Mystery Purview

The Purview of Mystery represents an understanding of the interconnection of bizarre, seemingly random events—an understanding mortal minds are unequipped to achieve. Gods and Scions with this Purview not only recognize this interconnection, but they can read significant clues from it.

Associated With: Damballa, Dionysus, Forseti, Guanyin, Huang Di, Isis, Odin, Tezcatlipoca

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Mystery
To use this Purview, the Scion clears her head and looks at the World around her without analysis or expectation. Based on what she sees, the character makes heretofore-denied intuitive leaps of logic as objects in the World around her spark off subconscious connections. The player then rolls her character’s (Intelligence + Mystery), without adding bonus successes from Epic Intelligence. The player may then ask her Storyteller pointed, specific questions about various events that have occurred in game—one question per success on the roll. The Storyteller need not expound upon his answers (they can be quite terse and to the point, in fact), but he must answer them as honestly and directly as he can.

Using this Purview cannot reveal facts about things that will happen in the future, nor can a character use it to gain insight into events that don’t concern either her or the members of her heroic Band. The player can use this effect to gain knowledge only once per story. She can reroll a failed roll until she gets a success, but on a botch she gets no information and she cannot use Mystery again until the next story.

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