• Hang on - 1 Legend to activate

This Knack allows the Scion to plant her feet, tighten her muscles or otherwise commit to performing a feat of strength for an extended period of time. By spending a point of Legend to activate the Knack, the Scion can extend this feat for a maximum number of days equal to her Legend rating. As long as she continues this specific feat of strength, she ignores hunger, thirst, exhaustion and other factors that might otherwise interrupt her.

Without this Knack, a Scion cannot possibly continue a feat of strength longer than a single scene. A Scion can use this Knack to hold up any weight she can lift or keep a creature that’s fastened to a rope or line from getting away. By tightening her neck muscles, she could even hang by her neck without suffocating. The Scion must stay virtually immobile, however. A Scion could keep a mine from caving in, hang from a noose for days or drag a chained beast slowly toward her, but she could not run, jump or perform most combat actions. A Scion is still limited by her normal and Epic Strength ratings, though she can perform feats at the top of her capabilities for days using this Knack. If she lacks Epic Stamina Knacks such as Holy Fortitude, though, she will probably collapse in helpless exhaustion the moment she finally ends the feat of strength.

  • Armor Crusher - Prerequisite: Holy Rampage

The raw power of the Scion’s attacks now allows him not only to break through obstacles and walls, but to slam right through armor. The Scion simply channels his legendary might, then uses brute force to shatter enemy defenses and tear through shields, armored plates and vests with ease. While this Knack is active, the Scion’s melee attacks all gain the Piercing quality. Activating this Knack
costs five points of Legend. Its effects last for one scene.


  • Fast As Thought - 1 Legend/per scene - Prerequisite Knack: Lightning Sprinter

A Scion who possesses this Knack becomes extraordinarily fleet of foot. She can outrun nearly anything that lacks divinely empowered speed and has a good chance of winning most races against such opponents as well. This Knack doubles the distance
she can cover in a Dash action, after calculating the bonus for Epic Dexterity and the prerequisite Knack. Her long term running speed is similarly increased, allowing her to cross large distances on foot quickly.

In addition, the Scion’s prodigious speed enables her to defy gravity for short periods. She can run across short gaps, up steep inclines and even over low walls without pause. With this knack, a Scion can traverse any incline of less than 60 degrees for any distance and travel up a wall or across a gap of (Legend x 5) feet. She must already be running to traverse these obstacles. If
she should slow down or stop, she falls or otherwise cannot scale the wall or pass the obstacle. Activating this Knack costs one point of Legend, and its effects last one scene.

  • Curve the Bullet

While systematically this functions like Ricochet Symphony, this Knack applies to gun use. The bullet doesn't strike another target, rather the bullet can bend it's path to strike a target undercover. This Knack's benefits do not stack with the benefits from Trick Shooter.

  • Master of Gun Fu - 1 legend per shot - Prereq Knack: Curve the Bullet and Trick Shooter

This knack allows a Scion to combine the effects of Curve the bullet and Trick Shooter for a rather impressive strike with a gun. This is definitely an awe inspiring attack when pulled off properly.


  • Raise Your Glass - Drink Alcohol (regain up to Legend per day)

A Scion with this Knack isn’t just a power drinker, he takes power from drink. Once per scene, the Scion can restore a spent Legend point by downing a single serving of alcohol: a shot of hard liquor, a bottle or can of beer, a large glass of wine or a flagon of mead, for instance. To gain the Legend, the Scion must down the drink quickly and with at least a bit of flair. Nursing a beer for an hour
isn’t worth Legend, though downing a pint of ale in one long pull and slamming the tankard down on the bar might be. Effectively, the character must turn drinking into a stunt performed for no purpose except to impress onlookers.

This Knack does not protect the Scion from the normal effects of consuming alcohol, including any drugs or poisons the beverage might contain. In fact, activating this Knack bars a Scion from using his Epic Stamina to resist intoxication. Only normal Stamina
applies. Also, characters cannot double-dip for Legend by taking a drink as part of a stunt performed for some other purpose (such a draining a mug of beer then throwing the mug at an enemy’s head as a distraction before an attack).

  • Whale's Breath - 1 Legend/per scene

This Knack magnifies the time a Scion can hold her breath. After inhaling deeply and expending a point of Legend, the Scion can triple the duration she can hold her breath after calculating extended duration due to Epic Stamina. In addition, she becomes immune to pressure changes that come from diving to extreme depths underwater. This Knack doesn’t affect swimming speeds, visibility or other aspects of moving underwater.

As a useful side effect, a Scion using this Knack has such great breath control that she can speak when underwater (or otherwise holding her breath) by releasing only a minimal amount of air. The character can easily manage short sentences and brief conversations. Extended speech, such as giving an academic lecture while underwater, is either too difficult or at least would drastically reduce the time the Scion can hold her breath (at the discretion of the Storyteller). This Knack also makes combat underwater much easier, since being struck or injured cannot cause the Scion to lose her breath unless someone makes a deliberate effort to squeeze the air from her lungs.




  • Game Face - 1 Legend

This Knack functions identically to Dreadful Mien (see Scion: Hero, p. 133), but functions for characters with positive Epic Appearance. Just because they’re handsome or beautiful doesn’t mean they can’t be scary as hell when they snarl at their foes or flash a razor-edged, you-know-I’m-going-to-kill-you smile.


  • Fool Me Once - 2 Legend/per scene

Scions with this Knack are particularly adept at seeing through illusions and other supernatural masking effects. By spending two Legend points, the Scion can, for the rest of the scene, automatically see through all illusions created by a being whose Legend is less than her own. In addition, the Scion can recognize the telltale signs of the illusionist’s signature, if she has encountered that
character’s deceptions before. She can’t sense an illusion and pull information from nowhere about its creator (that requires the Mystery Purview), but she could sense, “This is one of Loki’s tricks,” if the Lie-Smith had fooled her before.

The one exception to the use of this Knack is trying to see through illusions and supernatural deceptions created by beings with either Ultimate Manipulation or the avatar expression of the Illusion Purview. The abilities of these divine tricksters transcend normal means of detection. A God who employs Ultimate Perception, however, has chance to see through such illusions anyway. Ultimate
Perception and use of this Knack guarantees success.


  • Fight With Your Head - 1 Legend/per opponent

A Scion with this Knack possesses a truly superhuman sense of strategy. He anticipates an enemy’s evasions, counter-strategies and gambits with ease. He can reason around a berserker’s shock and awe or calculate a dodging foe’s final location to slip past that foe’s defenses. He can find just the right angle to slip from an opponent’s grasp, and he can see through feints and other ploys with ease.

The Scion activates this Knack by selecting an opponent and spending one point of Legend. For the rest of the scene, he counteracts the automatic successes, bonus dice and similar benefits conferred by other Knacks and Boons. The total number of such bonuses counteracted cannot exceed the Scion’s automatic success from Epic Intelligence. This Knack can negate bonuses from Knacks and Boons, as well as automatic successes and bonuses from Epic Attributes themselves. It does not affect stunt bonuses or extra dice from invoking Virtues. If an opponent receives more bonuses than a Scion can counteract, the user of this
Knack picks what he will negate.

  • Note from the person who wrote this knack, how it actually works…credits to Scion Forum

Ask and ye shall, etc… etc…

Basically once activated you can basically gain a pool to counter the appropriate bonuses. Thus say you have Epic Int at 3. In this case, you can negate a total of 4 (the pool being equal to the number of auto successes the Epic Attribute gives) bonuses, auto successes, etc… one an opponent by using the Knack for the rest of the scene. You can use it on multiple opponents if you spend a Legend for each.

Thus our aforementioned Scion could use this Knack on a Epic Ex 2 Scion with Untouchable Opponent to take away the two auto successes from the Dex and two DV bonuses from the UO…thus pretty much robbing the opponent of much of their offensive and defensive edges in combat. They would still, under this example, have the base DV bonus from Epic Dex.

Also note the relative vagueness of the "similar benefits" part is intentional. I wanted to give STs some leeway to tweak how beefy they want this Knack to be. For example, some folks might not consider the Epic Dex DV additions an "similar benefit" (though Untouchable Opponent bonuses are affected).

You'll need to use the knack again, at least as I intended it, to rearrange the negations because this represents a change in focus or tactics. This, again according to me the writer (but not the dev) also somewhat balances the ability to pick and choose what bonuses you negate.

Perhaps I should have explicitly stated that. Also, note you can negate bonuses from the Knack Fight With Your Head, thus allowing two super-brains to counter each other.

So for example if Heimdall fought Loki (not that this would ever happen ;)) Loki could use Fight With Your Head to negate 46 overall successes and bonuses but the White God could decide to use his own Knack to strip away 16 of these bonuses with an application of his own knack. Now this would mean that Loki still has a beefy 30 bonuses he can counteract, but then again Heimdall is stronger, tougher, etc… and Loki is going to probably have to account for that with at least some of those successes. Alternatively, knowing Loki is physically kinda wimpy and realizing he's going to have to use his Knack to counteract Heimdal's own soak, defense, and other bonuses to even have a chance to hurt him then maybe Heimdall just says "Do your worst, Trickster!…and lost 16 of those bonuses on your own DV (or something, though no doubt he'd say that much cooler)."

Also as an aside an earlier draft did not let you counter automatic successes from the Attributes themselves. If folks find it as written too powerful I'd suggest using that version if you still like the concept of the knack and want to use it.


  • Adaptive Fighting - # Legend per missed attack

By registering how an opponent defends, the Scion gains insight into how to launch a successful attack. The Scion’s Epic Wits allow him to adjust his offense immediately after failing to touch an enemy. After missing an opponent with an attack, the Scion’s player spends one point of Legend. On the Scion’s next attack against that same opponent, the player adds his character’s Epic Wits as extra dice on the attack roll, to a maximum of +3. For demigods, the player may spend two points of Legend to increase the bonus to a maximum of +6, and for Gods, the player may spend three points of Legend to increase the bonus to the character’s full Epic Wits rating with no maximum. If this attack misses or if the Scion chooses not to attack again, then the bonus is lost.

  • Between the Ticks - Prerequisite: Opening Gambit

Instead of finishing an action with panache or waiting for the right moment in a battle, the Scion makes the right moment. Normally, a Scion can’t interrupt any action but Aim and Guard. With this Knack, the Scion instead executes a perfectly-timed maneuver with split-second reactions and moves on to her next trick. The Scion’s player can activate this Knack at a cost of three Legend points to interrupt after any action, effectively letting the Scion take another action before the requisite number of ticks have passed. The Scion can use this Knack only once per scene.

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