Harpy Days


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Scene Title Harpy Days
Synopsis 3 Harpies Attack, Kung Fu Supermodels and Jay's Fatal Break up

Hell's Kitchen

The Corrupted Scions have a plan. An awful evil plan. Throughout the city, harpy eggs have been laid out, hidden from general view. Large human sized eggs would cause a bit of a problem afterall anyway. One group of Scions thought they cleared the city of the threat of the harpies, but alas, one neighborhood was overlooked. Hell's Kitchen, that is.

Off at a nearby alley, not too far from Crime Alley itself, a couple of eggs crack. Something wicked this way comes..

It's been quite a day for Rain. Meeting people, following Leonard around and generally being a chef. For now, she is passing by the rougher parts of town to get to wherever it is she calls home. She is blissfully unaware of whatever evil things might be lurking, cheerfully wandering on - pen tucked behind her ear and purse at hand.

It's Hell's Kitchen and she's a rather well-known model. Yet here she is with her Prada Bag, with a cat head poking out, Jimmy Chu shoes and wearing a Vera Wang active short set and silk shirt. She's about as out of place as can be. The ebony Layla smiles as runs a finger across the cat's head, "Abba.. Where have you got me going today?" Almost as if expecting the cat to respond to her. She stops at the corner of an intersection waiting for the walk sign to light up.

Earlier in the day, Jay recieved several addresses from one of his half-brothers… and one of those addresses just happens to be in Hell's Kitchen. Of course, Jay wasn't so lucky to be told WHOSE address this is. Given that too many people already know that he is a Scion of some sort, Jay decided there was only course of action. Jay… shouldn't come here.
And that's why there's a dirty homeless man, dressed in rags and smelling of unwashed body, dirt, grime and cheap liquor shuffling along the street. Not really anything to focus your attention on, right? When he looks up, his face is worn and weathered, teeth dirtied and yellowed, lips cracked and gnarled. Another facet of the ugly side of NYC…

Leonard is along for Rain's trip, the man making for dropoff point before the two part ways. Despite trip through the city he's not lost any of his enthusiasm, though he has taken his hat back. The thing is balanced between fingers, spun back and forth in front of his chest as eyes scan the buildings.

The light changes and Layla steps onto the street and walks across. She frowns a bit, "Oh this is going to ruin my shoes sweetie. I should have worn a pair of Nike.." She sighs softly to herself as Abba jumps from her purse and down onto the ground. The cat meows back at her and starts to pad along side her. The white spotted cat stops every now and then to sniff around, but doesn't stray to far. Layla on the other hand stops at a window and looks into it. "Oh isn't that just darling." She points to an antique lamp. "Abba, come dear." She says as she goes to open the door.

Why would there be this many people in a shady area of the city? Could it be that fate has brought them all here for a reason? Who knows? Still, it's quiet and soon, theeggs start to crack, causing Abba to hiss just a bit, it's back arched as it stares towards the alley way. Even Thor senses something about starting to screech excitedly, though there's a worried frown on his features. The animals always know first…

The dirty homeless man pauses a little as he hears something, that screeching of a capuchin monkey that is SUPPOSED to be being quiet, tailing his master and whatnot. Right now, the furry capuchin is up on a second floor window sill, having his little freak out. The homeless man's shuffling forward comes to a halt, eyes closing. That's it. No more Jameson for THAT monkey in the mornings! The filthy man shifts a bit, craning his head to look up at the source of the screeching commotion, irritation fading a bit as he notices Thor's reaction a bit more in depth. No. This is soemthign different.
This is somethign wrong.

Rain looks to Leonard. "This place is kind of rough," She comments quietly. She is for the most part, just walking around. There are no animals to alert them sadly. But huh. The alleyway seems to be drawing people and unhappy animals. This causes her to stop and tap Leonard on the shoulder. "A monkey?"

"The same monkey?" Question in return from Leo. His head rises, peeking over toward the place that Rain indicates. "Should we look?" He doesn't give much a chance to answer, staring in that direction without further ado.

"Oh honey.." Layla says as she looks back at her cat arching her back and hissing. "It's not that dirty here.." She says walking over and leaning down to pick up Abba. "What's up sweetness." She says holding the cat close to her as she scans the area around her. Hearing the screeching monkey she looks over toward the source of the noise and coos softly to the cat, "It's just a little critter sweetie. Don't worry.."

As the eggs start to crack open, the foul stench of harpies wafts over towards everyone near the alley. It's a foul stink, a mixture of sulfur and other putrid things. It's definitely..disgusting to say the least..and more than enough to trigger most gag reflexes.

Thor is a fairly recognizable monkey, his red fur coloring hardly being the norm. "Thut up, mon-kay!" comes the slurred yelling of the vagrant, shaking a fist at the monkey. That, at least, gets Thor's attention, who screeches and shakes his own fist back. "I'm… I…" stammers than man, just as a horrid stench wafts from teh alleyway, hitting the man full on. "HRrrr!" he grunts, liprs pursed tightly before he drops down to let loose with a spectacular display of everything he's consumed today. It's… not pretty.
Ewww… Rain *hrks* and has to pause, gagging. "Oh … that's /gross/," She coughs and gags. While a few of whatever she's eaten might return, Jay has beaten her spectacularly. Not that it's a contest anyone wants to win.

Her nose wrinkles up and she covers her mouth. "Oh dear god." Layla says as she turns toward the building and doubles over and unleashes that meal she had with her agent earlier in the day. "Oh god.." She says as the cat jumps down and then looks up at her. A camera flashes from a little girl's cellphone; nothing like getting a model puking on the side of the street to get a few hundred dollars extra in the pocket. When she is done she places a hand on the wall of the building and takes a deep breath. "Jesus fucking christ.. What is that…." She is interrupted with another bout of vomit…

Leonard doesn't fare much better than his companion. He's about to speak when the stench hits, his face contorting into visage of pure disgust. The man reaches hand out to grab at the nearest wall, head bowing as he spews out ugly looking contents of his stomach. He at least manages to avoid important things that aren't shoes.

Soon, the three harpies break out of their eggs and the stench grows only more powerful. With our heroes distracted from throwing up, the three fly out of the alley and pick up the homeless man, ripping him into three as he cries out in pain. Blood splatters the ground and our heroes as the homeless man is no more as three harpies are flying in the air screeching happily as they munch on his remains…

Layla's eyes follow the man and then follow the gore that lands on the ground. She slips her shoes off and puts them into her purse as she chucks it through the open door to the shop. She takes a glance around and spots a way up to where the harpies are. She takes off toward the power line support cable. Once there she moves up it, like a cat, and stands on the power lines quite easily. "Ok.. Bring it bitches…" She says stepping back into a taebo stance, while on the power line.

Ugh. That… was not pleasant. The homeless man growls and spits into the pile of his own vile beofre pushing up with one hand, only having to dodge to the side as the harpies fly directly overhead, the screams of the homeless man that truly picked the wron galley way to sleep in are suddenly silenced, a shower of blood, guts and limbs falling down. The disguised Jay rolls to the side, winding up in a crouch and slipping a hand into the dirty tattered jacket that drapes out of his form…and the sleek polished black Peacemaker that is pulled out is certainly NOT something one would buy with foodstamps…

That stink is not normal stink. Once Rain's lunch finishes punishing her for not getting the salad, she slips the pen from her ear. *fwip* A knife, with hieroglyphs on the handle is slipped out. That's - definitely ominous. She takes a deep breath and looks to Leonard, staying close to her friend. She winces at the poor homeless man's plight. That's not fair at all… poor fellow! She offers a quiet prayer to dad, just let him find his right afterlife…

Leonard takes his usual precautions to these things, once he's not vomiting across the wall. Fingers rise to make one sharp arc across the air, sputtering cough coming from Leonard before he pushes upward. Hand reaches into his jacket, touching there, beginning to draw out his own weapon as he steps forward. "What is it?"

Flail! Rain has to be brave! Maybe she was inspired by meeting David, who knows? Either way, showing a remarkable nimbleness for the normally slow moving and hard to motivate chef, she scrambles up the phone pole. Jackals and Rains are not known for climbing talent. Whatever it is, it must have been something in the water or - who knows. Either way, she's up, springing off the pole like a dog bouncing between poles or flags and taking a stab at one of the airborne harpies. Be brave! Be brave! Wait - she's gotta LAND. It's almost comical seeing her bolt up a pole, inspired by a monkey and then spring like a hunting jackal, swinging a weapon and then … gravity. Gravity? It's the law. Flail!

Fortuantly, Jay can count on the citizenry of New York to react in a calm and orderly fashion. You know, calmly screaming their heads off, shrieking for their lives like civilied beings and exiting the area in a orderly moblike fasion that would no doubt tramble smaller being. Jay, still in full vagrant disguise and now brandishing his Peaceender, rushes forward towards a car that the driver had dived out of and scurried out. Of course, the jerk left his girl and their kid /in/ the car when he did so. The young mother shriekd, "Get away from me, you hobo!" since, well… he /does/ have a gun. "Shut it woman, I'm a goddamned hero!" and then, hiding slightly behind that opened door, sticks his can past the door and pops off a few rounds at the harpies. Despite the lack of any silencer on the gun, however, the only noise that issues forth is a bearly audible little 'pffft' with each discharge.
Course, whether he can HIT anything or not…

And the bullet just twangs off the hard scales of the harpy up in the air. That definitely gets her attention though as she starts to make a sweep down towards Jay, "MMm, you will make a lovely mate!" she cries out screeching happily in the end.

Meanwhile, Rain's stuck in the air, hanging ou by her chef's knife in the harpy. It screams in pain as it tries to knock her off, instead deciding the best course of action would be to slam into the ground.

Then, there's the third…it just watches the events and laughs.

Someone fired a gun? Wha…? Then comes a crazy woman with a chef knife flailing into the back of one. "Fuck this noise." The model says as she runs down the line, hardly paying attention to the line itself. She moves with the grace of a cat right about now as her eyes narrow and she fixates on the laughing harpy. She moves into a kart wheel and when her feet hit the line she pushes down on it and thrusts her body up into the air.

Layla spirals into the air only slightly above the harpy as she bends her knee and screams out. "Taebo bitch!" As she does she aims that knee right for the soft spot where body trunk and neck meet… "Ke—-YAH!"

Rain is as surprised as anyone else. Maybe her brief forray into herodom might be shorter than one hopes? Before she can really think about it all, knife in harpy - she clings for dear life. What in the world lead her to think she could do *this*? Either way, she grits her teeth as the harpy slams her into the ground. At least she's not big enough to leave a crater, but that's an ugly thud noise. Something's definitely going to bruise. The wind's knocked out of Rain. But she's the child of a Death god. Do they really give up so easily? Taking a breath after a moment, Rain pulls back, kicking off with her legs and readjusting her grip on the knife. Be as one with the knife? Maybe? No. She twirls it neatly in her hand, as if about to make sashimi and holding it close to her hand and arm lunges forward and drives the knife towards the harpy woman. Rain is remarkably restrained, grunting as she lunges.

"No need to me alarmed! It's all part of the shooow!" Leonard's stage voice does him well in these times. He watches Rain skitter up and away, then down again with just a flick of eyes, focusing more upon his own work for the moment. Out comes the Khopesh, the thing tossed over one shoulder. It makes several arcs, managing to avoid innocent heads before Lenny's fingers pinch down on the blade once the weapon is behind his back. It snaps forward again after, cast up and toward enemies above.

Oh. Shit. Jay had /really/ hoped that with all the chaos of civilians running to and fro that the harpy he shot at wouldn't from where the bullet came from but… alas. With the fanged creature of death coming down to bear, Jay doubts he'd have time to take it down. What would Loki do now? Well, bad thought. He'd probably use the child in the backseat as bait. Nevermind. Moving on!
Suddenly the vagrant that had shot the harpy steps out from behind the cover of the door, gun lowered to his hand. "Mating?" he replies, a deep tone of suggestion suddenly into his voice. A ragged hand reaches up to gip the the side of his face and he pulls away…and suddenly, the face of the hobo melts away into a dull green wooden mask, the mask lowered to reveal the far too handsome features of Jay, all the imperfections and flaws of his disguise melting away. "Well, if that's what you wanted to do… why didn't you say so? Here I thought you wanted to do something… unpleasant." he says, voice filled with that suggestion, putting all the power of his not-inconsiderable charms to bear on his would-be paramour.
Oh please, let this work somehow…. Harpy sex is /not/ how he wants to met his half sister Hel!

When the Harpy /doesn't/ decend apon Jay and reduce him to nothing more than ScionBits…which is hopefully not a part of today's balanced meal… Jay steps a bit closer, keeping his eyes locked on the Harpys. He keeps his gun at his side, ready to bring it to bear if she turns violent though. Getting closer, he reaches up to caress the side of her monstrous face. "Course, there's only one of me…and the other two…" he pauses, letting his eyes flicker over to her two sisters and then back to her. "Well. Somehow, I don't think they're going to want to share." Espesssialy since well, the mates of harpies don't tend to live long enough for a second go at it. Eyes return to his new girlfriend (shudder!) and he lets his smile turn a little more suggestive. "But I bet together… we can make sure it's /just/ you and me…"

She drops down onto the ground, landing as light as a feather on the ground. She quickly survey's the scene. Layla gives a nod to herself and takes off toward Rain and the harpy. Abba comes running up beside her as the pair seem to move in tandem. As Layla closes in she bring herself down and does a spinning roundhouse kick toward the biggest part of the harpy she can strike. Abba on the other hand stands there hissing up a storm, occassionally making a swatting motion with her paw…

The seduced harpy flies up towards the one in the air and tries for a slash as she cries out. "That's my man! STAY AWAY!" she says. Alas, she misses and gets slashed back pretty hard, sending her to the ground bleeding quite profusely. "My love! Help me.."

And no statement has ever made Jay feel more like needing a shower.

And there's the harpy still on the ground, wrestling with Rain. She gets out of the grasp as she's kicked by Layla and oomphs quite a bit as she eyes Layla and charges towards her, her claws trying to slash at the woman.

Fortunately, Rain's not harpymasexual, so the tussel is more rawr and less jell-o and bikinis. She takes hold of her knife once more, tossing it into the air, a little twirl. Pulling herself up, readjusting her grip and preparing to - well, miss Layla seems to give the offending harpy a good what for. Huff. Rain takes a deep breath, shakes her head and comes at the harpy. "Hiya! - wait, that's karate - nevermind," Rain mumbles. So much for a dramatic battle cry. Either way, Rain prepares tit for tat (No pun intended, it's unlikely harpies would ever hit the mall for t-shirts.) and manages a spinning sort of slash at the harpy's back.

Leonard is here to help. He does, of course, have to take back his misplaced birthright first. The man darts after the thing bending to snag it from the place its clattered to. He doesn't stop moving though, just lofting the thing up with one smooth motion and proceeding toward where Rain is having her trouble. Weapon arcs out, blade moving to slam into the back of the the woman's new friend.

Jay watches his 'date' fly up only to get mauled and come tumbling down to crash on terra firma yet again. The Scion of Loki walks over to her as she reaches out, calling for her love to come and aid her…and so he does. The harpy will see the object of her desires moving forward, standing right over her in fact. Jay tilts his head down to look at her but this time, there is no suggestive tone to his voice, no faked desire in his eyes. Instead, his face turns cold. "I think we should see other people… I'm sorry. It's you. Not me." And then the gun is pointed right down at her beastial features.
And muzzle of the magically silenced gun flares up twice.

She continues the spiral from the kick and flips back onto her bare feet. "Right-o.." Layla sees one of the harpies in the air still and she hunkers down into a crouching position as she runs up the power-line support cable again, and grabs the power line with her hands and spins around like a gymnist. She spirals up and swings from the line onto a flag pole and stands there regaining her balance instantly. She then jumps up and then bounces off the flag pole toward the roof of a building. She hits the overhang of the roof and spirals around for a flying roundhouse kick toward the torso of the harpy.

And as Layla hits the harpy, it screeches and tries to swipe it's claws at her, but alas, she must be getting tired. Meanwhile, there's still the bleeding incapacitated harpy..

Leonard leaves Rain with the mess of what remains of her harpy. She is, after all, daughter of a God of death. The magician skips over the downed creature, making minuscule nod at Rain before he's clattering up upon the nearest car. First step takes him to the hood, next few to the top, the man spinning weapon behind his back and squinting toward the creature still in the sky.

Rain has to boggle at the goings on. Man seduces harpy. "When the hell did supermodels learn kung fu?" Crazy! But she has to remember her own responsibilities. Taking up her knife, Rain's normally bright green eyes seem to dim a little. Part of the Death aspect of it all is to administer the end when it is time. She takes a deep breath, mumbles a soft prayer to dad and quietly ends it with but a slash. She doesn't cut senselessly, just a quick, simple motion across the throat.

With his 'date' now well and fully canceled, Jay can look to helping with the last of the cleanup. A quick glance around will see Rain wetting her blade with the blood of the second harpy to be sent to the afterlife, eyes then shifting to the last one still flying. He reaises his weapon but just before he pulls the trigger, the harpy screeches in agony as Leonard's attack hits home. Gritting his teeth, Jay piots on one heel to follow the pained flight path of the wounded harpy, "Say hi to your sisters…" he grunts, finger squeezing down on the trigger.

With Leonard's precise aim, the harpy in question gets a boob job. Actually, it's more of a breast reduction to the point that instead of breasts she just has stumps that are bleeding all over the place. It's then that the gun is pointed and the bullets strike the beast true causing it to land on the ground, it's corpse now smellier than when it was alive.

She lands on her feet once more and stands up and flexes her back. "Wow. That's a good workout." Layla says heading toward the shop where he shoes and purse went. Once there she retrieves both and slips her shoes back on. "Well that was fun." She smiles.

Leonard has to go get his Khopesh, again. He's going to have to talk with his mother about that. Once he's yanked it free from harpy flesh and wiped it on the fallen creature the man rises, head turning slowly around the street. "What a show." Just that, the man stepping back toward his beginning point. "Are you alright?" That for Rain.

Phew. Rain looks a little rattled, one of the first times she's ever killed anything vaguely humanoid. It's freaky! She just winces and tries to find something to clean her knife on. She finds a clean spot to wipe it off on, and flick! It shifts back to a pen once cleaned. She smiles weakly at Leonard, "Yeah… how about you?" She peers around. "More new people."

Jay stands there for a moment by himself, just holding the smoking gun in his hand… it's been awhile since he's actually taken a life, usually able to avoid having to use the weapon on his escapades.Clearly though… he's had some practice. After a second, the look of thoughtfullness passes and he slips his pistol back into the tattered jacket of his hobo disguise, a disguise that's pretty useless now tha the doesn't have his 'face' on.

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