Kyle Nicholas
Portrayed By: Zachary Quinto
Status: Alive
Age: 32
Calling: Social Worker
Pantheon: Pesedjet
Divine Parent: Bastet


Alexandria: City of ancient wonders, home to the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Royal Library. In all of Antiquity, there was no city like it, a place where the most ancient of cultures met and mingled and shared their greatness. It was a city of mystery and history and mythology, a city of splendour and wonder, a city long past its prime and in decline. This is the city Kyros Nicholaides was born in.

Son of a physician turned educator, the young Grecian lad was afforded luxuries that most did not experience in life. Quickly he recognized the gulf between have and have not. In fact, it seemed Kyros was destined to walk the line between social strata: a rich youth living beside the abject poor; a Grecian youth with obvious Egyptian blood. Always a part of two worlds be destined not to fit into either.

Despite the conflict of his heritage, Kyros grew up happy and comfortable. Instead of bemoaning his uniqueness, he celebrated it. Being part of a strong Greek family, he grew up with a sense of tradition and heritage. However never having known his mother, he would always romanticize his Egyptian heritage, adopting an air of mystery and secrecy about himself that only heightened the older he got.

At his father's urging, Kyros, now christened Kyle Nicholas for an American audience, left to Alexandria for NYC. His papa wanted him to 'discover himself' and felt the challenge of living and studying aboard would provide this. Recalling the social gulf he grew up in, young Kyle decided to pursue a career in Social Justice and Policy. Thus he enrolled in a BA of Social Work program at Columbia.

Things in the States were going well until a strange twist of fate with his housing request found him sharing a one bedroom flat with a certain Chase Sullivan. Needless to say, it was not love at first sight. The two, despite their common major, were polar opposites. At best, they made a very odd couple. Yet try as they might, they could not seperate from each other.

As if living with the roommate from hell was not bad enough, things took a serious turn for the strange when a woman showed up at Kyle's door one evening claiming to be his mother…..


Mutable is the best adjective to describe Kyle’s personality. He is a man of many faces, each as authentic and genuine as the other. With him, it’s really about how the mood strikes him. At one moment he can be serious and the very next silly. Solitude can sudden give way to sociable. Anger can evaporate into calm and then ramp back up again. One can never be 100% certain how Kyle is going to react in a given situation. More often than not, he shows no outward sign of reaction at all. Or worse, he changes his reaction moment by moment. To say that he’s fickle does not begin to scratch the surface.

Kyle is a man of mystery, the tall dark stranger. He is the Cheshire Cat incarnate. A mysterious smile and knowing glance that promises hidden secrets and deeper meaning yet discloses neither. Kyle is a puzzle, tied in a knot and hidden behind a riddle. Like Egypt his true nature is hidden beneath layers and layers of proverbial sand and they won’t be easily excavated any time soon. One can only take Kyle at face value because face value is the most anyone will ever get.

Despite his enigmatic and changeable nature, Kyle is a man of truth and honesty. His veracity is never failing and he never lies. While he does not always speaking plainly, he always speaks truthfully. Even couched behind euphemisms and symbolism, there is always the grain of truth in everything he says. He might be secretive but he is no liar. Thus when he gives his word or makes a promise, one can depend on him to live up to it, no matter what. It is the one constant in an otherwise changing and obscuring landscape of personality.


Name Relation Notes
Chase Sullivan Sloppy, annoying Roomate While not a 'Band' in the true sense of the word, Kyle and Chase are fatebound companions. Both sons of a moon goddess, they are the dynamic duo of Sciondom. Only problem is that they are opposites sides of the coin. Like the phases of the moon, they are never in sync. One is always waning while the other is waxing.

Character Sheet

Strength - 3 Charisma - 4 Perception - 3
Dexterity - 5 Manipulation - 2 Intelligence - 2
Stamina - 3 Appearance - 1 Wits - 4
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