Nadia Pomme
Portrayed By: Jeniffer Connely
Status: Breathing for now
Age: 25
Calling: Torch Singer
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Persephone
Significant Other(s): None


Nadia Pomme was born twenty five years ago in Chicago, IL. Her father, David Pomme, was the owner of the Sunset Club, a nostalgic jazz club that made people feel like they were walking back in time. Her mother, Percy, was a singer who'd frequented his club, and he had fallen head over heels in love with her. When she became pregnant he swore he'd take care of her, and she silently agreed. However, not long after Nadia was born Percy skipped down, leaving David broken-hearted. He eventually moved on to raise Nadia as best he could, focusing his love of his vanished lady to his new little girl.

Nadia grew up in the jazz club scene, and spent many hours there after school, often falling asleep in her father's private booth to the sound of the music. She met many up and coming and major jazz musicians, and often wished she'd been born in that era instead of the modern age. She began adapting old slang and fashions, and most found it very endearing. At age twelve she was convinced by her father (Who was drunk from celebrating the purchase and renovation of a new club) to get on stage and sing. Her voice stunned everyone in the club, and she became a regular act. Her soulful voice and very young age began attracting curious people from all around the city, and eventually beyond. At the age of fifteen she was offered a record contract, but turned it down to avoid any alteration of her music.

One night, just after a performance when Nadia was sixteen, she was assaulted by a crazed female fan. The girl was amazingly strong, and when Nadia managed to stab her in desperation with a kitchen knife, she bled thick, rich wine. In the end she managed to kick the woman out a window, but she was badly battered for it. That night was the night her mother came to her. She looked only a few years older then Nadia, but her features were as light as Nadia's were dark. She explained to her about the war with the Titans, and who she was. She said that the world needed a voice like hers, both to inspire others, and to push the enemy to despair. She gave her the Amber Necklace with a piece of one of the pomegranite seeds she'd eaten in the Underworld, and a ring that Hades had given her one Winter as a present. She then sent her to meet with a Band living in gary, Indiana.

The years passed, and Nadia served as a sort of inspiration for the Scions she worked with, but she was able to fight when the need arose. In the end, however, her song was not enough to save her Band from being massacred by a Titanspawn by the name of Red Knuckle Bones. Nadia escaped with a nasty claw scar on her right shoulderblade, but she escaped nonetheless. Seeking to evade the thing that is still hunting her, Nadia has moved to New York, where she has begun searching for other Scions, and performing at clubs. She's begun considering opening a club here as well, reminiscent of what her father did.


Nadia is a loving, and slightly quirky young woman. She's often all smiles and winks, using slang and wearing clothes from the original jazz era that died decades ago. It's almost as if she should have been born in another time. However, when she gets on stage she becomes a different person. Her songs were once upbeat and brought hope to all listeners, but they've become darker, and push the audience to darker, sadder memories. Sometimes she has good nights were her songs bring love again, but those are fewer then they once were. Still, as sad as her songs may be, her performances are simply stunning.


Her father, David, is a very important man to her, and she calls him often. Other then that she is alone in the world…for now.

Events Thus Far

None yet.

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