Baron Samedispawn


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Scene Title Baron Samedispawn
Synopsis Fight of the zombies! New Corrupted Scions!

Central Park

Jolie is so incredibly nervous and excited! She has contacted her brother Andre and arranged a meeting in Central Park. She's wearing a black baseball jersey and a black baseball cap and black capri pants and sneakers. This allows her to carry her baseball bat openly. "Now where can he be?"

Honeycrisp apples? Check. Stuff? Also check. Fate is not going to take futurepie away from her this time. Evil minions will not stop her in pursuit of tasty dessert. For whatever reason, Rain is meandering along through the park, pen tucked behind her ear and a bag full of goodies at her side. She has a purse that seems to double almost as a small handbag. She's in her usual mode, simply drifting along like a bobber atop the ocean waves.

Ahhhh, central park. It's the place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to.. the hustle of foot traffic, where the buzz of yellow cabs is replaced with the clot of horse drawn carriages. Though the area is surely active with street performers - there aren't many that are wailing away on an electric guitar? Screw noise ordinance it seems.

Andre wears his normal black attire (does he ever change?) wailing away on his beloved axe, plugged into a small practice amp - while his guitar case is left open in front of him. Busking! Apparently, he's decided to make this meeting a dual peropus event?

She is laying on a flannel blanket with a man taking pictures of her with Abba, "Elle, sweetie give me that dangerous smile of yours.." Layla smiles a sort of predatory smile and the guy just oohs and ahhs. "Perfect…" Layla reaches over and strokes Abba between the ears and changes her position. "You wouldn't mind if I sort of sit upright?" The guy shrugs and she draws her legs to her chest and sits looking over her knees with her eyes deeply focused. Abba walks around in front of Layla's legs and looks at the camera right when the shutter fires.

"How does she know to do that, Elle?" The photographer says.. Layla offers a shrug and a smile. "Make up, touch up her eyes and hair.. Give her a more windswept look." With that statement a pair of guys instantly descend upon Layla and she is being pampered.

Dressed in a rather fetching completely white suit, a tall and powerful man of Haitian heritage wanders the park. There's a long cane with what appears to be a skull on top in his hands as he peers around, glancing around. For now he remains..inconspicuous trying to blend in with the rest of his surroundings. His gaze is focused solely on the guitar least for now..

Jolie hears Andre before she sees him. "Gene said that he played guitar…" She follows the sound and finds her brother wailing away on his axe. She grins. "What a rockstar. Andre! Hello! It's me, Jolie."

The haunting notes of a lone guitar linger in the air and Layla's eyes start to look around for them. "Elle, sweetie, let's go over by the tree and take some pictures." Layla nods and then she walks toward the tree, Abba in tow. She gets the tree and leans against it and looks over her shoulder. Her hair is a honey amber color and is well past her shoulders. It is feathered to a degree and looks sort of casual. She offers a smile as pictures start getting taken immediately.

Abba eyes the tree and starts to climb up the tree and walk out onto a branch above Layla. This causes Layla to look upward and reach up for the cat. The photographer oohs at the pose and snaps more pictures. "Abba, honey… Why are you climbing trees?" The photographer looks at Layla and jokingly says, "She's a cat sweetie, that's what they do." They continue to switch poses and snap photos. All the time Layla seems to be enjoying it, as is Abba.

"Hey there sis. Bou' time Ah finally get tah meet you." Andre replies in that thick Cajun accent. "Tha' Maia woman said Ah migh' be some kinda evil guy, else Ah'd have found you sooner!" Once his 'Axe' is slid to hang down the line of his back, Andre holds out both arms - offering a hug. "Wha'cha some kinda baseball playa? Figures ma' sis would be some kinda famous sports star!"

As Rain passes by a tree, pondering the grisly, horror-movie-esque fate of the fruits, she notices Layla and Abba. Kitty! She has to smile. Wait, it's the Crouching Harpy, Hidden Supermodel lady! She stops in her steps blinking a few times. But … kitty! With lil whiskers and pawpads and - it's probably not polite to stare is it? "Oh um…" Rain is truly, truly a master of greetings. "… cute kitty."

Jolie squeals and returns the hug hugely, as if she'd known Andre all this time. "Oh man! It's so good to finally meet you!" She leans back a little and looks up. "You a big boy. And cute! I'mma hafta watch them dusty girls around you, I'm bettin. Aw, you're from New Orleans, aincha?" She grins. "I'm not a ball player. I just dug this stuff up. How long you been here?"

The photographer 'harumphs' at the interruption, but Layla smiles at Rain, "Hey there.." She says grabbing Abba off the tree branch and stroking her softly… The cat starts to purr. "Her name is Abba. She's a Mau.." Layla walks over to Rain and holds out the cat. "Want to hold her? She won't scratch you.." She says nudging the cat toward Rain. "Are you ok? I was worried about you after that little…." She pauses and glances around, "Incident we had the other day…"

Layla smiles and looks back over to the photographer. "Miss J, I need a thirty minute break." The man looks at her and grunts, "Fine." She smiles and looks back at Rain, "Coffee, bagel, tuna?" She points toward the craft service table over by the flannel blanket.

Soon, two more figures stand next to the man in all white. It's a young Chinese woman with impeccable fashion sense as she stares towards the group, snickering for a few moments. "So…the plan is to grab your nephew, right? And we get to kill anyone else who gets in your way?"

"No. That girl..she is a relative of mine as well. We take her too.." and that's La Fromage Noir whispering amongst his colleagues ashe continues to look towards the group.

Finally, a rather handsome and athletic fellow stands out in a pair of tennis shorts and a dark blue collared shirt. "Mmm, the supermodel is one too..I say we take her. It'd be a nice sacrifice to Erebus..then we might be able to get more power as the others do their thing.." he says with a wicked grin.

" whatever you want, but remember, Andre and the girl are mine. Anyone else in the two can dispose of them as you wish.." Henri says in a dismissive wave as the trio just looks from a distance.

"Ah did, yeah!" Andre grins widely - almost beaming as he looks at his sister. "Ah ain't too worried 'bout women. Seems tha only ones Ah meet are either way tougher den' me, or tryin' to set mah head on fire." He chuckles - before breaking the hug to turn off his amp - and gather up the handful of change that's settled into the bottom of his case. "Actually, Ah'm more in tha mood for a burger mah'self, if you interested? Ah sure do got some questions for ya bout dear old dad." His head tilts a little. "Where you from? The big apple?"

True to the graph, the closer one gets to a kitty, the less coherent one's speech is. It's a kitty! She pauses as the kitten is nudged towards her. She will likely pat the Abba and hold it a little. Pet da kitty. Aw, kittykitty. Rain smiles at Abba. "Umm. I'm okay, I didn't get hurt much. Just a few bruises. You're okay too I take it?" Peer. They usually don't take pictures of injured people right? "I was going to go home and make a pie," Beam. The chef jacket wearing woman nods. "Thank you though!" Thankfully, Rain is ignorant of any incoming doom.

Jolie blinks. "Set your head on fire? Don't tell me you came to New York with hair and they burnt it all off," she pouts, rubbing Andre's dome. "Yeah, I'm local. My momma went down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras so many years ago, and well, she's a little bougie. She got attitude about Voodoo and Daddy decided to give her a little hellion as revenge. You?"

She noticed Dmitry, how could she not, Layla smiles at Rain. "A pie sounds nice, I love blueberry pies, and Abba here loves a good strawberry and cherry pie." She says, kind of hinting. Her voice lowers immediately, "Did you notice the others over there? One of them… Well don't let him kiss you…" She puts her arm around Rain and starts heading to the flannel blanket. "Miss J, I think I'm going to call it a day. Can we come in tomorrow?" Miss Jay glances at Layla and gives her a face. "There is something my friend needs. I promise, I'll give you all day tomorrow." She says… "Abba.. Keep your eyes open." Layla smiles at Rain. "So do you cater? I can't tell you how awful the craft service can be.. And unhealthy… Woah Sistah… It can make me add pounds in moments.."

"No no no!" Andre laughs. "That was just a figure o' speech. Ah mean they some tough women in this' town!" Jolie explains her mom, and it merits an almost cheshire smile from the man. "Me? Ah wus born froma hellion, and grew up one. In fact, Ah.." And then? Andre's expression changes, drops suddenly as something, or someONE catches his attention. "Careful o' that pretty boy over there. He battin' for the wrong team." Pause. ".. You know, tha' otha side." Andre points, as he takes the strap from about his shoulders.

The man in the white suit? Merits a peer - a stare from Andre. One of those.. 'I think I know you from somewhere' stares. "You up for some fun sis?"

And as he gets the stare is when Henri starts making his move. He walks towards the group at a casual pace, the young Chinese woman and dmitry following behind him. Soon enough, he looks towards his nephew and..niece of sorts.

"'s been a while. I see you've grown into a bit of is to be expected considering who your father is.." he says in a booming deep voice before letting out a soft chuckle under his breath. He bows before Jolie and grins wryly. "I hope you enjoyed the lindwurm I summoned…trying to turn Kamui against us is not a good thing. I hope you survive, because that way you will know that he killed the Japanese girl that was with you all that day.."

Peer. "The kitty eats pies?" Rain seems impressed. "I'll - I see. It is probably a good season to get those berries," It couldn't hurt to experiment right? Right! She looks over, and blinks. Oh. She doesn't seem to quite understand at first, but if the Helena Law of Smooching applies - she will go with that. "Okay." Rain lets herself lead towards the flannel blanket. She nods cooperatively, a willing accomplice in the scheme it seems. "I've never tried catering, I guess I could. And most caterers use artificial or premade stuff," Rain points out with a little wince. She seems a bit hesitant about talking about it. "That's probably a bunch of the additives or corn syrups." Frown. Still, the presence of Henri and co is a tremendous distraction.

Jolie follows her brother's point. "Aw hell naw. I can't even meet my brother without these people hangin round?" Her grip tightens on her baseball bat. As Henri approaches, she stares him up and down. "You're a liar. Pimpin, but a liar. I saw her very recently and she was very, very alive. And that Kamui guy is messed up, we had to give him a chance. He's got a family. What do you have, besides a good tailor?"

"Uncle.. Henri?!" Andre gawks. Actually gawks. "What.. What you doin' all the way out here? And hangin' out with that play boy? Don't tell me you on there team too." He grunts, expression creasing into a frown. "That ain't playin' right by the family name, you know." Slowly, Andre lowers his guitar towards the ground, in a ready posture. "Look like Ahm gonna have to knock some sense into you, set you straight." It would help, probably, if Andre knew exactly WHAT a linduwrm was.

Layla smiles at Rain, "Don't worry.." She smiles and looks over at the group. She frowns a bit. "Well.." She kicks her shoes off, "You got your knives?" As she says that Abba drops out Rain's hand and she mews at the pair. "This might get fun.."

"Yeah," Rain nods and slips the pen from behind her ear. She looks to the bag of goodies sadly. That's going to get ditched or trashed. She pats Abba on the way down and frowns. "They're … not nice people, are they," She whispers softly and follows Layla's gaze.

"Ha! You've just been awakened to your power. You won't be able to lay a hand on me.." he says firmly and resolutely before he starts to step back and lets Dmitry and Maggie start to step forward. He pulls out a chicken claw and scratches his arms with it, letting a few drops of blood spill onto the earth. Ten zombies pop out from the ground.

"Prove your power, then we will talk again.." he says before disappearing.

"Damn! There they go again, dissapearin' and an' shit!" Andre grunts, before eyeballing the two corrupted Scions. "Which you think first, sis? Them Zombies, or the two tha' might actually make some noise when I smack'em with ma' axe?" The man's stance widens a little, as he offers Jolie a sideways glance.

"Excuse me…" Layla says as she walks toward Andre, "Hey big and handsome?" She flashes him a smile. "I suspect there will be some ruckus tonight too?" She flips her hair over her shoulder and winks, "Mind if I join in… I could use a little stress relief and someone.." Her eyes narrow as she glares toward Dmitry, "Needs to have his jaw caved in for kissing me without my permission or desire…" She cracks her knuckles to re-enforce the statement. "Hate fucking men like that… Pretty.. He's probably gay anyways, they always are.. Trust me."

"I'm really beginnin to hate that man," Jolie quips. "Well, guess we got our work cut out for us, huh Dre? I'll bring my crew into play against the zombies, and you give pretty boy hell." She steps aside slightly and sprinkles some of the dust from the gris-gris around her neck onto the grass. "Papa Legba, open the way…" She begins to dance. "Come forth, my brothers! Come forth and heed the commands of the daughter of Baron Samedi!"

Oh dear. Rain frowns. She's very attentive. She follows Layla quietly. She blinks at her appraisal of Dmitri, not knowing the man. For all she knows, she could be right. With a little *fwip* noise, her pen slides into her hand quickly. Neat. Her expression is that of worry. The pen becomes a knife in a fluid motion, almost like she's shaking it after cleaning it. For now, she appraises the situation.

"I thought you'd like my kiss.." Dmitry quips, snickering softly under his breath as it seems his jaw healed since it was broken yesterday. "But now that I see you're a haughty bitch so I'll go for someone else instead.." and he starts rushing towards Jolie to try to put that same paralyzing kiss on her..

Jolie had just called her zombies forth and was about to order them into action, when here comes Pretty Boy. He puts the whammy on her and she's standing there as slackjawed as her five undead.

"Well hey there Chere. You know you always welcome to kick ass at Mah' side." To Jolie? Andre begins to nod - but then.. as he plants one on his sister? He actually snarls! "Da hell you do!" Andre growls, before swinging his guitar low, trying to hook upwards as if he where trying to send one.. well.. out of the park!

She eyes Dmitry as he kisses Jolie and stupifies her. She growls at him. "You get a kick out of that, don't you…" Layla forms a fist and clenches it hard enough to make her knuckles go pale with rage. "I'm going to make sure you learn a lesson from kissing girls without their permission." She as she focuses on him intently. There is a flash of righteous rage in her eyes as the wind seemingly picks up around her and blows her hair into full on raging storm movement.

As she rushes forward she bends forward and pulls her fist back and brings it toward Dmitry for a nice hard uppercut. As she does the upward swing, however, her bare feet dig into the ground causing a dent in it. She's pushing everything she has and then some into this strike… She wants to break him, hard…

Well, Layla seems to be dealing with Dmitri. Rain juggles her knife briefly, perhaps feeling braver than before. She eyes the zombies. Those are not dad's zombies (Mummies: Read.)! And they're about to go on the offensive. Perhaps she can thin their numbers a little, while those more combat savvy deal with the others. Or at least, get her confidence up. Striking a pose - apples in bag and all - like something she saw in a Bruce Lee movie (Left foot … here? Yeah.), she twirls the knife in her hand and … lunges forward, almost flailing but trying to decapitate the zombie. "This … is my kitchen knife!" It's no boomstick, but it'll do.

There's a swing and a miss! Dmitry laughs heartily, pointing towards Andre as he cants his head to the side as he looks him over. "You want a kiss too?" he asks curiously, letting out a soft chuckle under his breath before he lets out a little yelp as Miss Tyra Banks goes for the knockout punch.

His cheek gets hit, but it does nothing and he brings up his ring. "I stole this from the little chikadee's very nice.." he says matter of factly while he jumps back and starts to mutter something under his breath. A beautiful woman appears behind him as an anima banner and he looks towards the sky. "Mother, hear my plea. Cast forth your evil eye on them.." he says as the laughing of Hera can be heard and soon there's a bright light over Andre..

Meanwhile, the young Chinese woman starts to enter the fray, pulling out a long spear seemingly from nowhere. Don't ask here where she got it from. She eyes Layla with a wry grin and snickers softly. "Models are so shallow, jealous when their pets move on. You're old, bitch…I'm new.." she says as she starts to charge to try to stab the woman in the chest..

Meanwhile, Tito, Michael, Jermaine, and the rest of the Jackson Five zombies have found other zombies. There's an undead fighting fest going on..

Andre can't help but shield his eyes from the light that's cast over him. "You be kissin' floor in a moment, mah friend." He grunts, "Ain't no one treat mah family that way. You jus' signed your own death." Andre Jumps then, hoping to push himself off a light pole, and back at Demitre with his axe shimmering overhead. The other woman goes after Layla, but it seems the Cajun has a single minded conviction at the moment. One dead set in vengeance..

She gasps as he just stands there as she hits him. "No.. Way.." She recoils back to get some room. Just about then some wanna be America's Top Model reject comes charging at her and she bends right at the last second to avoid a strike from her. Layla growls again, "Ok.. Round two." She says as cool breeze sweeps across the battlefield stirring up debris. Layla smirks and starts running parallel to Dmitri and steps on a leaf in the air and bounces to the next and then the next. One might swear they can hear the soft twang of Japanese instruments playing in the background as Layla goes all ninja on the leaves. She continues this pattern until she is about ten feet higher than Dmitri. She looks down at him and smirks as she bounds to her last leaf and puts her hands together in a single fist.

She leaps off the leaf and drops down on him, as quiet as humanly possible trying to bring on the divine pain from above. Doton: Shinju Zanshu no Jutsu! As she brings down the pain from above she says a soft prayer. "Mother guide my hands.. Bring him the justice and wrath of a woman, and the righteous fury of your temper.." As she says this she feels herself gaining some reserve strength and she channels her divine heritage causing her fist to glow a brilliant silver energy as she focuses all her divine ichor into a strong bitch slap from the East!

Well, it's her kitchen knife, but the zombie doesn't seem fazed. He only gives her four stars out of five, and that's because he may have had a bit part in Evil Dead. "Wah…" That normally works. Rain looks embarrassed. "Well, okay." She rears back and tries jumping, driving the knife into the zombie's skull. "I think this worked for Duke Nukem, or was it a wrestler?" Wait. Battle cry time! "I mean RAWR!" Rawr! That's right, she's fierce.

Jolie finally comes out of it. "Yuck! Plah! Sphlict!" She wipes her mouth. "Uuuuh, that was disgusting! Do you even brush your teeth, man? My zombies have better breath!" She looks around the field of battle and frowns. "Not lookin good. Time to crank it up a notch. Please Daddy, let this work." She grasps her gris-gris and begins to chant, stomping her feet in rhythm. She calls on Papa Legba. She calls on her father and Andre's, Baron Samedi. She calls on every loa she knows, and calls on The Unknown, just to cover herself. She thrusts her bat in the air and looks upon all the zombies doing battle. "Oh, my undead brothers, do not fight amongst yourselves! Join me!" Her voice splits the very air. "The children of the Baron are here! Heed me, zombies! I command you, as the child of Baron Samedi, the king of all ghede!"

"Layla, Jolie.. Uuuhh.. Chef!" Andre points to each in turn, as he skids to a stop. "We gotta teach this ass A lesson. Why you don' mess with the good guys. Follow my lead!" He begins, dashing towards Dimitri again. He remains low this time - poised to aim for the man's knees. A feign perhaps, in order to open him up, for everyone else. He cocks his axe back and.. air? "Whut da' fuck? Why da' hell they keep dooin' that!" Is Andre.. pouting?

She shakes her head, "I have to go.." Layla says. "I need to make sure that Miss J is ok." With that she gives a wave and rushes off.

Zombie smash— Rain no smash puny zombie! At least she didn't turn green and rip her clothes off. She blinks as Andre points her, knife in mid-air. She sees the others disappear, and flicks the knife again. *Fwip* It is once again a humble pen. She tucks it back behind her ear. And then she inspects her fruits and pie - YES! Rain has attained futurepie! She nods. One zombie smote, one pie. This is - all in all - not a bad day! The other scions arriving is worrisome, indeed, she has to pause and frown. "That's not good… I wonder what she meant," She rubs the back of her head.
Jolie sighs. "I hate it when they do that. I don't even know if we just won or lost or what." She shrugs, then looks to her new zombies. "Okay, Jackie, Rebbie, LaToya, Janet…welcome to the team. Take a rest, all of you." And she orders them to return to the soil. As they all slip into the ground, she smiles sheepishly at Andre. "Sorry that was our first meeting, Dre."

Once more, Andre slips his guitar over his shoulder, and swinging so that the body of his axe rests behind his back - and the neck sets just under his hand. "Don' think nothin' of it! Ahm in it for tha party mah self." He grins. "Oh! Ah did have a question for you, dear ole' sister o' mine. You ah.. got any couch space? No roots out here in the big apple, Ah ain't gonna have no credit for a place Ah don' think." With that, Andre offers that cheshire grin once more. "You gonna have to teach me that trick some time, too. Zombies could be useful!"

Jolie winces. "You know, if you'd asked me that question last week, I woulda had a good answer for you. But my apartment building got trashed when a superzombie attacked, and I got kicked out. So I'm staying with a bandmate. Since I'm at the mercy of somebody else for living space, it would be kinda rude of me, you know what I'm sayin?"

With the two talking, Rain straightens herself. She smiles and waves, "Good luck you two. I'm not sure if um, my place is big enough but uhm… I guess you could take the futon, let me see. Good luck!" With that, Rain is scampering off.

The news is relayed, and Andre winces. "Supa' zombie, eh? Tha's too bad! No rest for the wicked, no?" He chuckles, waving a hand. "Don'chu worry about that none, Sis. Ole' Andre figure somethin' out." The man nods, almost.. sagely. "Ahn thanks fo' the help.. err.." He never /did/ ask her for her name. "Ah neva did ask for your name! But good job, with them zombies!" To Rain? Andre fist-pumps.

Jolie blinks. "Aw, Dre! My name is Jolie, hon. Jolie Watkins." She frowns thoughtfully. "That bad brotha is your uncle? Loa must love your family."
Rain pauses, and just smiles meekly. Did she just - oh dear. She nods meekly. "Rain Ahmet," She bobs her head politely. She looks a little surprised by the fist pump, rubbing the back of her head. "Sure." She considers. "That man is-" Their uncle? Dang. That's terrifying and awe inspiring. She just looks a bit puzzled.

"Not you! Ah know who /you/ are - been askin' bout you since Maia brought up your name, chere!" Andre grins at Jolie. Though, at mention of the 'bad brotha'? He frowns. "Yeah. Uncle Henri. Henri Thibbedeaux. He wen' missin' a few years back." Slowly, that frown creases a bit deeper. "Least now Ah know why he haven't been at no Christmas dinners. Didn't know he was workin' against the family though." Of course, he can't help but smirk, at Jolie's question. "We got a lot of priests and priestesses in the family. We been prayin' to the Loa since we came off tha' boats. Guess they' really been payin' attention, no?" Still, he appears.. troubled. "Gonna have to talk to dad, see what he want me to do 'bout this one. Henri's mah blood."

Jolie smiles. "They reward the faithful. Sounds like your uncle just needs a sitdown with your gramma, I bet. If she's anything like mine, he should be back in the choir by next Sunday."

After making sure Andre knows where to find her, Rain does what she does best. Looking a little flustered and wandering off.

And soon, Andre's legend grows from the fight and his rather public display of his powers. Suddenly and rather abruptly, a small pendant drops out of the sky and lands on his hand.

Andre slings his guitar from his shoulder, to put it back in his case once more - wrapping up the cable, and closing it up. "Ah think Ah'll have to try and talk some sense into him first. Ah'll drive a boot up his ass, if he don't listen, too. Ah ain't afraid of 'ole Uncle Henri. Ah've seen him fall asleep after a good meal before. Ah bet he's still in there.. Somewhere." He shrugs, before flashing that Cheshire smile once more. "You stay in touch though, understan'? We'll figure this' Henri thing out.. you an' me. For now jus'.. keep it on the down low kay? Let me wo…" And then a pendant falls from the sky. "Dah hell?"

Jolie smiles broadly. "Looks like Daddy thought you did a good job." She yawns. "I should probably get goin. You got my number. We'll get together and eat or somethin." She gives Andre a big hug and then walks away.

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