Micheal Walker
Portrayed By: Jude Law
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Calling: Former MI6 agent
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Ares
Significant Other(s): {$so}


My mother was a scientist and business woman, she met Ares while she was trying to prove that her company could handle an ministry of defense contract. I don't know any more than that, and in truth it doesn't matter, I grew up in a loving family with a brother and sister, both younger. I always remember my parents telling me how I was more trouble than the other two combined, I did well in school though, could have gone to college, my mother wanted me to work with her I think, but I never had an interest in science. I instead joined the Royal Marines Corp. Thirty two weeks of blood and sweat later I was a Royal Marine. I was a born soldier, I served my minimum five years and applied for SAS, I got my chance at trials almost a year after that. I passed first time, it was the hardest three days of my life, including active service. I was in there for another three years before being moved to MI6, I was given a comission and offically placed on some security force for MI6, what I actually did wasn't as simple as that. I'll admit I carry a lot of what I did around with me, I did things I'm not proud of, but the truth is every single one of the things I did needed to be done, even if it meant I'd burn in hell.

I was twenty seven when it was decided that me and my team were too dirty to keep on the books, I'd never once done anything that wasn't authorized and often ordered, but that doesn't matter, he yanks were getting looked at closely for what they were doing in detainment camps, and MI6 wasn't going to get caught with me in their files. I was out for six weeks before I got my first job, they pay better, but the resources are lacking. Looking back the first job I got was probably the last test my father wanted to give me, the target was being used by a Titanspawn, it was typical politics, so several dozen degrees removed. Either way I got the job done, it wasn't long after that Ares arrived to introduce himself. It was brief and to the point, but he gave me my new objective.


Micheal's the professional solider through, when he's not working he tends to enjoy a good party, a drink and good company, he's laid back not wanting trouble from anyone. The trouble is finding him when he's not on the job, once Mike's got an assignment he's as cold, clinical and ruthless as he needs to be, he's willing to do anything to see the job done, even if he'll hate himself for it later. He'll of course try to resolve a situation in as peaceful a way as possible, but if necessary he'll do (and has in the past done) terrible things to see his goals achieved. He's an idealist, he'll always follow the path he believes to be right, this is pretty much the only time he'd consider betraying someone he'd worked for.


Yeah, who do you know? Who is important?

Events Thus Far

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