Kurt Frances Lonin
Portrayed By: Kevin Zegers
Status: Active
Age: 22
Calling: Rock Star
Pantheon: Tuatha de Dannan
Divine Parent: The Morrigan
Significant Other(s): None


Even in His Youth

In late November of 1988, Helen and James Lonin’s first and only child was born in Chicago, IL, with the help of a fertility clinic. Helen, who was the source of the fertility issues, was a registered nurse at a nursing home and James was a mortgage loan underwriter. They had a humble apartment on the north side, where they raised Kurt the best they could.

They struggled, dealing with the boy’s severe Attention Deficeit Hyperactivity Disorder from an early age, which made Kurt a dificult handful most days. When he was seven, the child psychiatrist Kurt had been seeing on a regular basis rediagnosed him with childhood bipolar disorder. Changing medications and diet didn’t seem to help, so the doctor suggested beginning psychotherapy and finding a hobby for him to focus on. That week, his parents bought Kurt his first guitar.


As Kurt entered high school, his parents’ fluxuating work schedules forced him to become a latchkey kid. The guitar became his focus, when he could focus. He started writing his own music, singing and playing loud enough to keep the neighbors up. Rather quickly, his skills became quite good, and he started to play coffee shops and even a school dance or two.

At the same time, his mood swings became worse. Days at a time, his parents would only know he was home because they heard noises in his room through his locked door. He began using Ecstacy and pot, and mixing alcohol with the lithium he was on for his bipolar disorder. Other days, he would be a goofy, silly teenager lounging on the couch when his parents came home. Sometimes, he would just be in his room sleeping off the common headaches and stomach aches that so often plague bipolar kids.

Kurt’s high school began to report problems to his parents. The kid was reckless and in fights constantly. He would interupt class with his talking, was easily irritated and angered, and sometimes found sleeping at his desk. His sophomore year, his parents began to catch him having sex with other teenagers. It was almost as if he wanted to be caught, and his response was always rage at their disrespect of his privacy.

By his senior year, he was out of control. On at least two occassions, he was found unconscious in his room, overdosed on drugs. The first time wasn’t very serious, and his mother’s nursing skills kept him from needing an ambulance. The second brought a trip to the ER, and an overnight stay in their juvenile psych ward. And yet, somehow amidst all this, he still managed to play his music in small local venues as often as he could.


Three weeks before his graduation, while on a trip to visit family in Ohio, the Lonin family was in a terrible car accident. James and Helen were both killed instantly as the car was mangled by an overturning logging semi. Kurt, who was in the back seat, never wore seatbelts, and this single time, it was actually what saved his life. He was thrown from the vehicle, suffering only a broken leg and some serious bruising.

So close to his eighteenth birthday, Kurt was emancipated by the courts. He didn’t return to high school. Instead, he focused on his drugs and his guitar, playing every night wherever he could. Things went okay, for a little over a year, until the depression caught up with him again. This time, he slit his wrists in the bathtub of his home, and quietly bled to death.

Until he awoke.

In Bloom

It was a warm, dimly lit room, where a woman sat in a chair, waiting for him to rise. The only furniture was the bathtub he lay in, and her chair. The Morrigan explained his role to him, and that she was his mother. She explained that he needed to understand death, to bring it upon the titans. He was blessed to be her tool in the coming war, and she failed to explain anything else, including what a titan was. Even in his confusion, things finally made sense. His head cleared, and he awoke in his bed.

Morrigan had left him gifts, including healing his wounds and a relic gun. On the left side of his belly, just below his waist line, he now had a small, ornate tattoo of a raven. He no longer needed his medications, and a focus he had never been able to achieve enveloped his head.

Big Cheese

Selling all of his parents things, he moved into an artists loft, and poured all of his money and time into his music. His local music career exploded. He recorded two independent albums and played every major venue in the city, even managing to open for a few rather famous bands as they travelled through. Anyone who lived in the Chicagoland area with interest in music began to hear about him. And like any rock and roll celebrity in Chicago, his success topped out. At 22 years old, he packed his gear, and moved to New York City, to try new venues and pursue getting signed by a major record label. It also just felt like where he needed to be. Or perhaps, where he was being sent…


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Name Relation Notes
Not currently in a Band

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength: 3 Charisma: 2 Perception: 3
Epic Strength: 0 Epic Charisma: 0 Epic Perception: 0
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 5 Intelligence: 2
Epic Dexterity: 2 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Intelligence: 0
Stamina: 2 Appearance: 4 Wits: 3
Epic Stamina: 0 Epic Appearance: 2 Epic Wits: 0
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