Mr Brockovich Pt 2



Scene Title Mr Brockovich Pt 2
Synopsis A murder at the theatre of Dionysus!

Theatre of Dionysus

The Theatre of Dionysus is a stately and beautiful landmark, a remnant of ancient drama at the foot of the Acropolis. While it's technically closed this evening, Gene managed to talk his way past the guards, the camera bouncing against his chest lightly as he walks down the racked stone tiers of the dish-shaped theatre to appreciate the ancient ruins. Hey, he can be as much of a tourist as anyone else.

And be a tourist he is! There's not much going on, at least initially. It's near closing time for the sight and he's been left to his own devices for now. Minerva has to properly show her appreciation for being saved afterall.

And so, everything is all quiet, until there's a high pitched scream! There was supposed to be a show this evening, Medea. But behind the curtains there'sa woman who shrieks in horror with blood on her hands..

Whoa. Gene's head jerks up, his eyes widening at the scream, and then he's moving - leaping from one tier of steps to the other in a blur of speed and motion, finally bounding up onto the stage. Faster than a speeding bullet! Well, maybe not quite that fast.

The woman is visibly shaken. She's the actress for Medea and she trembles a little as she falls to her knees sobbing. She sobs and just cries terribly..

"Hey, hey…" Gene steps over beside the woman, reaching out a hand to her shoulder, his voice gentle, "… what's wrong, miss? Is everything all— " He pauses, then switches to his pidgit greek, which he's been working on since arrival. He's smart, he picks things up fast. Plus, Rosetta Stone! "<Are you all right?>"

"Jason…someone killed him!" she says looking back towards the curtains where there's blood pooling out from the door. This is all in Greek of course and she wipes the blood off her dress.

At least they're pretty simple words, so Gene can follow along. "Shit," he says, in unmistakable English, stepping away from her and heading for the curtains — brushing them aside, he reaches for the door. A pause, and he drops a hand to his gun, before pulling it open.

And there lays the body of the actor with curly brown hair. There's a knife sticking out of his back as it seems the police have already been called considering the manager of the show is backstage as well, raising a brow as she spies Gene entering.

"Huh. Someone is dead," Gene observes mildly, considering the body before looking up to the manager - a quick smile's flashed, and he pulls the press pass out, flashing it and noting in Greece, "Press. What happened?"

"I know that.." the young woman says as she's dressed in sexy librarian chic, her hair tied up in a bun as she gets off her cellphone. "Gina was too scared to call the police so that's what I did. I have no idea..i was about to arrive when I see her running out screaming and there's a knife in his back.." she says with a bit of annoyance in her tone.

"You don't look terribly shocked," notes Gene, pulling out his camera to take a picture of the body. Then he lifts it to take a picture of the woman, adding after hitting the flash, "And you are?"

"Reverie Gerasimos.." the young woman says peering towards Gene as she extends her hand out towards him and she shakes her head once more. "Let'ssee..Iwas shocked the first time our Jason was killed. I was shocked even the second, third and fourth times. Fifth time? Well..not so shocked anymore."

"Gene Horkos." A step over, and Gene reaches out to clasp the offered hand. He arches a brow, "…a cursed play? Now there's a cliche for you."

"I know, right? That's why I'm not all that surprised. We have four Medeas in lockup and all of them proclaim their innocense. This was the understudy from the one before..and now she's sobbing like a madwoman.." Reverie replies with a bit of annoyance before she shrugs her shoulders once more. "But that's acting for you..everyone's a bitch."

"You're a terribly callous woman. I think I'd like you to be my first ex-wife, you could play the part excellently," Gene observes, taking another picture of the scene and looking around, "Anyone else here but you thre… two?"

"I don't think so..the show wasnt going to happen for another hour.." reverie replies, raising her brows as she looks Gene over and snickers softly and grins wryly. "Well, I'm originally from LA, so I play callous quite well."

"Ah, that explains it," Gene chuckles, shifting to English and flashing over a grin, "New York City." He looks about backstage, asking, "Mind if I take a look around?"

"Go ahead…though don't touch anything. Normally I'd tell you to keep away from a crime scene, but well, you's the fifth it's happened in three months.." she grumps, most definitely annoyed as she starts to head off.

"I'll cover it for a paper," replies the journalist easily, "Cops are used to running us off." That said, he crouches down beside the body to examine the knife, though not to touch it.

This is something he probably already knows. Who killed Jason? Images will flash before his eyes as he touches the knife. The sobbing woman, Medea..she killed Jason, in bloody passion before running out screaming.

Of course..this just happens to be the knife that was used to kill the previous four Jasons as well…

"So why didn't the police pick it up?" It's a rhetorical question, as Gene looks up with a frown, gaze sweeping over the stage. Hm. Someone's doing this, and he doubts it's the murderesses themselves… for now, he pushes up to his feet, heading out to see if 'Medea' is still there.

Medea is still sobbing outside though blood has been removed from her hands. Perhaps she washed her hands while Gene went and investigated the scene. And there she is speaking with the policemen who arrived on scene as she's confessing. "He..we were dating and he found someone else..I…I had to..I'm sorry.." she sas, sobbing the entire time as she's brought away from the scene..

"Same ol' story…" Gene's lips purse as he watches her drawn away, his head shaking ever so slightly as he looks back over the theatre, "Well. It's a theatre, alright, but I think someone's running a different kind of play here… interesting."

The theatre itself seems normal. It's a large amphitheater type and it's been around forever. The 'backstage' setup is the only thing new added, and there's just grass growing around….people are being ushered off by the stagemanager as she sighs and shakes her head once more..

"So," asks Gene, strolling along over to the manager, "Reverie… when did all of this start, anyway? When you started producing the play here?" A glance over the stage, "And did all of them have their 'Jason' cheat on them?"

"No, the play has been happening for as long as I can remember. It's interspersed with other tragedies like Oedipus, Antigone and all those.." Reverie says with a soft sigh as she runs her fingers through her hair while looking towards him, clearly frustrated. "And as far as I could tell, this Jason and that Medea were the first to have an off stage romance.."

"So the murders only started during this particular stint?" Gene's brow furrows a bit as he looks over the theatre, musing, "Has… anything changed from the last time the play went on?"

"As far as I know, not really. I mean we always do the offering to the gods before the play starts, you for Bacchus. But this time, since the economy and all, I said not to do it.." she says matter of factly, wrinkling her nose as she stretches her arms out into the air.

"That explains it…" Gene's fingers squeeze the bridge of his nose, "…okay. What's the traditional offering, just… any sort of wine, or is there some specifics to it?"

"A drunken orgy. Sex on the stage. That was the traditional offering.." Reverie replies as she shakes her head and facepalms a bit as she oyes at the thought of it all.

" is what the people have been doing the past couple hundred years or so, and we just didnt get the specific consecrated wine. I got wine in a box.." she admits ruefully, raising her brows. "Why do you ask?"

"Aren't you superstitious?" Gene's brows both lift at Reverie, and he grins a touch, "You don't fuck with the gods, Reverie… not in a place named after them, and not in Greece. They're a jealous and violent bunch. Just look over there…" He looks to the spatter of blood on the stage, "…if you doubt it."

"Superstitious? We're in the twenty first century. Gods are oldhat.." Reverie says matter of factly as she quirks a brow as she peers towards Gene once more.

"…you've had five murders," Gene notes dubiously, one brow arching at her, "All in the same way, in the same place, because of an improper sacrifice. You really think that's a coincidence?" He flashes her a smile, head shaking, "Look, I'll go get some consecrated wine, and we'll hold the sacrifice to apologize. I'll get some extra. What can it hurt?"

"And all five Medeas have confessed.." Reverie emphasizes as she shakes her head as she hrmms and crosses her arms over her chest. "I have to find better actors..who arent psychopaths.." she grumps.

"Right." Gene smirks, quoting, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad… look, I'll buy the consecrated wine myself. Seriously, can it hurt anything? It's not as if I'm suggesting we try out the orgy idea."

It had crossed his mind.

Hey, it slipped her mind as well. She looks towards Gene for a few moments and sighs and shrugs her shoulders. "If it'll get rid of themurders, hell..I'll even do the's not like you're not good looking anyway.." she says with a dismissive wave.

"Make a guy feel good, why don't you…?" A grin from the journalist, and then he looks out and over the theatre, "Alright, where do you usually get the wine from? I'm sure there's a temple of Dionysus somewhere in this city… probably still has a few priests…"

"And there in lies the issue. The former stage manager made the wine.." Reverie says matter of factly, sighing once more as she shakes her head and just seems frustrated with everything..

"Did they quit," Gene asks, slanting a look over with a brow's lift, "Or die?"

Reverie just blinks blankly for a few moments as she stares at the journalist for a bit as she shakes her head and seems taken aback. "Neither..retired."

"Oh." Gene's brows twitch upwards, "So… do you have their phone number? Address? I can stop over tomorrow, see about getting some from her. Him? Whichever."

"I know somewhere at the isle of Santorini. He wanted to go elsewhere understandably.." Reverie replies as she sighs once more and takes a deep breath, sighing as she looks up towards the night sky.

"Why understandably…? Did something happen?" Gene reaches out, a hand sliding to her shoulder reassuringly; a brief squeeze, and he flashes her an easy smile. "Relax. Trust me… I'm pretty sure this'll take care of it. I'll go check out the island… what's his name?"

"Mercouri Gerasimos..he's my grandfather.." Reverie admits ruefully, smiling once more as she runs her fingers through her hair as her shoulder is squeezed. "His name was tarnished in the theater…slept with and fooled around with one of the actresses.."

"A proper priest of Dionysus, then." Gene exhales a low chuckle to that, his hand sliding down her arm and away, "I'll look him up, then. Just don't cast another Jason yet, eh?"

"I was going to cancel the shows for a bit…this many murders..I think I might go to Oedipus Rex or Antigone.." Reverie muses as she hrmms and wrinkles her nose for a few moments as she looks towards Gene with a warm smile as her features soften a little. "'re being a great help, and well..I really don't know why. Why are you helping?" she asks curiously.

At the question, Gene offers her an easy, honest smile; one shoulder lifting in a bit of a shrug. "Well, there's bodies on the floor, you're a lovely maiden in distress… maybe it's just some chivalrous instinct. Or maybe it's because of what was left in the bottom of Pandora's Box, after my siblings fled." A wink, "I'll see you soon, babe."

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