, since he's the author here, really. I'm just a journalist. We were hoping we could get a chance to look at some of Plato's texts, and that we could persuade the museum's -lovely- staff to help us out."

Minerva looks towards Scott for a few moments, letting out an impish giggle before her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red at Gene's charm. Journalists are good like that. She ahhhs and ooohs a bit, looking towards Scott once more, "He's an author? Wow..I'm impressed..I could've sworn we're about the same age, but oh well. And no, I havent red that piece I'm afraid..but I can show you where the texts are…please follow me.." she says starting to head towards one of the hallways.

"Uh…yeah. Dissertation," Scott adds, almost recovering. "'M kinda young for the post-graduate but I qualified, and…" He swallows. "Thank you, Ms. Manolis." With Gene being his guiding hand, Scott follows along. Behind.

"Thank you very much, Miss Manolis," Gene replies easily, moving to drop along into a stroll after the young woman, hands clasping to the small of his back, "You'd be more familiar with his father, probably, he's quite published. Runs in the family, you know."

"Ahhh, that's certainly impressive. Who is your father?" she asks curiously, her brows raised as she looks back towards Scott with a bright smile. Eventually they reach a series of glass corridors showing off the various books..

With this, Scott can actually find his tongue again. "Tom Aston," he answers. At least that the name his father uses for that particular series of books. "He's a mystery writer, and his books have a lot of language themes, and I kinda picked it up from him." He coughs. "Good genes, I mean." Still, his eyes glaze over at the sight of all the tomes. So much knowledge! But, also a cute girl.

"I am pretty good," Gene quips, moving to step along through the corridor. Now, to find Plato's Dialogues!

"The Tom Aston? Wow..I'm quite impressed.." Minerva beams brightly, idly running her fingers through her hair as she motions towards the various texts. "They're typically closed off to the public..I'd have to ask the docent to let you see them yourselves if you want them out of the cases, and you'd have to show your credentials of course."

"Sure," Scott says, but his look is wildly distracted by all the shiny knowledge. He's off to one side of Gene, and a step or two behind, though he feels sweat bead on the back of his neck at the mention of Credentials.

"Of course," Gene replies easily, reaching into a pocket and pulling out his wallet; flipping through it to produce his press pass, he allows easily, "You'll want to verify them and all, I'm sure." They're actually legit. He is a journalist, after all! Of course, he's not actually writing a book or piece, but hey.

"Lemme bring this to the docent and I'll see what I can do for you!" Minerva says with a bright smile as she starts walking off with the credentials, not really suspecting them of anything else and she heads off down the hallway and takes a left.

When Minerva is out of earshot, Scott seems to visibly relax. "Okay, you win, this is so much the easier way." And it's honest, at least: Gene's pass is legit, and Scott might want to write this all down one day. And get a doctorate. "Thank you."

"See? Easy as pie, and twice as smooth," Gene observes, chuckling quietly as he looks back to the text through the glass, "Of course, you realize that she's related to the White Bitch herself."

"Helena…" Light dawns in Scott's eyes as he sees the connection unrealized until now. "Manolis," he says, with a sigh. "I'd say it was just a coincidence, but…no, things don't work out that way. They never work out that way." He pauses. "Maybe, maybe she's just…herself. I mean, like, not every sibling is evil, and my extended family has a whole history os good and evil and…"

"Oh, it's entirely possible… an' she does have a pretty nice ass," admits Gene, "Just be careful, s'all. A little healthy paranoia never hurt anyone. I just hope she doesn't take exception to the fact that I shot Helena in the face."

"What she doesn't know won't get us killed," Scott says, a little crestfallen at the whole thing. "She sounds so smart…" Which is apparently Scott's main criteria. He starts mentally tallying how much it would cost to stay another night.

A quiet chuckle, and Gene slants over a look. "You dog, you."

Click clack, click clack. There's Minerva being followed by yet another woman, much taller, more slender, meaner looking. "The credentials are legitimate…if it's for a dissertation project, then we have to let them. We've done it before, lent out even lent out a bit to my sister, Helena.." she says matter of factly before finally arriving in front of the pair with a bright smile. "This is Miss Constantinopolis….she's the head docent of the museum.." she beams brightly.

Much to her chagrin, the elderly woman unlocks the case and puts on a pair of white gloves. "Off to the examining room. You get until closing.."

"A dog would have a better chance than I would," Scott says, with a shrug. "I bet Maia brings that Shiba Inu puppy her mother gace her back to the States when she's done. He's adorable." He looks up. "Just for a moment, I'm happiest talking about a dog, with nothing hanging over our heads."

He trails off a bit as he heard Minerva come back, though there's a touch of pale to his skin as the family link is confirmed, and he shoots Gene a 'Told you' flavored look. "Thank you Ms. Manolis, Ms. Constantinopolis," he says. "Very much."

"You need to grow a spine, you know," Gene murmurs, nudging the scholar with one shoulder, "Seriously."

Then the others return, and he flashes a warm smile to the elderly woman, "Ah, Ms. Constantinopolis, you are a saint amongst women. Thank you. I assume there's gloves in the examining room? I'd hate to leave any marks or damage."

"Yes..what do you take me for, an idiot?" She's cranky too. And off into the examination room they go where there are various gloves. It's an open window so other passersby can see what's going on, research should be public afterall. Soon, the docent walks off, sighing a little.

Meanwhile Minerva lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she puts on gloves as well. "She just needs to get some..I just heard her husband just became impotent..though I think it might just be an excuse.." giggling impishly as she watches the docent walk away. "So what exactly do you need to look through these for? My sister came with her boyfriend and wanted to see some stuff as well."

"Really? Like, just recently?" Scott seems honestly curious about this, but he isn't saying why. "There were some etymological subtleties with Plato's original notes on his Theaetetus, and part of my work is going through some of it to delineate the discrepencies between translations." Of which there are no discepencies that Scott knows of. If one cannot dazzle them with brilliance…

A pair of gloves are slipped on, and Gene gestures to the text for Scott's benefit before taking a step back. This is the scholar's show, not his own. A glance back over to Minerva, then, and he snaps his fingers, "Your sis— of course. I should've noticed the resemblance. Helena Manolis?"

"I didnt think there were any discrepancies between the trans.."

And there's a blank stare given towards Gene and she nods and smiles. "Yes, supermodel extraordinaire. She's on the pretty side of the family. I got the book smarts of the family.." Minerva quips, snickering softly as she idly runs her fingers through her hair before hrmming for a few moments. "And a few months ago, they wanted to check on his works about Atlantis.." and she starts turning a pages ever so carefully until she reaches the description of the Isle of Atlas.

"See this's not Greek. They wanted to know what it is. It took me a month to figure it out, but it means For the Sins of the Father.." she explains.

"Oh, okay, now you have me all curious…" Scott snaps on a pair of gloves, and he leans on the edge of the table to check out this information about the Isle of Atlas. "For the sins of the father," Scott says, tracing lightly over the one section of text with a gloved finger. "They don't specify the specific sin, and the encounter with Seshat who spoke to him of the Atlantean continent. And something about…the hidden library of Alexandria." There's /clues/ here, and Scott's memory is memorizing the passage. He'll write it all out later. "Also, since research is hungry work, Ms. Manolis, would you happen to know a good restaurant that is open when you're off shift?"

Which is about as smooth as Scott will ever, ever get…

"I wouldn't say that she got all the looks," Gene observes with a low chuckle, "I had the chance to run into her when I was covering a soiree awhile back… how is the old girl doing?" Then he quiets, listening to the explaination from the passage, lips twitching in a smile. Then he smiles fully at the date made. Aw, the kid's growing up!

There's another bit of surprise as Scott seems to know what's going on as well. She just looks towards them for a few moments and purses her lips, "That…wow, you are smart.." Minerva beams brightly, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red as she runs her fingers through her hair. "I knew there was reference of Alexandria, but there has always been the rumored hidden library, one that wasnt destroyed. It's in ancient lore, with slight references here and there, or at least really subtle allusions to it. Such as all knowledge was not lost.." she says matter of factly before she nods to Scott. "Um..I get off in a few hours.."

Then her attention goes back to Gene as she scratches the back of her head. "I havent heard from her in two weeks. We used to talk alot..she always had something for me to translate, but I havent heard from her in a bit, so I'm afraid I don't know."

"Maybe you two could discuss the… possibilities of the hidden library over dinner," Gene suggests in casual tones, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, "I mean, hell, if you could find it… well, that'd make for one hell of a book, honestly."

"Can you take me there?" Scott says. "I don't know my way around Athens too well." Still, the lure of knowledge is enough to grab him. "Oh, the alleged unsullied library? I've only heard the barest whispers of that one. What did you know of it? There's about ten tons of archaeologists who would love to find out." He turns a few more pages slowly, looking for Plato's notes on Theaetetus, for legitimacy's sake…

"What about you? I mean I'd hate for you to be alone as well.." Minerva admits ruefully, letting out another soft chuckle under her breath as she hrmms for a few moments and nods as she hrmms. "I've been meaning to consult the oracle at delphi.." she sas casually before her eyes widen, "I mean um..ya know..go there and visit. I get inspired when I go there afterall.." No, she's not a Scion of Athena with a guide there..nope, nope..

"The Oracle? Now that sounds like a capital idea…" Gene grins easily, "I can amuse myself around Athens while you two have dinner… tomorrow, perhaps, we can go stop by Delphi. Hm." He looks up, brow furrowing, "I'll have to check on the traditional offerings."

"Still listening," Scott says, though his grin can be seen as he goes over the pages. Slowly, slowly… "I've heard that Delphi is one of the sights to see, and I think I found what I'm looking for. We can always go sightseeing." He turns his head towards Minerva. "But you're off duty for it," he says. "No fun being a tour guide on your day off…"

"It's gorgeous.." Minerva admits ruefully, smiling brightly towards the two men as she purses her lips and watches Scott for a few moments. "You don't need a pen and paper to take notes?" she asks curiously before raising her brows as she looks towards Gene. "As long as you'll be okay..perhaps I should go and see if I can get off my shift early today.." and she runs off once more, giggling happily.

"I think," Gene observes, "She likes you."

"I hope," Scott counters, not looking up. "That she does not take after her sister." He continues to read, learning notes on Plato's works, for actual schoolwork, and occasionally referring back to the notes on Atlantis, and anything on the lost libraries. "We'll be racking up the flyer miles, you realize."

"This is a problem?" Gene glances over the text, musing, "I've always wondered about the Oracle. Maybe it can give us some useful guidance… mm, probably best not to mention Atlantis, though."

"With the information blackout that all the gods seem to have?" Scott says. "The Library is probably our best bet, and the Atlantis stuff is the tip of the iceberg." His eyes glaze over just a little. "Hell, we're not even sure /what/ happened, but it's that bad if everyone's so close-mouthed."

"The newer pantheons have taken a hands-off attitude," Gene says quietly, "They don't seem to know much, but they're just not involving themselves. Whatever it is… yeah. We'll just say we're searching for the Library for the usual reasons."

"Which is, technically, the truth," Scott replies, keeping his voice low as he looks through more pages to memorize them. "Fascinating." He turns another page slowly. "Amazing stuff, all around…"

And there's Minerva appearing once more as she runs her fingers through her hair. "I was able to get off early, as long as I put this back where it was.." she says dangling the keys in her fingers. "i hope you guys were able to find out what you wanted?" she asks curiously, her brows quirked a bit.

"It's enough for a start," affirms Gene, flashing a grin over to Minerva, "Maybe you two can manage to figure out something else… or else the Oracle might be able to give us a few extra clues."

"It'll depend on what information we have," Scott says, giving Gene an odd look at the mention of the Oracle, and pulling himself away from the fated tome. "Still, I'm on summer break a bit, despite the work, and I could use…well, I dunno. Sounds interesting, I mean."

"Well, um.." and she scratches the back of her head, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath. "The Oracle doesnt exist ya know.." she says, glancing around furtively.

"Of course it does, it's a matter of historical and mythological record," replies the journalist easily, "Of course, it's just a historical site these days, and they say it was just ethylene gas that set the Pythia into an ecstatic state…" A low chuckle as he looks back to the text, "Doesn't mean we can't hope for divine intervention, Minerva. We'll need some if we're to find what so many people have looked for before."

"What Gene said," Scott adds, thankful for the save. He takes a breath. "I wonder if it's about succeeding, or just the fact that we took a chance and tried. A lot can be said for that." He gently closes that book. "I think I found what I was looking for," he comments. "And I admit I'm a bit hungry."

Minerva lets out a soft sigh of relief as her stomach starts to grumble as well and she nods, "I'm hungry too. You sure you'll be all right, Mr. Horkos?" she asks curiously

"You two kids have fun," Gene replies with a shake of his head, "I'll go sight-seeing. I've never been to Athens before, despite the familial history here… I'm sure there's plenty to see."

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