My Fair Lady Pt 1


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Scene Title My Fair Lady - Pt 1
Synopsis Oh wouldnt it it be loverly…if people wouldn't melt?


It's a beautiful evening and Maia was called out to go to one of the Buddhist/Shinto Shrines in the middle of Chinatown. she's dressed properly in her Shrine Maiden kimono, colored in white and red. Her hair is tied up in a French pliat, and she beams brightly, quite excited to go resume some of her duties as a priestess in training once more.

Of course, she's dragged Haldor along, and she looks up towards him curiously. "I hope they have food..they usually have food at temples..maybe they'll have food.."

"I get the impression that you're hungry, Maia. Are you hungry? Maybe a little bit?"

Haldor smiles playfully at her, licking his lips a little bit as he notices a hibachi grill place that they're passing. Even so the Viking offers a gentle squeeze to her arm as he follows along obediently in his best fitting black pants, a black dress shirt, and a black sport coat that he may have picked up for irony's sake originally. For reasons he refuses to disclose, he also had some black dress shoes in rear bottom of his closet that he's managed to shunt his feet into.

Can't very well go to a special ceremony and make a bad impression on the community. That being said, his hair is gelled and spiked, creating a cascading, almost DBZ-style effect that is a bit more low key than his usual thug-punk spikes or towering inferno.

"Well yeah..I mean, hibachi grill, and not eating yet…gah.."

Maia grumps a little, having needed to fast for the ceremony as she wrinkles her nose and enters the stone garden in front of the temple. She sighs softly, most definitely at ease as it reminds her of home. She sighs contentedly and for a bit..looks even homesick for a bit.

"I kinda wanna visit home right now. Would you go with me?" she asks curiously, as people are gathering in front of the temple.

"I'd go pretty much anywhere with you, Maia. I thought I'd established that with the whole Underworld trip thing."

Gently he pats her on the shoulder, Haldor glancing back toward the hibachi place for a moment. Quickly he looks back to her and smiles cheerily, "Just not right this minute. You have things to do and I have to watch."

There's a bright smile on her features as she awwws and wraps her long sleeves around his arm, giving him a gond squeeze. She hops up to steal a quick kiss on his lips before she chirps brightly.

"You're too good to me, Mr. Englund. And you dressed quite formally is's pretty hot.." she whispers, waggling her brows as they step towards the edge of the temple. It's suppose to be serent, but instead there's chaos or something just as digusting. Where there were people, they start melting into a black goo, and a man dressed in well..nothing stands in the middle of the temple.

He's naked as the day he was born, his well muscled body being shown off. Atlanteans didnt like clothes ya know. As the people melt into goo, he grins wryly and starts to gather it towards himself before he peers towards the couple. They're not melting..WTF?

Haldor starts to reply to Maia when he is suddenly made aware of Atlantean wing-wong. The Viking blinks a few times, jaw working open and closed as he tries to find his voice. It takes him a few moments before, rather abruptly, he starts speaking jibberish and has to pause.

Only then does he notice that people are melting and being summoned to naked guy's body. Haldor arches a red eyebrow and glances at Maia. A moment later he looks back toward Naked Man #1, eyebrow still arched.

"Look. If you want my boots, my pants, my jacket, and my sunglasses, I really don't think they're going to give you that badass Ahnohld look that you're clearly trying to get."

Maia just blinks blankly for a few moments. She wrinkles her nose and just stares towards the Atlantean though her gazes doesnt wander down to his wing wond. She gags a little at the sight, even though the Atlantean is muscley and hunky. She just looks towards Haldor with a bit of worry before she watches as more and more people melt until there is just black goo everywhere.

What comes out of the Atlantean's mouth is gibberish. He's completely not understandable by either of them as he solidifies the black goo into a weapon and a spear in front of him. Presumably they're poisonous weapons and he points towards the couple menacingly.


One can almost hear that classic Scooby-Doo noise spring forth into the air in Haldor's voice to go with the expression that spreads over his face as the Atlantean makes goo weapons and points them, with malice, at himself and Maia. He holds up both hands, hissing over his shoulder.

"Johanssen. A little cover? Crazy naked guy with black goo weapons and gibbering at me."

Hopefully the shield is awake and interprets that as a sign to armor up.

Of the various words that come out of the naked man's mouth, the word Scion can be easily understood. Even in old languages that don't even exist anymore, that word still has..well very similar pronounciation. He points towards the two that are unaffected by the miasma and eventually the dark goo forms a black armor around him, making his appearance a bit more modest.

There's a sigh of frustration as he just stares trying to talk to them, and eventually he cries out in frustration, clutching the solidified black goo spear tightly, his knuckles going white.

"English…no.. good.." he manages to blurt out as he starts going through other languages. Then there's a bit of Norse and Japanese..hopefully Haldor and Maia understand bits of those more ancient forms of language as the words TWILIGHT OF THE GODS would hopefully be understood.

Maia just blinks blankly, still dumbfounded by the whole thing. She takes a deep breath and looks the man, canting her head to the side as she watches the engravings on the shield he formed. They're similar to the ones at the coffin and she lets out a soft gasp upon realizing it..

"Haldor..I think another Atlantean has awakened.."

It took some work to get Johanssen, the damned Shield, to fit just right under Haldor's sport coat. As the gibberish mounts, the word Scion coming up time and time again, golden plating starts spreading out from under Haldor's coat. Quickly it encompasses his lower body and engulfs his head in a proper golden helm fitting of a Viking Warrior. It takes a few moments longer to engulf the sport coat, but when it does, it makes him look really quite… Golden.

Haldor blinks a few times as he catches signs. Not many, but there are signs. Cues even that this Atlantean isn't quite what he seems. The Viking arches an eyebrow as he takes one armored step forward, light gleaming off of the Sun emblem engraved into his chestplate. A moment later the helmet's face shielding retracts, exposing Haldor's face as he stares at the guy.

"I heard Ragnarok and Scion. Slow down."

Haldor speaks slowly and loudly at the Atlantean, making gestures in an attempt to indicate 'slow down'. The Viking doesn't know a whole lot of Norse, though he does know a bit more than the average American might. You investigate these things when it's your heritage.

And there's a few more languages spouted even going as far as Habla Espanol. He groans a little and soon walks over towards one of the books out by the shrine and touches it, his eyes rapidly blinking for a few moments. Okay, he's absorbed Japanese, at least a bit of it for a bit. Too bad there isnt any Norse manuals for him to just absorb the language from. There's not much English around either, but alas, he starts speaking slowly…

"The Twilight of the Gods will come… for what they have done to us… all those years ago. I will get my revenge.. I call upon the powers of.. Death. You two.. will die. Atlantis will be redeemed.."

And that was Maia slowly translating blinking a little in the end as she looks up towards Haldor. She gets into a defensive position, bringing out a couple of ofuda before the papers and prayerstrips around the shrine start flying around. Her eyes widen a little as soon they start to form a dome around the shrine, not wanting anyone else to get in..or out.."Ofuda, henshin!" she cries out as she raises her hand in the air, the papers flying around until the dome is complete…

"Haldor…you can take out the Atlantean right? I'll make sure he doesnt escape.."

Haldor squints at the guy. When Maia finishes translating, his facemask automagically swings back around the helmet to link into place. The Viking snaps his wrists, drumsticks flying out of… Internal storage, one would imagine, for him to grasp. One hand brings a drumstick up to point at the Atlantean while Maia locks down the area.

By his side, the other drumstick has already shifted into a long sword. Haldor looks toward Maia for a moment, one red eyebrow visibly arched behind the faceplate of his helmet. For a moment, he doesn't reply, as though faintly insulted by the question.

"I've killed pretty much everything else that's crossed my path. This Ahnohld wannabe can't be any harder than one of the Corrupted."

"I don't want you to underestimate him, Haldor. We don't know his capabilities. He melted people. Just..please be careful. I didnt want you to get upset.."

And that's Maia again, wrinkling her nose as she continues to concentrate, paper flying in various directions as it continues to form the dome around the temple itself. It's an odd right as she leaves enough space in between the various sheets of prayer strips to let the moonlight in while making sure it's still secure so he can't get out. There's beads of sweat forming on her brows as she continues doing what she's doing and mutters a soft prayer under her breath.

Meanwhile, the Atlantean scoffs a little at the attempt to keep him in. There's a few insults uttered in Japanese as he looks towards the purifying shrine of the temple. He grins as he points towards it, the water moving out of the shrine until it solidifies into shards of ice.

With the flick of a wrist, four shards of ice start flying towards Haldor with incredible speed..

"I'll be careful. Cross my heart."

Maia can practically hear the playful, teasing smile under Haldor's helmet. He spins both of his long swords in his armored grip while watching the Atlantean and his terrible water/ice attacks. Calmly Haldor steps away from Maia, keeping the Atlantean from putting her in danger as well.

Incredible speed is, of course, relative. Haldor can move at ridiculous speeds and is getting quite used to doing so. As a result, he darts backward, letting ice *WHUMP* *WHUMP* *WHUMP* *WHUMP* into the ground in sequence as the Viking nimbly evades. With every nimble dodge, Haldor summons more and more of his power until he simply blurs out of sight.

Quite abruptly, Haldor blurs back into sight, speeding toward the Atlantean's face at almost psychotic rates of speed. As Haldor draws near, his forward motion becomes more confusing, Haldor quickly starting to spin his body around and around like a to- Correction. Like a Beyblade. Dodging might become a matter of a close shave for the Atlantean.

Beyblade attacking persists for a few moments before Haldor suddenly stops, planting a foot on the ground as he whirls his upper body toward the black goo armored Atlantean, one long sword extended like a pike. What a boxer would call a bodyblow, Haldor is adapting for use with a sword as he channels the full force of his divine heritage into a single devastating strike.

A second later, Haldor is swinging in the other direction with his other long sword, aiming to cleave a trench clear across the Atlantean's armor. In the same motion, Haldor is also wrenching his first sword free of whatever he might have thrust it through in the first place.

Sparks fly off of every grazing impact of Haldor's whirling blades against the Atlantean's black armor. A few land on Haldor's golden armor, setting the whole armor a-sparkling as he whirls in a cyclone of death. Haldor emerges from the blow without a wound to his morale. That was just probing the Atlantean's defenses.

The Viking plants his foot and hurls his ridiculous momentum behind his next strike, embued with all the awesome might of his heritage, and his blade sends up a shriek of metal-on-metal carnage as it punches through onyx armor and into the bare flesh underneath. Haldor twists the blade savagely, spider-webs of cracks spreading out through the front of the Atlantean's armor, chips falling to the ground between their bodies.

Yet Haldor isn't finished yet. He torques his body in the opposite direction, wrenching the first sword free with a sickening *SCHLURP* and several metallic *klnkklnkklnk*s as more chips of the armor fall to the ground. The final blow is terrible, metal shrieking as Haldor shreds the mangled armor and carves a bloody trench across the Atlantean's flesh beneath.

Moments later, as Haldor finishes his slash, the Atlantean is sent spinning away from Haldor with the incredible momentum transfer of the slash. Beyblade indeed.

There's the terrible slashing of metal against metal. The sparks can be seen even from where the young onmyouji is standing, and she squicks just a bit at the sickening SCHLURP of metal cutting through flesh. She blinks a little, staring at the sight for a few moments, blinking blankly.

The body is bloody and completely mangled. The Atlantean has fallen, but to her senses she sees a white skeleton like silhouette standing above the downed body. It looks towards her with a mischevious grin as it starts to rise up from the ground away from the body.

The body itself starts to melt back into a black goo as well. As the black goo starts to disappear, it seems that the Atlantean was an old Japanese man dressed in a similar kimono to what Maia is wearing. Presumably he was the priest of the shrine before the skeleton like silhouette took him over.

"Haldor! He's escaping!" she cries out as she points to the skeleton spirit starting to move up. "Ofuda henshin!" she cries out, forming an immaculate white paper sword and throws it towards the Viking. "It's right above you!"

"He's bleeding on the ground and turning into a little old Japanese gu-"

Haldor cuts himself off as the ofuda sword sails over to him. The Viking catches the sword in one hand, his drumsticks melding together into a medium-sized axe in the other hand. For a moment, Haldor blinks at the blade, testing its weight compared to the axe in his other hand. With a shrug, Haldor crouches down and tenses his muscles.

In the next moment, Haldor is sailing straight upward after the skeleton he cannot see. The Viking whirls in air, white paper blade drawn along as a slashing, cleaving, carving weapon with which he tries to kill that which he cannot see. Most important of all, this looks like some sort of sword shoryuken. A ken-shoryuken perhaps?

Haldor can vaguely feel the most tenuous of tension and drag as he rips the ofuda blade through the skeleton. The Viking sails just past it as an enormous burst of white light flares into existence on the physical plane. If Haldor had been able to look down, he might have been blinded at this distance.

As it stands, the dazzling light display reflects off of his armor and sends swirling patterns of brilliant golden light across the inside of the ofuda dome. Haldor crashes to the ground a moment or so later, just as the light is dimming and so to does the dazzling golden light show off of his armor.

"Good job, Johanssen. Time to close up shop, I think."

There's the bright light, and Maia blinks a little, trying to shield her senses as the dazzling display passes. And then there's the kerthunk as Haldor lands on the ground with a metallic clink.

Her eyes widen at the sight as she looks around at the carnage and death around the area, sighing a little as she rushes towards her beau. There's clear concern on her features as she looks down towards him, peering over him as she lets out a sigh of relief as he seems okay.

"You're okay, right, baby? I..I should perform a cleansing ritual of this will become a place of death if the spirits of those who died are not appeased.."

"I'm fine. I'm fine. Johanssen's just fine too," remarks Haldor as his golden armor retreats under his clothing. The Viking casts a glance or two around before returning his drumsticks to the sleeves of his sport coat. Somewhere in there he must have hidden compartments or something.

"Now go cleanse this place. We don't want the spirits of the dead wreaking havoc all over the place. Got enough of that already."

"And I'm sorry for underestimating you. I..I just worry sometimes, you's a girlfriend thing.."

Maia smiles warmly as she sighs softly, closing her eyes for a few moments as she heads towards the npurifying spring to wash her hands and slurp up a bit of the salt water before spitting it out, very much in the Shinto tradition. She sighs and starts dissolving the dome around the shrine as soon she closes her eyes and stands in the middle of the shrine.

The prayer strips whirl around her form as she lets out a soft prayer under her breath. Soon, whispers can be heard..spirits of the recently dead, and spirits of the kami of the shrine itself. They are all whispering back as the ofuda continue to surround her until she makes a motion with her hand towards the center, making a little shrine for those who had died that day.

She bows lowly before it, holding the low and deep bow for a minute or so. She finally takes a deep breath and eases on up and looks towards Haldor with a soft sigh under her breath. "I'll need to visit this Shrine once a month to appease the spirits..but if I do, things should be fine.."

Haldor lets out a deep breath as Maia completes the ritual. Quietly the Viking stands up from his seat outside of the temple and nods. For the moment, he doesn't speak. Probably he doesn't need to know, Maia can guess what's on his mind at this point. By and large it involves 'Why do these things keep happening?'

Well, there's the strong urge for XP and violence, but considering their mere presence twists the strands of fate..things like this happen all the time.

Maia heads out of the temple, bowing once more as she sighs softly before she eases down on next to him, resting her head on his shoulder, kissing it gently.

"I really think I can't put off visiting gramms off…this is serious.." she says softly while studying his features as she looks him over.

"This is getting fairly ridiculous, yes. I'm also going to assume that Naked Gibberish Man was also not an Atlantean Scion so much as an Atlantean ghost, which makes this night even more ridiculous. None of you guys told me that the fricking Atlanteans you were going on about were ghosts. I assumed they were just folks."

Haldor shakes his head a bit as he wraps his arm around Maia's shoulders. Quietly he leans his head against hers and nestles close with the Japanese love of his life. For the moment he remains quiet, pensive really, as he tries to keep Maia comfortable.

"I don't think the woman I was sent to assassinate was a ghost..I would've known then, but then again, I didnt know about this one.."

That causes her to mull a few things over for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she sighs and nestles against the well dressed and hunky Viking, kissing his cheek softly before she peers up towards him. Maia forces a smile to her lips as she wraps an aroun around his torso, giving him a fond squeeze.

"Then we're going to Japan ASAP. Mom sent me a letter…she wants me to go visit some monastary..and she said you should come too. she even approved of my choice and said that the Aesir should be happy as well.."

One red eyebrow arches at that assertion. The Viking squints at Maia for several moments before leaning in to zerbert her neck. Haldor lets out a soft sigh and shakes his head.

"When were you planning on telling me that little tidbit if this hadn't come up?"

Faintly, Haldor sounds wounded. Sure he's pleased that Amaterasu "approves" of him in Maia's life as he is, but hey. He didn't get told that or that Maia even got a letter from her mom. Haldor shakes his head again, glancing up the streets a ways.

There's a light impish giggle as she squirms and flails her arm at the zerbert on her neck. Maia wrinkles her nose and leans in to nip at his lips playfully, play biting on his lower lip before she looks into his eyes for a few moments.

"Well, after this ceremony to see how you liked it, but considering it didnt happen, I thought now would be good. She wants to meet you. But more importantly…dad wants to meet you. I hope your dad likes me..he seems like a pleasant know he kept on asking about you when we were talking in the audience.."

She chirps merrily as she leans in and nuzzles her nose against his own as she brushes her fingers against his cheeks, hrmming for a few moments.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"He's Thor. He likes everyone, even Loki. Loki may have pissed him off royally by cutting off Sif's hair and being a general douchebag sometimes, but Pop? Pop likes him anyway, I guarantee it. Deep down, under the annoyance."

Haldor sighs quietly and nestles against Maia again, smiling gently at her. For the moment, the Viking remains very quiet. There's something on his mind, but what is kind of a mystery. At the offer for him to open up, he just shrugs and offers a vague smile.

"There's something..I know it. So please..tell me?"

Maia offers a cheesy grin as she squeezes him fondly once more. She sighs a little, still peering towards him as she meets his piercing blue gaze and starts poking his sides playfully, trying to get him to open up a bit more.

"It's nothin'. Don't worry 'bout it."

Haldor squeezes Maia back, squirming and wriggling about as she pokes his sides. Gently the Viking wraps her up in his arms as he stands up again, holding her close and warm. The Viking plants a sweet kiss on her lips and starts walking back toward that hibachi restaurant.

"C'mon. Let's get some damn food. Shit's not going to explode out of our food to eat our souls, is it?"

"I hope not..I don't even think stuff can burst out of food at a hibachi place.."

Maia muses the question for a few moments as she's picked up and giggles happily, beaming brightly the entire time. She looks into his eyes and leans in and nuzzles her nose against his own as she kisses him softly, letting the kiss linger for a few moments.

"I hope you're not upset with me for not telling you bout mom's letter till now.."

"I'm not upset with you. A little hurt that you didn't tell me. Here I am, afraid that… I don't know. A solar flare is going to inexplicably reach down through the atmosphere and atomize me or I'm going to find out that I'm wanted in Japan or something."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, smooching Maia lightly on the lips. In spite of this, he keeps a steady footing as he walks toward the hibachi place, blue eyes fixed on hers.

"Good. I'd be a little mad if we couldn't even sit down to dinner without getting attacked by weirdness."

"I was going to tell you after this, but I'm sorry. I'll tell you the instant I get something, okay?"

Maia looks towards him a bit as she brushes her fingers against his cheeks at the kiss, letting it linger for a few moments. She sighs contentedly and pouts a little.

"So I hope you forgive me. I wouldnt dream of doing anything to make you upset or hurt you.." she admits ruefully, snugging close once more as they eventually reach the restaurant.

"You don't need to tell me the instant you get something, beautiful. But in a timely fashion would be nice. Finding out your mom thinks I'm a pretty alright dude? That would've made my day."

Haldor hugs Maia close, letting the kisses linger for a while as he waits outside of the hibachi's door. Slowly he settles her down on the ground again and leans in to kiss her forehead.

"Now. Dinner."

"Actually, she went beyond pretty alright dude. I believe her exact words were: I am very happy that you found someone worth fighting for. That's a pretty big compliment.."

Maia beams brightly as she nods in agreement, opening the door and leading the way in, asking for a small table near the back. Of course, they get it and she lets out a happy giggle while hooking her arm with his own.

"I'm really hungry..but I mentioned that already, didnt I?"

"See? That would have really made my day, Maia. You should've told me that."

Haldor takes Maia's arm and gives it a gentle squeeze as he escorts her to her table. Quickly he pulls out a seat and holds it until she's seated comfortably, at which point he takes his own seat beside her. Sneakily he pinches her butt as she mentions being really hungry.

"Might've come up once or twice."

"Well, I was hoping just being the most wonderful boyfriend in existence would've made your day.."

Maia grins wryly as she lets out a yelp at the playful pinch at her butt while sticking her tongue out towards him. She giggles softly as she eases on down and takes a deep breath as she looks around, wetting her lips a bit at the smells of the restaurant.

"But really..I just want to see you happy..that's all I need to make my day.."

"Knowing you're happy makes my day too… But sometimes finding something like that out can really make the day special, y'know? Not every guy finds out his gorgeous, smart, funny, and incredibly awesome girlfriend's mom thinks he's a good enough guy for her."

Haldor smiles warmly at Maia and shrugs a little. Can't be helped. That would have really made his day to know. It doesn't matter right now though, just being with Maia seems to have lifted his spirits.

"You are too good to me, Mr. Englund.." she beams brightly, her cheeks flushed with a bright tinge of red as she lets out a happy little giggle. Gasp, this is a date that isnt ending up in violence..cause well it happened already.

A waiter comes on buy, and there's a bit of chatting going on between the waiter and Maia. After a few moments he nods and bows before he heads off.

"I got us the house special..I figure that should be enough meat for you.."

Haldor doesn't reply, save to waggle his eyebrows at Maia.

Really, does he need to dignify that assessment with a vocal response?

Maia totally set herself up for that one, didnt she? she facepalms as she sees the playful waggling of his brows before she wrinkles her nose and sticks her tongue towards him. There's a few playful pokes on his sides as she lets out a hearty laugh.

"You are awful.." she says jokingly before leaning over to kiss him softly on the cheek. "But I love you anyway.."

"Love you too, beautiful," replies Haldor. He kisses her back on the cheek as he gets comfortable in his chair. Johanssen is grumbling, but Haldor mutters a few words to calm the spirit of the shield. It works well enough for now.

"I don't think he likes me.." she whispers softly, nuzzling her nose against his own as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. She giggles happily as she sighs contentedly as one of the teppanyaki chefs comes to their tables and gives the couple a bright smile.

"How are we doing today? Had a good day? It's going to get better, yes?" the chef asks with a happy smile starting to show off a bit of flare as he chops up the strips of beef on the grill.

Haldor grins at the chef and shrugs. "I'm pretty sure it could not possibly go downhill from here," he replies. The Viking patpats Maia's shoulder gently and murmurs quietly, "He just doesn't like being pressed against the chair. I told him to shift to a vest. It'd be easier on both of us."

An impish giggles ecapes from her lips as she wrinkles her nose and nods. "Well, remind him it's his job to protect you.." she whispers back softly as her hand moves down to his thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze.

The chef watches and quirks a brow as he places the now medium rare strips of beef up on their plates before startnig to chop up some vegetables. "Ahhh, young couple in love. So nice, so nice. How long have you been together?" he asks curiously. The chef is nosey.

Nosey chefs would normally not bother Haldor, but… There's something about the situation and the timing. One red eyebrow quirks as he regards the teppanyaki chef carefully. Haldor flexes a hand under the edge of the 'table' while he regards the chef carefully.

"A month or so. How long've you been doing teppanyaki?"

"A long time now..longer than you've been alive, boy.." the chef says with a merry little smile as he continues chopping up the vegetables, adding a bit of soy sauce and sesame oil here and there, the aromas filling the room. The chef studies Haldor for a few moments as he smiles once more and starts chopping up some chicken, doing a few flips of the spatulas before chopping away in a rhythmic fashion.

Maia just beams, completely oblivious to any tension as she picks up her chopsticks and raises them up cheerily. "Itadakimasu!" she chirps before taking a bite, omnoming.

That's… Remarkably non-specific. Aggravating and a bit insulting, but also not a typical answer to a quasi-conversational question. Haldor clenches his fist under the table's edge as he regards the older Japanese man thoughtfully.

"Really? You don't look that old. What are you really?"

"What a chef can't just serve food to the children of Amaterasu-omikami and Thor without being something other than a chef?" the chef says a bit insulted before his cheeks flush a bright tinge of red before he lets out a happy little laugh, still chopping up more food while letting out a soft chuckle under his breath. "I can't look at my niece and her boyfriend without rising suspicion? I am hurt.." he says with a bit of a pout.

That definitely catches Maia's attention, blinking a little. She has lots of uncles, at least on her mother's side anyway and just stares for a few moments, but considering his merry mood she just digs into the food a bit more.

"It's been kind of a long day. Also, so far, this is the first date we've been on that hasn't been interrupted by 'SURPRISE! Titanspawn!' Color me a little jaded," replies Haldor.

The Viking flashes a winning smile at the chef, spinning a chopstick on his index finger while he regards the Amatsukami. Haldor finally stops spinning his chopstick and picks up its mate as he works a little bit to get the hang of eating with it. Clearly he's done this before though, it doesn't take nearly so long as it might if he weren't accustomed, at least a little bit, to eating with chopsticks. Maybe it's all the practice with drumsticks though?

"I apologize."

"Ahhh, yes, I did hear about your encounters with the aptrganger. Very commendable that you were able to defeat it, quite a powerful creature.." the chef says with a sage nod, snickering softly as he smiles back towards Haldor. "Your mother was right by the way, this one is a keeper, so don't do anything stupid like your mother like running into a cave and refusing to come out just because he does something stupid. And you..learn my lesson, don't kill anything she holds dear..children of Amaterasu tend to hold grudges.." he stage whispers before letting out a hearty laugh of amusement.

Maia lets out a harumph, wrinkling her nose as she shakes her head and grumps a bit. "I do not hold grudges.." she says with a little pout, and so she just eats more food as it's put on their plates.

"And the killer rabbits at the zoo," is Haldor's quiet addition to the remark about the aprtgangers. He falls silent for several moments as he picks up some of the food and gets it to his mouth. There is a mixture of pleasure and 'Wow. I need this guy on speed dial!' etched on Haldor's face as he finishes omnomming the first mouthful.

"… Are you the Amatsukami of cooking? Because, seriously, this is amazing."

There's a hearty laugh from the chef as he shakes his head and snerks a little. "No..I don't believe there is one amongst the Amatsukami, though I suppose Inari is close.." he muses for a few moments, looking up towards the ceiling for a bit before he puts on some more chicken, flipping it here and there. "And no..I am Susano-O…despised brother of dear Amaterasu.." and then he pauses for a few moments. " that me or Tsuki-Yomi…she holds so many grudges, I can't keep up sometimes.." he says with a bright smile.

There's a gasp as she realizes who it is and then just takes it all with a slight shrug of her shoulders, continuing to eat happily. He's a good cook afterall. Maia remains mum about her mother's disposition though.

Haldor listens intently, nodding a little bit while he savors the delicious, delicious Susano-O cooking. Seriously. You cannot possibly find mortals that cook this good without them being insane or… Wait a second.

"Well, this is probably the best meal I have ever had," Haldor pauses a moment as he savors some vegetables mixed into the meat, "Scratch that. This is /EASILY/ the best meal I have ever had."

" didn't like my sukiyaki?" Maia grumps a little as her bottom lip trembles a little before she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she nods in agreement. "/Almost/ as good as mom's.." she says with a wry grin as she looks towards the god/chef.

"Nice save there.." the chef replies, snickering softly as he looks towards the young onmyouji for a bit as he looks back towards Haldor. "But..asides from cooking cute couplesin love fine meals, I did come here for a reason.."

Haldor and Johanssen sigh in unison. If Susano-O doesn't know much about Johanssen, that might come across as a little weird. The Viking fills his mouth with some OMG! SO SCRUMPTIOUS! chicken and vegetables along with some precariously balanced rice. Meanwhile Johanssen curiously inquires for Haldor.

"We're going to have to kill something for you, aren't we?"


There's even a blink a little from the chef as he hears the voice and looks towards Haldor, "That's some good ventriloquism there.." he says with a wry grin, beaming brightly the entire time. "But no, I can kill my own Titanspawn thank you..I like coming down here every now and then. I'm checking up on one of my own daughters right now..she turns five tomorrow.." he beams brightly, a lecherous smile on his features. "Actually, I was hoping if the both of you could help my other daughter..I believe she has a huge crush on a Scion of Aphrodite, and well..I don't like him. I'd rather she find someone nice and strapping like your beau you know anyone who I can set her up with.."

"…." Maia just stares at Susano-O for a few moments as if he's kidding. He came down to ask them to help find a date for his daughter? She sits there just eating, ot quite sure what to say…

Haldor chokes on his rice.

Johanssen laughs, though it's not clear if he's laughing at Haldor's misfortune or Susano-O's proposition.

It takes the Viking a few moments to clear his throat and lungs of food. He takes a long sip of water and blinks a few tears away as he peers at Susano-O.

"You'd… Like us to set your daughter up on a date?"

"Well of course! I hate my sister just going on and on about you saying how Maia is so lucky. The bitch gets annoying at times.." he grumps as he hrmms for a few moments, running his fingers through his hair as he looks towards the couple. "Surely you know someone who would be eligible, right? I mean, you can easily ask Eric about her..they're in the same band. I just want her to get over that awful lecherous Donnie Rhodes.." he says with clear distaste in his features.

Maia's still quiet for a few moments as she looks towards the Viking and purses her lips a bit. She's letting Haldor handle this completely..

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