Mr. Mystery
Portrayed By: Adrien Brody
Status: Aliveish
Age: 28
Calling: Obsessive Stage Magician
Pantheon: Pesedjet
Divine Parent: Isis
Significant Other(s): None.


Mr. Mystery is a lot of things. A showman, a defier of death, weaver of fate. He's traveled to the farthest reaches of the world, where the dark arts still hold sway. He's learned from ancient texts and made pacts with spirits of men long dead. He can control space, time, can see the fabrics that make up the universe itself.

Some of these are lies. Producer of a highly successful magic act, the man who calls himself Mr. Mystery tends to go by several dozen different names. Lenny is the one closest to the truth. He originates from New York, but grew to fame within the city of Boston. He was a theater student, dropped out and off the map before reappearing again.

He's a child of Isis, a man whose life is devoted to finding the answers, and then applying them in the correct fashion. He's most recently moved his act back to NYC at the behest of his parent, settling in to deal with the problems that plague the big city.


Leonard wants to know above all else. His true passion is to learn, to become, to take all the secrets and puzzles the world throws at him and break them down into their basest components. He's obsessive about it, often violently competitive regarding his art. His other calling is that of the showman. Mr. Mystery is a performer, a manipulator, and always has a flair of the theatrics. Unsurprisingly, he's also fond of cultivating the air of the unknown about himself, and enjoys keeping his audience guessing.



Events Thus Far

A Pact of Good - Mr. Mystery Versus the Dark Monster.
Harpy Days - Mr. Mystery Versus the Harpies.
The Fenris Wolves - Mr. Mystery Versus The Fenris Wolves.

Character Sheet

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