Mission Possible


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Scene Title Mission Possible
Synopsis They've only got 4 Minutes to Save the World

Kuroko Industries


Having spent all night trying to find out more information and going through tapes of security cameras, there's finally a lead. The groggy inventor immediately called Gibbs and Jason to her workshop, already changing into a business outfit once more. It seems it's not only for presentations,but for other things as well…
Jason arrives not too long after that call. He bears with him gifts! A particularly fragrant bouquet of flowers and a bottle of bleach. Both being set on a table not too long after he makes his way inside, "As requested. Hopefully they can make things a little more pleasant."

Gibbs arrives, looking as street-fashionable as when he left. During the intervening time, he's been making friends with the NYPD's forensics department in order to find the evidence from the Central Park Zoo beheadings. Fortunately he has some time between his meetings, plenty to fit in a presentation by his new found team.

"What've you got?"

"Kuroko Industries…"

Erika seems surprised at the flowers and the bottle of bleach as she chuckles softly and motions for them to be placed at the counter in the kitchen. She motions everyone towards her computer station where there's already a tray of coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns on three plates. She's assumed they havent eaten anything yet afterall, and she's been up from sheer boredom.

"Look at this video tape from one of the cameras..that man.." she says pointing to a rather bulky and muscular man who has a few rabbit cages that are being brought into the zoo. "See the Kuroko Industries logo?" And she zooms in showing it off. "I would've thought nothing of this until I found out that a certain Taoka Kane is the CEO. So..I need more evidence of what they're doing…we're doing a breakin and entering, gentlemen.."

Jason duly sets the gifts aside before nodding his head slowly, "One of the parties at the meeting there I had mentioned. One of the bad guys, should my half brother be believed. Considering the gifts that they came bearing I am now inclined to agree. I take it they have a facility here in the city?"

"What's the significance of 'Taoka Kane' to this situation?"

Gibbs is still getting fully integrated into this whole mess. Some blanks in his knowledge are to be expected. Quietly he's sipping the coffee while he studies every detail of the man's Kuroko Industries logo and outfit.

"One of the bad guys..at least according to what Gene told me the other day. He tried to kill a group of Scions..that's all I know. But the fact that the man who brought in new rabbits..that's what concerns me more about Kuroko Industries."

Erika sighs a little as she wrinkles her nose and runs her fingers through her hair as she crosses her legs and hrmms for a few moments.

"But..that is why we need to break in..I need this chip.." she says, pulling out a plastic case with a chip, "Installed in their main computer frame..then I'll get access to everything they have. If they don't have files

Jason nods his head slowly and looks towards Gibbs, "I could disguise myself if necessary, but when it comes to looking like something you're not you've got me beat by a mile. I am sure there is more to internal security than that but it's a start." Looking back to Erika he inquires, "How hard is installing the chip? Is it going to take your expertise?"

"I can disguise myself, sure. I can also talk your way inside to boot," replies Gibbs.

He takes a sip of his coffee, casting a speculative glance at the eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. The Special Agent calmly takes another sip of his coffee, looking at the computer chip for a few moments.

"She's going to be tech support. You're going to have to be the panicky professional. What's Mr. Kane's company make, exactly? I need to know everything security would know."

"I need to be the one to install it myself. I'm a genius, but not enough of a genius to where you can just put this into the mainframe and have it do all the rest.."

Erika lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she nods and smiles towards Gibbs, bringing up a bit of information about security, including lay outs of the buildings, coded keys and IDs..and eventually she opens up a little envelope, handing each of them a Kuroko Industries employee ID with an obviously fake name.

"This is the best I could come up with on such short notice. And as for their their actual industry…they do research and development in pharma..and..weapons.."

Jason accepts the ID badge, looking it over for just a moment before giving a quick nod. "Not bad at all for such quick notice. Will they work on the doors or are they for appearances only?"

Gibbs takes one of the ID cards, musing over it thoughtfully. One eyebrow arches at the mention of what Kuroko Industries does, his head rises a bit to fix his gaze on Erika.

"I don't like coincidences," he remarks quietly, stuffing the ID into a pocket, "Security will have an omniversal encoded key. We'll have to lift one from another guard, preferably one with a very high clearance level."

"Precisely, Gibbs. I can only make it for show, but considering they seem to change their codes nearly every day…we need a real ID with security access. Figuring out who would have the ID access to the various rooms we need to enter…will be..difficult.."

Erika scratches the back of her head as she puts on her own badge, marking her as one of the new scientists at Kuroko.

"I've put in our employee IDs into their mainframe to where we're legitimately employees..at least if they check. But we don't have security access encoded onto these..so we need to steal some..and figure out who can open what.."

"Charming" Jason offers flashing a bright smile, "Well then. We're all set. Or at least as close as we're likely to get from the looks of things given the improvisational nature of things. We'll work it out as we go along."

"Well I can get past most doors easy enough… The problem is that I can't take either of you with me when I do."

A dark smile spreads across Gibbs' face as he sets his coffee down. It might actually be a little bit chilling to look at. Casually he picks up a plate and a fork, spearing a few pieces of scrambled eggs and hashbrowns.

"However I think I can stack the deck in our favor… I will, however, need something to help. An incognito Polaroid camera would probably be the most efficient, though it's not exactly the best medium to work through."

"An incognito Polaroid camera? I have a regular one.."

And there goes Erika heading towards the workshop before handing it to Gibbs. She looks at him rather curiously, easing back down as she starts to eat as well.

"I hope that works.."

Jason does not eat, flopping himself out in a chair instead and settling back, kick fitting out before him.

"It might look suspicious if we're snapping pictures of people with security clearances. Any chance you can make this smaller and more discreet before we roll?"

Gibbs has set his plate down, though he is munching a crispy piece of bacon held in one hand while the other holds the Polaroid. Quietly he regards Erika and the camera alike, that dark smile still spread across his features.

"You owe me Gibbs, but yeah, I can do it. My genius doesnt come for free you know.."

A wry grin curls onto her lips as she wrinkles her nose and heads over towards one of her tables. There's no need for sodering or anything of the like, as she just takes out a new case, changing the shape with her hands, along with all the circuitry. Having control over the earth is a very good thing, yes it is. Several minutes later she comes up with something much smaller, changing it to half it's size before heading back.

"Here you go.."

"It's true" Jason calls out, "She's very mercenary."

Blissfully unaware of the abject weirdness of her statement, Gibbs shrugs a bit at Erika. He finishes off his bacon, looking over his shoulder at Jason for a few moments, a wry smile creeping across his features.

"Let's hope not. I wouldn't want Mr. Kane to hire her out from under us in the middle of an op."

Norman picks up his coffee and takes a long sip of it. By the time he's finished his first cup, that anyone here is aware of, Ab- Err. I mean Erika. By the time he's finished his first cup, Erika is handing him the pint-sized Polaroid. He regards it thoughtfully for a moment before shrugging a little bit.

"Good enough. You'll have to work on getting it pint-sized another time, Erika. For now, palmable is good enough."

A wry grin curls onto her lips while she stretches her arms into the air, yawning a bit before she grins towards the two gentlemen.

"If he gives me an attractive enough offer, I just might.." she says with a bright teasing grin before she motions towards the door.

"So shall we then? Here are the directions to the corporate office. It's not too far from where the protest was last night."

Jason rises back to his feet at that, tugging at his jacket for a moment to straighten it before moving over to review the directions. "Then it shall fall to us to outbid him" he says with a certain dry amusement in his tone. "Hopefully not something necessary in the middle of the operation. That really is close. Well, let us be on our way then." He attaches the ID to his pocket.

Gibbs produces his ID from a pocket as his clothing shifts and warps. For the moment, he takes on the appearance of the consummate business professional. He clips the ID to his lapel and hrms quietly, his height and weight modulating itself just a smidgeon. Maybe ten pounds heavier and about an inch-and-a-half taller, shoulders a bit narrower, hair color going jet black.

"What's the rental du jour?"

Unlike the two of the spymasters who can shapeshift, Erika has to go in her librarian chic, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she peers towards Jason with a wry grin. She offers her arms to the both of them before starting to head out.

"I think the flowers and bleach you got serves as sufficient bribery…for today.."

"Parked outside" Jason says in answer to Gibbs before accepting one of Erika's offered arms. "I'm glad to hear it, then we can shelve the topic of your fearful turning on us for the day." Off to the car he goes, prepared to drive. Shortly enough parking the car off the street near the address indicated.

Gibbs takes the opposite proffered arm, faintly smiling as he helps to escort Erika to the waiting car. He looks at the other two, arching an eyebrow slightly.

"You two are packing, right? Just in case?"

Mmmm, the middle of a hunk sandwich. Erika is most definitely enjoying having the hot armcandy as she's brought over towards the car as she pats her purse, both with the chip and Scary Spice. She looks towards Gibbs with raised brows, waggling them for a few moments in a rather suggestive fashion.

"Why Mr. Gibbs, I always carry protection..what kind of lady do you take me for?"

"Of course" Jason answers simply, "You never know when a firefight is going to break out in this city, I've found."

"I take you for a genius with super-powers. I take nothing for granted."

He glances at the car, considering it thoughtfully before looking toward Jason. Gibbs nods once, apparently quite pleased by that response. It's like he switches between jovial and serious with the push of a button. Man's got a game face.

There's another wry grin as she squeezes their arms before letting go, heading into the back as well, she's the shortest afterall and needs the least leg room amongst the trio. Once she's settled in, she sighs as she leans back a bit, surprised with the change in demeanor from Gibbs.

"Remind me never to play Strip Poker with you.."

"I learned long ago to never play poker at all with those better at math than you are." Jason says offering his opinion on the matter, "Bluffing can get you far but it has certain severe limits when your opponent actually knows their odds."

"I learned long ago to know when people are bluffing. Odds are malleable, ever changing, ever re-organized. Someone telling a lie or bullshitting you? That don't change."

Gibbs settles into the passenger's seat, studying the Polaroid for a few moments before slipping it into an interior pocket of his suit coat. He looks over his shoulder at Erika in the back seat, though his expression remains neutral.

"Let's roll."

Erika meets Gibbs' gaze for a few moments, chuckling once more as she leans back and relaxes in the middle. A hand goes to Jason's shoulder offering it a gentle squeeze before she starts to give directions so he knows where he's going..and eventually they're off.

Fortunately, at this hour, there's no real traffic, at least not to the point of rush hour. An hour or so later, they arrive in front of another building, not as tall as a skyscraper, but still decent sized, enough to house a couple hundred employees or so. She motions towards the parking garage where a security guard waits and flashes her employee ID.

"Carpooling..very friendly to the environment, that's the Kuroko way.." the guard says, smiling brightly as he bows towards the 'employees' before the gate lifts up to let them in…
Jason flashes Erika a quick smile at the squeeze of Erika's hand but is otherwise silent for the rest of the drive, focused on the road. Upon arrival he takes advantage of that open gate to drive through, finding a convenient place to park and taking the care to back into the space in case of the need of a quick exit later. "Well here we are" he offers, opening up the drivers side door and stepping out, jerking his head in one direction, "And if I read the signs correctly that should be our entrance."

Gibbs offers a friendly smile to the security guard, though as soon as the car is out of his line of sight, Gibbs' appearance is already shifting. He regains his height and his hair color lightens by several shades into the dark brown realm. The Special Agent remains a bit heavier than normal, though his shoulders widen to bear the weight a bit more efficiently.

"Well then. Game faces, everyone."

Norman steps out of the passenger side, dressed to match the security guard at the gate. It's an excellent disguise and crisply tailored to match his altered physique. Quietly he starts making his way around the car to join up with Jason.

That…continues to amaze her. Erika shakes her head a little as she wrinkles her nose and starts to head out of the car, running her fingers through her hair as she nods at Jason's assessment.

"Well, let's go into the maw of the dragon then..or something ya know..mythical like that." no, she really isnt that good at quips when it's time to do something. She prefers staying in her little workshop, and it's obvious to the two gentlemen that she's feeling out of her element at this point..

Jason looks less disconcerted than Erika, maintaining his usual fashion look as the suit is not likely to seem out of place where they are heading. It's towards the employee entrance from the parking garage he goes then, trusting the others to follow. "Something like that." he agrees to Erika.

Gibbs has learned his lessons from a lot of different sources. Fortunately, Nature saw fit to gift him with many abilities in common with his mother. Quietly the security guard follows Jason and Erika alike. Assuming that security guards for Kukoro Industries carry guns, Norman has a relatively innoccuous looking pistol holstered at his side.

If they don't, well then. He's probably got his silenced pistol tucked into a holster that is now hidden at the small of his back with careful creases and folds of his shirt.

Of course the security guards have guns. The trio enters with no one the wiser. It's not exactly a company where everyone knows your name and as they enter the elevator waiting area to enter the building proper, there's a tall handsome Japanese man in a well dressed suit. It's Kane Taoka for anyone who would recognize him…

"And so, I was telling Miss Elliot.." and his gaze looks towards the trio. His brows quirk, not remembering hiring the three, but he's not exactly the most controlling over HR afterall. "Hello! Off for a fine day of work.." and he looks towards their badges, "Miss Rosemont, Mister Jackson and Mister Boudreau.."

Erika just lets out a soft chuckle under her breath, smiling as prettily as she can though she remains quiet for now.

Jason nods to the figure, affecting the nervous mannerisms of one suddenly finding themselves in the presence of a possible superior and not wanting to be found lacking. A slight adjustment of his jacket to hint at a nervousness over personal appearance and a minor reinforcing of his tie to strengthen that. "Carpooling. It's the Kuroko way." he answers.
Gene has connected.

Gibbs affects similar mannerisms to those of Jason, though subtly different. A security guard has different concerns, different manners, and different ways of expressing them than a corporate suit might. He shifts his weight a bit uncomfortably as he offers a warm, professional smile to Kane.

"Good day, sir. It's certainly a great day to be w-working. How are you doing today, sir?"

These are not the Scion Spies you're looking for. Move along.

"I'm doing fine..just have a few issues to deal with.." Kane mutters as the elevator opens and he motions for them to step in first. As a CEO he's quite..well liked by most of his employees giving them more vacation days and bonuses through his Titan funded schemes.

"Miss Rosemont, remember there's a meeting in your section today in an hour. I'd like to see what's going on in the biosciences division.." he says with a sage nod.

"Of course sir.." her tone tense as she looks towards the other two 'employees' as the elevator starts going up..
It would hardly do to break the image. Jason steps into the elevator first, politely taking a place in the back corner to allow room for the others with his arms loosely at his side. Kane getting another of those brief professional sort of smiles of the sort one gives when their boss is in a dour mood.

Gibbs steps into the rear corner opposite Jason. He continues to do his best security guard routine, casting a vague glance in Erika's direction as Kane brings up divisions. In the back of his head, he's trying to remember if his ID says something other than security on it.

"And Mister Boudreau, don't forget that I switched your shift..you'll be working with IT for a bit.." Kane says, completely oblivious to what's going on. Eventually they reach the lobby where he steps out and smiles towards them, giving a deep bow. "I have a meeting to get to, I will see you all later!" and with that he walks off.

Erika waits until the elevator doors close again and she lets out a sigh of relief, the tension in her body fading. "That…well he didnt seem uberevil..he seems really nice for a boss.."
Jason watches as the fellow makes his way off the elevator and with a brief glancing ceilingwards he says, "Of course. He's a great supervisor, we're all most fortunate to have him looking out for us. However.. it seems that a reassignment to the IT department in the short term is in the works."

Gibbs shifts his hand away from the butt of his gun as Kane exits the elevator. He nods his head, "Of course sir, thank you for reminding me." Norman looks at the others for a moment or two before offering a faint, pleased smile. "Next stop IT, Miss Rosemont."

"Indeed, Mister Boudreau..we need to find badges that work though.." She sighs a litle, relaxing now as she slumps back against the wall as she purses her lips and sighs a little, running her fingers through her hair, a bit more at ease with Kane out of the way..

Jason grimaces a touch and says, "I may get off on your floor. I'd like to hit the washroom before going on shift and ours is for some reason forever running out of soap. While I am sure there may be one or two in there at this time of day, they hopefully aren't quite as fond of using it all up."

"I don't see why not, Mr. Jackson," replies 'Boudreau', "Though you should probably be quick. Middle management has a meeting, I hear."

Gibbs maintains that faint, pleased smirk as he waits patiently for the elevator to get to the IT department's floor. He folds his arms in front of himself, watching the elevator doors expectantly.

Spymaster she is not. She can't act out of place and just sighs, shaking her head alittle as she gives Gibbs and Jason a quick glance, snickering softly as she wrinkles her nose. The elevator finally opens and they're at a rather busy floor. There's the vault leading towards the mainframe with two security guards in front of it. How awfully convenient this is!

"Hrmm…this is too easy.." she mutters under her breath, a bit disconcerted now.

Jason does in fact make his way into the restroom after getting off on that floor after a brief nod to the other two, making his way inside. Hopefully off of the internal surveillance network and into a place where innocent IT sorts wander in alone.

Gibbs steps up behind Erika, producing the Polaroid from a pants pocket. He uses her body to shield it from view as he studies the two security guards from just outside of the elevator. Who is exuding more importance? Who indee- Oh. There you are.

Norman moves the camera around the Scion of Rosie's shoulder and snaps a quick photograph of the security guard to the left. Fortunately the flash doesn't go off in the brightly lit corporate environment. He promptly slips it back into his pocket and steps around Erika as he makes his way over to the guards.

"Hi. Remy Boudreau. I'm kinda new here and the boss switched my shift around for today. I'm supposed to be doing security here in IT today. Could one of you guys show me around so I look like I know what I'm doing if the boss swings by?"

The one to the left raises a brow as he looks towards Remy and nods at the younger looking man. He's older and in his 40s anyway, having the paternal demeanor. "No problem, newbie!" he chirps merrily as he pats 'Remy' on the shoulder as he starts spouting off lots of various bits of trivia about the company and just how awesome working for Kane is.

Meanwhile, Erika takes a quick glance around, as she tries to find the source of power on this floor. Oh yes, she remembers now, there's a power box not too far from here and she wanders off, reaching into her purse to pull out something to attach to it…

Remy smiles cheerily, doing his best to play the eager young recruit as the older man starts talking. He listens intently, doing his best to divine any useful information from the glut of trivia being offered him. Meanwhile, in his pocket, the Polaroid starts to print out and develop.

If he were another man, Gibbs might be grinning from ear to ear like an idiot just now. All is going to according to his plan. Quietly he continues to listen, waiting for the proper amounts of time to pass and for things to start falling into place.

Jason steps of the bathroom looking a fair bit different, now a beard sporting somewhat disheveled IT guy with a picture ID badge matching his new face hanging off his jacket pocket. It's a terribly convincing look, mostly. Illusions being what they are and some loophole always being left his shoes have remained the same. A bit too tasteful for the guise he is currently wearing. Making his way back into the hall he pauses to drink from the water fountain, taking in the changes since he entered the restroom.

Jason seems to have infiltrated things nicely. Gibbs is off learning more and more about the security measures in Kuroko Industries, which are many especially those hidden security measures in the biodivision. Not even security are allowed to go down there..rumors are they make their own security, but that's just an urban myth for sure, right?

Meanwhile, Erika's found the power box and has gathered a few supplies, stealing things from various desks. When no one's looking she scrambles her plan and suddenly thelight flickers in the floor and is soon out, causing lots of IT to cheer.

"No work! Power's out!" and they start heading down the stairs…

And with that said, she grins wryly quite pleased with herself, letting out a happy little giggle. "I am a fucking genius.." she whispers before meandering towards the security area once more..

Well. That is going to make blending in harder. Jason looks up with his new features towards where the lights are off and he frowns just a touch before moving away from the water fountain to pass near Erika. He leans in to quietly say, "An unexpected but riveting display. Hopefully their cameras don't have a backup circuit."

Remy Boudreau continues to listen intently, nodding eagerly as he soaks up every drop of information. This place will quickly become his playground, he's sure. For the moment, he's only concerned with get- Lights out? Fortunate and unfortunate simultaneously, he's sure.

Remy reaches into his pocket, touching the picture of his new friend the middle-aged security guard. As discreetly as he can, Remy removes it and palms it at his side after taking a brief look at the picture to reassure himself that it is, in fact, the right picture and to establish the mystical connection. Listening as intently as he can, Remy focuses his power into the picture in his hand. For a moment, just a moment, his eyes seem to physically glaze over as though covered in liquid glass, before they return to their normal state.

Good thing the lights are out. The security guard probably won't even have noticed that effect.

And there's a whisper towards…wait, is that Jason? Considering he's talking about cameras and a backup circuit, Erika lets out a sigh of relief as people are wandering down the stairs to get out. "I wanted to just take out the cameras, but it kinda took out the whole floor..fortunately, that gives us about ten minutes before someone suspects something..we need to hurry..where's 'Boudreau'?" she asks with a soft whispers glancing around the masses..

"I wish I knew" Jason says towards Erika looking around the lobby, "He could be wearing any face. I've got a card that should be good for the door, assuming the scanners are still up and running with the system down. Let us assume he is heading our way and make our way through to the secure section. One guard down and with the lights out you should be able to pass behind him while he confirms my credentials."

This. This is disorienting, Gibbs notices as he stares at himself through the security guard's eyes. Simultaneously he is vaguely aware of staring at the security guard with his own eyes. It takes him a few moments to fully coordinate his faculties and he resolves to find a proper way of doing this sort of thing in the future.

In the mean time, he tries to spot Jason or Erika through the crowds. Not to mention that he needs to see what the guards are doing.

The other guards groan a little as they start to meander off as well, trying to usher Jason and Erika along to head down the stairs.

"We'll catch up..I need to grab my laptop.." Erika lies with a bright smile and the security guard just nods and continues to head on down. The pair are currently in front of the vault to the main frame..

Jason displays his badge in a dispirited sort of way as the guards attempt to urge him down the stairs. "I'm going to have to check the systems to make sure the power outage isn't causing any damage" he explains as he sadly makes his way towards the mainframe. Giving every appearance of a tech guy that really /wants/ to be off playing hooky with his tech guy friends and is instead forced to do menial geek labor.

Ah. There's Erika. Gibbs concentrates, focusing on /WILLING/ the security guard to snag his security key and pass it along to the young woman passing by. Norman himself hangs back, staying near the vault door while the other, elder guard moves along to help with crowd control. It cuts down on his mental processing at the very least.

Oh! And there's a security pass. She blinks a little, most definitely not expecting that as she nods and bows her head as she whispers softly, raising her brows a bit. "Boudreau..that you?"
Jason makes his way past to the vault, swiping his card and making his way through simply to be out of the public eye. Scouting out the other side while waiting for the others to arrive.

"Remy? No, he went the other way," replies the security guard, giving Erika a puzzled look, "You should head on out of here, Miss."

Boudreau snaps back into his body, blinking his eyes several times as he severs the link. Gibbs raises a hand and waves to Erika over the crowd, she might see a waving hand silhouetted near the vault.

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as she nods, and wrinkles at the security pass in her hands. She looks towards Jason and then spies Gibbs behind him, motioning towards that direction. She rushes on over as they're the only three on the floor now and she looks down at her watch. "4 Minutes..in an out. That will give us time to get in do what I need to do and get out before anyone else notices.." she whispers softly putting the security access badge to be let through.

That's when a voice on the vault can be heard, asking for yet another security pass and an IT pass..

Irksome the sound of that voice. Jason in his IT guide stares at the panel unhappily, catching that motioning that Erika makes and he looks over his shoulder. Not exactly sure where Gibbs might be at the moment he all the same indicates the remaining, non debadged security guard with a jerk of his head. He's already knocked out somebody today, it is someone elses turn. In the meantime he now scans his IT badge into the vault. Adding that facet of the equation to what the vault is demanding.

Gibbs frowns at the voice of the vault. This is getting to be annoying. In the future, he is sure this will be less of a problem. In the future, he will have other abilities to help him bypass such troubling security measures. He moves toward the remaining guard and attempts to loot him through the most discreet of all possible methods.

Pickpocketing. Please don't fail Norman now.

Norman Riddick Gibbs removes that damned security pass and creeps away from his victim, who is none the wiser. He promptly darts back to the vault and flashes the badge. Even as he finishes swiping it, he takes a step to the side of the door, one hand on the butt of his pistol.

"Thank you.." the robotic voice says as the vault starts to open slowly with an airlock tight seal. Erika looks towards her two companions and looks worried for a few moments, reaching into her purse as well.

When the door finally opens completely, the vault is well rather large. There's all sorts of circuitry and electronics over the floor though there's glass on top to let technicians walk in and make repairs and there's the mainframe, a rather large supercomputer in the middle of the room.

"There it is.." she whispers.

Jason retains his grubby IT guy look, and if he reaches under his jacket for a reassuring nearness to his own gun it probably looks like he simply decided to scratch himself. He steps back and away to one side of the room that offers a broad angle view. A bit out of the way, leaving hacking the Gibson to Erika while he stands guard.

Like Jason, Gibbs stand to the side of the door. Erika knows what needs to be done and he doesn't. What he does know is that if anyone catches them here, like this, terrible things are likely to happen. As a result, he stands at the ready to eliminate any threats that may present themselves.

And Erika starts rushing towards the mainframe. After a bit of concentration the top of the mainframeopens up and she works frantically to install the chip, sighing a little. It takes about three minutes and fifty nine seconds and the instant she finishes she hops off and starts running. "Guys..we should go!"

Jason runs! He runs like this were an episode of Doctor Who and not Chuck. There could be Daleks on his heels, that is how fast he runs. Quickly working to get out of the range of the security net, he offers up "We'll need to slow down when we get downstairs. Nice and steady and out the door and back to the car."

Norman starts moving just as quickly as the others. He runs until most of the way down the security stairwell before coming to a normal walking pace. Casually he walks out with the others, face covered in calmness he doesn't really feel.

And eventually the trio finds their way towards the car. Nothing evil popped out at them. Nothing went and tried to kill them. So far, so good…

XP Awarded.

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