My Fair Lady Pt 2


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Scene Title My Fair Lady - Pt 2
Synopsis The Scions encounter two Daitengu and have to kill one…

Mt Fuji

Haldor and "Drake" have been almost unbearable on the entire car ride out to the mountains. The Viking and the puppy have been playing and making all kinds of noises in the back seat of the minivan the whole way. Maia might even feel a little underappreciated by this point, the two have just been having such a good time together.

On the other hand, it has given Maia and Mikuru a very sizeable amount of time to get caught up with one another. This may or may not be a devilishly planned outcome of Haldor's attention. No one will ever know for sure. Haldor, puppy peeking out of the front of his hoody with a chew toy in its mouth, leans forward and peers through the windshield.

"We there yet? Or at least somewhere that Maia and I can trade places with Drake?"

Oh dears. Maia has been replaced by the adorable puppy, at least temporarily anyway. She looks back and lets out an impish giggle, wrinkling her nose as she peers towards Drake and her beau with a soft sigh. She stretches her arms into the air, having had quite a bit of time to speak with her father, catching up in English for the most part. They talked about school, her misadventures so far, and how she met her beau Haldor of course.

"Almost there..just a few miles.." and that's Mikuru pointing towards the mountains in the distance. It's only a few more miles as he mutters something softly under his breath. "I do hope that your mother will let you keep Drake and that he isnt just temporary to help you on your quest. I fear your boyfriend may be crushed if that's the case.." he admits ruefully.

"What can I say? Americans and puppies go together like rice and fish."

Haldor pauses a moment, seemingly considering something about what just popped out of his mouth.

"Correction. Fish and rice."

Haldor bobs his head sagely and smiles cheerily at Mikuru, scritching Drake behind the ears with one hand.

"They're both silly, adorable and hyperactive. That's why.." Maia quips, snickering softly as she looks towards the puppy, reaching out to ruffle up his fur before beaming brightly towards Haldor.

And that's when they finally arrive in one of the tourist areas at the base of Mount Fuji. Mikuru sighs a little as he looks towards the couple and nods, "You two be careful. I'm giong to be visiting your aunt in the meantime while you're here.." he says softly as he undoes his seatbelt now that they're parked.

Haldor starts to object, but pauses as he considers Maia's words thoughtfully. After a moment or two of consideration, he smiles and shrugs. The Viking promptly ruffles up Maia's hair with one hand, the other rubbing Drake behind the ears.

"We'll be as careful as can be, sir. You have a good time at Maia's aunt's place."

"I will. I have not seen them for quite some time, but here are thekeys to the van just in case. Maia knows where her aunt Rei's place is anyway.." Mikuru says before he hops out of the car and takes a deep breath as he starts heading towards yet another car with an older woman. She bares a family resemblance to the Tsuchimikados, as she is Mikuru's older sister afterall.

"oooh! Auntie Rei!" the young onmyouji quips as she beams brightly and sticks her tongue out towards Haldor as she steps out at the van. "Auntie!!!" she squeals brightly, giving another wave. "Um! Going to show around my boyfriend..we'll catch up later!" she says rather loudly as she opens the door to let Haldor and Drake out of the car. "Make sure you put on his leash.." she whispers.

Haldor steps out of the minivan and looks at Maia, then at himself and Drake. One eyebrow arches as he teasingly murmurs to Maia, "But I'm not wearing a collar." The Viking winks at the onmyouji as he clips a nice leather leash to the dog collar around Drake's neck.

"You are awful.." she says as she leans in for a soft and tender kiss on the lips, not letting it linger that long just in case her father is watching. As Maia looks, they've started driving off, so she pulls him closer for a longer kiss. She purrs softly and waggles her brows as she breaks the kiss. "Don't tempt me, saw how my mirror was with her dominatrix outfit afterall. That's me…a deep repressed part of me, but still me.." she warns.

Maia lets out a hearty laugh as she locks the door towards the van and crouches down, ruffling the puppy once more. "Okay, Drake..time to do your thing…let's find Sojobo.."

Haldor, once he's sure that Mikuru is out of sight, pinches Maia's butt and pulls her deeper into the kiss. Slowly the Viking breaks the kiss, letting it linger for several long moments as Drake gets busy sniffing around the parking area at the end of his leash.

"Mmm… Maybe a little later, Mistress Onmyouji."

"Oh my.." she purrs softly, waggling her brows as she hooks her arms around his, keeping her backpack on. She rests her head on his arm, taking in his manly musk as she lets out a soft and content little sigh. She chews on her bottom lip while running her fingers through her hair while looking around the national park. "This place is beautiful..hopefully we don't have to ruin anything.."

Drake just yelps a bit, starting to catch a scent as he starts tugging the couple towards the path..

Haldor has just enough time to voice his agreement with that sentiment before he starts to move after the tugging puppy. The Viking looks at Maia and kisses her on the forehead as he goes, smiling cheerily at her. No doubt this is going to be an interesting day.

Hopefully it doesn't end with the moon being blown up.

"So you two have bonded huh. Should I be jealous?" Maia asks curiously, obviously teasing as she squeezes his arm happily once more, leaning in to nip at his bicep through his shirt as she takes a deep breath and lets out a happy little giggle. She continues to look around, keeping a weary eye around as they make their way up towards the path up the mountain.

Drake for the most part is just sniffling around a little, waggling his tail until he starts to yelp, letting out that little shiba inu screech. He jumps back and then tentatively approaches something once more, letting out another yelp before jumping back to do the same thing again..

"Like I told your dad. Americans and puppies. We just go together."

Haldor pauses and peers at Drake and whatever the heck he's approaching and evading repeatedly. One red eyebrow rises while his free hand reaches for his drumsticks.

"Kinda wish I could Dr. Doolittle right now."

And Drake starts digging, his little paws not doing much, but soon he uncovers something. A black feather with..blood. He yelps once more, starting to go over to Haldor, tugging on his pants a bit before starting to pounce the feather before going back once more.

"You know..I wish you could too. But still, you do go together…I really hope mom lets us keep him and bring him back to the apartment.." Maia says before she blinks a little at the feather. "You think that's Sojobo's?"

Haldor follows Drake to the feather and crouches down over it. Curious, the Viking picks it up between thumb and forefinger. In the back of his mind, Haldor quickly tries to compare the bloody feather with the feathers on those tengu in Times Square last week or the week before.

"I dunno. I kinda hope it's not though. There anything special about daitengu that I should know? Stuff that separates them from regular tengu?"

"Daitengu are more powerful, and more human. I've never seen a daitengu, but the literature says that they become more if it is Sojobo's blood, I bet that's /not/ his feather. He's one of the deadliest martial artists afterall, I don't think regular tengu can bring him down.."

Maia hrmms for a few moments, taking a deep breath as she sighs and looks around once more, hrmming as she chews on her bottom lip. "So if it is his blood, then he might be close.."

Haldor nods a bit to Maia, looking up at her for a few moments with a warm smile. Promptly he looks back to Drake, holding out the feather. Softly he whistles to catch the pup's attention, holding the feather up a bit.

"Ignore this one, Drake. Find us the owner."

While Haldor may not be Dr. Doolittle, he has formed a bond with the pup and Drake barks in response starting to head up the path once more. He keeps his nose on the ground, waggling his tail as he continues tugging at the leash.

Maia walks alongside Haldor, smiling a bit as she leans in and bites playfully on Haldor's arm before she takes another look around, sighing once more…

Haldor is beginning to wonder if Japan has vampires and if, by an chance, a Scion can be also be a vampire. Or maybe Maia's just half-mosquito, half-Scion. The Viking isn't sure yet, but he continually nipping at him is ticking away at the back of his mind.

Quite easily, Haldor keeps pace with Drake's tugging at the leash. Haldor is terribly, terribly fast and Drake has yet to prove himself to be anything more than an ordinary Shiba Inu puppy. Maia, on the other hand, might be terribly glad that Haldor's wrapped an arm around the small of her back and is thus keeping her up to speed with him.

Japan does have vampires, but alas, Maia isnt one of them. She's just nipping as a means to garner attention considering she has adorably cute competition now in the form of the shiba inu puppy. She wrinkles her nose a little, sighing softly as she's helped along and hrmms for a few moments.

"Would it be easier if I just went for a piggy back ride?" she asks with a bit of amusement.

And the puppy continues. He's still sniffling until the fur on his back starts to stand up. He starts barking once more, something just above the hill..

"Might be. Drake seems to be pretty quick for his age. It'd also give me a chance to have more of you in contact with me at the same ti-"

Haldor is cut off by Drake's barking. The Viking looks upward, eyebrows arching as he starts to shift himself in front of Maia. It's a defensive action, almost beneath his conscious notice save to make sure that he is defending her against possible attack.

Drake starts to whimper a bit starting to run behind Haldor as he smells something..and it's not pleasant. He whimpers and lets out a yelp.

Maia's eyes widen as she looks worried and then over towards Haldor, "I think he found trouble.."

"Oh Hel."

One hand offers the leash to Maia while the other hand draws both of his drumsticks from a pocket. The Viking narrows his eyes as he takes on a defensive stance, drumsticks pointing out from the bottom of his fist as he waits for trouble to show itself.

The horizon starts to fill with smoke up over the hill. Drake continues to growl a bit, snarling now before he starts yelping a bit as he starts tugging on Haldor's pants to get away. Eventually what can be seen is that there's a fire..and it's rapidly spreading, at a rather fast rate towards them.

Maia's eyes widen as she chews on her lip and swallows a bit nervously as she hrmms for a few moments. "That's not something we can fight, hun..but we need to put it out!"

"Yeah, well. I'm not exactly overflowing with brilliant ideas, love. I can, however, do one thing that no one else here can."

Haldor drops into a crouch and picks up Drake, stuffing the puppy into his hoody. The drumsticks are stuffed into his pants pockets. And Haldor crouches down for Maia to hop on his back while he starts summoning his power and that of his father, the Sky rune on his bracer starting to glow.

Maia may want to point out to Haldor that the ring is glowing as well. It's currently tied around his neck with a fancy looking leather string, but seems to have been jarred out from under his shirt by playing with Drake… Or else Fate is having a horribly good time tormenting Haldor.

"Superman?" she says with an arch of a brow as she chews on her bottom lip as she starts to scramble up his back hopping up until she's all nice and piggy backed onto him. She takes a deep breath and sighs softly as she wraps her arms and legs around Haldor's shoulders and waist respectively before she blinks a little.

"The ring…it's glowing.." she whispers, leaning in to kiss him on his scruffy cheeks while she looks back towards the fire. For now, it seemed to have stopped advancing..

"It's glowing?"

Haldor reaches up with his left hand to grip the ring. Curiously he holds it out, one red eyebrow still arched at the paused fire. This is really weird, he decides, moreso than has started to become normal. Slowly the Viking slips the ring onto his right middle finger, curiously looking up toward the fire as he tugs the leather string from his neck, sliding it out of the ring's band.

"Yeah, it's glowing.." she says, peering towards the ring a bit with curiosity and as he slips it on, he knows exactly where she is…cause well she's on his back. She hugs him tightly and takes a deep breath, as she looks back towards the paused fire. "Are we going to fly or…" and she hrmms, studying Haldor just a bit…

"The fire's not moving. Could be an illusion?"

Haldor's murmurings inexplicably lead to him having frosty breath, as though he were in a breath mint commercial and just ate a mint. The Viking tilts his head to one side as he looks up the hill toward the fire. As one might expect, the Viking is more than a little curious about why the ring, his ring, activated itself in the face of such terrible conditions.

Therefore he curiously reaches out with his right hand once the ring is fitted nicely into position. For a moment nothing happens. Rather abruptly though, that frosty breath thing? Yeah, that starts spewing from his cupped palm. In almost no time flat, there's a ramp of ice spread out in front of him.

"… Cool…"

There's a blink and she just stares for a few moments surprised at the ramp of ice spread out in front of them. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she lets out an amused chuckle and squeezes Haldor fondly. He is her hero once more. Even Drake lets out a little aroo as he stares at the ramp of nice.

"That is sooo cool.." she says, knowing how lame her pun is. But it's true!

"That's what I'm saying," replies Haldor. Ice cracks at his feet as he takes a step forward. The Viking frowns for a moment before he realizes that, quite without trying, he is just doing it.

Haldor suppresses the urge to shrug at this revelation. Instead he starts moving forward, his already triggered super-speed starting to build up. The Viking's hands move forward and he starts spraying twin lines of frigid smoke from his palms as he ramps up the incline at his "normal" ridiculous speed.

There's a yelp both from the puppy and Maia as he starts speeding towards the ramp. She chews on her bottom lip as she continues to wrap her arms tightly around him. It's definitely one hell of a ride and she wrinkles her nose as she buries her face in his back, not wanting to get any bugs in her teeth or face..

Haldor zips up into the air, though he restrains himself from flipping about due to Maia and puppy unsecured in his hoody. The Viking does, however, sail through the air for several agonizing moments before he starts ramping down toward the fire again. Notably, he is trying to skim the edges of the fire, curious to see what's going on from up above.

Scouting: Does a Super Team Good.

And in the middle of the fire are two tengu. One dressed in red robes with fire in his hands. Presumably he's the one who is controlling the great wall of fire on the ground, and there's another. An old man with a really large nose, but human looking for the most part. From the description, that would be Sojobo, at least if Amaterasu is to be believed.

"I think those are both the Daitengu..we need to help Sojobo.." she says softly, her arms wrapped around Haldor's shoulders, giving him another fond squeeze. Meanwhile, the puppy just hides, afraid of heights as he snugs back in Haldor's hoodie pockets.

Haldor sweeps the ice ramp around the edge of the fire for several moments while he takes in the sight below. This is both cool and horrifying. One eyebrow raises as he studies the pair of tengu below, giggling a little bit as Drake snuggles into the hoody to avoid peering downward.

"So we're sure Sojobo is the old dude? Who appears to be, ah, fighting at a faint disadvantage?"

That question is asked over his shoulder as Haldor starts descending toward the center of the flaming circle. Behind him the ice ramp starts melting under the intensity of the flames, but Haldor is pretty well outpacing the melting in his icy descent.

"Sojobo's over two thousand years old..if he isnt the old man, then he's definitely had a lot of botox.."

Maia quips a little as she continues to hang on for dear life, chewing on her bottom lip as she watches the fight with clear awe on her features.

Sojobo gets nup and moves faster than Haldor even, just a blur of a silhouette as he starts striking the younger daitengu. However, they seem to be evenly matched as the other Daitengu dodges each swipe of a fan and eventually parries with a katana. Neither of them have noticed the two Scions entering the fray..perhaps they're too caught up in the fight.

Haldor drops off of his frigid slide and lands solidly on the ground, twitching his head one way and then the other to pop the kinks out. Gently he roots Drake out of his hoody and offers him to Maia, whispering a gentle, "Stay with mommy, Drake. Keep her safe," before looking back at the battling tengu.

For the moment, Haldor is almost content to watch the fray from a quasi-safe distance. He's not sure exactly what's going on just yet and definitely doesn't want to get in the middle of insane blazing fists of fury without just cause. Sure he should be defending Sojobo, but what if this is Sojobo's latest student?

Awww, she's Drake's 'mommy' now. Maia beams a little as she eases on down and wrinkles her nose as she continues to watch on, still in awe at how fast everything is going. The puppy does as he's told, staying close to the young onmyouji as he yelps a little, barking furiously towards the two fighters.

Meanwhile, the two continue to fight with amazing speed that is approaching near ridiculous levels. Sojobo continues striking away with his fan before eventually, the opponent yields. She falls back and pulls off her tengu mask, and she's young and quite beautiful as well. There's even a family resemblance to Maia in a way. She looks to be in her early to mid thirties before she eases on up and snaps her fingers as the fire disappears. She looks towards Haldor and blushes, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red before bowing towards them. "Sojobo…we scared people.." she says softly, wrinkling her nose before she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath.

"Scared?" Haldor arches an eyebrow, faintly uncomfortable with that assessment of his reaction. "Not quite, Miss. We were sent to find and protect," Haldor casts a glance over his shoulder at Maia, looking for a title before adding, "Sojobo," as he looks back at the pair again.

Haldor's hands move away from the pants pocket where his drumsticks were hidden. For the moment he'll just pretend he wasn't about to try gutting someone… Who creates and controls enormous wildfires while fighting with an epic Martial Arts Master at speeds the Viking can only just barely follow.

"I should get going then. They have seen too much.." the woman says softly as she puts on a pink tengu mask and snaps her fingers, the wildfires disappearing nearly instantaneously. She bows formally towards Sojobo, offering the man a hug before she bows towards Haldor and gives Maia a nod of acknowledgement. And with another snap of her fingers she disappears once more.

"…" Did that woman just blush and bow towards Haldor? Oh no she didnt! Maia wrinkles her nose alittle as she stands back in the distance while running her fingersnthrough the puppy's fur, trying to calm down the barking and hyperactive puppy. "Calm down, Drake.." she says sighing a little before she looks towards the King of the Tengu.

Meanwhile, the old man nods a little, raising his brows as he looks towards the disappearing woman and lets out a soft chuckle of amusement. "Hello there…" he says with a scratchy voice looking towards the puppy with a bit of amusement before he looks towards Haldor and hrmms for a few moments. "Would you care to spar?"

Telling a puppy to calm down when one is not themselves calm? Generally it doesn't work very well. The Viking arches a puzzled brow at the woman with the pink tengu mask before looking toward Sojobo, eyebrow re-arching at the question.

"… I… Guess we could. You'd probably kick my ass in half-a-second flat though, judging by your moves a moment ago. We were actually sent here to find you by Amaterasu."

The old man hrmms for a few moments and he hrmms at the rings on Maia and Haldor's fingers. "You bear rings of Amaterasu-omikami, which makes sense that you were sent to find me. She wants me to get involved in the war, but I can no longer lend her support of the tengu nation. They have been taken over by my rival, he has disposed of me you see…I cannot do much anymore.." he says softly, sighing a little as he looks down towards the ground. "But, I like your were not scared at the display of power…that shows courage younglings.."

Haldor shrugs a little bit at Sojobo's reply, reaching back to rub the back of his head with one hand.

"We've had our fair share of crazy powerful people trying to kill us. Plus, based on what I just saw? You could probably teach me a hell of a lot and help Maia get good as good with her ofuda as that Mitsu… Meetsi…"

Struck helpless by foreign language, Haldor looks over his shoulder at Maia. He offers up pleading puppy eyes for help with the right pronunciation.

"Mitsurigi.." Maia speaks up a little as she wrinkles her nose and heads on over, taking a deep cleansing breath before she smiles warmly towards Haldor, letting out an impish giggle at his mispronounciation. It was amusing and cute afterall. Soon she hooks her arms with his own and the puppy follows, barking a bit towards Sojobo once more.

"Ahhh, the Sakurazuka Guardians…yes, yes, I am fully aware of their kind. Quite deadly.." Sojobo admits ruefully as he heads on over and peers curiously towards Haldor, who towers over him. He's short afterall, standing at only five feet or so even. He hrmms for a few moments. "I will help then. It has been a while since I have had students.."

"Well… I think I may have killed the Mitsurigi in question, but he was pretty badass with his ofuda before hand."

Haldor rubs the back of his head a little bit before hooking his arm with Maia. Sneakily he ruffles Drake's fur as the pup barks at Sojobo. The Viking looks toward the daitengu and offers a cheery, if subdued, smile.

"Thank you. We are honored."

"My home is in Mount Kurama, but since it was taken over by the tengu under the influence of the Titans, I need it cleared before any training can begin. I trust that you two can take care of the tengu there?" he asks curiously, raising his brows as he peers towards the two of them.

Maia hrmms for a few moments and nods, taking out a pink tengu mask from her backpack and puts it on. She bows before Sojobo and nods. "I think we can.." and she peers up towards Haldor.

"By the way. Drake here found this feather a little while ago. I don't suppose it belongs to you?"

Haldor produces the bloody feather from earlier and offers it to Sojobo. The Viking offers a much broader, toothier grin at the mention of clearing out tengu.

"Oh… I think we can manage."

Sojobo blinks a little and lets out a soft and weary chuckle under his breath as he meanders on over towards the Viking. "Ahhh, yes, that is my blood, but not my feather. I've lost most of mine ages ago.." he says matter of factly. "These tengu are trained..very well trained since I trained them. They are not your average tengu, so be careful.."

With that he snaps his fingers and a rather large dragon appears before them,quite docile as it lays down. It's at least twenty feet long and at least six feet wide offering room to ride on it. "You two can ride Satsu..I will simply fly back.." he says matter of factly.

Maia's just left..speechless.

Haldor arches an eyebrow at Sojobo and his suddenly appearing dragon.

"I, uh… That's pretty cool."

For the moment, perhaps Haldor should just not argue with the daitengu. The Viking can fly around and kill tengu on their own turf when it'll be a surprise.

Maia oooohs at the whole thing starting to head towards the dragon tentatively. The scales are quite smooth afterall and there's even a mount on his back to keep them safe. She hops on and motions for Haldor to join her in the basket/mount thing on the back of the dragon. It's like a cushy couch area afterall. She lays back and relaxes a little.

"Come on, handsome..I bet you could use a bit of rest.." she beams, wriggling her fingers towards him. At least let her take the puppy!

Meanwhile, Sojobo just waits as he starts flying, hovering for a few moments. "Hurry we must.."

Haldor scoops up Drake and takes a single holy hop up onto the back of the dragon. The Viking settles in comfortably, seating Drake between himself and Maia. Quietly he appraises his seating arrangements before nodding affirmatively to Sojobo.

All Scions ready for takeoff.

And the dragon starts moving up slowly. Drake is scared. He's not used to such a big creature and starts barking a little before settling in against Haldor, burying his head in the hoodie.

Maia nestles close as well, resting her head on his shoulder as she wraps her arms around his, giving him a fond squeeze. " mission accomplished.." she beams brightly.

And soon, they're all up in the air! Wooosh! Off to Mt. Kurama!

Haldor wraps his arms around Drake as comfortingly as he can. Gently the Viking tugs Maia closer so that the puppy really feels the reassurance of a pack's closeness. Dogs and wolves aren't that distant on the evolutionary scale after all, some of the instincts remain, especially at such a tender age.

"One to go."

Maia nestles close even ruffling up the puppy's fur once more just for reassurance. She is the mommy afterall, even Haldor said so. She sighs contentedly, just enjoying the wind in her hair as they get an amazing view of Japan. A couple of hours pass and they're still over the sea and she leans in kissing him gently on the cheek.

"I hope everything will turn out okay. We should hide Drake somewhere safe if we're going to be fighting the tengu.."

"Everything will turn out just fine, Maia. No worries."

Haldor smiles cheerily at her, kissing her lightly on the cheek in return. Gently the Viking rubs the sleeping puppy's head, casting a glance over the side of the dragon for a few moments of re-orientation. Maia may get the impression that Haldor thinks he can run faster than this dragon.

"I figured you'd look after him and do your long range killing thing that you do so well."

"I dunno if I do it that well.."

A soft and impish chuckle escapes from her lips as she leans in and steals a kiss on his lips, letting it linger for a few moments. She nuzzles her nose against his own for a bit while looking into his deep blues and sighs happily.

"But I'll take care of Drake..just be careful. Don't get cocky, okay, handsome?"

"You do it better than I do," replies the Viking. He returns the kiss on the lips gently, though pulls away a bit quicker than she. They are, after all, on their way to battle and she's given him instructions to be careful. A faint smile spreads across his face as he regards Maia. "Have you ever known me to get David?"

Maia just laughs heartily. Oh dear, even David has a kenning now. She shakes her head and just squeezes his arm happily once more. She shakes her head at the question and reaches down to ruffle the sleeping puppy once more.

Eventually they land in a forest not too far from the rather large monastary on the top of Mount Kurama. Maia looks around and hrmms, noticing the various patrolling tengu flying in the sky and she takes a deep breath. "I guess here we are.."

Haldor slides off of the dragon's back, shrugging out of his hoody. The Viking quickly ties it up in an interesting fashion until it's a convenient carrying case for Maia to carry Drake. Drake is, of course, still asleep in said carrying case.

"Indeed. Time to get my game face on, love."

The Viking reaches behind his back and drags Johanssen off of his shoulders, the shield grumbling in mild aggravation at Haldor. Apparently puppies also soothe the savage Shield spirit. Haldor talks quietly with Johanssen, drawing his drumsticks from his pants pockets while talking with the Shield.

Ooooh! There's a cute little puppy package in the hoodie! Maia puts on Haldor's hoodie as a little baby carrier with the sleeping puppy inside. She takes a deep breath and hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she idly looks up towards the castle. She wrinkles her nose as she puts her hands into her pockets making sure she has lots and lots of ofuda availble. And she does, so that's a good thing.

Meanwhile, Sojobo looks towards nthe couple. "I will wait here with Satsu. I do hope for your safe return.." he tells them..

"… Oh. Well then you can look after Drake, can't you?"

Haldor looks at Sojobo curiously, as if not quite fully expecting such a statement from the daitengu master of martial arts. The Viking looks at his shield for a moment, raising one red eyebrow. Quietly he grumbles something to it, the shield starting to collapse down around his right forearm before starting to spread its golden mass across his body.

"Don't mind Johanssen. He's just grumpy because he had to share my hoody with the li'l scamp."

"That does not mean I will not fight, my dear boy.." Sojobo replies with a soft chuckle of amusement under his breath. He points up towards the sky as it seems they've been spotted as a series of tengu already start flying towards where they've camped. "I will merely be providing a distraction.." winking towards the couple.

Maia ahhhs and nods, giggling impishly as she lets out an amused chuckle as she looks back towards Haldor and pats the sleeping puppy in her little carrier. "We should get going then and let him do his job.." With that she starts running into the woods..

Haldor hesitates for a moment or two, casting a glance up at the descending tengu. The Viking nods his head, even as it is engulfed in a mighty golden helm. Seconds later, Haldor blurs into motion and disappears into the woods, pursuing Maia. A few streaks of frozen smoke trail toward the ground behind him like streamers.

Maia is not as fast as Haldor and she looks back towards where Sojobo is. There's no signs of struggle yet, but they have a mission so she puts the ancient master behind her. She sighs a little and wrinkles her nose as she chews on her bottom lip, looking down towards the sleeping puppy.

"Things will be okay.." she tells herself, swallowing a bit nervously once more as she peers towards Haldor, though he's probably far ahead now..

Haldor has zipped past Maia while she was looking back at Sojobo. The Viking zipped ahead, scouted out the lay of the land for a few moments, and then zipped back to the ex-Shrine Maiden. After a tight corner around a tree, Haldor zips up behind her and hefts her and Drake both into his arms.

"Englund Express now boarding. Next stop: Monastery of Evil Tengu Martial Artists Trained by The Ancient Master. Woo-woo!"

There's a little yelp as she's scooped nup. Fortunately for the both of them, Drake is all tuckered out, just yawning a bit, stretching and arching back before he nestles close to the both of them in the hoodie. It has Haldor's musk afterall, and that keeps the little puppy happy.

Maia grins wryly as she wraps her arm around his shoulder, squeezing a little as she takes a deep breath and buries her face in his chest, not wanting to get all sorts of bugs smooshed up against her afterall.

"I might have to take a ride later, after all this.." she purrs suggestively.

It doesnt take long and eventually they're in front of the monastary…where there don't seem to be any guards..

"That's what she said!"

Haldor's eyes widen as he peers down at the chestplate of his armor. Oh yes. Johanssen said that. The Viking, if he had a hand free, would probably smack the armor. Being as he doesn't have a hand free just this moment, he instead scolds the Shield.

"Damn it. That's not how you use that line! And I'm not leaving you alone with the television anymore."

Johanssen and Haldor, comedy duo.

Maia just facepalms a little as they're finally in front of the monastary and she hrmms for a few moments as she chews on her bottom lip once more as she takes a deep breath and motions towards the wall.

"You can get us up over that wall, right?"

The only way it could get funnier would be if Haldor's name were, in fact, Johanssen. Then it could be Johanssen & Johanssen, a Family Comedy.

Alright, that really wasn't nearly as funny as it sounded in his head.

Haldor arches a brow at Maia for a moment, skidding to a stop in front of the wall. The Viking shrugs a little bit, armor faintly *clnk*ing as a result. Surveying the wall carefully, Haldor zips back into the treeline for a few moments before arcing around and charging straight at the wall.

Not even for a fraction of an instant does Haldor seem to slow down. He charges straight at the wall, plants a foot on the wall, and promptly starts blurring straight upward. The Viking shifts his grip on Maia, wrapping one arm around her and Drake so that his free hand can plant on the edge of the wall. Momentum carries his body upward for a few moments and sheer super-human strength allows him to keep the momentum going, causing his body to flip up into the air.

Haldor holds a C-shaped pose atop the wall as he peers within its boundaries. Maia and Drake are held tight to the Viking's chest, protected by the whole of Haldor and Johanssen's "joint" body. Only when Haldor determines that it's safe within that he completes the flip, launching himself over the wall and dropping to land in a crouch on the ground.

There's a little yelp at the feeling of the g-forces on her body. Rollercoasters are more comfortable as they're padded with cushions, but feeling increased gravity against hard metal is well, not that comfortable. at least Drake is comfortable getting squished against Maia's pillowy chest.

And then there's the flip, her eyes widening as the world starts to flip before her and eventually moer g-forces as Haldor lands in a crouch. The young onmyouji is a bit disoriented, but she still recovers quickly spying the half a dozen tengu before her. Her eyes widen as she pulls out a few ofuda, staring one down for any signs of weakness, but as usual, the jugular will do. She looks back towards Haldor and waggles her brows, not speaking at all as she waggles her brows and crouches on the ground as she pulls out an ofuda.

A wry grin curls onto her lip before she throws two razorsharp pieces of paper towards it's neck. Hopefully one will be down before the fight even starts..

And the ofuda fly through the air towards the unsuspecting tengu warrior. The razor sharp paper both cuts the jugular sending blood splattering everywhere as there's one down with a quick kerthunk, blood spilling out everywhere before his entire body shrivels up into another wooden mask with his terrible visage and long nose once more…

Haldor blurs into motion only after he's sure that Maia and Drake are both free of his armored person. The Viking draws his drumsticks from, well, you can't really tell where they came from; there's too much armor in the way. Ice crackles into existence under Haldor's feet as he ramps into the air and banks around.

For a moment, just a moment, one might be able to mistake Haldor's ice ramp for a wyvern straight out of Lord of the Rings. Its wings are made of frigid smoke rising from the edges of the growing serpent of ice as Haldor streaks around the tengu. Abruptly, the Viking launches free of the ice and descends toward one of the central tengu as Maia's ofuda cleave through the jugular of a tengu at the outskirts of the cluster.

The Viking's twin swords flash in a flurry of movement as Haldor attempts to kill what appears to be the 'lead' tengu guardsman in an intimidating blur of deadly steel. In fact, Maia might get the distinct impression that Haldor is attempting to slash an 'H' for Haldor into the tengu's body.

A bloody 'H' appears, carved into the tengu's chest before it collapses backward. It hits the ground and does not move again, clearly one dead bird. Haldor doesn't stop moving though. Quite simply, there is neither time nor anything to gain in stopping his motion.

With a roar, the Viking whirls around, his edges blurring with the speed of the motion. His eyes, peering out from the shadows of his armored helm, fix on the pair of tengu standing before him. The Viking whirls his Viking long swords around in his hands once before stepping toward both crow-sword-masters.


Haldor summons up his strength, swinging his left blade high enough to make an honest attempt at beheading the tengu. The right hand blade, however, is drawn back before being thrust forward, aimed just about where some sort of vital organ should be hidden by ribs. Lungs. Heart. Stomach. Under those ribs, there's something vital that should not be pierced that Haldor fully intends upon piercing.

Maia and Drake have a great view of Haldor running a tengu completely through upon a Viking long sword. Fortunately they don't get to see the utterly shocked expression on the tengu's face as the pommel of Haldor's sword *THUMP*s solidly into its gut.

They also get a good view of Haldor's other sword neatly cleaving through the neck of a second tengu more or less simultaneous to the blade erupting from the back of the other tengu. Needless to say, blood sprays in all directions from the swordplay. Spatters of blood land on Haldor's golden armor, giving the sun on his chestplate the appearance of possessing sunspots for a few moments.

A mighty kick knocks the one tengu free of Haldor's sword a moment before both tengu explode in sprays of smoke that joins the plume rising from the tengu behind Haldor, the one he killed but a moment before them. Three tengu masks clatter to the ground under the pillars of black smoke, kicking up some dust from the ground as well.

The two remaining tengu look at the remaining Scions and blinks a little. They caw a bit amongst themselves as they decide their options. There's the big redhead who just killed three in three seconds, then there's the young girl who killed just one with..paper. So who are they to go for? The big guy who can slash them into little itty bitty pieces or fight the girl who can KILL THEM WITH PAPER.

It's a tough decision, a really tough one, but they're going to risk it on the girl who kills with paper. They pulls out both their swords and slash towards Maia..and her little puppy too…

There's two tengu that start going towards her and she lets out a yelp as she ducks and weaves beneath one of the sword swipes at it just cuts a few strands of her hair as she ducks down.

Then there's the swipe of the sword that's trying to go down, and with dexterity and grace, she arches back and kicks up with her legs doing a handstand before jumping up to her feet once more.

Maia dusts her self a bit as she chews on her bottom lip and lets out a soft chuckle of amusement as she grins towards the two. "You know…you just made my boyfriend very angry. attacking me usually gets him all sorts of mad…I'd so hate to be in your place right now.." she says with a wry grin curling onto her lips as she pulls out an ofuda.

A breeze passes by as her eyes widen. Soon the sound of a spirits voices can be heard as she starts to mutter something softly under her breath. "Kami of the katana, do not work for the Titanspawn..refuse them and help us. Become so heavy they cannot carry you.." she whispers softly.

Eventually, there's a bit more cawing as the katanas in the tengu's hands become heavier and heavier. Eventually they fall to the ground leaving the tengu unarmed….

"Boys. Boyds?"

Haldor's eyes have narrowed to slits, virtually imperceptible under the shadows of his helmet. He takes one step forward after another, patiently and inexorably moving after the tengu. Under his feet the ground freezes and cracks under the strain of each plodding footstep.

"Fuck it."

A snarl echoes out from under Haldor's helmet, the Viking adjusting his grip on the swords in his hands. Inexorably, Haldor moves forward, icicles starting to rise up from the ground behind each footstep.

"You two just made the worst decision you could ever have come up with."

Without warning, Haldor blurs into motion. In his wake, there is a wave of frozen earth that has shattered under the tremendous force of his passing. Haldor's blurry form suddenly rises into the air, following the path of an almost suicidally stee- scratch that. It is indeed a suicidally steep ramp that Haldor streaks up at full speed. At the top, his momentum carries him off and into the air where he flips endlessly through the air as he descends toward the tengu, long swords having turned into twin labrys somewhere along the way.

"You tried to kill my girlfriend and my dog. What the fuck did you think I was going to do? Not kill you like the bitches you are?"

Both dual-bladed axes cleave through the skulls of their intended tengu like hot knives through room temperature butter. Maia can watch as increasing amounts of background are visible between halves of the tengus' bodies… Or she can look away, because c'mon. Her boyfriend just cleaved a pair of giant bird-men in two with axes. Grody to the max.

"Bitches. Can't even focus on the guy who wants to fight them."

Johanssen offers up a cruel laugh as Haldor snorts at the slain tengu. Twin plumes of smoke rise from their bodies as their ugly masks clatter to the frozen ground.

With the two smokie masks on the ground, Maia lets out a soft sigh under her breath as she looks around and checks up on the little puppy in her little baby carrier made from Haldor's hoodie. There's an impish giggle as she pets the puppy gently before she looks up towards the approaching Viking.

"I don't know what to be more amazed with. You being that good or Drake being asleep still.."

She winks and waggles her brows as she heads on over, giggling impishly the entire time as she hops up for a kiss.

That's when all of a sudden, they're surrounded by a fire…OMGWTFBBQ?

Haldor wraps his arms around Maia, faceplate peeling back to allow the young couple to share a brief smooch. It is, of course, very brief because they are suddenly surrounded by fire. Water rains down around them and muddies random tracts of earth around them as the flames rapidly melt Haldor's ice.

"Oh come on. A boss battle?"

"I believe you asked for a challenge.."

Maia grumps a little looking around them as she wrinkles her nose. The heat most definitely wakes up the little pup as he starts barking, squirming in the little makeshift carrier. She reaches down to try to calm down the puppy as she looks up and spies yet another tengu.

This one is different from the others, he seems quite human looking though he's dressed in red robes. He chuckles softly as he stares down the two Scions, the fire still surrounding them for the most part.

"I need to learn to keep my big damn mouth shut," mutters Haldor to Maia. He leans his head back, the faceplate snapping shut a moment later. The Viking looks up at the daitengu in red robes, blues eyes fairly blazing as studies the apparent NEW CHALLENGER.

"So you are the two pathetic Scions whom Sojobo sent to dispose of me from his monastary.." the daitengu says with clear amusement on his features. "No one will defeat me..I am Taimatsu-Maru! New King of the Tengu Nation!" he cries out, flexing his arms as he jumps down and starts approaching the two, snickering softly under his breath as he walks through the circle of fire completely unharmed. "Since I'm nice..I'll stand guys..just try..just try to hurt me.." he challenges.

Meanwhile, Maia just stares for a few moments before looking up towards Haldor, not quite sure what to do.

"Let me just see if I've got this straight, Ty Matt Sue?"

Maia might not be able to tell if Haldor is intentionally being insulting to Taimatsu-Maru or if he's just having trouble with the pronunciation. Haldor is just one of those guys after all; but more importantly, the Viking takes one step forward as he sizes up the daitengu from inside of his armor.

"You're going to stand right there. You're going to stand there and let us hit you. But you're confident that you are sufficiently super-badass enough that we cannot harm you."

Haldor casts a glance over his shoulder at Maia. It is a faintly suspicious glance. Apparently the Viking doesn't like this. He doesn't like this one bit. Perhaps because it reeks of trap.

"What happens if we do hurt you?"

A soft chuckle of amusement escapes from the daitengu's lips. He stares down the two Scions and nods, bowing his head towards them.

"I am sufficiently super-badass enough, as you say. Oh..people these days.." he says with a soft sigh, giving the couple a dismissive wave. "I don't think you can handle me at my full strength afterall, so I am giving you your chance. One strike each..then I will fight.." he says with a wicked grin on his lips.

Maia swallows nervously just a bit as she chews on her bottom lip and mulls things over. She looks towards Haldor and takes a deep breath as she starts whispering towards him. "We have to give it everything we've got then. We have to take him out in two from you and one from me..anything less and I think we're screwed.."

"Yeah. Pretty much," comments Johanssen.

"You're not helping," grouses Haldor. The Viking gently strokes Maia's cheek with one armor-plated hand. She can all but see the smile behind Haldor's faceplate. It's an encouraging one, he has faith in her.

"Nothing to it, but to do it, Maia. You give it your all. I'll give it my all too. We took down that Beverager Whisperer guy, we can take down this guy too."

Both hands come together, twin axes turning into a single labrys of tremendous size. For the moment, Haldor summons up his strength. After what seems an eternity of internal meditation, Haldor lets out a deep breath and looks to Maia.

"When you're ready, let's kill this son of a bitch."

"He was a Scion of Sobek..not Sobe<TM>"

Maia lets out a soft chuckle of amusement as she leans in and kisses Haldor's armor-plated hand. She sighs a little and looks towards the rather arrogant and cocky creature as she squints her eyes and stares at him. She takes a deep breath as she brings out of ofuda once more, charging them up until they're razor sharp once more. Soon, Haldor will hear her voice in his head…

«The neck is their weakest spot. We have to strike at exactly the same time, exactly the same place, but we should have him gushing from the neck down if we do so. So…we need to coordinate..»

The young onmyouji continues to look towards the daitengu and chews on her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through her hair and mutters a soft prayer under her breath. There's a soft plea to the spirits once more and she closes her eyes. The spirits respond to her plea, whispering to her once more as it seems her ofuda become even sharper, responding to her plea. After a few moments she looks back towards him and grins wryly.

"I think we can do it.."

The Viking can't see the spirits at work. He often feels like he's just lucky to be able to pick up their sounds at the fringes of his ability to hear whenever Maia does things that invoke the spirits to her aid or the enemy's detriment. Right now though, the Viking gets the sense that he can almost feel the spirits at work, sharpening the blades of his enchanted weapon. Motes of dust in the air seem almost to split in twain as they come in contact with a cutting edge.

"Maia. I'm telling you. Right here, right now. /WE/, you and me, can do anything. This guy? Tyler Matthew MarySue or whatever the fuck his name is? He doesn't stand a goddamned chance against us. Now let's kick his fucking ass."

One of Haldor's armor-booted feet thumps solidly against the ground. It might take Maia a moment, but the Viking is very clearly laying down the bassline for the coming attack. All she needs to do is keep time with him, which shouldn't be a problem now that Haldor's laid it down for her.

The prayerstrips in her hand are so sharp that even touching them already causes her own skin to split open, her own drops of blood splitting down towards the ground. A wry and almost predatory grin curls onto her lips as she looks towards Haldor and nods, as the pain simply goes away. She's on an adrenaline rush, and her fight or flight response is in full effect. Right now, it's time to fight..for her very life it seems as she brings her hands back, her blood spilling onto her white sundress before she looks towards Haldor and nods.

«3… 2… 1…. now!»

And she throws the ofuda as hard as she can towards the neck of the daitengu, knowing that Haldor can move fast enough to keep up with the razor sharp ofuda as it slices through the air…

Maia has the lead beat. Haldor has the down beat. That is simply the way the timing has to be for this to work just right. A blur of motion follows in the wake of those ofuda, Haldor's gold-armored body moving at blazing speeds as he keeps up with the beat he's laid down for this attack.

With a roar of every emotion that he can summon to his aid, Haldor wrenches his axe around in a tremendous over-hand arc. Light gleams off of the razor edge of his axe, seemingly cleaving the light in twain as it sails rapidly toward the King of the Tengu's delicious exposed neck, aiming to cleave out a mighty chunk of flesh in conjunction with Maia's obscenely sharp ofuda.

Haldor's axe cleaves into daitengu flesh from above and to the side as Maia's ofuda smoothly slide between cell membranes. For a moment, less than a fraction of a second really, there is some resistance in the Tengu King's body. Tension passes from his body though as blood starts squirting out of either side of his neck from the dual ofuda wounds.

Meanwhile, Haldor's axe continues digging a savage, yet impossibly clean trench diagonally across Taimatsu-Maru's neck. Bone and flesh are all at the same height, none of it extending past the reach of any other piece of body. Smoke starts to plume up from the daitengu's body as Taimatsu-Maru's furious, raging, insatiable spirit wrenches itself free of its dying body.

Just in time too. Taimatsu-Maru's head hits the ground about a second after his spirit frees itself. In just as much time, the spectre disappears from sight, whisked to the depths of the astral planes. Haldor kicks the body that is starting to smoke away into nothing like its followers… Save at a significantly reduced pace comparatively speaking.

And there's a bright flash of light as soon as the head is chopped off. It's Amaterasu heading towards the pair, and with her is the elderly Sojobo, hobbling along as well. They both seem quite pleased and soon the red robes are picked up and folded before the goddess hands them to the true king of the tengu.

"Thank you.." he says, bowing deeply towards the both of them. There are a few cuts on his form, but for the most part, he seems perfectly healthy. He is one of the most powerful tengu alive, as to why he didnt take care of Taimatsu-Maru..who knows? "You have disposed of my son, and for that I am pleased. He had given himself to the Titans, serving the Tragic Death.." and there's that name once more.

Amaterasu beams brightly as she walks towards Maia and places her fingertips on the young onmyouji's forehead. Soon, she glows with a bright light as her magatama ring gains two more tomoe, this time a clear diamond and a dark deep blue one. She shivers a little, but after thelight fades, she seems changed. Her features have changed just a little as she seems to take a bit more of her mother's godly features, and she even has a closer resemblance to the woman in red from before. Soon enough, the sun goddess speaks once more.

"You have done well, and now Sojobo will be your instructor. He will teach you how to use your new gifts.." and soon she looks towards Haldor taking a deep and low bow. "While I cannot impart your second visitation, I am sure you have done your father proud as well. Do take care…more dangers await you especially if you truly want to know the secret of why we destroyed Atlantis.." she says before disappearing in a bright light.

"… Second visitation?"

Haldor, his golden armor folding itself back up into its shield state, casts a puzzled look at Sojobo. Clearly the elderly daitengu will be able to translate for Haldor. No offense to Maia, but sometimes the Viking just doesn't quite get what she says when it comes to stuff like this.

"Nice seeing you again, Amaterasu. Ma'am."

"What that means, my boy.." Sojobo says as he meanders over, letting out another soft chuckle under his breath as he pats Haldor's shoulder gently. "Is that you're dating a demigoddess.." he says with a bright smile as he bows low before Maia once more. "And I will be her mentor..but I will be available to your entire band if you need it." With that he takes the robe and starts to put it on, letting out a soft sigh.

Maia looks back towards Haldor, letting out an impish chuckle as she's still slightly glowy, but soon that dies down. She wrinkles her nose and runs her fingers through her hair. She's changed just a bit. Her hair is longer, and she's dressed in a kimono of red and white instead of her earlier white sundress. She heads towards Haldor and lets out an impish giggle, "I think my mom was saying that your dad will come and do something too.." and she points down at her ring, now a complete circle with the four tomoe.

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