Portrayed By: Anton Yelchin
Status: Alive
Age: 21
Calling: Divine Architect
Pantheon: Atlantean
Divine Parent: Skaft
Significant Other(s): None


This is a city for not sleeping;
The clocks are set by feel

At this moment, from where I sit,
none of it seems real

The glory that was Atlantis was shaped in part by the hands and vision of the young Scion of Skaft, one of the seven Scions who were later instrumental in assuring the fall of Avernus, of Death itself. So it was that when his beloved creations were threatened and he was left grasping for any means to prevent the imminent devastation, Luchareth turned to the one unlikely source that offered a glimmering of hope. When the gods among whose number he was close to walking turned against Atlantis, he took succor with the enemy. The only mercy of it all was that he was slain before he could see the destruction of all he had ever loved.

That mercy has since been rescinded with his return to the World, as the birthing pangs that brought him fully forth from his reincarnated vessel came with an unflinching perspective on what was wrought in the aftermath of his demise millennia ago. The memories of his mortal life prior to reawakening familiarize him with the now, but his rage over the betrayals of the past is as fresh as it was when his life ebbed away into darkness.

If left to his own devices, Luchareth would happily go about dreaming and crafting wonders from the raw material of the cities of the world. Unfortunately, the purpose for which his restless spirit was once again cast in flesh does not seem to allow him that luxury. It doesn't help that presently his bias against the world the gods have allowed to take shape in his absence is so fundamentally flawed that it would be all he could do to put what exists into proper order first.
He's frustrated, to say the least.


Me, I don't care about the shit we're always swallowing.
It gets in the way somehow

'Cos I am the Architect and I see something wrong with it
We're all at a loss somehow...

Luchareth is a dreamer and builder by nature, with a passion for monuments and buildings that are both aesthetically daring and structurally miraculous, and built to last forever. In his first life this was an expression of his patriotism, a desire to show the entire world the greatness of Atlantis as interpreted through his eyes. By necessity he is a team player, as one man, even a Scion, is hard-pressed to haul cathedrals from the earth through a solitary effort and more abstract explorations of this concept seem to follow the same trend. Alone, even a god can only achieve so much. Alone, Luchareth tends to be at a loss, and defaults to daydreaming under the pretense of intellectual exercise.

He disdains violence. As a consequence he is not very good at it. Perversely, in his eagerness to have done with the necessary unpleasantness his role as a Scion calls for, he tends to be as vicious and unrestrained as a cornered animal governed largely by the axiom 'Do unto others so hard that there's nothing left of them to do it unto you.' He overcompensates a bit, in other words. Given his druthers he would rather retreat from conflict, because destruction in any form is abhorrent to him. So far the irony of his present circumstances as they fly in the face of that belief is lost on him.

At the moment, freshly reemergent in the World, he is in a process of reinvention of the self, reconciling two decades of contemporary memories with the millennia-old lifetime that has become so much more real to him. He's always looking to improve upon the state of things, in both the material sense and less tangible ways. He tempers an internal drive to achieve progress for its own sake with an empathy with the people who live in the world around him, but only just. His perspective on what will 'make everything so much better' may not actually have much grounding in reality. Right now, everything's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He rants about it at length when restrained from taking an active hand in putting things right. If only the contentious elements of the Worlds would acknowledge this fact and let himself and his comrades do something about it, everything could be right again. This time, they'd stay that way.


Face Name Notes
bardelys_icon.jpg Bardelys Crown Prince of Atlantis and flamboyant swashbuckler extraordinaire. He embodies the pride and courage of his people with a dramatic flair and just a touch of madness. Newly reborn, along with Luchareth, and acclimating to the modern world.
melanope_icon.jpg Melanope Princess. An ice queen and fickle, vicious black heart of the Band. Her outward sweetness and deeply rooted sympathetic tendencies are thin slices of bread around a wild and dangerous meat patty creating a drop-dead gorgeous crazyburger. She shows patience and kindness to her own (Alekos's rebrith notwithstanding) and a cruel and bold fearlessness to her enemies, which at the moment include pretty much everybody else. Luchareth keenly remembers who she once was and blames their enemies for what she has become.
carel_icon.jpg Carel Guard Captain Brother. They are polar opposites and have radically conflicting ideologies. Mostly he can let that slide, but on occasion he feels sufficiently riled by Carel's 'civilzation bad, grr!' stance to point out what he sees as flaws in his arguments. Sometimes he thinks there's playful contention going on and sometimes he thinks Carel's just a wild animal that was taught how to speak. Whatever the case, Luchareth is glad to be on the same side.
tychon_icon.jpg Tychon Royal Science Advisor. While they share similarities, their fields of interest and outlook on the Atlantean cause differ considerably. Seeming to be the least mindful of the ravening need for retribution against most everyone, he pursues less combative alternatives to solving the problems the seven face. Luchareth can sympathize, to a point.
alekos_icon.jpg Alekos Lawgiver. Humorless and single-minded after his rude reawakening. Presently he seems incapable of seeing past the immediate need for vengeance to the necessary concerns that lay beyond once the bodies have cooled. Another hardliner like Carel, without whom the contentious but effective dynamic of the seven would not be as strong. Luchareth holds out hope that the coming days will calm him enough to make the Arbiter a voice of reason once again. They all want blood (except possibly Tychon) but without moderation they risk poisoning the memory of Atlantis even further.

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