Atlantean Anathema Pt 2


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Scene Title Atlantean Anathema Pt 2
Synopsis An Atlantean awakens to our heroes..and a shinigami attacks!

The Hudson River

Jolie is a very outgoing person, but sometimes even she needs to be alone. Of course, her idea of alone is the banks of the Hudson - along with others. She mingles with the tourists and joggers and stares out at the water, content.

Marius is not in his normal suit, he is instead in a jogging outfit, giving in some exercise, he is keeping up a good pace at the river's edge, legs pumping and breath coming out in little puffs.

Leandra looks rather less content as she strides along by the riverside, one thumb hooked into a jacket pocket as she peers at her surroundings. She is not going particularly quickly and seems to be lost in thought about something she is not entirely happy with.

Which would be the point at which Weird Stuff begins to ensue. Specifically, something can be seen in the water of the river. Whatever it is, it's a cylindrical ovoid, still mostly submerged. Just the top of it is breaking the surface of the water, rippling it outwards as it moves on…against the current.

Jolie doubletakes at the sight of the ovoid in the water. "Man, people will just throw away anything these days. But what is it?" Her curiosity causes her to walk along, following the course of the object in parallel fashion.

Marius stops in his jog, to take a few steps toward whatever it is that is floating in the water. He looks around to see how many other people are taking notice of it.

Leandra blinks as she picks up on the whatever it is in the water before she abruptly comes to a stop and turns to face it, peering curiously before she paces over to the edge of the footpath and study the whatever it is.

It continues to drift on, slowly getting closer and closer to the water's edge. As it does, it's rising higher in the water, revealing a material with a sheen to it; could be metal, or possibly wet stone. But it's intricately worked; it looks more like a work of art than technology.

Jolie walks along, making her way closer to the thing. She notices that Marius is one of those who is paying attention to the curiosity. "Hey, weatherman! Maybe you should get a camera crew down here!" She waves and smiles.

Marius pulls out a cellphone, and dials a number, "I was just thinking the same thing" he speaks into the phone, "Hey get a camera crew, and one of my emergency clothing sets down the Hudson and 4th, we got something interesting washing up here.

Leandra quirks her head slightly to the left as she studies the… Whatever it is, peering at it, then apparently comes to some decision and sets off at a rapid stride toward where it looks likely to intersect with the riverbank.

It doesn't take too much longer. It goes higher and higher in the water, and then with a *thump*, lands on the soft, muddy side of the riverbank. The thing is about six feet long, and about two and a half feet in diameter. It looks old; a first glance might peg the odd runes and etchings on it as Mesoamerican, but a closer look puts the lie to it. There's a large silvery triangle inlaid on one surface, near an end of the ovoid.

Jolie isn't too far behind Leandra, but she's not busting out the superspeed for this. She slowly walks around the thing. "This is…what the heck is it? Man, I wish Maia or Scott were here, they'd probably already have it figured out," she mutters. Then she smiles at Leandra. "Whaddaya think? Secret government project?"

Leandra chuckles to that, shrugging before she leans down to peer at the triangle then glancing up to Jolie again. "Well it looks more like an alien pod or something, I am not sure the governent is into that much decoration." She then pokes the object carefully with the toe of one boot.

Marius walks over "Careful, could be a biohazard or something…though that looks more ancient then alien to me. Might have fallen off a ship that was transporting artfiacts to the museum?"

The prodded pod is heavy; feels like it's made out of stone, which raises the question of "how did it float". Also, there's a subtle but heavy shifting of weight at the poke, as if it's full of liquid.

Jolie frowns up thoughtfully. "Yeah, it does kinda look Stargate-y. You're right about the government not bein too up on makin stuff pretty. And this is really pretty."

"It feels like there is liquid inside it, and heavy, weird." Notes Leandra as she peers at the thing again, then she smoothly drops down to one knee and presses her ear against the thing to listen.

Marius on the other hand touches the obvious trianglular spot on the front, feeling to see if it is engraved or something added on. "Hey there, how is your mom?" He asks Jolie as he does.

When the triangle is touched, there's an obliging *crack* sound, as the stone of the surface separates along some of the ornate lines, lifting up on an internal pivot just like a hatch would. Inside, the ovoid is full of liquid; water, by casual glance. Well, that, and the very naked body of a woman, lying submerged in the liquid.

"Wait, there's liquid inside it, it's heavy…and it was /floating/?" Jolie shakes her head. "I didn't do all that well in physics, but that doesn't sound right." She manages a smile for Marius. "She liked the autograph, thanks. And - " Then the ovoid opens. "Oh. Whoah." Jolie stares. "Is she dead? Maybe this is her coffin."

Leandra pulls sharply away as the thing she was listening intently to cracks open like that, launching off of the pod with her feet and rolling into a crouch as she brings up the barrel of a pistol she tugged from inside her jacket. And gets covered in mud while doing this along the riverbank, which she appears not to pay any attention to as she keeps the weapon aimed on the .. naked person. Not that this seems to cause any expression change.

Marius reaches into the water, his fingers finding the base of her neck to check for a pulse, frowning, he shakes his head, "Looks like she was either dead when she went in there, or she drowned when the seal broke under water and flooded the chamber."

Indeed, the corpse is not posing any threat that would seem to necessitate it being shot. For being in water, it's remarkably well-preserved, though; pristine, with none of the normal water damage one might expect from a submerged corpse.

Jolie ironically jumps back after Leandra pulls her gun and not when the coffin opens. "Hey, woman! She's dead. She's not gonna attack you!" She shrugs, then sighs. "Too bad we can't read that stuff. Might let us know who she was, and why she's naked."

Leandra raises back to her feet as the figure revealed in the pod fails to be a ferocious space vampire or something, though she is frowning and keeps the pistol in hand as she steps briskly forward. "If it was the latter then she is not neccessarily all the way dead. And she does not look long dead. Come on." She reaches for the girl's shoulder before trying to haul her up out of the water. "I can remember enough first aid to try resussication at least, give me a hand." While she might have been rather quick at the leaping back and bringing weapons to bear thing she does apparently have trouble one handedly lifting bodies.

Marius blinks and pulls off his jogging suit jacket, revealing a six shooter stuck in the back wast band of his jogging suit, he wraps the jacked around the naked womans torso, to dry her, and protect her from the elements, as well as providing some modesty for her, he lets Leandra take care of the CPr and moves to help with Mouth to Mouth.

And in what might be a surprise, given the submerged nature of the woman, the CPR apparently -works-. Oh, sure, it has to be adapted for a drowning victim, which means getting the water out of her lungs. Sure enough, chest compressions manage that, and after a bit of work, she coughs and draws in a gasp of breath.

Jolie is surprised again as Marius' weapon is revealed, but not as badly. New York is tough, afterall, and a weatherman's got to stay alive. She looks a little awkward, watching the duo at work.
Leandra seems to know what she is doing at least, and certainly is not panicking, getting the girl out of the water and down with Marius' help, then crouching astride her as she works to clear her lungs and.. Ahh, at the cough and drawing in of breath she smiles, for a moment. "… Now what?"

Marius turns her head to let the water come out and when she breates in a ragged gasp, he smiles, "Wow….I didn't really expect that to work" He looks at Jolie, following her gave to the small of his back, "It's not loaded…" He then checks Caelis's heart beat again, to see if it is beating normally.

Pulse is still a little weak, but strengthening rapidly. The woman moves to sit up, if not prevented, and says…something? Gods know what she's speaking, but English it ain't. She looks about at the three, apparently waiting for a reply.

Jolie is a little flipped out as the woman is revived. She puts one hand over her mouth, lowly muttering a prayer of thanks to the loa. Then, out loud, she says, "Lady, we don't speak that language."

Leandra moves a hand to the woman's shoulder to support her rather than stopping her getting up, a small nod to Marius' words before her eyebrows raise at the unintelligable words. She blinks, then shakes her head a little. "I do not even know what that language -is-. Maybe she is an alien?" She studies the other girl more intently now.

Marius makes sure to get the jacket onto her shoulders, to keep random gawkers from staring to badly. He shakes his head, "No Habla, sorry…English?"

Her reaction to Jolie…a blank, vaguely confused expression…suggests that she has no clue about THAT language. That being English. Since she makes it to sitting, and Leandra's supporting her, she moves to go to standing, apparently not bothered by being dressed only in Marius' jacket draped over her shoulders.

Jolie wrinkles her nose. "I've been in every section of New York and I've heard a lot of languages. And that don't sound like any of them. Maybe we should call the UN and get one of their interpreters?"

"I have been all over Africa, South Asia and South America, and never heard anything like it either. Not that I learned any of the local languages, but still." Asserts Leandra as she rises smoothly to her feet along with the girl, still keeping the hand to support her. Then added. "She certainly does not look like an alien, or if she is then she did a -really- good job of her disguise."

Marius works his way through Greek, Latin, Japanese, Arabic, and Spanish. Not holdng out much hope. He helps her to her feet, trying to give off a friendly and helpful aura for the confused young woman who just came back from the dead.

Nope. Doesn't look like an alien. Just a pretty, mostly-naked, drenched woman. Except that she's apparently more than that, since after she stands, and the three spend a bit more time talking amongst themselves, she watches intently, and then out of nowhere, says "Thank you for your help. Where am I?"

Jolie stares at Marius. "Wow. You're multilingual." And more staring, at the woman. "You can speak English! Thank goodness. You're in New York City. In New York State. In the United States of American. In North America. On Earth. Third planet from the sun."
"That pretty much sums it up." Agrees Leandra with Jolie, then she indicates the pod.. Thing with her free hand. "You washed ashore in that, whatever it is, and apparently drowned when it hit the riverbank."

Marius looks releived that she speaks english, "What happened? How did you get in there?" He nods to the pod, "We were a little worried….

The woman turns to look at the pod, and frowns. "My stasis pod. Why is it not in the city?" She looks around, and then back to Jolie. "I do not know most of those terms. Earth I know. But this is all so strange." She looks around at her surroundings, and the people, with a very stranger-in-a-strange-land expression.

Don't-trip-don't-trip. Rain has a pie balanced neatly on her head, carrying her jacket over one arm and apparently walking along. Perhaps she's taking the long way home. She walks along easily enough, but she has to stop. A pod? Blinkblink. She has to remember not to tilt her head.

"Lady, we thought you were drowned. But these two folks revived you. Why were you in that pod thing?" Jolie looks so confused.

"Also." Adds Leandra now after a quick glance around. "Regardless of the how and why of you being here, not wearing clothes is illegal in this city at least and pretty as you are you are attracting a lot of attention. We should probably get you somewhere less public and get you something to wear."

Marius stands in a t-shirt and jogging pants with a rather large and somewhat archaic old west gun stuck in his back waist band. A mud covered Leandra is near by, and between them is a naked and wet woman clothed only in Marius's matching jogging jacket. Jolie is a couple feet away where a large pod like thing full of water has washed ashore, engraved with ancient symbols. The weather man says quietly, "What city? Where do you come from…." he looks a little embarassed, "All these questions are probablly making your head spin, I'm sorry." He offers a hand, "Marius Forest as your service Ma'am, take a moment and get your bearings."

The woman looks back and answers Jolie first. "Because it is not right for someone to speak ill of Lady Demosia." She says it with a very rote, formulaic reply, not as if it's something she really buys into. And then a look back to Leandra. "Really? What a strange law. But very well. Where -is- this city? What is this "North America"?" Finally, a look back to Marius. "Actually, I have just as many. Right now mostly relating to where I am, and what has happened." She shakes the proffered hand. "Lady Caelis."

Aaaaaaaand a naked lady? Blinkblink. "Aah… err… does she need a jacket?" She offers her own coat. She looks absolutely confused, and now comical - pie still atop her head. Rain is quiet, perhaps understanding that things are probably overwhelming for the Pod Lady(TM). She looks around, and back to the others. "Did she hit her head maybe? Sometimes that can make you confused for a little while."

Leandra considers a moment, thinking before she explains. "There are two main landmasses, yes? Eurasia and Africa, the larger, then the smaller which is two sections connected by an ismus. We are on that second, smaller of the two main landmasses, on the eastern coast of the northern part. How do you know English but not know where American is though? And yes, naked is illegal. I have some spare clothes in my car though?"

Jolie laughs. "And here I was calling you 'Lady', and you really are one. I'm Jolie." She waves to Rain as she shows up. "Heya, this lady was in that coffin thing, and she floated to shore, and Weatherman and Gun woman revived her, and do you know that you have a pie on your head?"

Marius looks over and sees Rain, given that he called the news studio already, at Jolie's urging, he seems to think that getting her under wraps and into some clothes is likely a good idea before the cameraman or police arrives, "How far is your car?"

Leandra has said gun tucked away in her jacket again now, though she is still covered in mud, she belatedly introduces herself. "Leandra Fawley." A hand is offered to Caelis before she starts to move toward said car following any kind of shake or grip. "Parked just over there, maybe a hundred yards? I will head over and fetch my jogging outfit rather than have a convoy of us leading a naked person through tourists."

Caelis' attention is mostly on Leandra, who is making with the answers. "Two landmasses? And I know this landmass, then, but not by the name you give it. But what about Atlantis?" It seems to be at odds with the whole "two landmasses" theory. "As for the language, I listened; I learned it." Why yes, just like that.

"Huh, erm, well," Rain pauses. "Is she okay?" Rain eventually picks the pie off her head. "Yup, I was carrying it." She holds it carefully. "She's really a Lady? I didn't think there were many places that gave out titles of nobility these days," The woman considers. The mention of Atlantis makes Rain give Caelis a sidelong glance, then back. "Um…" Oh dear.

Marius says, "You are a quick learner then…I am afraid that Atlanta is a bit south of here, We are up on the north coast." He waves off any gawkers who have begun to assemble."

Leandra does doubletake a moment at the Atlantis mention, pausing in her departure but apparently deciding not to turn back given the others are already speaking with Caelis, she accelerates however, speed walking rapidly to her range rover before she opens the back and starts to hunt through the junk cluttering the boot.

Jolie glances away awkwardly at the mention of Atlantis as well. she coughs, then nods at Marius. "Yeah, I got people down there. My cousin invited me to Freaknik, but my momma won't let me go."

The taxi pulls up to the road near the Hudson and Layla steps out of the cab and pulls down her sunglasses and sighs as she flips open her date book. "Miss J said it was here." She notices a group of people and smiles as she lifts her glasses back up to cover her eyes and steps down toward the group. "Oh hey Rain!" Layla says raising her arm up to wave at the girl.

Caelis considers the situation, looking from one to the other. Marius' answer seems to perplex her, but she remains there, patiently awaiting clothing so she can stop accidentally breaking the law. "I need to return to Atlantis as soon as possible. I'm not certain how I got here, but something…very strange has happened. Clearly."

Rain seems impressed. If a bit unsure how to mention the whole Atlantis thing. She glances around and - hey! Someone is waving at her. Pie in hands, Rain waves back. Well, that is, she's not waving the pie at Layla. She seems like she wants to say something, but wants to consider her words very carefully. Her mouth opens and closes a few times. "Well, um. Funny you should mention that actually…"

Marius blinks and catches it the second time, "Atlantis? Not Atlanta? Ummm…you mean the Lost City of Atlantis?" He looks around to make sure there aren't any nice guys in white coats approaching that he hasn't noticed yet.

Leandra digs out her gym bag from the back of her car and started to head back, walking fast, though she still has a fair distance to go, currently cut off from view by tourists and suchlike.

Jolie tilts her head. "Um. Yeah. Atlantis is this fictional island that was submerged thousands and thousands of years ago. Also, a really cool cartoon. You don't sound like Cree Summer, so…"

An ill wind starts to blow through the the Hudson River. Grass starts dying, trees start withering. Something wicked this way comes…

A smile is flashed toward Rain as Layla closes the distance. "Well don't tell me Miss J talked you into a photo shoot." She says, trying to make a small joke. "So, Miss Rain, who are you doing.." She turns to look at Caelis and smiles at her then glances back to Rain, "So… what's the story, morning glory?"

Leandra comes to an abrupt stop there as she picks up on the wilting plantlife, blinks, then curses before she turns and runs back to her car with a burst of acceleration that sends gravel spraying, the gym bag is chucked hurriedly into the boot before she shoves aside a tarp to retrieve a silver banded rifle and sling a battered looking bandolier belt of cartridges across her shoulder. That was probably not a legal way to transport weapons.

There's a generally confused look from Caelis. "What is a cartoon? And Atlantis is not fictional, it lies between the two landmasses you described. It is my home." Honestly! These people are so ill-informed!

Marius puts a hand on Caelis's shoulder, "I think there is a lot you need to be caught up on, look lets get out of the open and have a seat and talk this over?

Leonard is here, though probably not the cause of wind and unrest. The man is chasing after hat, the thing skittering across the ground like an errant insect, propelled by gusts of air. He'll snatch it up eventually, palm clamping over the top before eyes rise slowly upward to take a quick sweep of the street around.

Jolie wrinkles her nose as she notices the wilting plantlife…and something else. She stares at something, a hand clutching the odd little sack that hangs from around her neck. "That is not good. You're out of place here, friend. This is a place of life."

"Well, maybe it existed once and -" Rain looks like she's going to start talking then closes her mouth. "Ummmmmm." Flail! Flail with pie! She notices the plantlife dieing. Leonard gets a smile and a wave, once she spots him. "Me? No, I was walking home- This Lady is lost, we think, they found her and revived her. She says she's from Atlantis," Rain explains quickly, but something has her attention now. Something apparently invisible. She peers at the thing, reaching into her purse. Is that a scroll? "Excuse me sir, are you lost?" She asks quietly. "This is not the way."

Suddenly and abruptly, the ghostly figure materializes forth three immaculately sharpened pieces of paper. They're charged with energy and with the flick of a wrist one strikes Rain, cutting herup good. The other strikes Caelis in the back and the other hits Jolie in the chest.

Now everyone can see the figure. It's a woman dressed in all white, a mask covering her face. She stands at about five foot seven and carries a sickle which she clutches now that her projectile are gone. She points towards Caelis and shouts out with a voice. It sounds like not one, but two voices together. "For the sins of the father, the Atlantean must die."

Leandra remains standing by her car for a few moments as the others speak with something not there, staring over as she keeps the weapon ready, ignoring passersby staring at the crazy woman locking the stock of a rifle against her shoulder. Then as the others are hit and the figure appears she frowns intently before starting to talk forward at a smoothly rapid pace while she snaps her sights up into view and squeezes the trigger. Boom, she checks for a split second to check the recoil before continueing forward.

Rain noticed. Anubis doesn't raise no fools! Unfortunately, Rain isn't quite *fast* enough to move. The paper slices her badly and she cries out. Owch! She's bleeding pretty badly too, red streaks blooming along her clothes. She sets the pie down, and looks pained, annoyed and wanting to coat herself in Neosporin and aloe vera. Instead, she takes up a fighting pose, feet set apart and hands up. Her pen seems nearly to phase into her hand. *fwhip!* Her pen is a knife! The blade materializes and she pauses. She draws back and lunges forward to take a revenge strike at the ghost. At least once, must her blade taste blood to mark vengeance.

"The sins of the father will be cleansed with a pure light.." the creature continues as a hand a bright flare of bright light starts to form on the creature's hand blinding all before it. The light is warm, but not hot, but it does sting the eyes a bit, much like a really bright flash bulb would work. With that said and done, the creature starts to walk towards the gathered group, its intentions clearly on the Atlantean.

"The balance will be restored. Harmony will continue. The stench of the Titan's will will be purified.." the creature continues to monologue, every step it takes causing more grass to die.

Marius does a rolling dive and comes up with his pistol in his right hand, He moves to intercept any attacks on Cae or the other women by the concoming death goddess, as he sights his pistol over his arm his Wrist Sundial grows into a Discuss of Sunlight, bathing the area in pure protective Radiance, "I'm sorry but I don't think that is on the Forcast today."

She's not certain what it is, all things told. But Caelis has no desire to become the prey of some angry ghost. She turns and bolts the short distance towards the water, before jumping in a shallow arc to take her just over the stasis pod (which is at the water's edge). When she lands, in a crouch, she springs out again, letting her legs kick out, aiming to send the pod arcing at the angry ghost, while using it as a launching pad to propel herself into the Hudson.

Leandra snarls silently as the flash half blinds her and works the bolt of her rifle to send a smoking cartridge case pinging to the sidewalk while she continues to stalk forward, raising her voice to the figure to shout out an angry. "I am going to END you!" Then she locks eyes with the figure over the sights of her rifle, staring unblinkingly through the burning glare on her retina as she fires again to punctuate her claim.

Leonard's gaze doesn't take long to find the source of the problem when it appears. Zoinks, it's the ghost! Mostly naked woman is nothing compared to specter that lashes out, the magician straightening instantly. "Rain!" A call of attention for the wounded woman, hands snapping out toward the threat a second later. Palms are held out, fingers rising up, flicking back down as if casting down an imaginary weight toward the hazy being.

With a swift movement, the spectre of death starts rushing towards the one who claimed it would end it. For now, the Atlantean is ignored, completely missing as it picks up its sickle and slashes towards the Scion of Artemis. It's a scratch, but nothing more, though there is blood. The bullet goes off just above the creature's shoulder hitting a nearby tree, but unfortunately for it, there is eye contact and it stands there, stunned…

Movement coming around and things appearing out of no where, Rain getting hit and lots of other bad stuff. Layla doesn't take anytime to process. Layla Smash.. She drops her Prada bag on the bank of the river and then kicks off her Versace shoes. "Ok.." She takes a quick scan of the area and jumps into action. She leans forward as she does and then brings her hands together to form a fist as she heads toward the 'big bad'.. Her eyes lock on the creature and she swings her arms back and lets go with a strike.

Jolie shudders with pain as she gets hit with the paper strips. "Something's not right here. That's the type of outfit Maia wears," she murmurs, staring at the blood on her hands. Looking at the figure with the scythe, her expression turns sad. "You, woman in white! Look at me! Please! We're not enemies here, are we? You and I have a lot in common, I think. You want justice? So do we. But look, you're hurting the land, you're hurting /us/. Please tell us what's wrong, why you want to kill this woman," she pleads.

Yes, the spirit is inactive, but the compelling force of Jolie's personality even makes the shinigami shudder as it responds. It's a mixture of two voices still as it starts to speak. "The Atlanteans are anathema, tainted by the Titans long ago. We had thought them destroyed, their ashes scattered to the winds. This one survives and must die lest the harmony and balance tilt towards darkness once more.."

The spirit sighs and continues to speak. "You defend the tainted one. You will be destroyed if you do not let me finish my mission.."
nspired by Jolie, the initial flash of pain and anger gone, Rain pulls away her weapon. "Um. Sorry about that," Rain remarks quietly. "Who are 'we'? And where have you been these past few weeks?" She tilts her head. "I understand your obligation - we all have our places, good and bad, but what you're saying is this lady must die simply because she *is*? That seems kind of unfair I guess. What if she is one of the uncorrupted Atlanteans left that was hidden or something maybe?" Pause. Rain makes a slight gesture of respect towards the spirit, remembering her manners.

He's been running the entire time. He found the Fate threads tracing his path, and the young man wearing the monocle with ibis-head gole wirework for the frame has been on the move-non stop before the trail gets cold. But as Scott gets closer, he's hearing the shouts and sounds of a battle of some kind, and yelling and screaming, and he picks up the speed. However, Scott isn't the most physical of scions. He sees the others…some familiar figures and one very familiar, as the fate threads seem to close in on the Shinigami. "Maia!" he salls. "Maia!"

"The Atlantean MUST die. It is the will of the gods.." the creature continues to speak not looking towards Scott as the mask still covers the young onmyouji's face. "The balance and harmony will be destroyed if we let her live.." it continues to speak, still sounding like two people are talking at the same time.

Marius takes in the situation, realizing that there is something more going on here, but the Caelis is obviously the "problem" he sheathes his gun and its "Up up and away" As he puts one arm up superman style and lifts into the air, he then swoops down and grabs Caelis in his other arm, wrapping around her bare stomach, his shield now completely covering her he takes off into the sky aiming for the nearest cloud bank to lose any pursuers.

Leandra rolls to the side along the pavement as the spectral figure slices at her, gritting her teeth as the blade gashes across her ribs and working the bolt midair as she continues that unblinking death gaze and pivots around the barrel of her rifle. The conversation is ignored, and she shoves the muzzle forward into the frozen spirit as she tugs the trigger.

Caelis was going to get away as best she could, but this works even better. She clings onto Marius as he snags her out of the water, and the two make their superman'd escape from the area.

Leonard begins to move forward, toward the creature that hovers ahead. His hand finds his weapon without much delay, curved blade whipping around a finger, making sharp rotations around hand as he jogs forward. He stops after a few steps, barreling motion coming to abrupt halt, Khopesh hurled at the frozen creature like a very dangerous frisbee as his body dips forward with the momentum.

The gun was close. Oh so close. There's no time for the creature to react and boom! She's sent flying into a nearby tree, withering and killing it instantly as she makes contact. Her eyes widen as there's a bullet through her in shock. She's bleeding terribly, but the spirit of death still continues on, leaving it's host in a bloody slump on the ground.

Rain and Jolie see the spirit leaving Maia's body and starting to rush on after the Atlantean in it's spirit form. And there's the Khopesh. Her eyes are still wide in shock as the khopesh hits her straight in the shoulder and she falls towards the ground in a bloody mess…

The sickle, made of white paper starts to fall apart and bursts covering the young woman like a shower of sakura petals as they become drenched in her blood.

A glance is given as her punch is shrugged off, Layla looks at it as it runs away. "What the hell? I can barely hit anything these days." She shakes her head and looks back to Rain and walks over to her purse and pulls out a phone. "Are you ok, Rain?" She says as she slips her feet into her shoes.

Leandra does not recognize the figure slumping back against the tree following her shot, but does relax every so slightly as the spirit flees, exhaling as she straightens up with the barrel of her rifle still leveled then starting to smoothly load fresh rounds into the weapon from her bandolier as she looks warily to the others who have apparently accumulated. For the moment she ignores the bleeding gash in her side.

When Scott yells for Maia, all the little inconsistencies come together in Jolie's mind. She screams, "Maia!" and runs to her possessed bandmate, but even she can't outrun a bullet. "Oh no!" She kneels at Maia's side, tears streaming down her cheeks as she eases the mask off the girl's face.

"Ohshitshitshitshit…" Scott finally catches up to the group. "Maia!" Scott didn't bring his entire backpack, but when he saw Maia vanish from her apartment, he brought his first aid kit. "Dammit dad why can't you teach me white mage stuff," he whispers, as he kneels down besides the Amerterasu scion, trying to do a quick fix of her wounds. "She…" He's heaving. He's not out of shape, just…well, not the athletic type. "Was possessed. Shinigami. F-for…" Gasp. Wheeze. "For the sins of the Father, the Atlantean must die…is what…Shinigami said…jumped into Maia's body and vanished."

Rain winces. "That really stings," She comments quietly. "She really did a number on us," Rain notes to Scott. "There's a lady around from Atlantis. She is gone though, I think that's why she's not all possessed now," She frowns. The pen is tucked behind her ear once more. "I feel awful now," She closes her eyes. Rain's cut up pretty good though. "Hey wait, didn't that weather man say something about the news vans coming?" She asks. The woman staggers and straightens to check on Maia.

Off in the distance, there's the news van with the NBC peacock on it driving towards the river. Right on schedule..

Leonard makes quick jaunt forward when he's sure that the downed woman won't be rising fast, fingers making just cursory wave toward his weapon, the thing removing itself at beck and call and finding its home in Leonard's hand again. "Rain, you alright?" She and Layla are his first concern, glance made toward the Maia and the people huddled around. She's dead enough enough looking, though, so it doesn't seem an immediate worry.

"Right.." She leans down and grabs her bag. Layla pulls out a bright pink sweater and snaps it open. She holds it to Rain, "Wrap this around your wound." Layla says as she puts her arm under Rains and around her back and lifts the woman up with little effort. "Let's get you the hell out of here." She taps a button on her phone. "Miss Jay.. I need some help down by the hudson.." Layla looks to Leo, "She's going to be fine. Come with me to help, just in case.." Her face gives a smile to Leo as she does the model thing of hiding her true feelings with a perfect model face. Giving face…

Leandra stiffens now and shoulders her rifle, frowning, intent. "Okay… I shot your friend, she was trying to kill us including the aforementioned Atlantian girl. Now the news are arriving and I am standing here holding the gun that shot her. I am going to depart rapidly but here is my mobile number." She very quickly and efficiently scrawls a number on a bloodied notepad produced from her jacket before flicking it to Scott, then turns and >Runs< for her car in a spray of gravel.

Meanwhile, Maia starts to stir. Her wounds close up and spit out the bullet from her stomach as she's covered in a healing light. This is why self-healing rocks. She shivers a little and coughs and gasps as her eyes widen and peers up towards Scott and Jolie looking quite confused. "Shinigami dreamscapes are creepy creepy things.."

"I bet," Scott says, as he's laying bandages on Maia. He looks up as someone's card hits him in the cheek. "I…" He takes that card and crams it into his shirt pocket because he knows they'll need it. "Hi, Maia's friend. Scott. Thoth's son. Nice to meet you but I don't want to go near the press. We have to get out of here."

"Shinigami? What? Maia ain't no cheval," Jolie mutters, gripping her gris-gris and sniffling. "Please, Papa Legba, Daddy, somebody…heal her!" She startles as she hears the sound of the van engines. "Shit. We need to get outta here. Super Weatherman flew off with Atlantis Girl, and the news people'll latch onto whatever story they can get."

"I could be better," Rain admits quietly. She just smiles weakly at Leonard. Then a sadface. "She seems to be popular, though. Lots of people's friends," And - she blinks. She takes the sweater then is lifted up! Flail! Or maybe no flail. Scratches. Her eyes widen and water. "Okay," She agrees meekly. "T-thank you," She manages. "I feel kind of bad, about this." She just lets herself go with Leonard and Layla, quietly grateful.

"Don't worry about it." Leonard gives a short assurance at Rain, one glance cast back toward the downed girl, another toward quickly approaching trucks. "Leaving'd be a good idea." A nod toward Layla. "I'll stick with you." His weapon is hidden away, cleaned as best it can be against the bottom of a shoe before it goes into hiding once again. "Murder'd be bad for my image."

"I am an onmyouji..we are servants of the shinigami, mortal hosts they can use whenever something or something needs to end.." Maia explains as she coughs once more easing up as yet another pair of her robes are ruined with blood. "We should get home..I need a shower and we need to find out why the gods are pissed off at Atlantis.."

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