Learning At The Olympus Cafe


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Scene Title Learning at the Olympus Cafe
Synopsis More info sharing and a plan to go to the underworld..

Olympus Cafe

Maia takes Gene's proffered hand and lets her fingers entwine with his own before gently squeezing it. She heads towards the door and peers inside as she wrinkles her nose. It's..not as lively as it was before. "Hello??"

"I'm not sure if there's anyone here," Gene murmurs, glancing at the flickering neon sign; hand falling to the door's edge, he gives it a push, trying to open it up.

"We caught them all on break time," Scott replies, his lips quirking. Still, he goes for the monocle. "Kidding. You know that."

The diner isnt as crowded as it usually is. There's a seemingly tired Nephele working as she cleans the floor before the jingling jangling of the bells can be heard. She perks up when she sees the trio and beams brightly, "I didnt think you guys would come back. We've been..well really busy as of late…and we heard rumors that you were going to be killed..I am very glad to see you alive.." she beams brightly.

Maia lets out a sigh of relief to see someone and she nods, offering the much older woman a hug. "we didnt die.."

"Good evening, beautiful…" A warm smile curves to Gene's lips as he steps along after Maia, pausing just behind the young asian woman as she embraces the waitress; fingers lifting to pull the shades from his eyes, he clicks the arms closed, exhaling a low chuckle, "We don't die that easily. Those traitors decided to give it the ol' college try, but, we weren't about to have any of that. Good to see you too—oh, this is Scott." A tilt of his head, "One of Thoth's kids."

"Nice to meet you," Scott says, shifting to be a little more polite. "Who did you hear the rumors from?" Still polite, but the words bug him a little.

"Oh, hello!" she chirps merrily, giving Scott a hug too before hugging Gene as well. She runs her fingers through her hair at the question and wrinkles her nose in distaste. "An ex of mine..but I'm glad you're all fine.." Nephele says happily as she starts to lead them towards a booth.

Maia just aroos a little at the mention of an ex as she takes a seat.

"I was starting to wonder if he was in town, after the Horsemen…" A step in, and Gene slips his arms around her in an amiable hugwarm, but not overly familiarbefore he steps back, moving along over to take a seat with a shake of his head, "So how's everything going with you, anyhow, Nephele?"

While the others speak, Scott slips into a booth, watching a little as he looks around, trying to memorize the place.

The trio of Scott, Gene and Maia have been sat down at one of the booths by Nephele, air waitress extraordinaire. The waitress hrmms for a few moments and shrugs her shoulders a little, "Just ex problems…but other than that fine. I know something is going on..a couple of your relatives came here mighty miffed.."

"Yeah," admits Gene with a shake of his head, "Apparently, they've gotten their hackles up about something…" A flicker of his gaze to the waitress, "…Atlantean."

Across the Cafe, seated at a quiet little booth, are a pair of tall, red-haired young men. One is clearly older than the other, though not by much. Both appear to be chatting over today's special.

Nephele nods sadly as she chews on her bottom lip. "Yes..that would be correct. It seems they're all in a huff about an Atlantean awakening.." she says with her voice in a whisper. "It's bad news.." she tells the trio.

Meanwhile, Maia looks around and spies the two red heads over at one of the booths near the back. She blinks a little as she wrinkles her nose and tries to scoot out of the booth, passing by Gene and the waitress. "Excuse me please.." and she rushes over the red head table to see who it is..

"That's what we heard… hell, even my mother was concerned," admits Gene in quiet tones, leaning in just a bit, his brows furrowed a touch beneath the shadow of his fedora's edge, "You have any idea why they're all worried? I mean, I know the Atlanteans pissed them off somehow, so they wiped them out, but I'm not sure why this is such a huge deal…"

As Maia slips out, he blinks after her, follows the line of her gaze… and he chuckles under his breath, "Ah, Maia and redheads."

The red-heads look at Maia. Whoever they are, they are definitely not who she may have thought they were, given the drastic scowls they are shooting her.

Meanwhile, Eric Donner and Haldor Englund walk in the front doors. They appear to have just arrived from the gym or possibly a West Harlem basketball court, based on both their clothing and the divine stench surrounding them. It's almost to the point that you could swear you can see red stink lines rising from their shoulders.

"Yeah, that," Scott says with a small smile. He turns as the door opens, and his eyes widen a little. "Wrong redheads," he mutters to Gene, and raises his water glass to the Thor-song. "Haldor, Eric, over here."

Maia bows and apologies sheepishly as she starts to rush back towards the table as she spies Haldor and his brother. Even stinky, they're still dreamy. She beams brightly, wriggling her fingers towards them as she motinos for the pair to join them before she scooches back in. "The Atlanteans..what did they do that was so bad?"

Nephele purses her lips and shakes her head a little, running her fingers through her hair. "That was even before my time I'm afraid..I don't know what it is. I just know they did something bad. Really bad.."

Haldor and Eric move on over to the table as entreated by Scott. Both Thorsons look over at Maia and grin, though Eric, rather purposefully, settles down beside Maia at the table. A moment later, Haldor settles down on a chair that he drags with him to the table.

"How's it goin', pretty lady? My bro says you've had a lot on your mind of late," remarks Eric, a devious grin on his face.

"Atlanteans? They're not just the wild imaginings of some dude in Greece? Maybe one of 'em trippin' out on volcanic gasses or whatever History Channel says the Oracles were huffin' to "see the future"?" And that was Haldor.

"It must've been a hell of a thing, to get all the Pantheons riled up…" A slight shake of Gene's head, "Well, I just thought that I'd ask… so, you ever get any free time, or they have you chained here like Sisyphus?" A grin curves to his lips, and then he looks up, noting Eric and Haldor, a hand coming up to them, "Haldor. This must be your brother, eh…?"

"Yeah. This is my half-brother, Eric," replies Haldor to Gene. The Viking smiles cheerily and promptly sets about making introductions. It may take a few moments as there are hearty Thorian handshakes going all around the table.

"I work 24/7 hun.." Nephele quips, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she orders several special plates for the Scions at the table. "If you'd please excuse me.." and with that she wanders off.

Meanwhile, Maia looks towards Haldor, beaming brightly though she's a bit surprised as Eric sits down next to her. "No, the Atlanteans exist..my grandmother, Izanami, sent a shinigami to possess me to carry out her will…to kill the Atlantean. Instead, I got cut and shot in the stomach.." she grumps sighing a little as she runs her fingers through her hair.

She turns to Eric and nods, "I've been okay..other than ya know..the badness going on. and yeah..things have been pretty busy. You and your band all right?" she asks curiously.

"Such a shame…" Gene watches her go, before reaching over to accept that hand-crushing shake with only a slight wine, "Good to meet you, Eric."

Ripper walks through the door irritably, muttering something to himself as he stops to look around.

"Good to meet you too, Gene. And you too, Scott."

Eric cheerily smiles as he finishes the handshakes. He looks at Maia and grins, nodding a bit. The younger Viking reaches over and toussles Maia's hair in a good-natured fashion as he replies to her.

"Yeah. My band's doing just fine. We've been up to some stuff here and there, ran into a couple of Fenris wolves the other night. It was pretty weird. Sounds like you've been having a hell of a day, Maia. You feeling alright?"

Haldor, meanwhile, leans back on his chair. Quietly he considers the situation, one red eyebrow arched as he puzzles over his incomplete picture of the Atlantean pantheon. Slowly he turns to flag down Rupert and wave him on over to the table.

Maia squints a little as she's her hair is ruffled and she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she wrinkles her nose and sticks her tongue out towards Eric.

"I'm okay. just tired.." she admits ruefully as she peers towards the Brothers Thorson and cants her head to the side. "So have you guys been doing the male bonding thing? What did you all do?"

"We did some working out down at the train yards and then played some b-ball up in Harlem," remarks Haldor. He leans forward and rests his arms on the table while he looks at Gene, Rupert, and Scott for a few moments. "So. What's the deal with the Atlanteans then?"

Eric grins at Maia and nods a bit. Seemingly contented with messing with her for the moment, the younger Scion of Thor leans back against his seat and casts a hungry glance toward the kitchen door. Atlantean myth and legend might be out of his league of knowledge… Or he might be waiting to hear someone else fill his brother in on the matter.

Ripper spots the familiar faces and heads over to their table. "'Ello," he greets, pulling up a chair. "Fancy meeting you lot."

"'Ey, Ripper," Gene calls with a lift of his chin up towards the other man, then looks to the two half-brothers with a wry expression, "No idea. Apparently, though, the Atlanteans really pissed off everyone a long, long time ago. To the point that they smote down the entire place and its gods."

There's a little soft sigh as Maia starts imagining naughty things. Mainly Eric and Haldor all sweaty and shirtless working out. She then snaps back to reality at the question and takes a deep breath to start explaining things.

"We're going to the underworld. My grandmother used me as a host for a shinigami to kill the awakened Atlantean. I had to fight Jolie, Rain and her band. It wasnt pleasant.." she admits ruefully, rubbing at her stomach still not fully healed completely. "But we're going to Hashima, the Isle of Ghosts, it's an entrance to Yomi, the underworld of the Amatsukami. We're going to speak to my grandmother to find out why they hate the Atlanteans so. Then we're going to Hades to try to talk to well..Hades..and Persephone.."

"… We're going to the underworld?"

Haldor blinks a few times and stares at Maia. Eric looks between the two for a few moments before stage-whispering an explanation for the elder Viking's disbelief.

"I think he's afraid of getting stuck in Helheim. Hel isn't supposed to be terribly pleasant to visitors."

Maia reaches out for Haldor's hand, letting her fingers entwine with his as she gives him a gentle and reassuring squeeze. "Not going there…I'd rather go to Valhalla then there.." she says with a bright smile. Mmmm, more hunky Aesir.

Ripper blinks at the conversation he's walked in on. "Hold the phone. I'm guessing you lot all got the same visit I did, yeah? Mum or dad telling you about the latest threat. Why does that require going to the Underworld?"

Haldor arches his eyebrows at Maia. For the moment, neither he nor Eric try to make any explanation about Valhalla. Instead they simply nod in agreement with Ripper's question. That's a very, very good question. Also, Haldor squeezes Maia's hand back.

"Seshat the Scribe goddess of the Pesedjet knows about atlantis. Knows about what truly happened to it. Scott's going to Duat to try to find her. Meanwhile, I need to go to Yomi to speak with my grandmother, Izanami, about why she had one of the spirits of death possess me to kill the Atlantean. If you don't want to go, then you don't have to. But I'm not comfortable killing someone just because I was told to.." she says matter of factly.

"It's the same thing we do all the time!" Ripper protests. "Remember your first visit? Mummy comes down from on high, gives you some presents, sends you out to kill things. Same deal here. Besides, I don't know about you, but I'm not all that eager to go pissing off Mum. And if you know anything about Kali, you bloody well know why." He shakes his head and looks at Haldor. "Talk some sense into your girl, mate."

"Technically you wouldn't be killing this person. A shinigami would be killing her… Him? It?"

Haldor squints a little bit, squeezing Maia's hand gently as he casts a sideways glance at Ripper. If Haldor were in Rupert's boots, he wouldn't want to go pissing off Mom either. The Viking shrugs a little bit, setting his jaw as he regards Maia.

"Oh come on, bro. What son of Thor is going to just sit by and let someone he cares about go gallavanting off in an underworld while he grumbles around in the World? Grow some balls or get interested in some damn glory. Either way, go help her."

Oh good. Now Eric's on Maia's side.

"Kali asked you, Rupee. I got possessed. My mother never told me to go kill Titanspawn. She told me to keep the balance.." Maia explains as she runs her fingers through her hair. "The fact that the gods themselves won't tell us what's going on…that makes me want to know what really happened.."

She looks towards Eric with a bright smile as she bows her head. "Thanks.." smiling at the support before she looks towards Haldor, squeezing his hand once more. "Gene and I are going to Hashima, the Isle of Ghosts in Japan. It's an entrance to Yomi itself…I can get you a ticket if you want..or you can stay here.." she says softly.

"Mom told me to kill her," admits Gene, a smile crooking to his lips, "But it's not as if I'm a particularly obedient sort. Oh, I might do it, still, but I'm interested in knowing the whys of the situation…"

Ripper snorts. "Sorry, folks, but I've got pretty clear orders. Kill the bint, cut her heart out, and burn it in offering to Mum. And that's what I plan to do. All I know about it is that she's some kind of abomination to the gods, and pretty much every scion in the city is getting the same message." He pauses and looks at Maia and Gene. "Does the name Amnis mean anything to you?"

"So I'm out of the loop again. Good to know that Pop's too busy to drop me a line for somethin' everybody else is getting dropped lines about," remarks Haldor, voice faintly tinged with a mix of amusement and annoyance. The Viking sighs and shakes his head a bit at Maia, Gene, and Rupert. "I'll stay in the city, but if Thor doesn't deem it necessary to drop me or Eric a line about it, I'm not gettin' involved. I'll keep an eye out for Titanspawn, Thibbedeaux, Kane, and friends while you all are out killin' folks or runnin' around the Underworld."

Eric frowns at his half-brother, but doesn't vocally object. Instead he casts a worried glance toward Maia, letting his gaze travel along her extended arm toward where her hand is gently gripped by Haldor's.

"…." Maia looks..well disappointed really, but she nods and lets out a soft sigh as she squeezes his hand still and takes a deep breath. "I understand. I'm not going to force you to do anything.." she explains softly, chewing on her bottom lip as she goes quiet..

A cup of coffee is picked up, and Gene brings it up to his lips; taking a sip thereof, he savours it, considering the gathered with a guarded and thoughtful gaze. Then he glances over to Rupert, a single brow arching, "Amnis? No… sounds vaguely Pesedjet, though. Maybe Scott does? Why?"

"One of those Atlantean gods, I'd expect," Ripper says off-handedly. "When mum was doing her 'Off with her head!' routine, she mentioned that she wanted the Relics of Amnis. Which, by the way, means I got dibs on them when we kill the bint. I got no inclination to be skinned alive for not getting mum her Mother's Day gifts."

"So how 'bout them Mets?" remarks Haldor, fixing his eyes on Eric. The Scions of Thor may be having a staring contest… Or trying to replicate Maia's telepathy trick. It's a little hard to tell just this moment.

"If your mother wants the relics of Amnis and she told you to kill the Atleantean, I bet that's her divine parent then.." Maia says softly, wrinkling her nose as she starts to scooch out a little, motioning for Eric to step out so she can go. "I..I think I'm going to go home and prepare.." she says softly, squeezing Haldor's shoulders before offering his brother another hug. "I'll see you guys around, yeah?"

"Give me a call," Gene offers with a tilt of his chin up towards Maia as she gains her feet, flashing her a slight, crook'd smile, "We'll talk later." That said, he sets the coffee aside and starts to work on his omelette without complaint as to anything said, seeming in a generally content mood about things.

"Prepare?" Ripper looks at Maia. "Not still planning your little jaunt, are you? We're not quite at that level, luv. There's no way you're going alone."

Eric gets out of Maia's way, shooting Haldor a look as Ripper pipes up. Haldor shoots Eric a look back as he leans back in his chair. Both Vikings look toward Maia's face, waiting for her to reply to Rupert.

"I'm going Rupert. Nothing worth doing was easy anyway.." she says matter of factly as she bows before the group once more before starting to head towards the door. "Bye Nephele!" she calls out..

"She won't be alone," Gene comments, glancing up from the omelette with a twitch of his brows upwards, "I'm going with her, after all, for whatever that's worth."

"Bloody hell," Ripper groans. "You're both going to get yourselves killed or eaten. Might as well count me in on the fun. Just keep in mind that I don't particularly care what we find out. The Atlantean's dead as soon as I see her."

Haldor sighs and rubs his forehead. "I may as well come along and find out what's so fucking important about killing some Atlantean Scion. It's not like I'm going to find out from my own family," grumbles the Viking. Eric claps Haldor on the back with great force. With Rupert and Gene being closest to Haldor at the moment, they might get the distinct impression that that clap upon the back would probably break anyone else's bones.

"That's the spirit, bro."

Maia looks towards Haldor as she heads on over and wraps her arms around his shoulders squeezing tightly. She kisses him on the cheek and beams, most deinitely happy and in a chipper mood once more. "Good! Then I'll get us all tickets!" she chirps brightly.

"Higher and higher in the widening gyre," Gene murmurs; leaning back with a slight shake of his head, he allows casually, "This should be interesting."

"Interesting, right," Ripper mutters. "Gonna be a total nightmares."

"Are we dragging David and Jolie along with us? Jolie would probably enjoy visiting the scenic underworlds… David would definitely come in handy," notes Haldor.

Eric, in the meantime, is sneaking away.

"Bye Eric! Thanks for convincing him.." she says, offering the other Thorson a hug before she looks back towards Haldor, running her fingers through her hair. "Jolie will go with Scott to Duat. David can survive Duat as well..they'll need him there. We need as much information as possible, and Scott needs help finding Seshat.." she explains.

"Then maybe I should try to find my way to Valhalla and ask Odin while you guys are off in the other underworlds," replies Haldor. The Viking keeps his arms folded as he nods a good-bye to Eric. Eric nods back and slips out of the Cafe after a very long, fond hug with Maia.

"Are we still going to stop by the Square?" Gene glances up, brows raising to Maia.

"No way, mate," Ripper says to Haldor, shaking his head. "You're coming with us. I'm no slouch in a fight, but we need at least one big gun if we're invading the bloody Underworld. Those places aren't known for being friendly."

"We arent invading anything.." Maia says matter of factly as she wriggles her fingers at the hunky Thorson because she hugs her own Thorson, Haldor that is. She kisses him on the cheek, resting her head on his shoulder as she peers at Gene and Ripper.

"I want to find more Atlantean clues. The writing on the door said: For the Sins of the Father, Atlantis is destroyed. Let's find more writing for Scott to translate!" she chirps merrily.

Haldor, currently being fawned over by Maia, sighs a bit at Rupert's reply. The Viking nods a bit and shrugs, "Ah well. First off, we need to get those rabbits to the taxidermist."

Maia sighs softly and nods. "I'm going to Times Square..I don't want to dawdle.." she says before heading out after she steals a quick kiss on Haldor's cheek.

"Alright, alright…" Gene mutters under his breath, sliding from the booth, "I never get to finish dinner anymore. Let's go, then, guys."
Long distance to Haldor: Maia hrmms

Ripper sighs and stands. "Thought I'd get to wind down tonight. Just helped put down a giant ruddy goat-man a few hours ago."

Haldor sighs as he stands up as well, "I just got done playing full-contact basketball with a bunch of Greek Scions." The Viking pauses a moment and looks at Ripper. "You fought that mirror image of you from the Spire?"

With that said, they jet off from the cafe to Times Square, poking through to the other side…

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