Chaos has a plan


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Scene Title Chaos has a plan
Synopsis Three scions of Loki plan to cause chaos here in New York.

Blue Diamond Saloon

It was a rather interesting walk, he caused all sorts of shit along the way. Chance walks into the bar and sits down at the bar and orders a double shot of Jameson whiskey. "Leave the bottle man.." He says putting down a credit card, not his, but it is a valid card. Chance downs the shot and glances around before pouring himself another. "One for the old man." That shot is downed too.

"One for the old man indeed.." says a man puffing a cigar as he heads and stands next to Chance. snickering softly. "Give me a shot too.." he says, motioning towards the bartender. He's dressed..well, nicely. Too nicely even for a place like this. He's in a pair of black formal pants, a white button down shirt and a matching black blazer.

"Heh." Chance says as he pours the guy a shot of whiskey. "Well my old man needs all the help he can get, or so he says." Chance fills his own shot glass again and downs it. "I am not sure I buy it.. But whatever." He says looking over to the man finally, "Name's Chance, you?"

"Sylvester.." the man introduces himself as he takes the shot and lets out a nice gasp as the burn goes down his throat. "I'm new around here..looking to meet up with some relatives.." he says with a wry grin curling onto his lip.

Jay is a bit behind Chance in arriving, this little furball sans his purloined top hat and six shooter now and instead just perched on the thief's shoulder as is his usual wont. For a professional thief, his life has gotten rather…messy of late. He's only been in town and already too many people know that he has a rather unusual parentage, even if the specifics are still a secret. At least, a secret for now.
He hadn't really intended on coming into the bar but as he passed it, something tugged at his attention towards it. He pauses, looking at it for a long moment before he decides to move with this odd urge, pening the door and steppign within, eyes taking a moment or so to adjust to the darker interioer as opposed to the bright sun of the outdoors.

"Family…" Chance takes a drink. "Slyvester, eh.." He glances the man over once more and then shrugs. "I don't really associate much with my family. Most them are high and mighty. My dad is sort of the black sheep, if you would like to say…" He glances over his shoulder and smirks. "Can't seem to get away from him today.." He hooks a thumb toward Jay. "And his damn monkey Thor."

Sylvester laughs heartily at the mention of the monkey's name. "Mmm, my uncle would have a conniption fit at that..and yes, my father is the black sheep of his family. Very high and mighty. But I think I see two relatives now.." he says, grinning as he looks from Chance then to Jay. Yes, let them figure it out.

Jay, of course, only recognizes one of the two individuals who glance over at him. Well. This certainly seems to be in line with the way his day is going. The handsome thief starts to walk across the bar towards the pair sharing teh bottle of Jameson, "Somehow… I'm not that suprised." he says as he nears Chance, tipping his head to the man whom he's only briefly met before shifting his eyes to study Sly for a moment, catching the last half of Sly's words there. "Not much of a family reunion then, is it?"

"Right…" He says with a bit of smarminess that can only be described as sarcasm. "I couldn't just go into a bar and have a drink with a stranger." Chance says as he motions for another shot glass and fills the three up. "I had to walk into one where two more of daddy's spawn are present.." He offers a laugh and holds up the shot glass and says, "To dad." He then downs the shot. "I think I need another bottle." He motions with his fingers toward the tender, and an unopened bottle is set before him. "Shit faced drunk. It's how I met him, and how we'll meet." He offers a laugh.

"There's two spawn of Thor's loins in the area. One of 'em doesnt like me much so I'm going to stay away. I helped a frost giant capture him to try to lure out dear old dad.." he says with a laugh, definitely proud of himself for that one. "The other, I don't know anything bout him. Still, people are gathering here..something bad is going to happen. You two better choose the right side in the end." Of course, Sly doesnt mention which side that is.

"Nice." Chance says as he looks over toward Sly, "The right side eh? How about my side. Dad isn't exactly rushing to help me out you know." He offers a laugh before downing another shot. "What's in it for me?"

As the bottle is set down down and the shot glasses set down, Thor leaps off of Jay's shoulder to land on the bar. The little redfurred monkey smacks his lips, no doubt plotting to get himself some booze as well. "Haldur and Eric… one of the girls mentioned those names when she heard Thor's name." Jay closes his eyes as he shakes his head a bit, some more peices falling into place. Opening his eyes, he moves next to Chance, picking up the original bottle and pouring himself a shot. Jay doesn't waste his time asking whose side Sly or chance is on. "It's the castle… isn't it?" It's less a question and more a statement actually. Thunk! Down goes the booze!

"Eric and I go way back. I almost killed him once, he almost did the same to me.." he says with a laugh. "Don't know anything about the Haldor fellow though, that name sounds familiar. Dad's spies are everywhere.." Sly continues, waggling his brows before he leans back against the bar. "And yes, it would have to do with the little Terra Incognita in Times Square. Kane's pretty pissed he didnt think of doing that first.."

"Terra who-zee-whats-its?" Chance says as he downs another shot and glances over at Jay. "I'm a bit lost. I don't really do much beyond causing a bit of chaos now and then." He grins a bit and takes another shot of Jameson. "So which side is the right side?"

"Phantom castle that's popped up in Times Square… it's why I'm in New York in the first place." Jay pours himself another shot but doesn't atke it, leaving it on the barstool for a moment. "Seems to have worried our… parent quite a bit, really." Thor sneakysneaks closer to the unattended shot of booze, tapping his little monkey fingers together in anticipation. "As for sides… I'm not sure either one yet. One tried to kill me, the other… is about as subtle as train wreck from what I've seen." Just as Thor tries to snag the shot, Jay picks it up and downs in.
Jay 1: Thor: 0

"Yup! That merry little band has fucked things up majorly. I don't know how it happened, but I do know it has to do with something about the three crucifictions. That's why I'm here, to figure out what's going on.." he says matter of factly, taking a deep breath as he gives the other two a salute. "One side you try to kill me. The other side, I try to kill you.." And Sly doesnt make any mention of which side is what..

"So.. Are you sided with this Helena woman?" Chance turns to look at Sly pointedly. He doesn't down a shot this time, however. "And tell me how that band fucked things up, exactly?"

Once Jay sets the shot glass down, Thor scoops it up, licking at the edges and tipping it back to try and get the last bits of whiskey out. Without really looking, Jay reaches over to pick up the bottle, pouring some in the shot glass when Thor holds it out, who promptly chugs it like a mug of ale. Shots aren't exactly that feasable when youre that small. He doesn't say anything, wanting to hear what Sly might have to answer Chance's question.

"To be frank, I have no idea what side she's on.." he says, lying through his teeth, cause well it's pretty danged obvious. "Heck, I don't even know what side I'm on!" Sly says with a hearty laugh.

"That is nice and vague, but it doesn't answer my question." Chance says. "I figured you'd not hold anything back from a younger brother.." He says as he looks at the monkey and then pours himself another shot of whiskey. "Are you trying to play games, like dear old dad? We are all we got, he isn't around as much as the others…"

Jay continues to watch Sly, the lie obvious about Helena but actually Jay believes him on the last part. "There is no right side yet. Because the right side is the one that /wins/." Loyalty isn't exactly one of Loki's strongpoints, after all. Jay lets a tight smile form. "And you don't know which side that's leaning towards yet… do you?"

"Precisely! See, he's got it.." Sly says, giving Jay a wink as he sits on one of the barstools and snickers softly. Of course he's lying, cause he has chosen a side, and so has Kane. The rest are just fools following them. "It's back and forth, back and forth. I know a group has one of the other group's scion's capture. But then again, I know that the other group captured two scions of the other side as well.." And yes, he's choosing to remain really vague. "Anything can tip the balance."

It wasn't that Chance didn't get it, it's just that he's playing the game. "Tipping the balance isn't something I like doing, however.." Chance smiles, "I prefer to stir the pot and cause a little confusion." He shrugs a bit. "Besides, where is the fun of making one side the clear victor.." A little smile plays on his lips. "If we were smart…." He pauses, "We'd play both sides with one of us at each side turning them against each other to forget about the issue at hand, just long enough for dad and crew to do what they want."

And that's just what Jay thinks Sly is doing right now, setting things in motion to create chaos and confusion, giving them a lot of words but thus far, no real information, direction or advice. Thor is still focused on one of the shotglasses, rubbing the inside with his finger and the suckling on said finger while the humans talk amongst themselves. A wry smile plays across his lips, not really trusting either of his brothers at this point. "Sounds like we'd need to know who the sides are then… won't we?" he says to Chance, a half-pointed statement at Sly, since HE'S being no help in that regard.

"I don't have all the answers.." Sly says softly as he reaches into his manbag (yes, he has a manbag) and pulls out two manila folders. They arent marked either way, but the first has a set of pictures. Maia back in the days of her being a Shrine Maiden. Haldor back when he had longer hair. David in yellow attire on stage. One of Rupert's CDs. Helena in her days as a run way model. Mordred walking out of British Parliament with his father. Preethi in her graduation cap and gown. Then the other folder has a bunch of addresses. "Here you go..this should give you a start.."

An eyebrow goes up and then he looks at Jay. "Well looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us." Chance points at the monkey, "How smart is he? Cuz we need a lot of help." A glance goes back to Sly, "And what exactly is in this for you, brother?"

"Smart enough." replies Jay as he reaches out to take the folders, flipping open the first to skim through the contents. As soon as he vouches for Thor, of course, the Monkey falls off of the bar in an undignified heap. Thor indeed! Jay opens up the other folder, not looking up as he scans the various addresses, although he's just as interested in Sly's answer as Chance is.

"Who says there needs to be anything in it for me?" Sly asks, his brows raised before he lets out a soft chuckle before taking another puff on his cigar. "You guys do what you want. I'm just here as a messenger.." Riiiiight.

"Bullshit, but I'll think about playing your game.." Chance glances at Jay. "Your monkey can't handle his liquor." He points to the heap. He looks at Sly, "Any more messages from dear old father?" He motions the bartender to come over. "Yeah another bottle and just go ahead and cash me out.."

"He's not drunk. He's just looking for attention…you'll get used to it. Trust me." Odd words for the circumstances, eh? Trust among kin is hihgly overrated in THIS family. Jay shuts the folders for now, they'll have time to look over this in the soon. Jay keeps his mouth shut right now, Chance pretty much spoke for the both of them with that. "So, as the messenger…how do we get ahold of you, if we need to?" On the floor, Thor makes a gurling sound, waving his hand in front of his own eyes.

"You don't. I find you.." or rather Marie finds them and then tells Sly about it. That's what having bandmates is for afterall.Sly just snickers softly as he gives them yet another salute before starting to head out the door.

"Right…" Chance says and grabs the new bottle and then tucks it close to his side as he heads toward the door. "Later bros…" He offers a hand wave and glances back at Jay. "I'll see you around."

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