A Chance Meeting


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Scene Title A Chance Meeting
Synopsis What started out as a little bet turns into pure chaos when a corrupted scion shows up!

Greenwich Village Coffee Shop

It is that time of the day when twilight has yet to take rule but it isn't quite evening nor afternoon, rather this is the time that day walkers have started to wind down and the night walkers are starting their days. Chance has found himself a seat at a table with a mocha-frappa-something-or-another at a little bistro cafe. He is flipping cards down on the table as he takes a sip of the all to popular coffee concoction. A lady walks by as Chance raises an eyebrow and then glances after her. "Eh… 3.. maybe 3.5 in tight jeans." He says to no one in particular. He tosses the cards onto the table haphazardly and they seemingly land in a solid stacked deck. He offers a smile and leans back into his chair, people watching.

"I think, with our predicament, it would be best if we worked extra hard to find out as much information on this…Child…As possible. He, or it, seemed to have a wealth of knowledge of events that were going to take place. Now, if he was malicious I think he would have taken matters into his own hands," John Wilco rambles, his thick hands waving in the air as he explains his ideas, "so perhaps he is a neutral party. This means we might be able to milk information from him…it. Does that sound sane?"

Blinkblink. Rain is at least, a neutral party. And a very patient listener. She looks like she's meandering along with the man, after work. "Um. Well, it makes sense. But you can't hold him down, remember?" The woman points out. "And besides, being too aggressive might kill any chances of negotiation I think…" She's clearly not the SHARPEST hammer in the sack, but she's getting there. "And I'd hate to turn a somewhat unreliable ally into an enemy senselessly," She notes. She is more still in her speaking, having to pause and think periodically.

A sly smile flickers onto the man's features as he leans over to the woman sitting next to him and whispers something into her ear. She gasps suddenly and turns quite red. This wouldn't be to bad, except for Chance had forgotten to take into account the man sitting across from her. He man speaks up, "Hey.. What the hell are you doing?" Chance offers the guy a shrug, "Well you can join if you like…" He says with a honey syrup laced voice and tone… The man's mouth drops open as he stammers to respond to Chance. Almost as if he got instantly bored with the pair he leans his chair forward and grabs the deck of cards. With a single hand he cuts the deck over and over, as his eyes drift off into nothingness for a moment. He snaps back after a few heartbeats and takes a sip of the drink. "Right-o. Time to make some money…" He says standing and dropping the cards into a pocket. He reaches into the other pocket and pulls out a roll of bills and starts peeling off a few lower ones and drops em on the table.

Holding open the cafe door John Wilco responds, "I'm not the type of person made for trickery and if we can not beat this thing into submission the only way I see us gaining the valuable information we need is by manipulating the little beast." John Wilco follows through into the cafe, "I do not think Mystery is adept at his social graces either, he seems a bit introvert."

"Well, that might work. Still I don't think a physical approach would work at all," She admits. "Thank you," Rain bobs her head and steps into the cafe door. "Maybe we're not supposed to know right away. I mean, even mystery has its place in the world. Although, I'm terribly curious," She admits furrowing her eyebrows. It's a dilemma really. "He seems pretty smart though…" She wishes she were as smart really!

He glances up and then sweeps the shop, his eyes are drawn to the door as it opens and the little bells chime off, "Well hello there 7 and 8…" Chance says to himself as he starts his slow stalking of the pair from the fringes of being easily noticed. He bumps into a woman and offers her a quick smile and a kiss on her cheek. The woman sort of blushes, a player in action. Don't hate the game… Chance's eyes deftly reacquires his targets and he starts the slow spiral inward. "Well.. Well.." He half-growls to himself with a predatory smile playing loosely on his lips. "A stupid little one." He grins to himself, "Wonder if she has any credit cards." He laughs to himself softly.

"…Yes, but I'm not advocating a physical approach to this problem. Why do you keep talking about that? Do you think simply because I am strong that I will try to pummel everything in my path?" John Wilco asks, seeming insulted and his arms crossing over his chest, "I do not think he is any more intelligent than either of us, certainly not Leonard. He is simply in the possession of imporant information."

"Whaaaaat? No!" Rain almost eeps, and shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I guess I misunderstood." She looks apologetic. "I didn't say that either," One eyebrow lowers a little. Hmm. "Besides, what if he never shows up again? I don't think any of us could find him again," She admits quietly. Although unaware of Chance and his antics for now, she has a habit of peering around.

It only takes a few moments for Chance to close the distance casually, as not raise red alerts. "Why hello there…" Chance says with his honey syrup laced voice. "Pick a card…" He says holding up a deck of cards, this time they have pictures of a wolf howling at the moon on the back of them. "I bet I can pick the card out of the deck, without even trying." He says with a sly smile. His eyes glance over at John for a moment and giving him the once over, then a second slower over. "Why hello there, you wanna be next?" He says with the same honey syrup laced voice. His eyes move back to Rain and he holds the cards out to her suggestively. "I'll even make a bet, if I can pick out the card I'll by your coffee, if I can't, I get to take you out to dinner tonight." He offers a smile, "Deal?" His eyes glance at both of em in turn.

Headtilt. Rain peers at Chance intently. If she didn't have such a cheery demeanor, it might almost be creepy. She seems suspicious. Skeptical. Headtilt. Again. A soft laugh, "That's very strange of you to offer." She seems to be pretty observant, looking here and there. But she's clearly missing the ruse. A shrug, "I … guess it couldn't hurt." There's an uncertainty to it, but she is curious. And so curiosity kills the chef far before food poisoning gets to her. Although, she glances to John then to Chance.

"Street parlors need food too, play his game." John Wilco offers with a smile, a small bit of vengence tipping his tongue as he breaks out into a full smile. He does look at his watch though, "Though we need to have this coffee soon if we are to have it, and our discussion should be finished by the end of lunch. I have to go back to teaching."

"Parlor?" Chance seems almost insulted at the term. Hustler.. Say it with me. Chance offers a smile at John, "Don't worry I'll have your coffee faster than if you were to get it yourself." He glances at Rain and holds the deck out, "Just one single card. From anywhere." He says with set determination. His eyes leave Rain for a moment to glance at John. "'Sides.. Every lady loves magic.. Want me to show you a few tricks for your lady here?" He offers a wink.

The trickster does have one clear advantage. This is clearly a situation Rain has rarely ever been. Who the heck hits on the cook? Nay sir, go for the busty waitress! She looks confused for a moment. "Sure," She agrees quietly. "Teaching?" He's a teacher? She seems surprised. His lad- HEY WAIT. Rain's face twists into a confused and somewhat alarmed expression. She does peer at the card she's picked though. She doesn't say much for now though, "Magic is interesting." Aside from that at least.

"Oh, you can have her all you want, we just got divorced. I'm trying to convince her to keep the kid, you know. I'm going to go grab my coffee, I'll be right back." John Wilco smirks and escapes while he can, walking to the barista and getting into line.

He takes the deck in hand and piles it into one hand, he splits the deck deftly with that single hand, then splits it again. He then reaches over and quarters the deck, between his fingers. "So you should place that card into the deck and think of it and only it.." He pauses and offers her a smile, "Now for the hard part, you can't think of anything but the card. I know someone as ravishingly smart as you must have a hard time calming the mind, but well, I do have to insist.." His eyes glance after John for a moment and frowns momentarily. He turns back to look at Rain, "He really let you get away? What an idiot.." He says with a honey syrup drenched statement.. "So, you think you can focus on the card alone?"

Rain has a 'Bwaaaaaah?' expression on her face, one eyebrow lifted, the other lowered. Heywaitaminute. That's not - She just looks between the two as if they've burst into flames and are now offering her religious pamphlets. While on fire. That's how confused she looks. A resigned expression finally crosses her face and she nods, putting the card back. "Uh huh," She seems a little skeptical, but willing to go with it for the moment. "Sure," She replies after a pause. Card. How hard could it be? His flattery only adds to her bemusement.

The cards collapse into a single deck and he shuffles the deck mid-air doing a few tricks here and there to make it mildly entertaining. Chance glances at her for a moment as if he is making up his mind and then he smiles. He looks at her, "I am betting I can find your card within.." he stops, "How about you tell me how many cards I have to find your card in.." He offers her a sly smile.

Grabbing the hot coffee John Wilco returns to the two with a bemused smile on his face. John Wilco looks at Rain and comments idly, hiding his words behind false meaning in front of the mortal, "If we do learn things from the…judge, I suppose you could call him, should we strike early or find their next move and ambush? This could be an easy victory for us and removing the…mold from the area might made infinately easier if the rats are squished."

Rain is peering at Chance intently, still a bit confused by paying a good deal of attention. "I don't think I can say. I've been terrible at that kind of thing, always. Anything involving guessing and betting," A hand wave to indicate a negatory response. "But I imagine you could do it pretty quickly." She looks up at John returns. "Oh? And um… hmmm. Well, I'm not sure on going out first, you know? There's so little we know."

"Well that makes it hard, about twenty-two.." Chance glances at John for a moment and then nods, "Careful about squishing rats, they tend to always come back in force." He offers a smile and starts drawing cards off. "One… Two… Three.." He continues to count off one by one.

"What do you know, then, Rain? How did you find out about your inheritence? And the rats? Have you faced their ilk before?" John Wilco asks, being a little less covert about his words than before and looking a little more annoyed.

Flail. Poor Rain is caught between two conversations. "I suppose it does, but you know your cards better than I do," She replies quietly and frowns at John. "My dad came to me. No. And not very much, I guess we could be a little more aggressive," She seems worried about pissing him off. "Just - be careful about it. Some things don't like being found."

A soft sigh comes but the words John says sort of catches Chance's ears and he deftly changes things. "Twenty-one… Twenty-two.." He holds up the twenty-second card and looks at Rain, "Is this it?" Rain might note that it is, in fact, not her card. Actually the irony is that it is the next card in the suit. "So did I get it right? Coffee or a quiet dinner?" Chance says as he glances over to John and gives the man another once over..

"It is frustrating to watch them flaunt their ability inside their little Illusion. We must, we need, to breach that viel and strike them where it hurts. You break the body and the will goes with it." John Wilco mutters, giving Chance a long and seemingly venom filled glance, "They chose us because of our strength, we need to rise up to the gaes before us and show everyone we mean business. Perhaps then he'll pay attention to me." The last bit seems like a humbled afterthought. John Wilco takes a long sip of his coffee.

Eeeeh. Rain turns red. "I guess it's the second," She replies after a moment. She fidgets. She just peers over the fellow again, curious but cautious. Rain looks to John, "Well. Sometimes there are things stronger than you and it's not wise to punch them up, you know?" She shrugs. "But maybe you know better than I do. It's been a crazy few weeks since I came here," She notes quietly.

"Dinner it is.." He says confidently. "I'll even be a gentleman and let you pick where you want to go for dinner." Chance looks at John, "Are you going to be joining us?" His eyes fixate on the man as he flips the deck back into order and slips it into his pocket. He turns back to Rain and offers her a wink. "Don't worry, I only bite if you ask me too…" He offers her a sly smile. As he holds out his hand toward John, "Well seeing as how she's the mother of your child, I guess I should introduce myself.." He pauses, "Robert." He says deftly. "Robert Williamson."

"Oh, no, by all means you two have a wonderful time. I'm going to prepare for the eventual flood of rat-spawn in our attic." John Wilco says with mock wit and a wave of the hand. He looks at his watch and comments, "I've got to run to my classes. I'll see you later, Rain. Be careful and be on the watch for the rats in this city. You have my number, we'll deal with the kid later."

Oh dear. Rain frowns a little. "I'm sorry I disappointed you. Please don't be late," She waves to John and nods. "Sure thing. Have a good day." She glances to Chance and lifts an eyebrow. "I don't normally eat out… do you know any good places here?" She rubs the back of her head. His slyness is definitely making the Rain a liiiiiittle cautious. Her jaw drops at his introduction and last comment. "Wha-" Nooooo. She just closes her mouth. "Nice to meet you, Robert. I'm Rain."

Ring-a-ling! That's when a newcomer enters the ltitle coffee house. She's tall and statueesque, her hair platinum blonde. A model of sorts, most definitely, especially in a land of beautiful people such as New York City. She beelines towards the counter and orders a cappucino to go before looking around, her gaze washing over the area..

"All my pleasure, lady of precipitation." Chance says as his eyes follow John to the door and then slide back toward Rain. The ringing of the bell only distracts him for a moment as he watches the new arrival with a bit of surprise and then he turns back to Rain, "Italian food is always nice. A nice bottle of Chianti…" He adds as a joke, "And some fava beans…" A smile plays on his lips. "Shall we say Saturday night. We will meet here at.." He pulls out a silver pocket watch and flips it open and then glances down to it, "Seven-thirty?" The watch clicks closed and he offers a smile. "That way if you decide to stand me up, I can at least get some coffee for my walk home, right?"

Rain is distracted for a moment, by the newcomer. She's pretty! Blinkblink. The chef jacket wearing woman must seem almost comical, blinking owlishly. She looks to Chase. "Oh, sure. I hope they do it right though," She nods her head. A faint laugh. She must have seen that movie too. "S-sure. And why would I do that? That would be mean." He might make her a little uneasy, but mean is mean. She looks around again though, a strange habit.

The young woman just continues looking about before she reaches into her purse and pulls out a compact of sorts. She opens it and starts patting her cheeks with a bit of foundation before suddenly and surely she looks towards Chance and then Rain, and then John who was walking out. Her brows furrow before an almost predatory grin curls onto her lips.

"Sweet!" Chance says and then winks. "I'll leave you be for now.." A quick smile is given to Rain as he offers a bow of the head and turns around. The predatory glance might have been missed, but Chance's eyes are drawn to the out-of-place woman. "Desperate after a break up, or cheating on her husband.." He says deftly to himself as he starts heading her way.. "I'm hoping cheap and easy, personally…" A slight smile comes across his lips as he closes the gap between the pair. "Well hello there beautiful…" He decides to try dated material, "Are you feeling tired right now? Cuz baby you've been running through my head since you walked through the door…" Ok he's a male-whore, but so what…

Leonard took a cab. In New York traffic it's basically a turtle with wheels slapping to the bottom, but it gets the job done eventually. The man makes long step out and onto the street, cursory scan given before he decides on the shop that all those interesting people frequent. Fingers press to the door, give it one firm shove open before he strolls inside. Hand lofts to pluck hat from head, tuck it politely under one elbow as he proceeds.

Uh huh. Rain just smiles politely back. She thankfully doesn't hear him, but the new lady is intriguing and this could prove to be hilarious. She carefully slinks over, looking like she might get in line to get herself some ungodly fancy coffee or something. She peers over here and there, but mostly watching Chance and his antics. She seems amused, in a quiet sort of way. She's cheery enough, ordering when her turn comes.

Uh huh. Rain just smiles politely back. "See you around." She thankfully doesn't hear him, but the new lady is intriguing and this could prove to be hilarious. She carefully slinks over, looking like she might get in line to get herself some ungodly fancy coffee or something. She peers over here and there, but mostly watching Chance and his antics. She seems amused, in a quiet sort of way. She's cheery enough, ordering when her turn comes.

There's deperate after a break up, there's cheating on a husband, and there's hunting for new Scions to corrupt. Guess which one this woman is? "Oh! How clever!" the young woman says with a soft chuckle under her breath. Whether she means it is well, left to the interpretation of Chance as she flutters her eyelashes for now.

He offers her a quick smile. "Yeah, clever alright." Chance takes note the line should have gotten more than a soft-chuckle. "So you don't look like you belong around here…" He starts off, "You new in town, cheating on your husband, looking for a quick bit of no-strings-sex or are you just some psycho that's going to take me out back, beat me and then leave me for dead." He adds with a chagrin grin, "I hope it's the last, I really do enjoy getting beat…" He pauses for a moment, "Right, moving right along." He holds out his hand, "Victor.. Victor Johanssen. I'm not from around here, just flew in last night…" He pauses wait for it.. wait for it.. "And boy are my arms tired.." Right on queue.

Rain is distracted now, peering at the two. Chance's lines make her almost groan. She stays quiet though, and gets her sweet coffee. Rain's pancreas must be abused to show it who is boss! Her jaw almost drops a little at his pick up lines. A pause, at the new name. Hmmm. She's far enough away to hear and be seen, at least. Still, she's polite about it and quiet. Even if she is just people watching.

Leonard's eyes roll past people in the building as he passes, peeking out from behind dark frames that hide them. There's a pause for Chance, the woman he speaks with, a Rain. The last is both familiar and interesting, winning enough combination that it causes the man some pause. He curves, moves to take place in line nearby, mentioning, "Isn't this fortunate?" It comes with neat smile toward the cook already situated.

"Not married, but a little bit of the former mixed with thelatter? Does that intimidate you?" she asks curiously, her brows raised as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath before her gaze soon turns to Rain, grinning the entire time. "I think your girlfriend is getting a tad bit jealous, Victor..and I'm Helena.." she says, extending her hand out towards him. Dun dun dun!

"Girlfriend?" Chance stops and glances at Rain, "Oh.. That…" He lowers his voice to hushed tones, "She's really some woman who won't take no for an answer. I mean give it up to her once and she swears you are her life's soul mate or some such non-sense." He takes the hand and eyes Helena again, "Right. Intimidation is pretty sexy.." He says pulling out his deck of cards, this time however, they have a celtic knot pattern on the back. He starts flipping them over and breaking them apart deftly in a single hand. "So Helena, what does a low-life nobody like me have to do to get the privilege of buying you a drink laced with all the right designer drugs so I can photograph you and use you to make money on my newly born porno page.." He stops, "Which I'll start right after I get you properly drugged up.." He offers her a sickeningly sweet smile, "Hrmmm?"

"What? No way!" Rain frowns at that. Now she looks a little annoyed. She doesn't mind man-whores, but slander is another thing altogether. She looks cross. "Yeah, right, Robert Williamson. The last thing that touched you was yourself," She sticks her tongue out, huffs and takes a sip of her coffee. Her eyes almost go cross, and she just settles on dumping more sugar into her drink. And hey! A Leonard! She smiles politely at him, even if the annoyance bleeds through.

Leonard plants hat down to counter when he receives drink, pinching saucer gingerly in hand and drawing backward. He settles himself down next to Rain afterward, apparently making own invitation to join the party. "What's the show?" The question comes with slight inclination of the man that's receiving her ire, the woman beside after. Something does catch his eye, though. Those cards, they tug at his attention more than anything else.

And the group is gathered in a little coffee shop in Greenwich Village. Rain just let out a little harumph after Chance's little insult, and for the most part, Helena seems amused. She likes Scions who are already close to falling to the darkside afterall. She looks into Chance's eyes and brushes her fingers against his cheeks as she leans in and presses her lips against his just for a few moments before moving back and lets out a wry little laugh. "Mmm, you kid I'm sure. I'm expensive if you want pictures of me naked.."

The kiss catches him off guard, but like the professional he thinks he is he just plays it off, "Who's kidding Helena?" Chance smiles at her and shoots Rain a quick glance, "Seriously she can't even remember my name right.." He shrugs and moves in closer to Helena. "So… expensive, what does that entail, are you a by the hour type lady or an all night lady?" He offers a bit of bravado. "Cuz well… I might take longer than just a single night."

"Look, I don't care who you are, or what you sleep with or how MANY of them you sleep with. I met you all of 15 minutes ago, just leave me out of your sleazy lies," Rain looks more annoyed by the slander than anything else. She just shakes her head and gives one last glare. She wants to follow up her insults, but there is restraint and Leonard. She turns to her friend and … looks back over as something catches Leonard's eye. "I don't know. He told me his name, but I don't believe it." A shrug. "Oh well, New York," She sighs and frowns. "How are you?"

Jolie happens to be in the Village, visiting a cousin. After having a great time, she decides to find some coffee before heading back to the dorms, and so enters the shop. She strolls on over to the line, tapping her foot as she waits.

Pushing through the cafe doors John Wilco takes a peek around, glasses slipping off the bridge of his sweatty nose. He sees Rain and instantly heads over to her, "Did I leave my cellphone here? It has a lot of important information that I need for my cl— Oh, hello Leo. It's good to see you, interesting that you should pop in." John Wilco pushes his glasses back up and pulls back his suit sleeve to look at his watch, "Well, I'm already late. Might as well pretend to be sick. But really, have either of you seen my phone?"

Helena would be quite recognizable as the White Witch to Jolie. They've only run into each other multiple times. She lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she hrmms, looking over towards Rain. "I'm afraid your girlfriend is really huffy, but really..I don't think you'd want to take a chance with me, Victor.." and there's a little emphasis at the word chance. "I'm afraid I'd be too much for you. I don't want you to break..at least not yet.."

"Mmm." It's a noncommittal sound, small musing Leonard gives in response to Rain's explanation. When his attention finally snaps back to Rain he offers the woman a warm, jagged sort of smile. "Thinking. Trying to find the right questions." One nod afterward, mention of, "Meaning to talk to you and John, so I came here. Are you getting along alright?" The question is pointed, small gesture made at the woman's arm before he draws back. Speak of the other devil: "It's what I do." That for John.
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"Oh you sly temptress of the dark and naughty places." Chance responds for a moment before his eyes sweep the coffee shop… "As for breaking me, greater men have tried and failed.." He says, "Even dear old dad…" He flips the cards into quarter decks slowly but surely, with a single hand before recombining them into a single deck again, "However, I do get the sudden sensation that I am late for something… Important." His eyes glance over at Rain, then Leo, then John as he rejoins the group. "Interesting little trio over there, don't you say, Helena.." He looks at the lady and then offers a wink. "I'll catch you around when you're not in the breaking mood.. Then I might let you spank me…" He says casually as he steps back from her and then into the coffee shop proper. His eyes take in the newest female and he quickly dismisses her with a smile. "Hook line and sinker…" The card shark smiles a bit and then drops the deck of cards back into his pocket and orders another cup of coffee. "Oh yeah.. Tonight is going to be interesting." He says to the barista. "Real interesting…"

Jolie gets her espresso and is about to leave, when she spots Helena. "Oh crap." She walks on over. "Well, well, well…what brings you out from under the rocks?" She rests a hand on her hip. "This more of your crew?"

"Huh? I don't think so," Rain answers quickly. She shakes her head. "I'm not his girlfriend!" She protests. Rain just looks cross-eyed a moment again. Her rage is more comical than effectual for now. With a final huff, she looks to John and Leonard. "So far, I think I'm kind of annoying though," She muses quietly. The woman with all her breaking warrants a worried stare from Rain. She just seems uneasy. She looks between the other two of her band. "Has everything been alright?"

Ahhh, there's Jolie. She waggles her brows and lets out a soft chuckle as she motions towards the quartet of Rain, Leonard, John Wilco and Chance. "Mmm, it seems you would be outnumbered my dear little mambo.." Helena whispers softly towards the woman as she waggles her breath. "But I'm in a pleasant mood, I won't ask them to kill you..at least not yet.." she says with a wry grin.

"I'd say so, yes, we're in a position where someone knows who we are, knows too who is after us and when they decide to strike. That thought of that day has been on my back since the battle." John Wilco remarks, but then reconsiders, "I apologize that was a bit more sarcastic than I intended it." He looks between Rain and the other woman, "What are you talking about?"

Jolie places a hand on the table and leans in towards Helena. "Why? You'll just do what you always do, girl," she responds tightly, also in a whipser. "Run away like a little bitch."

A dangerous glint appears in his eye as Chance glances over at Helena and then Jollie.. He can't resist. He walks over between the pair. "Now dear lady.. Should I be jealous, you're flirting with this lovely little chocolate morsel." He leans in and grabs Helena by the cheeks and drops a nice long and deep kiss on the woman. After a few heart beats he steps away from her and smiles, "Damn, I might let you break me after all…"

"We need to talk about that," Leonard mentions toward John. "I can fix it. It's just a matter of balances." As for Rain's question, "I've been well enough. Nothing else like what happened." His attention is drawn back eventually toward the two feuding woman, the man that places himself in between. "I wonder if it's always this lively."

And as she's about to retort, Helena is suddenly manhandled as she's kissed by Chance and her eyes widen, soon melting into the kiss. She then wipes her lips and grins wryly before looking straight into Jolie's eyes. "You think I'm going to run dear? Why should I when everyone here is against you?" she whispers as soon, she works her own little type of hypnotic magic over the mambo to make her remember a few more people at the night of the warehouse and the harpies. She'd 'remember' that Leonard was there helping Mordred. Rain was there creating some more zombies with Colm, and that Chance was there trying to make out with Maia..cause you know, bad guys do that.

Blinkblink. "It's alright, you've been under stress," Rain reassures John. She looks to Leonard and smiles, although the rising feud is catching her eyes. "I hope that guy knows better than to get between two women fighting…" Her eyebrows furrow. She sips her coffee and looks down into it. "I'm sorry that I'm rather boring, I love my kitchen very much."

"Talk about it? Do you have more information on the subject? That's good initiative of you." John Wilco comments, trying to keep focus on the more important sitaution at hand. "We shouldn't concern ourselves with that kind of behavior. Best to leave it to those with more time on their hands."

Jolie glances around at the others, her expression initially paranoid. But the paranoia fades into straight anger. "Well, of course you ran, with all these jackasses covering for you." She points at Chance. "You keep your polluted lips off Maia, okay? Especially since you're kissing this skank. You should probably get tested, you know." And then she really gives Rain a cold hard stare. "And as for you, woman…you and Irish are gonna have to go toe to toe with me again…and it's gonna end up just like before. I'm gonna crush you, or I ain't my daddy's girl, you got that?"

"You're a cook? That's interesting." Leonard offers small reassurance toward Rain, attempting to avoid distraction from the buzz of chatter near the door. Back to John and important things. "Not have so much as can have." Chin lits up again when Jolie begins a direct address to one of his companions, lips tilting into one curious line.

He glances over at the group and then looks over at Jolie, "Excuse me…" Chance says, "Do I know you? And this Maia.." He pauses, "I mean it could be possible that I've slept with her.. Hell if I know.." He glances over at Helena. "Is it me or is she just batshit insane?"

Rain smiles at Leonard. "Yeah, I've gotten really good. And I haven't found much-" Huh? Rain gives Jolie a confused look. "Who?" She's caught waaaaaay off guard by Jolie and even draws back. "Why? What happened? Before? Who're you?" Questions spill out like ivy leaves bursting forth from a trellis. They fall to the floor, and are lapped up only by the air. "Who're you? Why would you crush me? You seemed nice…" She looks confused, alarmed and now being attacked twice in a day. Her statements echo. She almost wants to burst into tears and just go home and bury her sorrows in a nice, big bowl of chocolate ice cream while watching Sex and the City. "Is she okay?" Her eyebrows are lifted, knitted in worry.

And in the meantime, Helena just watches, most definitely pleased with herself as she grins wryly and starts walking out of the establishment. She picks up her drink and looks towards Chance with raised brows of confusion. "I have no idea..some people just need to be put down.." she says with a laugh.

"Yeah, you /better/ leave," Jolie snarls at Helena as she walks out. And then she turns on Rain, of course. "Who am /I/? Don't you pull that "little miss innocent" shtick on me, woman. Thanks to your crew, three women were crucified upside down in Times Square."

John Wilco finally turns to the woman, "Will you shut up already? Some of us are trying to have a business discussion in this establishment. Go outside with your crazy before I get the police to take you outside." Disgusted John Wilco sits himself down on the table, straightening out his business jacket, "Now…"

"Obviously…" Chance smiles and heads toward the door and glances back over his shoulder as he walks. "Well this was certainly… Entertaining." He stops dead in his tracks. "Crew.. Hold up Chocolate…" He says looking over at Jolie. "I have no crew…." He says leaning against the door jam. "As for crucifying someone… I haven't done that in ages.." (Repose, just in case)

That's more interesting. Pale green eyes focus on Jolie, the woman managing to steal an already stretched attention span from Leonard. "What are you talking about?" The words are short, clipped. His expression has changed into something pensive, even tighter lines than usual. One tip of head between his two companions, as if they might have some enlightenment to share.

Poor Rain. She really is about to burst into tears. Especially since Anubis is a huge fan of justice and generally NOT persecuting people. She just stares open-jawed at Jolie. "You're mean…" She manages, "I would never do that. And I just met these people awhile ago," She looks confused and much like a cow that's been tipped over. "Who would - that's horrible!" She just shakes her head at Jolie. If anyone checks, Rain is telling the truth, but who knows the dance between memory and reality.

Jolie holds up a finger for John Wilco. "Sorry about that, man. I'll make this quick, and then I'll move my crazy ass outta here." She glares at the others. "You might want to check the news. Three women were crucified at Times Square. They all died. And that chick who just left…and you, and you, and you…" She points at Chance, Leonard, and poor poor Rain. "…were behind their deaths. That's all I'm gonna say. I'll go now, and you three can laugh about how you played innocent." She then nods to John. "I'm gone." And out the door she goes.

"Right.. Crazy bitch exit stage left.." Chance looks over to John and then Rain and steps out of the cafe. "Right-o. Time to go get laid.." He says with a smirk.

"Good gods, that was insane. Look, I've got another class to attend in a moment, basic Chemistry though I should be done by tonight. We should think about meeting up to discuss possible means of investigation. We know they know about us, so that gives us something to go on." John Wilco pauses for a moment and then stands and his pocket starts ringing, "Jeeze. I ran all over town for this thing."

"We don't seem to have particularly warm welcomes, do we?" There's a dry thread of humor that weaves into Leonard's voice, eyes following one body out, then the next. Palm lifts, laying over Rain's shoulder, some fleeting and placating gesture for the distraught woman before head bows at John. "We need to," He agrees, "It's a deal. I'll throw a call at you, we'll get a place."

Not riding, just hit by the crazy train. "That's horrible," She murmurs. Rain just sighs. Maybe this being a Scion thing is harder than she though. "I should check out that news story at least…" She considers. "I wonder if that would have to do with what happened," She taps her chin. She just offers a resigned wave to Chance. "No, not much warm welcomes," Rain admits. "But it's alright. We'll get started with this." Nodnod.

Leonard, once all the mess has passed, does happen to remember that he actually has something to drink. So he gets to work on that. Fingers loft saucer, a good gulp of liquid taken into his throat before eyes move back toward the remaining Scion. "The sooner the better," He decides, "I'll leave that bit of research to you. I'll take what happened for myself."

Rain just takes a deep breath. She smiles at Leonard. "I appreciate any help though, I am sure there are sharper eyes and minds than mine," She taps her nose. "But I wonder… crosses on the coffin … crucified women," Her eyebrows furrow in thought. HMmm. She needs one of those pipes that blows bubbles. "What do you think?" She tilts her head. Sigh. "If you get hungry, just let me know. I might go have some ice cream."

"It might be similar. It's worth a try, it's always surprising where the answers come from." Another sip of his saucer, the thing dumped back to counter with muted clatter once its been emptied of contents. "Once we get John then we'll have a better chance to talk about it." Another grin. "You don't have anything else to do?"

"Couldn't hurt I guess," Rain replies. She takes a deep breath, "I think he'll be way happier if we have an answer than just a plan. He seems like that sort." Her cup is empty now. "Besides work and this? No, not really. I moved here recently. Everything's all crazy now," She smiles a little. "How about you?"

"I'll give him one, eventually. The way he works I'm guessing it's better to just point him in a direction and say 'go'." There's a touch of amusement in that. Finger nudges cup aside soon after, the man rising smoothly to his feet. "We're still setting up," He mentions in reply to the second question. "You'll see what I do soon, I think. I'll look forward to showing."

"Probably. I mean, he's no hulking brute but I get the feeling he's a man of action," Rain tilts her head. She however, is a big ole worrywort. She tosses her disposable cup into a trashcan. "We really are. I know he wants to talk to whomever warned us, but that person seems really powerful. And showing?" Peer.

Nod. "You'll see. You're a cook, aren't you? Show me, and I'll show you." Lopsided grin follows suit. One lift of head afterward, simple roll of shoulder toward the door before he begins to move. "Icecream," The man mentions, "I'll pay. I should get to know you better." So he goes, expecting his new friend to follow suit.

A light laugh at that, "People always love the times we cook Japanese food with the knife throwing and fire," She wiggles her fingers to demonstrate. "But I'm always worried I'll just up and catch fire." But he has a deal. Rain will follow Leonard out. "O-okay, that sounds fun." Sure. She seems a bit unsure of it - being fairly simple and largely keeping to herself - but hey! Ice cream and a friend. She follows.

"It's not pleasant, I've done it before." Grin is flashed back over a shoulder by Leonard, door held open for companion before he shuffles into the street behind. It'll take time to actually find a place, settle, chatter. But they will, for a bit, and then work to be done later.

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