She's Pretty So There Must Be Trouble


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Scene Title She's pretty so there must be trouble
Synopsis Late night walks interrupted by a fire spitting scion

Hell's Kitchen

It's night time…

The moon's light shines down on the street the night life of Hell's Kitchen comes to… life. Standing on the edge of one of the small tenants with Abba perched next to her. "I don't know why.. But something…" She says shaking her head and walks out onto the power line, in the cloak in the night. She crouches down and watches the people below her. "Abba, sweetie… You know something I don't?" Her eyes skim the rooftops and the streets. "After the harpy attack.. I worry…"

From one of the joined rooftops, walks another figure - slowly pacing his way through his birds eye view of the alley. It's electric, that feeling of 'something to come'. "Oh yeah.. There' gonna be somethin' big happen' here tonight. Ah can taste it.." The figure mutters to himself, as he readjusts the strap that keeps a fairly mean looking electric guitar at his shoulder. For the moment, the figure stops pacing, patrolling, to just watch down below.

Holding the thick black security rope-like leash on his two Shilo Shepards John Wilco clicks his tongue and waits for the dogs to sit, "It is always so enjoyable to talk of the old times with you, Jamie. It's so good to see you again but I fear that we are on dark times. Have you heard from…Your father?"

Jamie follows alongside John, hands shoved into the pockets of his threadbare jeans. "Yeah, man. It's exactly why I looked you up as soon as I got to New York," he replies as he sweeps his gaze across the area cautiously, albeit with his eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. When the subject of his father is broached, he grins briefly and shrugs his shoulders. "It's been a while. I should probably try to make contact, sometime. Know where I can get a live goat for cheap?" His tone is outwardly mirthful, but there's something underneath it that suggests he's not entirely joking.

She catches the movement barely out of the corner of her eye and she stands up on the powerline. "Hello again." Layla says spotting Andre again. She takes a glance around and walks across the powerline to the opposite side of the street from Andre. She glances down at the pair of men on the street and she frowns. "Dogs…" She bends down and picks up Abba and seats her on her shoulder. "I know you don't like them Abba.."

Andre takes a literal double take, as the hello is heard. And here he thought he was being sneaky, and super hero, like. "Oh hey!" He waves, lifting up the skull painted mask. "Ah seen you bafore. Tha' coffee shop, yeah? Where tha' girl appeared?" Andre grins widely, before looking down at the alley himself. "You feel it too yeah? That tingle in tha' air? Somethin's gonna happen, Ah can feel it."
Andre squats, shifting his guitar so it doesn't hit the roof, as he places the mask back on again. "Strange place tah walk dogs eh? Unless they some kinda supah dog - flyin' an' eating the face o' crime and wha' not.."

"I haven't seen mine in ages. He's probably raping some woman in the middle of the congo while walking up a pile of bodies." John Wilco says in a not-so-happy tone of voice. "Between your old man and mine we've got a lot of mess to clean up." Rome, the larger of the two german shepards, starts to paw at his ear, letting out a low whine. "They've gotten fat and lazy." John Wilco points out, smirking.

A cold flash illuminates the alleyway for a split second. It's no clash of unnatural thunder or blaze of smokeless fire, no - it's just a camera. Somewhere down the length of the garbage-strewn alley is revealed by that flash the source of it, Gene, camera lowering in his hands as he regards a particularly curious piece of graffiti spraypainted on the wall over a druggie that's slumped over unconscious beneath some newspapers. He frowns at it through a pair of shades, and lets the camera hang around his neck, pulling out a pad and pen to take a few notes, seemingly ignorant of the others who aren't vagrants.

Jamie crouches down next to the dogs and scratches the smaller one behind the ear. "I don't really mind it," he says, as his other hand comes up to rub his left eye, sunglasses pushed up onto his forehead by his knuckles. "Nothing like the smell of titanspawn blood in the morning, right?" He pulls his hand away from his face and his sunglasses drop back down onto his nose, and then he looks over to the other dog, Rome. "Is that one always so, uh, whiney? Or is something up?" he asks as he pushes himself back up onto his feet. His head jerks in the direction of the camera flash, but it's quickly dismissed as nothing to be concerned about.

Quickly going into action at the response of the flash, Layla moves across the power line again, before dropping into the fire escape and then down to the street level. She skims the alley and spots Gene. "Oh…" She relaxes, "It's just you.. I was expecting…" She offers a smile and then strokes Abba's chin absent mindedly. "What are you doing out here, Gene?" She walks over to him slowly.

"Finally!" Andre hoots. Layla skims down to the alley floor gracefully - but Andre? Unslings his guitar, his 'axe', holding the finger board with one hand, as he leaps from his rooftop vantage spot, towards the source of the flash. He's a flutter of jacket, and clothing one moment - before hitting the ground with a solid THUMP.

"Oh hey!" Andre calls in Gene's direction. "If it ain't tha sharp shoota' himself! You still lookin' for more signs of tha' Eni-hier-jer-thingy?" If Gene doesn't object or.. shoot him in the face? Andre'll actually move to pat the man heavily on the shoulder. "An' here I was jus' lookin' for somethin' tha do tonight! Now we got a bonified monster hunt!"

"No, since moving from New Orleans his flesh has been irritated. I assumed it might be because of the climate change but Latin remains unaffected. It has to be something in the air, or the feeling, of New York." John Wilco ponders, worriedly, before tugging on the leashes for the dogs to walk again. "I'm glad you came for other reasons. I've stumbled upon two others. We were ambushed by something. Something dark and wicked."

"I'm an investigative journalist," observes Gene rather dryly, not looking up from his pad before he's finished his note, "You should expect to find me in dirty, unpleasant places taking pictures of things. What's your excuse, Catwoman?" A lift of his head, a smile crooking up a bit at one corner of his lips, adding easily, "Andre. What's the word?"

"Catwoman.." Layla laughs a bit at that. "Funny." She shrugs, "I was attacked here by Harpies the other day.. I thought I would just keep an eye on it." She offers a shrug and nods, "Of course.. I forgot." She offers a pouty smile at Gene. Abba looks over to Gene and meows at him. She glances over to Andre and offers a smile, "Nice to see you a bit closer." She keeps her eyes moving around to be aware.

"Lookin' for some excitement for tha night." Andre chuckles, in that thick Creole accent. "Ah couldn't help but feel.. somethin' in tha hair 'round here, you know? An' here Ah find the sharp shooter takin' pictures. Ah'd say it's a good sign to me." The man continues, offering Layla a slight bow. "Ah'll tell you what though. All this patrolin' is making me hungry. Ah'd kill for a burger."

"Maybe he's got allergies," Jamie offers thoughtfully, rubbing the back of his neck as he falls back in step with John, head cocked to the side as he listens to the other man. "Wait, what? You've got a Band now?" he asks and then laughs, slinging an arm around John's shoulders. "No shit? You got room for another? Going solo has never been my thing, you know." When they pass the alleyway, though, Jamie comes to a stop, hand gripping one of John's shoulders in an attempt to get him to stop, too. "What's going on down there?"

"She is way too pretty to be in this part of town. Somethings up and I don't like the sights of it." Snarls the Scion of Ares as he slides a hand into the back of his business jacket and pulls out a shortsword from a concealed sheath.

And that's when a high pitched scream can be heard from one of the buildings. More perceptive characters would notice a bright light from the window before things suddenly become quiet. Eerily quiet.

"If we stick around long enough, someone'll try and rape her," Gene says with a casual tilt of his head towards Layla, "And then you'll have some excitement… no burgers, though. Hey, I think ther's someone— " Oops, nevermind that, there's a shriek from above! He looks up, brow twitching into furrowed lines between shades and fedora. "— ah, shit."

"Always looking for some fun at night. A girl's got to…" Layla stops upon hearing the scream and then she moves into action, grabbing on to the fire escape. She looks around and trying to figure her way over to the other building. "Fuck." The supermodel uses such a potty mouth. She then drops back down to the ground and starts to head toward the building.

"Well then maybe Ah can get ma' picture taken with a few hobos. Send'em back home ta the family. Show'em that Ole Andre's makin' somethin' of him.." And then the scream. "Where that scream come from?!" The man wonders, turning around a couple of times as he looks up. Layla starts to run, and Andre takes off after her, pulling his skull painted mask down once more. "Wait for tha rest of us, no?" He calls, while running.

The scream makes the hairs on the back of Jamie's neck stand up, and he instinctually turns to face the building it came from, eyes going up to the second floor. "What the hell was that?" he asks, mirroring John as his own hand goes around to his back and under his shirt, though he just grips something there tucked into his belt, not pulling it out yet. His attention turns to John, clearly waiting for some sort of decision from the older man as to what to do.

Soon enough, there's smoke from the second floor apartment of the same said building. Where there's smoke, there's fire..
Noticing the others running to the sound John Wilco makes a split second choice, "We don't know if they mean to help or harm. Move! Get there first!" His arm jerks down and his watch shimmers and expands into the thick Spartan Aspis shield. Sword and shield in hand John Wilco makes a run for it as well.

"Yeah, this can't be good…" The other two that Gene's familiar with go charging off, and he shakes his head; moving to follow behind them, just a hair slower, the camera bouncing against his chest with every long stride.

She stops short and glances around as she spots that fire hydrant. She looks over to the other guys as she reaches down and grabs a manhole cover picks it. "Someone here good with water?" She says heading toward the fire hydrant. With that she slams the manhole cover down on the bolt of the hydrant over and over, trying to break it. "Break dammit!" She says with a singular focus.

Ah hah! Smoke! "With Wata' nope!" Andre notes, before he leaps towards that second story window - his guitar held in one hand. Again, he's a flutter of jaket, and clothing. Hopefully he'll be able to hit a fire escape or.. something. Hopefully, he won't give the occupants the wrong idea, looking as he does. "Gene! Hurry up! Let's get these folks out, yeah?!"

As soon as John gives the command, Jamie takes off running across the street, moving so fast that he's practically a blur. He'll go into the building the conventional way, however; through the front door and then up the stairs. The hand that was behind his back comes out, holding an obsidian dagger with a carved handle, but he keeps it down at his side so it's partially hidden, in case he passes any normal folk trying to evacuate the building.

"I will not let Rome burn again!" Shouts John Wilco as he skids around the trash cans in the alley way and slides to a halt next to the fire hydrant. "Let me help you with that." He says before bringing his sword up to slice down on the fire hydrant port.

"Do I look like Aquaman?" A shake of the journalist's head as he looks up at the amazing flying cajun, shakes his head, and heads at a jog for the front door. The man shouting about Rome is given a curious glance, and then Gene's heading through the door after the blur of movement, following Jamie up with a shake of his head.

Alas, no one is coming out the regular exit. Most people who have realized there's a fire are going out their windows via fireescape. Amongst the people leaving are a quartet. There's three people. A young woman of Indian descent, pretty but petite. Then there's a muscular Hispanic male carrying an unconscious young woman of Asian descent over his shoulder. Finally, there's the third, a handsome and athletic young fellow who leaves last. "We have to get her out of here.."

A smile is given as the sword and manhole cover slams the water loose. Layla eyes the people come through window. "Catch em." She says as she moves into action to head toward the fire escape and help them down. "Come on.. I got ya." She says swinging up onto the ladder and then onto the first rung of the fire escape.

Slamming his metal shield down into the ground John Wilco carefully redirects the huge flow of powerful water by reflecting it off his shield. The water spews out hard, slams into John Wilco's shield and then to the building. With his arms bulging from the required strength John Wilco slowly aims it up towards the building.

Andre lands on the fire escape structure with yet, another heavy thud, a clang - as he grips the frame, and attempts to make his way through the window. "Hello? Anyone in here?" The man calls. "Ah'm here ta' help!"

There's the blast of water towards the source of the fire. Unfortunately, there's someone in the way of the window. The force of the spray would be enough to push Andre into the apartment itself where he'd see the fire is starting to spread quickly. It's a young woman's apartment from the looks of it with pictures that are now burning.

Meanwhile, outside, the young Indian woman smiles brightly towards Layla. "Thank you..we're going to get her to a hospital.." she says ushering the hottie mchottie athletic one and the former model along with her. "Thanks!" and they start rushing towards a sedan not too far away.

Jamie slides to a stop in front of the door to the burning apartment, the worn-down soles of his shoes doing little to aid in traction. He tries the doorknob once but hisses and pulls his hand away, palm and fingers bright red from the hot metal. So instead, he takes a step back, waving his hand in the air to cool it as he brings his leg up and kicks down the door. "Fucking door," he mumbles to himself as he steps inside, and brings up his arm to cover his mouth and nose with his sleeve as he looks around for anyone trapped by the blaze.

At the shout from the fire escape outside, Gene skids to a halt just inside the apartment door — hearing something, inflection, a dischordant note. "Shit," he swears, pulling back even as the other man heads in and leaping off the side of the steps. As he catches sight of the trio heading for the car, he side-steps over closer to the man with the shield, thrusting a hand in their direction and shouting, "Turn the fuckin' water on them, don't let them get away!" An odd request, but he seems pretty firm about it!

Layla looks down to Gene and then drops off the fire escape and turns to give chase on them. She calls out, "Abba come on." She looks toward Andre, "Come on big guy… It's time to kick their ass." She flashes him a smile and continues to chase em down.

He /was/ trying to be careful on his approach on the apartment - however, as he's hit in the back with water? He tumbles inside. "Ey! Damn!" The man yells, as he makes his way towards his feet. "Hey! Anyone home?" He's just about to turn back towards the window, to follow the sound of Layla's voice - when the door is kicked in. It can't be too bad of a scene right? A skeleton themed figure, standing amidst a burning apartment with some kind of axe weapon, right?

And as people start to run after them, the young Indian woman steps back, motioning for the other two to keep on going. "Why do people need to keep on playing hero?" she asks curiously, sighing softly as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she reaches back into her pocket and pulls out a zippo lighter. She flicks it open and lets a waggle of her brows as she looks towards the others present outside. "Burn.." she says and the light from the zippo flashes out towards them. It's the exact sametrick that a certain Glowbug pulls out all the time, but this time, our heroes are on the receiving end.

The kicked in door? Doesn't seem to keep Andre's attention as the flash of light comes from outside. "Oh hell.." The Cajun grunts, before moving to spring off the couch, and jump down to the alley floor. "Hang on there chere! Ahm comin'!"

And the slash of the axe on the young Indian woman causes her to cry out in pain. Her blood congeals rather quickly as she spits some of her blood as she quickly moves back. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she raises her brows, wetting her lips hungrily for a few moments, tasting themetallic taste of her own blood on her lips.

"Mmmm, another hero. You sure you want to be on their side, sweetie? I could fuck you like no one else could.." she says matter of factly while bringing the zippo near his eyes. "Burn!" she cries out once more, the fire's light becoming nearly incandescent in front of his face..

Meanwhile, the other two look back towards Preethi, raising their brows a bit. "Should we help her?"

"No..Henri said to bring the girl.." the Hispanic says as he stuffs the body in the backseat..

His axe lands, and Andre's readying himself to strike again. "Yeah? Maybe you an' me talk once you seen what you —" And then that flash of radiance comes, causing to stumble back a step. "Hey!" Andre growls, before he lifts his 'axe' above his head and leaping at the Indian woman once more. He sees about two of her, hopefully he'll aim for the right one.

When Jamie lays eyes on Andre with his skull mask and axe standing in the middle of the flames, he brings his hand up from his side, and in a cloud of smoke the ceremonial dagger transforms into a long sword made of obsidian that he grasps in two hands. He moves into a defensive position, only to have Andre leap back out the window, so what does Jamie doe? He follows after him, landing with a soft grunt on the alley floor, and then out onto the street to find skull dude and some Indian chick fighting and John is apparently out of commission. "What the hell is going on?" he asks.

Pulling his shield up to meet the glare John Wilco's eyes water from the intense pain. "Bitch!" He yells into the battle as he twists his hand and pulls back to throw his spear at the woman with the lighter. His body tenses and then twitches like a high strung bow.

"Mother… fucker…" The sunglasses, they do nothing! The Scion of Discord grimaces as his vision's reduced to flickering spots for a few moments, and it only fades a little after a few more moments. "I must be doin' something wrong, the bad girls never hit on me," Gene mutters under his breath as he tries to clear his sight, crouching slightly beside John and the fire hydrant as he prepares to take evasive action if necessary.

She covers her eyes for a moment and growls. "Ok. Bitch. I can work blinded." Layla growls, literally, and she moves forward as quickly as she can. She looks back and makes sure everyone is ok, or sort of ok, and as she closes the gap she swings around and levels a sound roundhouse kick.. Hopefully it'll hit.

Preethi just laughs the entire time as she shakes her head moving out of the day. Amixture of her own blood and ichor continues to spill on the ground as she slowly starts to heal her wounds, grinning the entire time. "Mmm, we could've fucked so good..but alas, you had to be a hero.." and she starts running off towards the car.

"Dmitry! Juan! Prove your worth to Henri now..maybe if you do so, he'll save your asses.." and off she goes in the car, letting out a hearty laugh.


The athletic muscular Andy Roddick looking one grins wryly as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "She's a bitch, but you gotta admit, that was hot.." and soon he starts walking towards Layla, trying to pull her close for a kiss..a hopefully paralyzing one at that.

"The blood shall spill.." he says softly before putting his hand towards towards him…"

Juan just facepalms as he looks towards Dmitry and shakes his head. "Madre de Dios.." he says softly as he pulls out a similar obsidian dagger and starts running down his arm. As his blood spills towards the ground his eyes start to swirl with a black inky darkness, as he looks towards Andre with murderous intent in his eyes.

"The blood shall spill.." he says softly before putting his hand towards towards him…

No one outright answers him, but John attacking the Indian woman is enough of a clue for Jamie to figure it all out. She's gone before he can get to her, but he'll settle for one of her lackies; the one trying to force himself onto the supermodel, in particular. "Get away from her, you fucking pervert!" he says, and pulls one hand away from the hilt of his sword so he can throw a punch at Dmitry's face.

That was one hell of a kiss.. Layla just sort of stands there with her eyes closed, lips puckered and well, pleased… She can't really do much else.

He can feel his skin starting to split, and it makes Andre take a step back, grunting behind that skull laden mask. "It ain't ma' blood that's gonna spill tonigh' my friend. Is yours!" He grunts, before dashing forward towards his new target. Andre holds his axe low, end of his guitar surely sparking off of the grimy ally pavement - as he swings upwards, two handed.

"Shit," Gene continues to mutter under his breath, reaching into his jacket and drawing his pistol; thumb drawing back the hammer with a cold, hard click of steel on steel. A smile just-crooks his lips, as he shakes his head, "This is gonna be a huge mess."

Layla just sort of stands there with her eyes closed, lips puckered and well, pleased… She can't really do much else.

John Wilco holds his hand out and the Pilum returns, his body gets ready to throw the spear again despite how his eyes feel.

And there's Preethi off in the car, she's getting it ready as she turns on the engine.

Meanwhile, the other two Scions start to move around the others, hoping to have a less change of being hit…

Jamie has his sights set on Dmitry, now, matching the Corrupted Scion's movements as it takes them away from Layla. There's a fierce expression on the Hispanic man's face as his long sword disappears in a cloud of smoke, returning to its dagger form as he makes a fist around the now smaller hilt and swings his arm around, aiming another punch to the face.

With the engine to the car starting, Andre curses softly under his breath. "You an' me gonna have to finish this some otha time.." He grunts to scion, as he takes to the air in another 'flying cajun' leap. This time? He's aimed towards the car. More specifically, the engine block, with his axe held high over head. "Not today chere!" The skull faced man yells, as he attempts to come crashing down on the hood of the car, axe first. El Kabong strikes again!

Meanwhile, John Wilco goes somewhere to diddle himself for five seconds.

Out, out damned spot! The spotty blur before Gene's eyes holds the wrath of his 'sister' - the gun in his hand - as he gives his head a sharp shake. As the glare slowly begins to recede, he rises a bit from that crouch, keeping his fedora'd head low as he breaks into a charge across the battlefield for the half-demolished sedan, building speed as he goes.
"Pardon me…" Just before he hits the vehicle that no insurance policy will cover, he leaps up, feet lifting as he twists in mid-air like a loosed arrow to try and dive through one of the shattered windows in the back of the car, reaching out to grab the attempted kidnapping victim with one hand as he tumbles through, "…do you have any Grey Poupon?"

Gene flashes a grin to Preethi as he lands atop the unconscious woman, taking advantage of her being stunned for a moment by the destruction of half the sedan. "Sorry, hot stuff. Business, y'know," he winks—and then rolls out the broken window on the other side of the vehicle, flipping the girl out of it and on his back as he keeps moving.
The fedora never budges.

Layla just sort of stands there with her eyes closed, lips puckered and well, pleased… She can't really do much else.

Preethi is mad. And upset. And lots of other things. However, it looks like fate isnt on their side today as their only mission was ruined. And with that, she disappears in an instant. Preethi..the Indian Flash.

Things don't look too good. Someone's gone off masturbating, and it's just the two left. Preethi's gone and she was their power house. With that, the other two dash and run away..lightning sprinter like..

"Where you runnin' off too chere?! You didn' even give Andre your number yet!" The man calls, as he tugs his guitar free from what's left of the front end of the car. "Oh well.. I guess we be seen' you an your looser friends again, no? We be ready next time!" Andre laughs, as he.. well, walks out of the exploded engine block.

"And Whatch'you doin' chere? Standin' there with your mouth all puckered like that. No hobo have to work to hard to take advantage of you like tha'." Andre belts, laughter at the edges of his tone, as he makes his way towards Layla.

Her eyes blink, slowly as she frowns. "What?" Layla says to herself. "What happened? Where did they go? Did we win?" She moves around, her movements slow. "Ouch.. I hurt in odd places."

"My regards to La Fromage Noir!" A taunt cast after the fleeing scions, Gene's lips curving in a quite contented smirk as he turns around, very carefully laying the woman he's pulled out of the sedan onto the vehicle's closed trunk with a relieved shift off his shoulders. Hey, he's no hulking Viking, carrying people around isn't exactly easy for him. The pistol's holstered as he checks her over for any obvious injuries, then digs out his phone.

"She'll be alright," he reports, flipping over his phone and thumbing speed dial, "Good work, everyone."

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