Somuku Konohana Hime
Portrayed By: Kikukawa Rei
Status: Alive and Kicking!
Age: Ageless
Calling: Amatsukami of Nature
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Divine Parent: Amaterasu
Significant Other(s): Haldor Englund


Onmyodo is a traditional Japanese cosmology, a neat little cocktail of natural science and occultism. It is based on the Chinese philosophies of Wu Xing and Yin and yang, introduced into Japan at the turn of the 6th century, and accepted as a practical system of divination. For years, this ritualistic magic that the people of Japan performed was limited and controlled by the government, but eventually it would become under the control of the Tsuchimikado family until the 19th century, when it became a form of mysticism. With Amaterasu gone from the onmyodo, she still looked after its caretakers and would eventually couple with a few men who took her fancy.

Tsuchimikado Mikuru was a concert pianist and a handsome member of the family. He had still secretly trained in the onmyodo arts, and thus when he met "Ami" after one of his concerts, he instantly fell in love. The couple were happy, and eventually gave birth to Maia, or "Mai Hime" as her father liked to call her. Her early childhood was relatively uneventful. She was spoiled by her father, mother and other members of the Amatsukami who would often come and check up on the little girl.

Considering she was the latest in the new generation of Tsuchimikado, Izanami herself wanted to make sure that she was trained in the onmyodo arts, often appearing to her as her elderly grandmother on her mother's side. She was trained in the arts and kept unaware of her true nature as a Scion of Amaterasu. She was a happy, bubbly child, and taught all the traditions of her family and her people. The gods were held dear to her heart as she was a shrine maiden of Ise during her training.

Of course, all this training in onmyodo was in preparation for what would soon happen. The Titanspawn of Mikaboshi attacked the Isle of Ise, and the head priestess spirited the young girl off. The head priestess was another guise of her mother and she soon revealed to her gifts, gifting her with two powerful relics, the ofuda of the Amatsukami, designed by Izanami herself which had a strong connection to the underworld and spirits and a ruby magatama on ring. She told her daughter to fight off the Titanspawn, and newly armed with these gifts she was able to fight it off.

Eventually time would pass and college began. Much like her father, she enjoyed classical music and with her newfound talents as a Scion, she easily gained acceptance to New York City's prestigious Julliard. There she enrolled as a violin performance major and now hopes to bring honor both to her land, her people and her mother. For now, she takes the guise of a regular college co-ed, doing what she can to fight off the Titanspawn. It's all part n parcel of the gig, right?


Maia is definitely green. This is her first time away from home. Her father made her spend most of her time as a Shrine Maiden of the Great Isle of Ise, tending the largest shrine to her mother. As such, she's dutybound, quite serious, and very disciplined. She likes to keep the rest of her bandmates grounded. However, the more she spends time in America, the more the cultureshock wears off, and she's starting to find herself surrounded by a variety of American girls. They bring out her naturally gregarious disposition, and now that she's away from her parents (at least her father), it's time to try new things, experiment and find lots of cute boys.

With everything that has happened, Maia has changed, for the better or for the worse, who knows? As she received her second visitation, she's become a bit more calm, a bit more patient and a bit more accepting of other people's faults. She knows her place within her band as support for the others and she relishes in her goal, trying to help her bandmates as much as she can. She's still slightly boy crazy, often having quick crushes here and there, but she's in a fully committed relationship which has given her a bit of purpose and maturity. When David and Haldor arent around, she serves as a sort of leader for the others often doing strategic planning. She tries not to be despotic about it and will often ask for the inputof others, trying to see all sides of things. Perhaps that's her downfall right now, but it's how she is.


Name Relation Notes
David Kong Bao Son Goku He's much better now. They still like to argue though, but that's their thing.
Rupert Patel Spike Hella famous rocker. Saw his doppelganger having sex. Hairy Indian Sex. Eww.
Haldor Englund Captain Aesir Boyfriend. Only exception to the Hot = Evil! rule.
Jolie Watkins Snarky Bandmate Dark Magic Girl. Her zombies are named after the Jacksons. Awesome.
Gene Horkos Paparazzi He will shoot you. He also is a lech. Still, nice enough! Huzzah.
Scott Cornwall Blue Ranger Finally, a fellow geek. She appreciates his trivia like knowledge. Could probably help with her homework too.

Character Sheet

Appearance: 6 Charisma: 6 Dexterity: 9
Epic Appearance: 6 Epic Charisma: 5 Epic Dexterity: 9
Intelligence: 8 Manipulation: 3 Perception: 4
Epic Intelligence: 7 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Perception: 0
Stamina: 5 Strength: 4 Wits: 5
Epic Stamina: 5 Epic Strength: 4 Epic Wits: 2

Events Thus Far


Things have been busy in New York City, with school and saving the world, things are oh so very busy. She has found herself in a band with six other people, whom..her level of relationships are quite different. She's found a BFF in the nerdling Scott, while she's found a BF in the Viking Haldor. She's managed to face her Dark Mirror, Lust in the Dark Hour trials, and now she's off to Japan with Haldor to find Sojobo to become the Power Rangers' trainer of sorts.

In addition, it seems her mother approves of Haldor as her boyfriend to the point of gifting him with an icy blue sapphire magatama ring, allowing him access to the Frost purview. Maia approves of this cool new power (pardon the pun), and now she's mommy to his daddy to an adorable little puppy that they named Drake.

It's been a while, but Maia and her friends all heard their parents' collective screams in their heads. Why? Because it seems that the rival Corrupted Scion band that had crucified the fates in Times Square was making a move against them with the aid of some mystical mumbo jumbo from the Atlanteans.

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