A Brutal Dance


John-Wilco, Maia

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Scene Title A Brutal Dance
Synopsis Local banter at the Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park

The morning sun's radiant light glistens off the sweat dewed 5 o'clock shadow chin as John Wilco practices Tai Chi Chaun in the park area. His large feet slide across the wet, from last nights storm, grass and his hands slowly move through the air. The two Shilo Shepard near his practice area are deep asleep it seems.

With her apartment not too far from the Gramercy area, Maia's out for an early morning run dressed in nothing more than her Julliard bootie shorts, her immaculately clean and white sneakers and a black sports bra. She's huffing and puffing just running through the park as she basks in the morning sun, letting out a happy sigh as she listens to some tunes on her iPod.

Positioning his arms in front of him the bulky Italian Tai Chi Chaun artist bends into a slow and controlled back-flip. He manages to get five full cycles going before haplessly sliding on the wet park grass, though even then he keeps his cool demeanor by making it look like a wild stretch. The two dogs perk up instantly then, almost rolling their canine eyes, go back to laying in the nice morning sunlight. The Italian sits up and wipes his green tinted hands off, "Damn grass."

Maia continues to run as she wrinkles her nose though the bulky Italian catches her attention. Not many can keep on doing backflips, so for now, she simply watches eyeing him as she continues to run on by.

The burly Italian notices the only Female in the park and gives a grin but shakes his head. He's just about to lay down on the ground to contemplate the recent events in his life when Latin, the darker of the two Shilo Shepards, perks and jumps up, tongue wagging, to start a jog, trot, then full fledged run after the woman. Rome, the larger of the two dogs, isn't soon far behind. Both have happy-go-lucky faces (At least to their owner).

Looking quite confused and abandoned the burly Italian quirks an eyebrow and says, in a sad and confused tone, "Guys? Aw geeze." He's up and running as well, grabbing his gear in his hands, half slipping on the grass.

A soft chuckle of amusement escapes from her lips as she wrinkles her nose and reaches out to try to pet the dogs if they'll let her anyway. "They're pretty strong if they can break a tennis ball.." she says softly, before idly running her fingers through her hair.

The dogs are indeed pretty friendly, wagging tails and such, but things quickly turn into a tug of war with the remaining rubber. Sharp teeth and looks of fierceness between the two animals. "Yeah, yeah, they're pretty strong. Not too big on the smarts though. Well behaved enough that the local patrol doesn't mind me not leashing them. Lots of other people complain, but that is because they don't have cool dogs like I do."

"They are rather wolf-like, so I can see why.." she says matter of factly, letting out another soft chuckle under her breath before she peers towards him. "So havent seen you around before, I usually run by here too."

Giving Rome a thud to the chest with his foot the burly Italian looks away from their antics, "New to the town, actually, about a week now. I'm originally from New Orleans, you know Louisiana? Decided to find out what cold feels like." The man grins and holds out his green tinted palm for a hand shake, "Good to meet you."

"Yes, I'm aware of basic US geography.." she says extending her hand out towards him, shaking her head a little. "Tsuchimikado Maia, nice to meet you.."

"Alrighty, Tea-such-kaedo. My name is John, that's John Wilco." The man leaves your hand and looks at the dogs, "Huh. Well, Miss Maia, you said you jog fairly often? Any other physical sports or hobbies?" He lifts up his shoulder which emphasizes the large amount of dog and human park toys he has on his back, up to and including two sparing sticks.

"Su-chee-mee-kah-do is my surname. It's just Maia.." she explains while stretching her arms into the air. She wrinkles her nose and hrmms for a few moments. -Slaying Titanspawn?- No, bad answer. "No, just sorta jog, you know to keep in shape and all."

"Well hey! Maybe I can introduce you to something new, yeah? He wanders over to the grassy side, whistling for the dogs and they follow, he puts down the toys and picks up the Frisbee. The two dogs instantly sit down and become very attentive. Their whole bodies become statues of pure muscle ready to spring, "One second, lemmie get rid of the boys." He arches his arm and tosses the discuss…Across the park. The two dogs instantly bolt and run after it.

"Have you ever done any sort of sparing, Maia? Like Karate or Kendo?" The burly Italian asks as he pulls some rattan sticks out.

"Nope. Never really did it.." she admits ruefully, stretching her arms in the air as she yawns and wrinkles her nose just a bit as she looks towards him once more.

He throws a pair to Maia and then grabs a couple of his own, "Well, see" he starts off "it's kind of like fencing, but instead of trying to hit the opponent you're trying to follow the moves of the kata. Like dance steps. The goal is to up the beat and pace of the game to see if the other person can keep up with your rhythm. Would you like to try?" He smiles as he has his own worn rattan sticks, sheathed in small foam. "Mine are foamed so it doesn't hurt if you mess up."

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