Mordred's Death



Scene Title Mordred's Death
Synopsis Mordred vs David

Coney Island

It's late. David, of course, is not the type to arrive through the front gates - instead he alights on the top of the ferris wheel, setting the dangling car to swinging, slowly, back and forth while he scans the neon-lit grounds for his opponent. Who else is he going to bring against -Mordred-? None of the others could touch him in combat, and he would just target them first to hurt David, break his morale. This is the kind of fight you fight alone.

Well, he needed David away from the others. Haldor is already with the group for the deathtrap afterall. It would just be a mess if they were both there. Mordred is dressed in a green body suit, sickering softly as he stands on top of the ferris wheel his own weapon in his hands, a long spear as well to compliment the Monkey Prince's.

"I'm glad you didnt chicken out on me, boy. I need you for my apotheosis.."

A short hop takes David back up to the top of the ferris wheel - one car closer to Mordred. The swaying back and forth of the car sends the view of the man back and forth, back and forth - David is dressed for his new Broadway show. Yellow spandex that does't hinder movement, is light, perfect for this kind of easy movement. The Tengu mask covers his face. The Dragontear Cloudstone hangs about his neck on a silver chain. In one hand he clutches the spear. "Apotheosis into what? That's what I've always wondered about you idiots on the other side. You serve the Titans. Whatever you get from them…it's -temporary-. Eventually, you're going to be dragged screaming into the Abyss with the rest of us. This side? It's just a better deal. Eventually, we become gods - beings of near-limitless power that exist for forever. You guys just become motes of nothingness."

"The gods don't give a shit. Our parents never gave a shit.." Mordred says with a scoff as he rolls his eyes while he takes out his spear and hits the car the the Monkey Prince is standing on, trying to knock him off balance. He sneers a little as he looks towards the Scion and glares a little. "So why serve them when we're just as used if we served them. You realize the Titans are the gods parents, right? I say help the Titans to bring down our parents then bring them down and become the undisputed rulers.."

"Riiiight. Except here's the rub, man. The Gods are weakened by the war on the Titans, and the Titans are growing stronger. You guys—" Hop! Hurtling up into the air, rather than try to keep his balance, David springs far up into the air, above the reach of Mordred's spear…and comes down on his other side, behind him, on a car just cresting the rise of the top of the wheel. "Help the Titans get stronger, thus negating any advantage you might have over them when they rise. The smart thing to do, if that's your goal? Is to help the Gods beat the Titans. Rise up and kill the gods once the Titans are beaten, just after Ragnarok, when the Gods are at the nadir of power after the long conflict - and then both sets are gone but you don't have to fight someone who has just hit their most powerful state in…well, since they were bound, so fucking long ago that nobody remembers the real stories. So that's my question - are you guys so stupid you haven't even realized you're fighting on the wrong side even for your own self-interest? Are you just that enamoured of the mustache-twirling villain ideal?"

"Defeat and destroy the Titans and something bad happens. I don't want godhood, I want to become an avatar of the Titans.." he says matter of factly, staring towards David for a few moments as he gets into a defensive position.

"Right, just stupid. Look, man, the Titans don't want you around after their end-game scenario plays out. Defeat the Titans and 'something bad' happens? -Don't- defeat the Titans and existence ends. The Titans may not be part of existence, but you and me? We are. They let you live, and you're one more chance that the gods will rise again try to defeat them." A hop, a backflip, and David actually -retreats-, dropping into a car a couple of steps back to maintain high ground and distance from Mordred. "As soon as they win, they just erase you from existence. It's the only thing that makes sense from their perspective."

"Destroy the Titans and catastrophe happens. The Titans are more part of this world than the gods. Gaia is a Titan. I serve her..she wants to end humanity for it corrupts her very existence. She's sick.." he claims as he continues to look down towards David before starting to jump after him, most definitely annoyed by this game of cat and mouse.

"Sure, man. But you and me? We're human, and we're just as guilty as they are - Gaia wants you dead, too. Think about it. Have you ever eaten out of a styrofoam container? Ever ridden in a car? Then Gaia hates you, man. She's willing to use you, sure - just like we're willing to use her own viruses to protect ourselves from the diseases she sends against us. But the viruses in vaccines? They're meant to die. Sent as cannon fodder to strengthen us against the rest of their kind. You'll be swatted down after Ragnarok with as much thought about your promises as we'd give to thought about the fate of the little germs in a vaccine. None at all." A glance around…and David launches himself away, flying through the air toward a nearby roller coaster. He lands on one of the cars, carried quickly away by the momentum of the ride.

"Hah, you'd think so. No..she loves me.." he says matter of factly as he starts moving with great speed, starting to dash after the rollercoaster until he sits in the last car, still glaring towards the monkey prince. "You think you have it so good..why do you think your parents are after the Titans?"

"Good? Yeah, I got it good - but because of my -dad-? No. My dad makes me stand on my own. He gives me gifts only when I -earn- them…and other than the Qiang of Ao Guang, which I had to earn with my blood and near-death, they're…minor trinkets. Toys that get out of him through guilt or deception or challenge. He never descends from his ivory throne to see me - fuck, he sent message through another fucking -pantheon- when he wanted me to go into your Dark Spire. I don't serve my father for him. I serve him for -me-. For -my- honor, for -my- glory, for -my- duty. I respect him and I love him, but I choose my own path for my own reasons." His head cocks to one side, and David sinks back, letting his butt rest against the front of the car, rocking slightly to resist the movement of the train, side to side, back and forth. "Tell me, Mordred. S'only fair, if you have to listen to my monologue. Convince me about the Titans."

"You think the Titans are evil? Then get off the planet, dumbass.." Mordred sneers as he looks towards David, staring towards him. "We live on one of the Overworlds created by a Titan..Terra is the Earth.." he says, most definitely annoyed as he rolls his eyes a bit. "So you wanna go and destroy the Titans fine..then you're the one trying to destroy the world.."

Leaning forward on his moving perch, David rests his arms on his knees. "Who said anything about good or evil? Look, man, I don't give a shit if you're the God of Murdering Babies - as long as it's in your self-interest for existence as I know and love it to keep going on so you can continue murdering babies, that's cool with me. I don't give a fuck if the Gods beat up the Titans for their lunch money, shoved their heads in toilets, and shit on their lawns. I love my life, my world, my society - I love Creation, and the Titans, if they made it in the first place, aren't going to take it away from me. I have no problem being a hypocrite and stealing it from them - and if our Divine Parents ever decided they wanted to destroy it, I'd rise up with you, call you Brother, and slay them. But the Gods aren't the ones who want to destroy Creation and start anew. The Titans are. So I'll team up with anyone - the Japanese, the Norse, Giants, Dragons, Tengu…" He reaches up, tapping his mask. "Whoever will see that this existence is worth continuing to exist in, whether they're good or evil, right or wrong. I'd even work with -you-, if it meant that the sun would rise, that the oceans would swell and ebb, that shit would stink and pain would hurt and sex would be fun but messy. Even if you survive to become some all-powerful avatar of what came before in the world that comes next - do you think the world you exist in will have -any- of those things that make this world worth keeping?"

"I am fulfilling Terra's wishes to eradicate humanity so she can start anew, fresh, clean and start life once more. She is the mother of all life itself..she just wants a chance to start things over again. If you can't feel her pain and suffering at the hands of humanity, then you are most definitely my enemy. I will be her avatar in this world and I will do as she commands.." Mordred says, most definitely having an Oedipus complex of the Terran sort with regards to Gaia herself.

"This place," David says, pushing forward, straightening, one foot on the back of the ride, one foot in the seat, leaning into its momentum as he stands, "-Will not exist-. All of reality will be rewritten, taken back to empty black, to 'In the beginning'. We'll have maybe a command line, a cursor blinking in the abyss, ready for a new dot-slash-make. Trees, oceans, rivers, all the fuzzy animals - they're gone too when the Titans do the Big Reboot. God, you're like fucking PETA - save the cows, set them free…to go extinct. And PETA shelters have the highest mortality rate of any animal shelters in the world."

"Then they can be remade. Gaia is life herself. Even you.." he points towards David. "Your Divine Parents, your own human parents..all came from Gaia. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.." Mordred quotes as he starts looking off towards the distance in the direction of battery park. There's..a bright light that can be seen even from here as he snickers softly, grinning the entire time. "Mmm, it seems your friends have been defeated.." as he points across towards the huge globe of light that formed before disappearing. Of course he thinks that's Preethi..

"Yeah? That's what the Oni and the Tengu said, before I slaughtered them. I'm pretty sure the aptrgangr I destroyed claimed victory was already his, too." Leaning forward even more, arms settling his weight onto his knee, David says, conspiratorily, "You know what you are, Mordred? You're boringly simple. Two-dimensional. You're a bit villain. the guy in the story that nobody ever remembers the name of - which is why you had to take a memorable name for yourself, steal one from a -real- villain. And you know what? He was a two-dimensional idiot, too…inbred and brain-damaged. I thought, surely, you had to have depth. A reason for what you're doing. I thought, surely the guy who is supposed to be 'me but evil' has some motivations I can understand, something I can identify with, surely there's some cosmic truth I can glean from him. But you're…small. Stupid. Boring. They won't sing songs about me defeating you. You're a footnote in my legend."

Bitch, you dunno me!

That's definitely what's on the redhead's mind right now as his lips twitch a little from anger and annoyance. He glares towards the man for a few moments as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "And here we have the Scion of Dragonball Z telling me I'm a two dimensional character? All you do is fight. You have no real redeeming qualities other than that you can kick ass. That's why you're my mirror for you have nothing redeeming about yourself either. You're just trying to live up to an anime series..and you don't even have a cloud to fly on. Don't bother me anymore, Goku..go find your Dragonballs or whatever.." he says with a dismissive wave..

"Mordred? You can insult my father all you like. But you're just a bit villain. And I'm deep enough to like alligators but not crocodiles." And this is when the attack comes, when David leaps into the air, twisting as he goes, the Qiang of Ao Guang growing in his hand…

Flying overhead, David slams the Qiang of Ao Guang down into his Dark Mirror as he spirals overheard. The neon flash and glitter of Coney Island rushes by below, but for this moment, time almost seems to stand still - the rage on Mordred's face slowing his reaction, the serenity of knowing that an end is coming to this conflict filling David. The moment freezes with the Monkey Prince upside down, elegantly twisting through the air, the roller coaster speeding by below, carrying Mordred away even as the attack comes. One quick, opening slice…and then time moves again, the Scion landing on the railing, one arm spread out to the left for balance, the other holding the Qiang of Ao Guang to the right, crouched on one knee, watching the ride carry Mordred away and into a loop.

It's like a scene from the Matrix really, there's David flying high overhead doing his impressive feats of wire-fu action. The redhead raises her brows, but arches his back and lays down in the seat before he eases on up and jumps, starting to tread the air, his feet moving him as fast as he can.

He continues building momentum going higher and higher, before flipping in the air to fall back down towards the ground, his spear aimed directly at David.

As Mordred attacks, David backflips, left hand reaching back to grasp the roller coaster's track - all this -does- seem to be happening in slow motion, it's the only way to keep track. Two seconds have past since that first leap, as the ride itself seems to creep along the track, looping around. Once he's upright again, toes clenching the cold steel bar. "Feel that, Mordred? That despair? That's doubt. That's you beginning to fear that I'm right." The leaf-blade lashes out, its length shortened for easy movement until the last moment, expanding outward toward his enemy, quicksilver shapeshifting making it hard to predict at what angle the weapon will come, which direction it will dance, where it will strike.

"Having to make quips during combat just shows you're scared, Monkey Boy. And all I feel is my spear ripping your shirt just a bit." he snarls before his eyes widen, feeling the spear strike and go through his shoulder, as there's clear shock on his features. He pulls back from the spear, blood dripping down his green body suit making him look like some sort of mangled Christmas decoration. He carries the spear high and starts charging towards David, intending to impale him on his massive spear.

When a Monkey Prince dodges, he uses every direction. Rather than -standing- on the roller coaster's rail, he swings himself to the side, loosening the grip he holds with those omnidextrous toes of his - he swings, building momentum, and once again the spear that the dragons in the palace under the sea first offered to his divine father builds momentum, swings up - attacking not from the toher side, as one might suspect from such a maneuver, but from -below, through the gaps in the railing, directly below Mordred. "I'm the son of a trickster god, you dumb fuck. I quip, therefore I am."

The spear comes up - between Mordred's legs, shoving into his torso from underneath, skewering him so thoroughly that the leaf-blade shoves upward, forcing his head back into a scream…and slides out his mouth. He moves quickly, swinging up before more than the first splatter of blood can coat his face. The Qiang grows longer, he seizes the wood that sppears out of the man's throat…then contracts the weapons into his hand. Before Mordred can fall, David grabs him by the shirt, drags him close. "Just think," he murmurs to the man, watching his eyes while the spirit flees. "If you hadn't been such a bore, we could have made a hell of a team." There is a thunderous sound behind the Monkey Prince, but he waits as the oncoming train of cars rushes forward and Mordred's guts fall out through his ass, making the man…much lighter. It's not until his eyes have glazed, until David holds nothing but a piece of meat rather than what was supposed to be his first worthy foe, that the Monkey Prince vaults into the air on the winds of Legend, the Dragontear Cloudstone swirling madly asthe sky helps lift him, then shoot him off, away from the island. Behind him, the roller coaster hits the body of his foe a half-second after he leaps.

XP Awarded.

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