Portrayed By: James Duval
Status: Alive (So Far)
Age: 18
Calling: Famous Musician/Dancer in the Making
Pantheon: Atua
Divine Parent: Pele
Significant Other(s): Kinda


Maui was born on the island of Hawaii. His father was a surfer and music store owner who met his mother (Pele) on the beach in one of her guises as the tanned "beach girl" that stayed for a while at least. Around five, his mother and father were thought dead when the music store burned down with them in it. Secretly, Pele planned it to make sure her son was strong while also taking her newest mortal husband to Au-Roroa to live with the "eternal waves" as she calls them. Supposedly, his father still watches over him but Maui was given to his paternal grandparents to raise.

Grief stricken as he was, no one was sure how to help him. Pele secretly watched over him at times through a pair of "family statues" he kept in his room and his backyard. Over time, he started to show signs of coming out of it and found the art of poi dancing. At first trying the traditional form, he eventually found the more modern form at a rave when he was 14. Liking the longer version, Maui threw himself into learning it as well as learning music both traditional and modern as he dreamed of being a teacher and a popular musician.

At 17, his grandparents sent him to an uncle in New York City to let him try out for a college degree there as well as finish schooling. While he didn't want to go, he did manage to take one of the statues with him. Things were a bit rougher in New York, but over the year he proved to some of the local dance groups that he could dance just as well as they could if not better. His "trials" finally ended whenever the Atlanteans turned New York into New Atlantis.

Not sure what was happening, Maui was in his apartment with his uncle at the time and found it odd that the statue in his room was glowing while something went on outside. Intrigued by the glowing family statue, he reached out to touch it and suddenly found himself in the embrace of his mother, who faded to a white clothed form while saying she was really Pele. Always had been, and always would. With the sudden change by someone unknown to her, Pele couldn't let any of her children be literally screwed into believing what was happening was okay. So, she gave her son the pair of items she had crafted and told him everything she could at the time. Being tossed back out literally on his bed, Maui was shocked to find his television showing Atlantean broadcasts. This year was his last year in school, but he decided to play with it a bit. Going to the roof to see what had happened, Maui found the city changed, but went ahead and tested out one of his items while he decided to stay hidden for now.

Now Maui finds himself looking at colleges and working to find other Scions his own age to see what it means due to being, well, literally, brand new to it all. Meanwhile, he works on music scores, CD mixes, and other such items in his spare time.


(More forthcoming once the character is played more.)

Maui is a dancer first and foremost. He dances to his own beat usually, but actively tries to include others in it. His prowess at dance has translated to poi dancing. In particular, he dances regularly if hired to pay his way through college. (Considering his epic attributes and his skills, he's quite good at it.) An important aspect to his personality so far has been his ability to help others. He realizes he has the potential to be very destructive, but prefers instead to be very helpful when he can. Likewise, he's undoubtedly got his mother's temper somewhere in there. It's just probably buried quite well.


Pele - Mom! Yep. She's his mother. He's still confused by her being Pele, but figures he'll learn more if he does what he's supposed to and fight the Titanspawn and figure out what the devil happened to New York.

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 2 Perception 3
Epic Strength 1 Epic Charisma 0 Epic Perception 0
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 4
Epic Dexterity 1 Epic Manipulation 0 Epic Intelligence 0
Stamina 3 Appearance 3 Wits 4
Epic Stamina 1 Epic Appearance 1 Epic Wits 1
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