Motherfucking Juggernaut


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Scene Title Motherfucking Juggernaut
Synopsis Haldor shows how badass he is. Preethi has a crush on Scott. Kamui and Maia almost die.


Ahhh, the subway station. There's always homeless people telling stories, Dunkin Donut stands selling..donuts, and lots of people passing by. It's quite busy at this hour with the rush to get home and she wanders up the stairs to Chinatown proper. There was suppose to be a really good dim sum place, and she was going to invite all the rest of the band for a bit of dinner..all on her of course.

She's dressed casually in a pair of snug fitting jeans and a grey s=t-shirt with Juilliard proudly written across her chest and a dark blue backpack filled with..well, lots and lots of paper. She waits outside the station, checking on the time as she purses her lips and hrmms.

"They should be getting here soon.." she grumps.

Ahh, the subway. There's always homeless pee in the corners, random guys with trash bags full of goodies for sale, and lots of people doing their utmost to see no evil, hear no evil, and stop no evil. In spite of the busy hour of the day, he rides along on the train with one arm casually draped through a strap-hanger loop.

Dressed in his typical black hoody, black t-shirt, black pants, and metal-studded black leather boots, Haldor Englund cuts quite the dark figure. One could almost mistake him for a modern day ninja, save for his spikey red hair. Haldor grumbles as the train roars toward the station at less than the speed he was hoping for.

From where he is, Scott Cornwall doesn't have to take the Station. He left a little early, so has managed to walk his way over, since it's closer to the school. His backpack pulls at his back a little due to the books, notebooks, and at least one scroll case he's carrying inside, and he stops to toss an empty coffee cup into an almost-overflowing garbage can. The wind blows back his button-down for a moment as he walks, making him look…well, not so much dramatic as a dorky young guy who's walking into the wind. "So," he says, approaching Maia. "Sleep good?"

"Billy!" she chirps merrily, recognizing the voice as she turns around and wriggles her fingers towards him. "I always sleep good.." and for certain reasons which will be unnamed at this point. She likes to be mysterious afterall. She seems to be quite chipper, and she looks him over before she starts smudging something off his cheek. "I think a fly smooshed into your or something.." she says in a rather maternal fashion.

Meanwhile, a rather tall and handsome Japanese man starts to approach the duo. He pauses for a few moments and stares rather intently towards the young Japanese girl, as another figure stands besides him. "You will take care of the boy..the mirror says he is one too. But I will gain power, and that means I must defeat my mirror. The fates were obvious as much..and what else would be the mirror of a Mitsurigi than the guardians of onmyoudo themselves..a Tsuchimikado.." he says quite stoically.

A young Indian woman stands well..much shorter than him. She giggles a little as she chews on her bottom lip and cackles with glee. "Mmmm, the boy looks like he'll burn nicely, don't you agree, Alexandros?"

And that's said towards the third figure standing next to the other two. He looks to be in his fourties, with a stern and serious face on his angular features. "Do what you want. I have class to teach tomorrow..just make it quick, and I will make sure their souls are sent to the Duat in peace.."

Dun dun dun!

The latest train pulls into the station and Haldor, after a great deal of jostling and bumping around manages to drag himself free of the train. Although he's had time to get accustomed to his abilities now, Haldor still seems unusually jumpy for someone as tall and stoic looking as he.

The Viking makes his way through the crowds, shifting and twisting as he picks his way through a path that only one as tall as Haldor could see. Shorter folks would be lost amidst the many heads and bodies below Haldor's height, but those rare few standing well over the rest of the crowd… They have it relatively easy, they can see the hidden pathways amongst people.

No doubt someone is likely to spot Haldor as he makes his approach toward Scott and Maia. It's just a matter of who.

"Huhwhat?" Scott flinches a little as Maia rubs his cheek. He doesn't have the reflexes to be used to anyone really coming in contact. "Must be ink," he whispers. "Dad's got me learning, and he uses the archais quill and ink. Says it builds character. But, turns out the new dog can learn old tricks." He stops talking. "Dog as in the animal, not the vernacular 'dawg' with a w, because if I ever say 'dawg with a w' you have my expression permission to kick my ass." He moves to one side as people start coming up. "There's one," he says, indicating Haldor with a tilt of his head.

"Hey handsome.." Maia quips, grinning the entire time, completely oblivious to the others who are watching. Today is suppose to be a day of run and relaxation, which inevitably means things will get bloody, someone will die, people will scream and run away in panic. But for now, she lives in her oblivious state as she motions him on over.

"Jolie can't make it, she's meeting with her brother. I hope she's okay.." she muses softly before she's suddenly interrupted..

There's a bit of Japanese said by the man approaching with the other two. Scott would know that he said: "You should worry for yourself, my young onmyouji.." He continues to look towards the three. He's dressed in a completely black suit and lets out a soft chuckle under his breath.

"Tsuchimikado Maia..I wear black for you. For today is the day you will die." he says with a wicked grin. Soon he looks towards the other two motioning for them to start causing their chaos if they so wish it. "You see, I need more power if I am to protect my family. The fates decreed that I needed to defeat my dark are that mirror.." he says, pulling out several black ofuda from his pockets that start to become razor sharp in front of him until it forms a sword. Yes, he made a giant paper sword. "We will fight, and you will die. I will ascend to godhood and will mourn your loss.." he explains.

Meanwhile Preethi laughs heartily as she pulls out her silver zippo, flickering the flame on just a bit until it too starts to turn into a flaming sword of death. The people nearby start to scream and run away in panic. This scene is too surreal for them. "And meanwhile, I get to cut! And you all will burn!" she says with a hearty laugh.

The third figure just stands there, his eyes glaring towards the boy, and then Haldor. "I will take the redhead, Preethi. You cannot handle him. I will guide his soul to Duat myself.."

Haldor is starting to get the hang of this whole DEATH FROM THE SHADOWS WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT thing. The Viking sighs a bit and rolls his eyes as he stops, mid-step, and turns his head toward Kamui, Preethi, and Duat Duat. For the moment, Haldor doesn't appear to be armed and/or dangerous because there are far too many people running about.

"Okay. First of all, Paper Boy, no one's dying here today. Second of all, Fire Chi- Preethi, is it? Look, Preethi, what the Hel is your malfunction? You're making like zero sense… And for you, creepy older guy… Hang on while I find out where Duat is."

Haldor turns his head to look at Scott. The Viking holds up one hand, one finger extended upward, toward all three corrupted Scions. Calmly he calls to Scott over the din of the panicking crowd.

"Yo. Blue Man. Duat another name for New Jersey or should I be marginally more intimidated by this guy?"

"Ah, crap," Scott says as he turns on one heel, hand going into his pocket for his monocle to bring to rest against his right eye socket. "She already has the evil laugh down pat. This is going to suck. Can't take you two anyplace," he says, but he's using the time that he's talking to watch the fire lass. His reflexes are enhanced, as he calculates temperature of the flame, speed, body mass and other things.

Even so, he can't help himself, and as Haldor asks something he glances over. "It's the Egyptian underworld," he says. "Duat."

"Well shit," replies Haldor to Scott. He turns back to Preethi, Kamui, and Duat Duat. "Can't you just take me to New Jersey? Or Florida? They're both worse than the underworld. Almost as many dead people in the underworld as Florida too."

There's a nervous little chuckle that escapes from Maia's lips at the joke, but right now it's serious time. Her eyes widen as he makes a giant paper sword and all she can do is open her backpack while she pulls out one of her immaculately white prayer strips.

"Ofuda! Henshin!" she calls out, the papers from her backpack merging with her prayerstrips until it forms that of a white bow with twenty arrows ready to shoot. She looks towards the trio and takes a deep breath, chewing on her bottom lip as she stagewhispers to Scott. "Your mojo…work it.." she says while looking towards Haldor, hrmming for a few moments. "Guess another night is ruined in the name of saving the world.." sighing softly before she looks towards Kamui straight in the eyes. "I don't like dying. You're not hot enough to fight me. So go elsewhere.."

The tall Japanese man just laughs at the comment as he jumps back and mutters something softly under his breath. "Tsuki-yomi..father, hear my plea.." he whispers softly as he jumps into the air, his silhouette covering the moon before he lands on one of the nearby lamp posts with sword in hand. He grins wryly a little as he shakes his head. "All this joking around will only serve to delay your death.." and yet here he is, monologuing as well.

Meanwhile, Alexandros shakes his head. For the scholarly nerdboy like Scott, he'd be recognized as Professor Abdel-halim, expert on Egyptian archaeology at Columbia. It seems he's one of the bad guys as well, but at least he's more passive about it. He just looks towards Haldor and shakes his head. "Your joking is distasteful and inappropriate."

Meanwhile, Preethi's just laughing her ass off, the sword of fire from the zippo flickering just a bit as she looks towards Kamui for a bit as she points towards Scott. "He's cute! I'm going to have to fuck him before we kill him, kay?" and she starts to rush towards him to try to land a kiss on his lips…but alas, he's too fast.

"Oh. I'm sorry to upset you, Duat Man."

Haldor performs a full body bow, as though attempting to apologize in a deep, profound sort of way. As though he were Japanese… Wait. Something's wrong with this pic-

Haldor tenses his legs, unseen beneath his enormously baggy pants, and releases that tension in one tremendous burst. The concrete of the station floor shatters and forms twin, intersecting craters under where Haldor's feet once were. You see, by the point the craters have really formed, Haldor is three-quarters of the way to Alexandros by means of one hell of a Holy Bound. And that last quarter of the distance? Haldor plans on angling in to tackle Alexandros through one of the station's many artistic columns…

And probably the light pole on the far side…

And maybe leave the Evil Professor embedded in another column beyond that light pole.

Haldor just looked like an ordinary guy. But looks can be deceiving. The older professor's brows raise a little, and soon he's tackled by the berserker rage of the Viking and he gets slammed into the other column, leaving a nice crack. Soon, it starts falling back towards the ground and crashes onto the streets causing cars to careen out of the way, leaving a bunch of accidents in tow.

He coughs a little, spitting out a bit of his own blood to the ground before he gets back up. "Sobek, empower me with your strength.." he calls out, his eyes changing as he starts to take reptilian like features, hissing a little before he stands in a defensive stance. "You will pay for that.."

Preethi's promise/threat makes Scott blanch as he's able to judge when to get out of the way. "Uh…no," he says. "See, my first love is knowledge. Like, you know, the Library? And the library has less issues in their magazine archive than you do, so…no. Just no." Duck, bob, weave, dodge the psycho fire girl.

Even in his head, Scott wouldn't refer to her as a 'chick.' Not his (complete lack of) style.

The monocle gleams, a thin stream of light running along the crystal lens as the Thoth Scion invokes his power. "Wise Thoth," he intones, his voice getting an…echo of sorts. As if there's another voice overlaying his, but much deeper, and older. "I call upon your power as the lord of the Moon, watcher over all things in the night and shadows." As he speaks, a flickering light image of the moon appears behind him, and actually starts to rise. It's about twice the size of his head. "Cast your light down upon those who would bring us all into the endless night of oblivion, and let your light show them the wrongness of their ways! Curse them with the pure light of the moon burn against the sins against their parents and the world!"

And as the light of the moon casts it's judgement on the crazy and chaotic firebug, she starts to slow down, grumbling under her breath. She isnt as fast as she once was and she lets out a yelp, getting most definitely annoyed.

"What the fuck! I just want a good lay! You're cute! Don't you want a good lay or do you want to become the 40 Year Old Virgin?!?!?" she grumps a little under her breath as she brings up her zippo, putting away the sword for a regular flame instead.

"Burn! So I can fuck you.."

Yelp! Eeek! Squeak! While the other two seem to have slow opponents who can only move at such a fast pace, Maia's dodging away or at least trying too as she tries to break the assault of the much older and more experienced onmyouji. "Ha!" and before she can call out his name, the third slash sends her slamming into one of the blue mailboxes with her blood dripping on the ground as he torso is slashed in a diagonal fashion.

Her eyes widen in shock at the sight of blood as it drips down onto the ground. She's only been battered and bruised before, her eyes widening as she takes advantage of their distance to bring up one of the arrows, letting it fly across the sky as it strike the dark Onmyouji square in the arm, piercing through skin. "Haldor!" she cries out trying to get his attention. "Let's switch dance partners! This guy is fast as fuck! As fast as you.." and she starts running towards him, her shirt continuing to drip blood as she tries to run away from the surprised scion of darkness.

Kamui got in a good five slashes to her one attack, but even he's surprised as he's hit. His eyes widen a little and he winces in pain, coughing a little as the paper arrow is still in his shoulder. Still, he tries to follow going towards Haldor as well. "You will die, Tsuchimikado!"

"Sobek? Isn't that some expensive ass dri-" Haldor pauses a moment, eyeballing Alexandros carefully as the reptilian changes start. "… Did you just channel the ancient spirit of the Sobe lizard?"

Haldor balls up his fists until the sound of nearby, quasi-exploding mailboxes catches his ears. The Viking pauses, head tilting in the direction of Kamui. Alexandros will notice Haldor's expression grow steadily darker over the course of fractions of an instant. Scott, through his monocle, might see the faint traces of mystic lightning crackling over Haldor's body as he starts charging up his 'legend'.

"She. Will. Not. /DIE/."

Haldor roars that statement as he blurs into motion, streaking past Maia and directly toward Kamui as yet more of that mystic lightning crackles around Haldor's raised fist. The Viking rears back as he starts skidding across the station, left fist seemingly ready to punch through the onmyouji's chest while his right hand comes up as if to parry that deadly paper blade.

Now with his intended target gone, Alexandros snickers softly, shaking his head a little. "How am I suppose to fight you? The red head is more worthy an opponent for my strength.." and he starts to run towards Haldor, but alas, he can't catch up. He's way too fast, so it'll take a while..

"Seriously," Scott says, dodging out of the way of the corrupted Agni Scion's flaming attack. "I know you want to get me, my Preethi, and my little dog too, but if it means it'll still be there and nut burned off at forty, I'll cope. Still, Scott's keeping an eye out, and he sees Haldor go to the other paper-wielder, while the crocodile man is left by himself for now, and somewhere, the young scholar knows he looks like a tasty target.

He raises one hand, which glows blue faintly for a second. "Thoth, hear me," he intones in that strange double-voice. "We ask for your aid, and that if Nunet, the lady of the Ocean, inexhorable as the tides which are tied to your moon, to come and wash away this evil that affronts us so!" With that, the glow flickers, and the assembled group is hit with the illusion of a wave crashing over them, but it's obviously translucent and does not seem to really touch anyone…save for the strong Scion of Set in their midst…

Kamui pursues Maia across the train station, though he doesn't quite get into slashing range again. Instead, Kamui meets Haldor's speeding VIKING FIST just about at the middle of the train station. Haldor's right hand wraps around the paper blade and swings it away from his body as his left fist, the VIKING FIST, swings around and strikes the onmyouji dead in the chest with a thunderous report.

The Viking's fist actually powers through any armor Kamui may have been wearing and then dug several inches through the dark Japanese spiritualist's flesh, breaking ribs and bruising internal organs before the force of Haldor's blow sends Kamui skidding back across the concrete of the station platform several inches.

Haldor slowly draws up to his full height, piercing blue eyes fixed on Kamui as the onmyouji tries to recover from the terrific impact and its results… Results that should not be humanly possible, both in survival and in their point of origin.

"That was so fucking hot. You do magic. I like magic. I can do magic the bedroom.."

The chaotic firebug continues to laugh in pursuit of the dear old blue ranger as she jumps up and steps in front of him before bringing her lighter up in front of his eyes.


There's a high pitched squeal as she's getting chased, but when Haldor rushes to her aid and punches the dark onmyouji and sends him back, her eyes widen as she looks towards her boyfriend with glee.

"That was just by far the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.." she says, her cheeks bright red. He did it for her! Or at least that's what she's thinking before the Scion of Sobek starts running after him.

"Heeeeey! I'm your opponent!"

Maia's left all by her lonesome as the Scion of Sobek has his back turn on her. Still, it's good that he won't notice her attack, but still, she feels kind of worthless at this point. She lets another arrow of paper loose hoping to strike him him good and hard. Alas, the arrow hits, but in the end it does nothing, not even breaking the man's skin at this point. She grumps a little and starts to run after him.

"Heeey! I'm suppose to fight you!" sadness.

And whammy…Kamui is sent back, coughing up blood as his ribs are most definitely broken from the impact. His eyes widen as he brings up the paper sword and starts charging towards Haldor. "I will end you then I'll get my dark mirror!" he cries out, making five slashes with the paper sword towards Haldor…someone's angry.

Haldor watches Kamui come at him, static electricity starting to crackle over the Viking's body as he kicks into motion once again. The first slash sings through open air, Haldor easily side-stepping and limboing around the sword. A second high speed slash comes at Haldor, the Viking unable to fully dodge it. Instead the blade sings into Haldor's shoulder and he bends with the blow, arms disappearing into the pockets of his hoody.

Within a half moment there is a third slash that Haldor drops to his knees and bends over backward to avoid. He rolls backward, springing to his feet to dodge the fourth slash by the narrowest of margins. Alas that the fifth strike cleaves through hoody and t-shirt alike, sinking deep into the fleshy Haldor underneath.

At least, that's what it looks like at first. In fact, it even feels like that at first, but as Kamui attempts to complete the strike, there is something decidedly wrong. Haldor's hoody and t-shirt both fall to the ground, cut to ribbons by the dark ofuda sword. Three-quarters of the length of Haldor's pants legs also fall to the ground, leaving a nearly naked Viking standing in front of Kamui, natural and artificial light glinting off of a hardening shell of Viking steel.

"I told you. She. Will. Not. Die."

And then Haldor goes on the offensive again. His hands were in the pockets of his hoody, where his drumsticks are kept. While the hoody may have fallen to pieces, his drumsticks are still in good condition, protected by the Scion of Thor's steel fists. Between one moment and the next, Haldor's drumsticks have become Viking long swords.

Haldor swings his right hand blade up and across, stepping forward with the strike before spinning as he brings his left hand blade around, aiming to carve still more trenches into Kamui's body.

The onmyouji has experience on his side. Any other night, experience and one of the most terrible bladed weapons of all time, combined with the speed borne of a trained onmyouji would devastate any opponent that dared stand in Kamui's path. Tonight… Tonight is not any other night.

On this night, Kamui ran into something every bit as dangerous and every bit as fast as him. Tonight Kamui ran into an untrained Aesir whelpling who channels every ounce of his father's terrific strength and stamina, but fuses it with unnatural speed and agility.

Haldor finishes his spinning attack, assuming a defensive stance as Kamui staggers back, blood spurting from either end of the two smooth red lines Haldor's blade cleaved across his regal body. The Viking's blue eyes fix on Kamui's again, if only for a moment. A predatory smile spreads across Haldor's lips as Kamui drops first to his knees and then to a prone position.

"Fucking shit.."

That's the Scion of Sobek, rushing towards him as he looks at the terribly mangled onmyouji on the ground nearly unconscious. He lifts him up softly and looks back towards Maia who continues rushing towards him.

"You fucking brat, you can't hurt me and I'd kill you all.." if it wasnt for the fact that he and Preethi were there to make sure Kamui wouldnt die. And yet here he is, almost dying. His grey eyes look over towards the crackling form of Haldor, his brows raising as he stares.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Even Preethi's expresison mirrors his own as she dashes on over and looks towards Kamui. "You got fucked up man..Henri won't be happy.."

Eventually, Maia catches up and stands next to Haldor, looking over his muscular frame glistening with steel hardened ichor. She blinks a little, most definitely surprised before she lets out a yelp at the sight of the mangled onmyouji.

She winces a bit, her stomach still bleeding from the slash, but at least she isnt that hurt. "Haldor..I.." she doesnt know what to say at this point.

Haldor's predatory smile spreads even wider at Kamui's question. Those piercing blue eyes flicker back to the onmyouji from sizing up the Scion of Set after that proclaimation of killing them all. Almost casually, Haldor spins his blades in his hands as the metal creaks, cracks, and crackles across his flesh.

"I'm the motherfucking Juggernaut."

Haldor pauses half a tick as his gaze flickers toward Preethi, that smile still spread across his lips.


With that said, the Egyptian pulls out a feather and starts to move it into a circle before the trio disappears…

When Haldor says the line, Scott visible flinches. "Ow," he whispers, but he's alert enough, despite feeling a bit drained, and he siezes on one thing he caught in this. "One, we should get back. Two, we find out who the hell this Henri is. But if he's in charge…" He fishes into his backpack for a first-aid kit. He actually carries one, and starts opening it as he looks over Maia's injuries.

Haldor waits until he's sure that the trio of corrupted Scions is gone before he spins to face Maia. The Viking leans in close, inspecting her wound while his armored shell continues to creak and crackle around him. Quietly he curses himself for having to resort to it.

"Dorky as it may have been, it was suitably and dramatically badass," he remarks to Scott, looking toward that first-aid kit out of the corner of his eye.

Maia lifts up her blouse showing that her stomach is indeed slashed. It's bleeding profusely, though the pain is gone from the adrenaline rush. She helps the other two cover it up as she winces and groans a little. She takes a deep breath and leans against the crackling form of her beau while waiting for them to finish patching her up.

"He…he really wanted to kill me.." she says, slightly in shock. "He..they were all going for the kill.." and suddenly, things have just changed for her. "We..we should get home. If he needs to kill his dark mirror to ascend to godhood, the others are in danger as well.."

"Hell yes," Scott says, grimacing a bit at the thought as he's bandaging Maia up. "We'll need more than I have in my bag to help you, Maia." He looks to Haldor, once finished. "Can you carry her? I don't want her moving on her own just yet til I'm sure." His hand goes to his cel, clutching it for later text-messaging to Gene.

"Well, uh, yeah. Maia, they kind of want to kill us all."

Haldor looks at Gene for a moment, faintly smiling at the question. The Viking carefully scoops up Maia, steel frame creaking a bit more as he holds her in his arms. Quietly he glances around the station.

"So, uh. How are we planning on getting home?"

"They didnt try to kill us before..well, just me, and you, and that other girl..okay, they're.."

She sighs, clearly flustered. Blame it on getting her stomach slashed open, kay? She curls and nestles against his Colossus like chest as she motions towards her backpack. Soon the paper bow and its arrows goes back into it as she starts shuffling around for some money.

"A cab. It's fastest and I can make the cabbie not ask any questions.."

"Better than walking," Scott replies with a nod. "Let's get out of here."

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