Kenneth Zaraki
Portrayed By: Tony Jaa
Status: Biking like Crazy!
Age: 18
Calling: Vigilante Biker
Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
Divine Parent: Guan Yu
Significant Other(s): None… Thanks for reminding me…


So you want to know about me, eh? Stalker… Just kidding, but we keep this between you and me, understood? Good. By the way, call me Ken.

Where do I begin? Well, as it is common in America, I grew up with only one parent, that being my mother. Her name is Felicia Chang, just so you know what to call her (and be careful what you call her). She was a cop, which is pretty cool. Apparently that ended when she had me, though she never blames me… Any case, her parents weren't so fond of me at first, Mom having me out of wedlock and all, but her buddies were more caring, and after I came, we managed to get by. She even married one of them, a Jarrod Zaraki, hence the name. He was cool, still kinda is, didn't always think that way. I think I was… five when they got together, six when they got married, but four when he decided to be my father. It was a bit of a mess, but we get by.

Mom, being a cop, was always aware of danger. So, even after leaving the force, she brought me up to defend myself, and I just took to it like a fat man to a Chinese buffet. (Heheh…) I learned how to defend myself, and then I learned how to fight. Didn't go too well with the folks, even if the jerks hassling me were insulting Mom. But I guarentee, they didn't after I got through with them. Did have to move from school to school, and some teachers thought, well, that my future profession would be "a license plate worker", or that I'd be in prison. Would have busted their heads if my… father didn't tell me about the best revenge in the world: be better than them. And so I was, a great student, even learned a few languages. I don't know, it came easy for me, even Math. What didn't come easy was keeping my fist down.

I wasn't always liked by the other kids, which was fine, but I had friends. They weren't always as tough as me, and they'd get picked on. I didn't agree with that, and made that clear in my message to these bullies, add a few kicks. I promised my folks not to fight on the school grounds, but they didn't say anything about the streets, the sidewalks, the parks… They say that now though. There was always someone picking on someone else, and I just couldn't walk away. I was told not to walk way. Mom told me not to walk away… Well, technically she never said that, but she faced every problem in her life, she never let any of her friends get picked on, or anyone else. I couldn't do any less. Got to know the cops real well, as such.

Now, I wouldn't exactly call myself smart, and you couldn't call me stupid… and expect to keep a full set of teeth.

I kid, I kid! But, seriously, don't.

Where was I? Ah, yes, school was not an issue for me, work-wise. But, at the same time, I had no passion for it. I just did it cause Mom and Dad…Jarrod were insisted on it, and I wanted to respect that. It especially impressed them with me learning Mandarin, Spanish, and Tagalog (Mom's a Flip, by the way… That's Filipino…) practically fluently. Did some clubs, dated some girls, smoked some weed (Don't do that, kiddies), the whole school experience. But there were two things in there, two things that really got my attention: blades and bikes.

Mom had a thing for weapons, how they were crafted, how they looked, how they strike, all that. Makes sense, considering she's now a martial arts instructor. Guess I inherited that from her, cause I got into them as well, especially katana. That's right, katana, you don't put an 's' at the end, you- Nevermind. Where was I? Right, I liked weapons. Japanese swords especially, with the looks and feel, and that you can slash someone just from unsheathing it (that was intentional). I liked training in them more than my fists, because I needed them more for my other passion.

Bikes are awesome. I'm not talking about Armstrong, I'm talking about Davidson. Kawasaki. James. Teutel (Senior all the way, baby!). Motorcycles are my passion! The rush! The feel! The looks! The women! Heheh, I just enjoyed so many things about bikes, which is probalby what helped me bond with Jarrod. He's a bike builder, you know. He's the one who got me hooked, having me help him around some of his projects, and I gotta say, some of them looked pretty sick. I got so familiar, I probably could build my own, and I will too one day. Until then… By the way, getting a license for that was a piece of cake. And riding it felt natural; I flocked to it like a fat man to… you can finish the rest.

It's how I make my… income (gotta keep this secret). Let's just say that there are several… underground circuits of bikers who race for cash. It's mainly for the thrill, but the cash isn't bad as well. Can't divulge to that, just say that a friend of a friend told me… Anyway, bikes are fun. They are dangerous, I know one too many who lost control and… that quote from "Treasure Island" comes to mind; I really don't want to talk about it. But that's life, and you can either stay and dwell, or get back up and ride on.

What the heck are you staring at? This? 'Tis only a flesh wound. Really.

Okay, okay, it's just one of a few… Most you can't see with all these clothes. I did mention that I get into a lot of fights, no? Well, there you go. Of course, I didn't use swords then, since it's not legal to carry them out. My fists and legs were enough, some would say too much. I did have to handle myself, and my friends weren't always as good in fighting as me, but Times were not always great, and when it comes to gangs, you're either with them or against them.

Many of these punks were with kid bodies using adult toys. And they didn't like taking no for an answer. All of us decided that in order not to be in a gang, we had to form one. I didn't really care much for the idea, but many of them, being poor and from some messed up families (PG-13 here, people) didn't want to end up in one of them. And so we were born, the Night Riders… We rode in the night, it fit. So shut up.

We weren't like other gangs, who went around with drugs and booze and shooting up people; we had a no-gun policy. What we did have in common was our love to ride, and our conviction to protect others. Guess I rub off people. I had to use a different bike, so the folks wouldn't find out (one of my friends, older guy, worked at a junkyard, which happened to have a lot of bike parts). I repaired mine, and helped put the others' bikes back to work. Guess that's why they made me leader. We became to be known as vigilantes, for beating people up. That may have been bad, but with the cops being undermanned, I guess they turned a blind eye to us.

Our lives were tough, however, and I even got caught in a HUGE scrap once. We had to take on 50 guys… or was it 60…? Whatever, I didn't exactly walk away from that without scars, but for some reason it wasn't as bad as I thought. I would have had to think on my feet on how to explain my long absence to my parents, but at that time, they were out for a while on some big trip, and I knew I could take care of myself (Before you go on abandonment issues, I was 15 at the time, and the neighboors were watching me. They knew about me, but since I saved them a few times, they said nothing.). I could have left at any time, but my guys needed me… So I told myself. But, eventually, I couldn't stay forever, and we all have to grow up.

Ever think things were getting solid, but to have it get all messy for ya? Me too.

I remember it clearly: it was after graduation, and me and the gang were celebrating my getting into college (again, folks' idea, but I wanted it anyway). At the same time, was just recoiling after a bit of a nasty break-up… Not getting into that. It was also the day I met my father… my REAL father. Kenneth Zaraki:

See, it took Mom a while, but she told me that my father was this cop, Donnie Yi, who was apparently a legend. They were partners back when she was on the force… Real CLOSE partners. Anyway, he apparently died on a big bust that was nearly ruined, but the bad guys got theirs. I always looked up to that, for some reason. But now, I don't know what to think.

It happened on that ride, that we saw a bunch of cute girls, being chased by a bunch of creeps. They were tougher than the usual fair, but not tougher than me. In talking to the girls, we found out they were Chinese refugees, with their broken English and tattered clothes. They needed to get to a better place, so I had the ga…group take them elsewhere, while I go to the docks, where they said they fled from. Not the best idea, but my grandparents were refugees, so that hit a spot for me. What I found there was beyond explaining, but I'm going to give it a try.

The thugs were from the Chinese Triad! Triad! They were led by this jerk called Tran Long. At least, that's what the sexy female agents told me, when they "saved me" from these thugs. Gotta be better about sneaking around the docks at night. Anyway, these agents, who I assumed were from China due to their flawless Mandarin, told me Long was gathering refugees for some creepy purpose. They had me leave, with one of them escorting me (the cutest one…) out, but we ran afowl of other refugees escaping, but being caught by these thugs. And they were damn ugly, with black scales and dragon-like faces. I couldn't believe it. The agent with me fought them almost effortlessly, like an elegant dance. Unfortunately, there were too many, and I had to step in after she got sucker-shot. The ones we saved said they'd take care of her, and so I ran to help the others, whether they wanted to or not.

I found that Long was preparing to sacrifice, SACRIFICE, these people in one huge evil ritual (yea, I couldn't believe it either at first) which the agents resolved to stop. We did, with much difficulty. I can't get into it too much, cause I'm still trying to recall it all, but lets just say that I gave Tran a run for his money; but what he did to me is affecting my memory of the event.

But I do remember seeing my father. It happened as I was surrounded by a bunch of those dragon-thugs, while I was completely exausted from the battle before with Long. He came, in a flash, blowing all of the thugs to Kingom Come! And then I saw him, on top of a very big, very red, very recognizable horse. It was a figure from so many shirnes and pictures and Chinese restaurants (and from my favorite game): Guan Yu! It was Guan Yu, it had to be! I couldn't believe it, and didn't want to. It was then he came to me, and called me his son. His son! Me!


Apparently I passed out after that, and the agents there were around me when I came to. That is when I found out about Guan Yu, about the Celestial Bureaucracy, the Titans, and the Scions, of which I am one. Apparently, Guan Yu posed as Donnie Yi, no, he was Donnie Yi, and he fell in love with Mom, and I was the result. Apparently, he's also the Jade Emperor, so I guess that's why he couldn't stay (doesn't say why he came in the first place…) and now he's come back to see me. The agents were also a surprise: Sun Shang Xiang, Zhenji, Yueyang, and Diaochan (the cute one, and the one who personally saved me). The "Emperor" couldn't stay to see me off, but he did send his regards, along with a few gifts: a bracelet that becomes a sword, and a ring to call the dead. Not bad, for a dad who doesn't call, doesn't write.

It was so much to take in at once, and I'm still learning to process it. But there it is. Took a while, huh? But that's me, Ken Zaraki. And that's only the beginning…


Celestial Bureaucracy
Ministry: Scion Observation
Officer: Feng Ji
Subject: Kenneth Zaraki
Subject's Parent: Guan Yu
Report #: 00182458-4112D

It has been 14.32 days since the subject's Visitation. Seems to be handling the issue better than more recent Scions, but is more quiet than before. According to past history, this will soon past, and the subject will be his original self. Has high tolerance for pain, and strong motivation to move on after big events, as mentioned in report 00164222-0023R, specifically after close friend's passing. Much of attitude still remains, as well as aversion to avoid conflict.

Subject still retains urge to protect others that appear under duress from outside influences. Commands strong presence and is natural leader, if reluctant. People seem to receive him well, even if actions go against law, if results are to their favor. Subject does not regard law as important as people's well being. Doesn't seem to matter if people being afflicted are related or strangers. Sense issue there with several shen in future, but is along lines of current Emperor.

Subject is not afraid to enter a fight, but rarely instigates one. Is skilled enough to win against many mortals. Sense strong sense of valor and honesty. Also sense strong bonds of loyalty to friends and family alike. Could prove to be useful if considers others as allies, but could also be problematic if ordered to go against allies, especially from other pantheons.

Subject tends to spend time with friends, going on rides on their mechanical horses, or sparing with them using safety gear. Looks skilled in not only our martial arts, but in various forms from other countries as well. See no problem in this. When alone, subject does own training, showing better than average body structure. Does spend time on computer and television, playing those… video games.

Comment: Remarkable how many times games change stance on historic figures. They do seem to get Dynasty Warriors right at some of core, while much of it is vastly inaccurate. What can you expect from the Japanese, though?

Ahem, off topic.

Subject still brooding over end of last relationship. This is a typical trend; feels loss among those close very strongly, especially with females. However, seems to bare such women no ill-will, and has been observed to respect even those who were close but rejected or harmed him. Uncertain if this will apply to Emperor.

Personal opinion: Subject would prove very valuable to any band for reliability and battle-readiness. Would not be so valuable when it comes to moving straight to objectives while ignoring situations around, especially when other people are involved.

Recommendation: More observation is needed.

Final Note: Subject appears more attractive to women of Asian descent. This could prove valuable in keeping birth-line pure, but problematic if woman is of the Amatsukami line or of any other pantheon. Recommend no direct influence; last attempt ended in failure.


Got family, will explain later…

Yea… I like metal, but not too great at playing it.

Oh, not that type of Band? How the $&^! should I know?!

Then, what the heck is a Band, anyway?

Events Thus Far

None to recall as of now… That can be mentioned in mixed company.

Character Sheet

Strength: 4 Charisma: 3 Perception: 3
Epic Strength: 0 Epic Charisma: 1 Epic Perception: 1
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 3
Epic Dexterity: 2 Epic Manipulation: 1 Epic Intelligence: 1
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 2 Wits: 3
Epic Stamina: 1 Epic Appearance: 0 Epic Wits: 1

Further Explanation of Skills

Epic Strength
Epic Dexterity
Cat's Grace There's no real terrain that I can't traverse in.
Divine Balance I can basically balance on anything now with ease… Except water.
Untouchable Opponent I am the Flash. Really, you can't touch me. (1 Legend)
Epic Stamina
Self-Healing My body can heal a lot of damage quickly. (1 Legend per damage)
Epic Charisma
Never Say Die I inspire others to do better, despite the hardships. (1 Willpower for each damage suffered)
Epic Manipulation
God's Honest My words can sway a person to my truth, even if it's not theirs. (1 Legend)
Epic Perception
Subliminal Warning Any surprise attack on me can come as no surprise. (Add dice from Epic Perception to Wits + Awareness roll to detect ambushes)
Epic Intelligence
Language Mastery After a few sentences, I can become the master of any spoken language.
Epic Wits
Meditative Focus Despite the background noise and such, I keep my focus dead center. (Eliminate one environmental distraction per dot of Epic Wits)

The Cast of Ken's Life


Yes, ladies, that's me.

I'm free.

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