Kane's Betrayal


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Scene Title Kane's Betrayal
Synopsis Death trap for the Power Rangers! Dun dun dun!

Castle Clinton

After that bit of psychotic bunny drama, Maia and Haldor headed back to their apartment to get showered. Together. Yes. Together. Or not. Afterwards, the young college co-ed slips out and hrmms for a few moments, pursing her lips as they decided to call her half-brother to investigate. The more the merrier right? And so now she just left a message for Rupert, Jolie and Gene to meet them at her apartment so they can all travel with Mr. Taoka.

"Hallllldooooor…you didnt see where I put my scrunchie, did you?" she asks, just slipping into her clothes now, post shower.

Haldor, who has been ready for well over half an hour now, looks up from his drumming on that shield on the coffee table with his drumsticks. The Viking makes a noise that probably indicates he has no idea what the hell Maia's talking about. When she peers out at him, he shrugs a little bit.

It's not long after getting the call that Rupert stands outside the door, knocking loudly. "Pull out, zip up, and open the door, mates."

Jolie walks up behind Rupert, eating an apple. "Sup. You really think they were doin it? I mean, the house ain't rockin, they ain't rollin."


And the door opens by itself as Maia finally finds her scrunchie, putting her hair in a ponytail as she wrinkles her nose. She gathers her backpack full of paper as weapons as she hrmms for a few moments and looks towards Haldor. "You might wanna bring the shield just in case something gets the drop on us. Kane should be downstairs soon with his limo.." she says while stretching her arms in the air.

Jolie streaks past Maia as the door opens. "Writing a novel? Be right back." And she keeps going to her room, soon to return with her baseball bat and the katana that David gave her. "Limo? Niiiiiiice. Let's roll."

Haldor looks over at Rupert a moment or so after Jolie zips past. The Viking stands up, dragging the shield and his drumsticks with him as he does so.

"Ripper! Hey man. You still have that taxidermist on speed dial?"

Ripper strolls into the apartment. "Got his number, anyway. What'd you kill this time, a bear?" He glances around, as if for a bear corpse.

"My half-brother..we ran into him before the vorpal bunnies started decapitating people atthe zoo. I plucked out a parasite in their brain, and apparently Scott did too. But right now, it's time to find Helena and the gang near Castle Clinton. My dear old half-brother is bringing us.." she explains, wrinkling her nose as she stretches her arms in the air and waits for everyone to gather their items of power before she starts heading towards the door. "So we're finally going to take the fight to the Corrupted Scions..maybe we can end this whole Dark Hour mess.."

"A bear? Nah man. Just some freakin' ridiculously fast, blood-lickin', people beheading rabbits."

Haldor, being reasonably skilled at outdoorsy stuff, doesn't have the corpses out in the open. Instead, the Viking gestures toward the refrigerator with one hand while the other works to get that big ass shield strapped over his back.

"Keep an eye on her half-brother, Ripper, if you could? He gives me a bad vibe and I think you might be able to see through his corporate bs easier than me."

The door's pushed open as she approaches it, and a head bearing a fedora dark as night leans in, a knive-edged grin beneath the set of his shades. "Folks," Gene greets casually, "Seems like we're goin' somewhere."

"Right," Ripper drawls. "Is he anything like Maia, because otherwise he'll be too much of a nancy to do anything horrible."

Jolie blinks. "Rabbits? What, are they the size of a Jeep? Oh, Maia, I met my half-brother! And we fought some of the bad guys, and one of those assholes /kissed/ me, and that big bad bald brotha tried to pull some zombies on us, but my zombies fought theirs, and I managed to control a bunch, so now I have nine zombies!" She grins.

"No. He's pretty much nothin' like Maia." Haldor frowns slightly at Rupert, nodding to Gene as the Viking finishes strapping the shield to his back. "You know the criminal mastermind stereotype who can actually do most of the killing himself, but he sends minions to do his will for him because the killing is beneath him?"

"Mr. Horkos! Glad you could make it. We're going to Castle Clinton, it seems my dear old half-brother has some information about certain people who should…die.." she grumps a little as she stretches her arms in the air for a few moments as she blinks blankly at Jolie. She takes in all the information and wrinkles her nose as she beams brightly towards the other woman.

"More and more relatives coming out of the woodwork! Hope he's not creepy like mine is.." she admits ruefully. "But yay! You have all the Jacksons now I take it?" Maia quips, canting her head a little before she looks back towards Haldor. "Kane is not a criminal mastermind..he's just..different.." she harumphs. Hey..that's her family. Too bad she doesnt realize he is that type.

"So shall we?" and with that she motions towards the elevator..

"Oh, the whole Japanese businessman Yakuza thing," Ripper says. "Right. So, he's a cliche." he shakes his head. "Well, let's get on then."

"…Castle Clinton? Like… right across the street from Helena's pad?" Gene looks at the gathering with a somewhat dubious expression, and then he shrugs, "Okay. Is your half-brother on our side, or are we going there so Haldor can punch him until he talks?"

He seems to be good for either.

Jolie says, "I'm in it for the limo. Unless you've got one, Rupert?" She grins.

Ripper just gives Jolie a look. "Got a limo, two motorcycles, and a Model T. Limo's at the hotel, though." He shrugs. "Don't usually take it except for press events."

"So far as we're concerned and until he proves otherwise, Maia's half-brother is on our side, Gene."

Haldor glances toward Maia for a moment before stepping closer to Gene. The Viking glances toward Rupert for a moment or two before looking to Gene again as he whispers to the journalist.

"Even so, like I asked Ripper, keep an eye on him. Guy gives me bad vibes. You and Ripper are probably better at seeing through his CEO bs than I am or Maia."

And eventually the quintet arrives at the lobby where the door man waits with a rather handsome Japanese man. He's dressed quite fashionably in a Gucci suit, cut nicely to his form. "Ahhh! I am glad you could make it..and so many friends..of course I knew that my dear sister would have lots of friends.." he says rather condescendingly. He winks at Jolie before he bows before them. "Taoka Kane.." he says introducing himself to the others before he motions towards the rather buxom young woman who stares at Rupert and Gene. "And this is my associate Marie Glapion.."

The young woman curtsies before the quintet as she waggles her brows towards Gene and Rupert scandalously as she speaks with a hint of a New Orleans accent. "Pleasure to meet you. Shall we then?" she asks curiously as she starts to head off towards the black stretch limo outside.

As the Aesir steps over, Gene leans in a bit to listen to his quiet words. A bit of a nod, and then he turns to follow the others at an ever so casual stroll along down to the elevator — and the lobby.

"Mister Taoka," he greets amicably, "Ms. Glapion…" A wink to the latter, before he produces one of his cards to whichever cares to take it, "Gene Horkos, Associated Press. A pleasure to meet you both." Ah, and out towards the limo with them!

Jolie stares and stares. "Very nice. Me, I woulda put some Ds on that, but still…" She smiles at Kane and Glapion. "Nice to meet you." She follows Gene, whispering, "I dunno if she'll be able to fit in the car with those."

Rupert smirks at Marie, and proceeds with the group. "Pleasure's all mine, luv," he says, leering playfully.

The Viking steps up at the end of the line, smiling as cheerily as he can at Kane Taoka and Kane's dear friend. Haldor glances at Maia and Jolie for a moment or two before looking back to the other two.

"Our other plans didn't pan out," remarks Haldor to Kane.

"I see, I see, well it's good that you could come with us on such quick notice. Words of your group's exploits has reached my ears even all the way in Las Vegas.." Kane says with a wry grin asshe pats his hand on Maia's shoulder, pulling her close. "Ahhh, we should get better acquainted, we are family and all!" he says with a cheery smile, definitely putting on his best acting right now.

Maia looks over towards Haldor as she wrinkles her nose and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Um..yes..family and all that.." she says with a nervous little grin as she starts scooching into the stretch limo, sitting next to Haldor as he settles in. Of course, her brother follows and sits on her other side.

Meanwhile, Marie sits in the back wearing sexy librarian chic. She crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable while eyeing Rupert and Gene with a predatory grin curling onto her lips. "So…what do you two know about this Dark Hour?" she asks curiously, waiting for everyone to get settled in before the limo drives off.

It's across the seats from Marie that Gene settles himself in, leaning back casually in the comfort of the limo - not bothering to offer any information himself, just looking around the vehicle, checking out Marie, listening and watching quietly.

Jolie settles in her seat and mirrors Marie's leg-crossing move. Maybe it's jealousy. Maybe she doesn't like the way the woman is throwing herself at Rupert and Gene. Or how she's being totally ignored. "Well, you know. It's Dark, and it's an Hour. That kinda thing. How about you, hun?"

This is perhaps the most tense that Haldor can ever remember feeling inside of a limo. Actually, on further introspection, Haldor doesn't recall ever having ridden in a limo before. He rubs his chin thoughtfully for a moment or two while trying to discreetly watch Kane out of the corner of his eye over Maia's head.

"Really? I wasn't aware we had done much to attract that much attention… At least not that could be directly attributed to us."

Rupert, on the other hand, seems perfectly calm and at ease. A slight smirk plays about his lips. "Of course we've been heard of. Killing titanspawn in public with a rock star will do that, won't it?"

The limo continues driving on it's way through traffic, but seemingly it hits just green lights. Kane smiles at Haldor and then nods in agreement with Rupert. "He's correct you know..and our parents like to brag, it gets heard through the grapevine.." he says with a cheesy smile before he looks towards Jolie rather appreciatively. See, she isnt getting ignored. "Marie..what did I say about ignoring the women..you and Miss Watkins are related…family if you will.." he says. Waittaminute, how did he know their last names too? Something's not quite right here and he looks back towards Haldor and Maia once more, snickering softly as he looks out towards the window. "Do enjoy the ride, there are drinks if any of you would care for some.."

At the offer, Maia just shakes her head and politely refuses. "No thank you…" she says, clutching at her backpack a little. She looks toawrds nher beau worried for a few moments, but does her best to hide it as she lets out a soft sigh, remaining quiet for most of the trip. They're almost there afterall.

As soon as she's chastized, Marie lets out a little harumph and nods as she smiles almost wickedly towards Jolie. "Erzulie is my mother…and yours is?"

"I'm good," Gene replies casually to the offer of a drink, "I prefer to deal with such matters on an empty stomach. Gives me something to look forward to…" The man's arms rest on the back of the seat, stretched out to either side a bit, and he flickers a glance between Jolie and Marie with a roguishly casual smile, "Mm. Never met many've you Loa before recently, now you seem to be coming out've the woodwork. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, great view on two've the three I've met…"

Haldor nods a bit at Kane's explanation, exchanging a curious glance with Maia as Taoka indicates Jolie's last name. Curioser and curioser, muses Haldor as he remains comfortable in the limo. It's a pretty good stretch limo, plenty of leg room for the Viking.

"I'm fine, thanks. Just had my fill of soda at home," remarks Haldor, attempting to politely deflect the offer of drinks. Even so, Haldor can't help but have the image of grape soda stuck in his mind's eye.

"I like your mother," says Jolie brightly to Marie. "Reminds me, I need to thank her. But that's neither here nor there right now." Her tone cools again to politeness. "My daddy's the Baron Samedi."

"Great, all introduced," Ripper says, reclining back on his seat. "Now, what're we looking for when we get there?"

"Those who caused the Dark Hour of course.." Kane says with a shake of his head and eventually the limo arrives at their destination. The door isopened by the chauffeur as he starts to head out first, leading Maia by the hand. He waits for the others as they arrive in front of Castle Clinton, one of the major landmarks in the New York City area. "ahhh, this place is beautiful.." he says before looking back towards the others.

Maia lets out an eep as she's lead outside and immediately takes her hand from his own. Creepy incest is not what she had in mind for the evening. She looks back as she wrinkles her nose a bit and chews on her bottom lip, still quite tense.

And then there's Marie. She lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she motions for them to head off as her cellphone rings. "You all go ahead..I have a bit of business to attend to. And yes, Erzulie is a wonderful woman.." she says, smiling towards Jolie and then Gene..

Haldor follows directly in Maia's wake, doing his best not to let his shield creak or groan as he relaxes his weight from against it, hidden as it is under his hoody. The Viking glances up from Maia and Kane's hands to Kane's face, a faintly curious expression on his own face as he waits for Taoka's reaction to Maia tugging her hand away from his.

"So what sorts of things have you heard about us anyhow, Mr. Taoka?"

Rupert follows at the rear, content to remain silent and let the others do the talking for now.

A step out've the limo, and Gene stretches slightly; swinging his elbows back, a smile curving to his lips as he turns from the Castle, looking out in the direction of a certain building he knows isn't far from here. "It's certainly got a fascinating history," he observes casually, "Definately an interesting place. The whole Park was built around it…"

Jolie steps out, nodding at Marie. She rolls one shoulder, then the other, clutching her bat and katana. "The whole park? Serious? Nice. I guess if you got a castle, you need to have a kingdom around it."

"Oh nothing big…just how you saved the Overworlds and the Earth itself from being consumed in darkness by the Dark Hour.." yes, their reputation does spread fast, especially amongst the Scion community where things just get spread more and more. There's the howl of wolves in the distance, and even he seems surprised by it as he just shrugs it off and starts leading them towards the castle proper. "We should begin our investigation then, yes?"

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea.." Maia says as she looks back towards the rest of the band and sighs softly before she starts gonig back towards Haldor, letting her fingers entwine with his own. It's obvious she doesnt trust her brother at all, at least not at this point anyway and she looks around, glancing around the area as they're lead towards the courtyard..

"It's actually Fort Clinton, or originally West Battery," Gene provides by way of his own easy, casual history lesson, reaching into his jacket to pull out a pistol as he walks - thumb clicking the hammer of the pistol back with a cold, flat sound, checking the tarnished weapon as he talks, "It was on an island, you see, so they added in extra landfill to fill in the water, creating Battery Park…"

"That's nice," Rupert scoffs. "Totally bleedin' useless information, but nice. Now, if you got the score to the last Man U. game, that's must-know." Seeing Gene getting ready, he slides his hands into the pockets of his oversized trench, closing one fist around the bagh-nakh hidden in the cunningly tailored pocket.

"Oh. Well, uh. Yeah."

Haldor seems momentarily at a loss for words, which is his thing as he is not the Band's faceman. The Viking hears the flat sound of Gene cocking his pistol following in the wake of the much more on-key howl of wolves in the distance. Curiously, Haldor looks over his shoulder in the general direction of the howls, though he really doesn't know much more about them than 'wolf howls, more or less on-key'.

Haldor looks back toward Kane and the Cas-FORT-tle. Quietly he considers the structure, Kane, and the immediate surroundings. For the moment, Haldor is content to appear to be useful. No need to let anyone know he has no idea what he's looking for, being probably the least knowledgeable of the Scions present.

Jolie peers at Rupert. "Man what? Are you talking cricket or something?" She carefully tucks the scabbarded katana into the belt loop of her pants, then grips her bat in her left hand. Looking over the land, she looks curious but content.

"Soccer.." Maia chirps up. It's Manchester United, one of the hunkiest teams in all of 'football', of course she would know this information. There's a soft chuckle under her breath as she shakes her head, wrinkling her nose once more as she gives Haldor's hand another gentle squeeze as they meander along into the courtyard.

"Ahhh, well here we are, the courtyard. Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you adieu. I wish we could've had a much better relationship, my dear half-sister, but these people want you dead. Actually, these people want all of you dead. Something about ascending to godhood with it.." Kane explains black wings of shadow erupt from his back and he flies up, letting out a soft chuckle under his breath. "I'm surprised..I would've thought this would've been an obvious trap. Well my sister, you truly are an idiot. I hope you'll give my regards to mother..at least before I destroy her as well.." and he's off in an instant.

On the four corners of the cas-fort-le are some very familiar figures. To the northeast, there's another tall Japanese man who looks down towards the group. He seems to have recovered since their last encounter and he pulls out several sheets of black paper from his pockets. "Ofuda, henshin!" he cries out as soon it becomes a wicked razor sharp blade..of paper. Yes, he kills with paper. "We're in luck..all our dark mirrors are here.." he tells the others.

To the northwest is a young woman of Indian descent. She snickers softly as she wets her lips a little already bringing out her zippo lighter as soon it too forms a blade. "Mmm, the cute one isnt here, so I guess we can kill them.." she says, looking straight towards Rupert with deadly intent.

Then there's Colm! He's changed, most definitely changed. He looks a bit more haggard and lets out a maniacal laugh, pulling out a cane before tapping the ground, and soon he has nine zombies as well. "How wonderful…I'm glad the aptrganger didnt kill you my dear..for it'll give me a chance to get my revenge on you for my captivity.." he says looking down at Jolie.

Then finally there's Helena who peers down towards Gene. "Ahhh, the Greek of their band. I figured my dark mirror would be obvious enough.." she says with an impish giggle as she watches them from the southwest.

Then of course there's a man who steps out of the shadow from the other side of the Fort Clinton. He's a tall Egyptian and he hrmms for a few moments, wearing a big black and bulky suit. "It seems I am left without my mirror. Perhaps I shall take the redhead again..he is strong.." he says with a sage nod.

A smile curves ever so faintly to Gene's lips; no false smile, the curve of it joined by a glint of wickedness in the eyes that look over the edge of his shades to the Scion of Aphrodite. "I'm surprised," he offers casually, bringing up the gun in his hand as his attention fixes upon the gorgeous godling, his other hand bracing against the butt end of it, "That you don't know your greek mythology better, Helena. You know, my mother's had many children, in her time… I'm named after one of them. Horcus."

Rupert immediately goes on guard as soon as he catches sight of the corrupted Scions. "Bollocks," he curses. He looks around quickly before seeing a flagpole in the courtyard, near the fort. He quickly grabs the cord used to raise the flag and pulls it out so there's a decent angle to the top. Without even bothering to secure it, he begins to run straight up the incline on the flimsy cord, not stopping until he reaches the top. Now suspended in midair on the tip of the flagpole, easily balancing only a few yards from the enemies, he smirks and lowers his sunglasses. His pitch-black eyes seem to draw them in, and his smooth voice carries clearly throughout the courtyard. "Stop! In the name of -getting-your-ass-kicked!"

Taking advantage of surprise, at least for them, Maia unzips her backpack and pulls out a strip of her immaculately white prayerstrips. She eyes the Corrupted Scions and tosses the paper up in the air as she mutters a soft prayer under her breath while reaching up towards the sky. The icy blue magatama ring on her finger glows for a few moments as she yells, "Ofuda, henshin!" and suddenly the papers start to fold and craft themselves into a bit of paper armor surrounding the young woman much like a samurai warrior would. Yes, it's durable. Yes it's paper. Yes, she's got origami fu.

After she's done her magical girl transformation, she crouches low and the papers still fly around her hand, folding themselves upon her mental command. They continue to form a paper bow with twenty paper arrows ready to be shot on her mental command and she looks towards the others, her eyes shiftily gazing around under her paper helm.

"Haldor..you're taking Kamui again..he'll kill the others. I'll distract the others, I just need time. Cover me so Gene and I can get a good shot. We're your long range fighters.." she says, already strategizing things in her head as she looks around and chews on her bottom lip hidden in her immaculate white armor now.

Haldor bears his teeth as Kane takes to the skies with his wings of shadow. The Viking momentarily considers pursuing, but thinks better of it in the face of an entire squad of Corrupted Scions. Both hands dip into his hoody pockets, withdrawing his drumsticks as Rupert scales the flag pole and Maia starts formulating strategy.

Power silently crackles across Haldor's body as the Scion of Thor enfuses his body with speed, so very much speed, and just a hint of the steely resolve he showed Kamui the other night. Haldor zips forward, long swords in hand as the Viking's form blurs into motion. At the last moment, he leaps straight upward, all of his forward momentum fueling his rise.

Ricocheting off of window sills and the castle wall itself, Haldor flies up into Kamui's face. Thusly positioned, Haldor swings one sword on the way up and past. On the way down, which starts about the same time he finishes his upward swing, Haldor swings his other sword to complete the X-scar he intends to leave slashed through Mitsurigi's shirt.

Jolie stares at each of the corrupted Scions in turn. She sees the people who should have been saving the world, gathered to destroy the world. She and the others are the ones who must stop them. And she smiles as Rupert does his thing. "You heard the man!" But instead of doing the obvious, summoning her zombies for a Thriller-off against Colm's, she straightens up, tapping a foot on the ground. "Dark mirror, dark shmirror." And suddenly, she is off like a lightning bolt. Fast. Faster. Fastest. She tears across the grass, whipping up clippings like a mower, dandelions bursting like fireworks. She hits the wall, and up, up, up she goes, defying gravity and common sense like a cartoon character. Her goal? Helena. "Alright you mind controlling skank, get ready for the Pain Train," she growls as she jumps up and twists around, her foot on a collision course for the White Bitch's head.

Haldor rapidly descends toward a small outcropping of the stones that comprise the wall of Fort Clinton. The hood of his hoody flaps about above and behind him, his oversized shirt/jacket flapping a bit in myriad locations as well. In the wake of Haldor's first strike, a dramatically sized X appears in Kamui's coat and shirt, exposing black paper armor underneath for a few instants.

The wind picks up, seemingly in the wake of Haldor's descent, blowing a few deep rents in the paper armor open to expose dark scar tissue underneath. In particular, the scar tissue appears to be an enormous, fist-sized at least, circle over Kamui's heart, though the brevity of the opening the armor prevents most from seeing much more than scar tissue over Kamui's heart. Given his position, Rupert probably gets a very good look dead in the 'hole'.

On the outcropping, Haldor concentrates. His eyes glow an ominously neon sort of blue as his power builds and builds. The Viking's muscles seem to tense, standing out in relief even through his baggy clothing in the instant before he launches himself skyward again. Beneath his launch, the outcropping gains a spider web of new cracks, Haldor's blades gleaming in the city's ambient light.

"I'm disappointed, man. I was expecting you to know better than to try this again."

A tremendous roar escapes Haldor as he swings his left hand blade around and aims to anchor it into Kamui's chest. In the next instant, Haldor swings up and around on the handle of his sword, aiming to carve a much larger trench through the Japanese man's ofuda armor than before, adding to the terrible impact of his first sword.

That knife's-edge smile widens upon Gene's lips, his head lifting so that those dark shades hide his eyes entirely… and instead reflect Helena's face as she notices that foot sweeping through the air towards her. The Scion of Strife's weapon hand tilts — just a bit — adjusting his aim as he pulls the trigger. The bullet's barely out of the barrel as he moves, charging for the walls with a cheetah's speed carrying him in the direction of the castle walls.

"It was given to him to punish oathbreakers," he growls under his breath, "Like you, bitch."

The White Witch stumbles backwards with the impact of Jolie's boot into her lovely breasts, her body swaying to one side from the impact… and into the line of the bullet that was aimed for the empty air there, imbued with the hunger of the Androktasiai, that screams along the weave of fate, hungry to taste her death.

Helena's eyes widen as she sees the bullet, her world briefly in slow motion as it comes for her…

…and then there's just red, and black, crimson spattering as her head snaps back and she tumbles to the flagstones at Jolie's feet. Dead, alive, who can say - but she's clearly out of the battle.

There is a tremendous *KRRRRRACK* not unlike thunder as Haldor's sword rams through Kamui's armor and chest before erupting out through a brand new hole in the onmyouji's scapula. A moment later, the paper armor around Kamui explodes like black confetti, raining slowly down on the couryard like some sort of evil cherry blossom storm.

Haldor's second strike carves a deep trench across Kamui's chest, leaving a bright red line that runs through the fist-shaped scar over the onmyouji's heart. As Kamui topples toward the cobblestones, Haldor kicks off of him and backflips through the air, neatly evading the blood bubbling and gushing from the Japanese man's lips.

In mid-air, Haldor whirls about and brings his swords together. Between one moment and the next, Haldor's swords are replaced with an enormous war hammer that he hefts over his head as he executes aerial pirouette after aerial pirouette. And then Haldor spies his target, just below, frozen half in shadow and half out of it. The Viking doesn't even need to channel his father's power to get into position.

Gravity simply takes over and drags Haldor straight down, hammer swinging with tremendous, as he descends upon Alexandros Abdel-Halim's skull. A split second before the moment of contact, Haldor lets out another war cry that lasts until after the jarring, armor splitting impact.

Maia and Haldor are one. They totally think on the same wavelength as she's already got the rather large and intimidating Scion of Sobek in her sights from behind her visor. She aims and waits until his hammer strikes the Scion, gold and brass shattering and breaking through the man's shirt, ripping his clothes to shreads leaving him completely bare chested.

It's a nice chest too, quite muscley, just the type ths girl likes, but however, something else is in her mind tonight. She squints a little lets go of the paper arrow, letting it fly in the air. The instant it strikes the man, she brings forth her ring once more, focusing the moonlight to ignite the paper arrow which burns quite quickly, eventually enveloping him in flames…

And quickly the arrow pierces the man's skin. There's a soft chuckle under her breath as she punches her hand forward, focusing the light into a laser at the paper arrow which instantly bursts into flame and soon over's the man's body, causnig him to run around until it's out. She didnt want to mutilate or scar him afterall.

The young girl then looks up towards Haldor and offers him an armored thumbs up. "That's three down! Two to go!" she chirps quite happily. "and that's what you get for ignoring my arrows before, fucker.." she grumps as she stares towards Alexandros a bit..

Rupert's command was loud and booming and the Corrupted Scions can't help but but look, compelled to stare at his hot Indian hotness. Preethi is especially affected for she does have a crush on the older man, and it's only now does she finally get out of his spell. Her eyes widen with shock and horror as she looks towards the beautiful blonde completely down and out with a rather scary Jolie standing beside the body. Then there's the arrow of fire in Alexandros that completely knocked him out. Then of course Kamui who suffered Haldor's wrath once more. When she realizes there's only one person left, she lets out a curse as of all people it's Colm.

"You fucking bastards!!!!" she screams in anger, her zippo lit once more as it starts to bring out a bright flare of light from her zippo trying to catch the quintet before they can cause more damage. She needs to stop them..running is the only option as this point really…

With the bright light, everyone is stunned. Preethi didnt even care what happens to Colm at this point as nhe stands mesmerized once more. But alas, Haldor is the only one unaffected. Too bad she doesnt know it..

Haldor drives Alexandros into the ground as though he were driving a golden spike through a railroad tie. The cobblestones under the Scion of Set shatter, creating a shallow crater before Haldor ricochets backward from the force of impact, leaving an opening for Maia and her flaming arrow of death.

The sound of Preethi's voice up above gives Haldor some warning as he whips off his hoody and draws the shield strapped across his back underneath. He brings it up and around, murmuring for protection from Baldur and Johanssen as he seeks refuge under the sun-marked shield. Light gleams brilliantly off of Haldor's shield, none of the Heavenly Flare ruining Haldor's eyes.

As the flash dies down, Haldor emerges from under his shield and sights Preethi. Without his touch, he's pretty sure the drumsticks will revert to being drumsticks… And that just wouldn't do. The Shield, however, Haldor has much more faith in that it will remain a shield out of his possession. With a deep breath, the Viking takes a single step forward before hurling the Shield at Preethi's backside.


Haldor winces as the golden shield, glowing faintly with solar power in spite of the late hour, slices through the air and cracks Preethi in the back of the head. Hard. She sails forward, an arc of crimson trailing behind her before she crashes into the cobblestones atop the Fort wall with an ominous, sickly wet *WHUMP*.

Its hurler's intentions sated, the Shield tilts in air and streaks back to nestle on Haldor's forearm. The Viking looks utterly confounded by this turn in events as he slowly looks around for Anti-Chief O'Brien. Haldor's heard nothing to give him particular fear of the Oirishman, but Colm is, technically, evil.

With Preethi knocked out, the stunning effects of the heavenly flare are all but gone, leaving those affected to act. One of those is Colm and he just stares at Haldor for a few moments not quite sure what to do.


With the wave of his hands the zombies disappear and he's about to run but is stopped by a powerful and rather menacing looking black man. It's Henri Thibbedeaux and he's been watching.

"This was suppose to be the apotheosis for them. But it seems you all have done quite well. Perhaps I went to the wrong ones.." he muses under his breath as he snaps his fingers and soon the downed bodies of the various Corrupted Scions disappear from sight, not even a trace of their blood. He hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling his nose as he looks towards those gathered. IT's just him and the quintet and he ponders for a few moments.

"I wonder how you five will fare against..me.." and soon he jumps down onto the ground with a loud thud, making a come hither motion towards the group.

Ah, hell. It's into one of the alcoves along the side of the fort that Gene skids into, grass and earth kicked up from the sudden halt; slamming his back against the wall, breaking line of sight to the demi-god as he brings his gun up, thumb pulling the hammer back with a low click of finality. He draws in a slow breath, then exhales it.

"Alright, little sister," he murmurs to the weapon in his hand, "This should be… interesting…"

In his mind, he's already working out all the sensible ways to move and approach the enemy, how best to take cover. And he's scratching them all out as predictable. The random is the way to go.

"Oh, shite," Rupert groans as the big man makes an appearance. "What's good for the goose," he hisses, walking along the top edge of the waving flag and leaping nimbly onto the roof. Once again, his voice takes on that hypnotic tone, and he stands backlit against the yard lights in the courtyard. "Meet my gaze and stare into the Abyss!" Once again, the enemy's eyes are drawn irresistably to him, unable to break free.

Haldor's attention is drawn to Henri, eyes widening as Colm winks out of existence before his very eyes… And Alexandros winks out of existence in the corner of his eyes. The Viking supresses the urge to gulp, instead reaching deep into what reserves of power he has left to wrench forth one of the few things his mother drilled into him.


The Viking can feel its warm embrace as he wrenches it out of the depths of his soul. Henri Thibbedeaux, a.k.a. MCD a.k.a. Le Fromage Noir, is by far the most ridiculously powerful foe Haldor can imagine facing. Even so, Haldor cannot back down. He cannot show fear in the face of overwhelming power. Evil needs to be smote. With a growl of growing strength, Haldor blurs into motion, his voice rippling through the courtyard behind him.

Somewhere, deep down inside, Haldor can feel his father's over-the-top spirit brimming. He has to actively fight back the urge to burst out with a speech, doing so would empower his foe too. Haldor isn't quite sure how he knows that, but he does know it. No. The Band has the power. They just need… They need to see the first blow be struck and for it to be a damning strike.

Haldor's feet pound into the walls of the Fort as he runs in a spiral upward, ever upward, before crossing into the air with the power of his momentum alone. The Viking spins in air, hammer and shield at the ready as somersaults toward Henri Thibbedeaux. With a final roar of escaping power, Haldor swings his hammer at Henri's chest intending to stagger the imposing and powerful figure with a cataclysmic impact.

Jolie shakes her head at Colm. "What a punk," she mutters. And then, the one she calls the Big Bad Brotha shows up. Her expression becomes sad. "Poor Andre," she murmurs, thinking of her brother and his family and how they must feel about Henri going bad. She tightens the grip on her baseball bat. "Miss Marinette, I don't like hurtin relatives, but in this case, I gotta. Please forgive me." Haldor's devastating attack fires her up and she runs at the corrupted Scion, swinging her bat at the back of his knees. "The bigger they are…the more I have to hit them."

With the demigod teasing the quintet, Maia looks around as she takes in her environment. A soft chuckle under her breath escapes from her lips as she stands up and points towards him, "You're an idiot! You think just because you think you're invulnerable doesnt mean you can't get hurt? We're taking you out, you motherfucking idiot.." oh my, such words from a feisty young onmyouji.

Oh, the young girl has a plan. A devious plan that involves teamwork. Her eyes widen as she looks towards her bandmates and focuses, closing her eyes for a few moments, her words suddenly heard in their heads. If anything, the girl has gained a lot of fancy new powers, telepathy being one of them at this point.

«Haldor! Jolie! Guys? Can you hear me? I hope this works..» and there's a little mental sigh. «This guy is cocky as hell, and I doubt we can really hurt him, but look around us. Power cords. I'd typically say fire, but we don't want to destroy a national monument, but we can fuck up a few city blocks with electricity. Haldor! Jolie! You two are the fastest..we need water on the ground. I'll surround him with paper so he can't see. Rupert and Gene, you guys need to cut powercords and make it land in the water. We're frying this fucker.»

Hopefully that message got through and already she empties her backpack full of paper sacrificing her own paper armor to surround the man in darkness caused by paper. And lots of it…

Jolie gets an odd look on her face. One, because hitting Henri doesn't seem to have any affect and two, because Maia is TALKING IN HER HEAD. But she handles it, nodding her head once. And off she runs, at that crazy top speed, to a nearby firestation. She quickly starts to unwrap a hose off the big pumper before any of the firefighters can react, the dalmations barking away.

The impact between Haldor's hammer and Henri's face is tremendous enough that a sound like thunder echoes outward through the courtyard and not a little thundercrack. No siree, this is a full-fledged 'LIGHTNING JUST BLEW SHIT UP NEXT TO YOU' peal of thunder. It also sends Haldor sailing backward across the rooftop, smoke rising from his boots as the rubber burns just a skosh from friction.

Haldor is just preparing his next strike when Maia's words ripple through his mind. Briefly the Viking startles at this, but it quickly fades. Instead, the Viking looks to Jolie and nods, pointing toward the nearest fire station before he blurs into motion. A black and gold streak *VZIP*s past behind Thibbedeaux as Haldor moves toward the fire house at full fledged ridiculous speed.

A moment or so after Jolie, he arrives and grabs the ends of pump truck's hoses and zips off down the street. First in one direction and then the other. His hammer flashes, snapping off the end caps of the hydrants whereupon he fits the ends of the hoses to them. Soaked and making a weird flapping noise due to the wind against his drenched, saturated clothing, Haldor returns to the fire house and flips on the pump truck's systems, pressurizing everything.

It's a sound plan. Gene can get behind this. Of course, it takes him a moment before he gets used to the idea of someone talking in his brain…

A deep breath, and then as he hears the return of the others he pushes out from his cover, bringing the gun upwards towards the sky. Ah, the modern day and their power lines. #19047 roars out its defiance as he fires for the lines, bullets trailing through the air to bring them down towards the prideful demigod in their midst.

With water filling the ground of the Castle Clinton, Maia lets out a quick squeak as she runs as fast as she can and starts jumping and climbing to get away from anywhere that there's water. She doesnt want to get killed by her own plan and eventually she's on the rooftop as well, huffing and puffing from the physical exertion. With the band still in eyesight, she concentrates and squints a little as she stands on the rooftop.

The young girl continues to watch as the ground becomes saturated and soon she looks back towards Jolie and Haldor. «Turn it off! That's enough water now! We don't want to destroy the building. And get away from there!» A few moments later she looks back towards the others as she stands tall. «Gene! Rupert! Cut those powercords at just the right angle…NOW!»

Rupert frowns as he hears the voice in his head. He shakes it off quickly, though. After all, being a god's kid means you can pull off some freaky tricks. Seeing Haldor and Jolie going for the hose, he heads for the power cords, some of which are suspended in the air near the edge of the roof, string to a power pole. He dashes up the cord, and follows one until he's standing directly over MCD. He kisses his bagh-nakh, and waits for the signal

As soon as the water begins spraying, he slashes his arm down, cleanly severing the heavy power cables. As the longest live piece drops downward, he turns and steps back onto the power pole, balancing easily on top and watching the scene.

"Darkness? You think darkness is enough?"

And that's MCD letting out a hearty laugh as he punches the papers away that start to go on the ground only in time to let him see what's really going on. His eyes widen with surprise, there's a clear dumbfounded expression on his features as he grumps. "Fuck me.."

BZZZZZZZZZT! The lights all around the area flicker for a few moments before shutting off as the electrical cords strike the water. Kilowatts of electricity start to burn the paper on the ground surrounding him as he's frozen and temporarily paralyzed from the thousands of volts running through his system. There's a BOOMING SCREAM OF PAIN and anguish as he cries out in pain. "I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU ALL!" his eyes widening as electricity crackles through his system. Eventually, he disappears in a poof of black smoke. Did he die or did he teleport? Who knows?

"Yeah, yeah," Gene quips, "And our little dog, too."

Jolie zooms back with Haldor, zipping up to the roof to watch the fireworks. She whistles lowly. "No matter how many times I see a bad guy get electrocuted, it never gets old. Of course, I've only seen it twice now." She wrinkles her nose, Maia-like. "Man, this disappearing stuff is annoying."

Haldor zips up the side of Castle Clinton and flips through the air to land in a crouch at the edge of the roof. The Viking peers down at Henri as he is engulfed in flame and electricity, whistling softly as he shoves his drumsticks into the pockets of his baggy pants. Down below, Haldor's hoody explodes into flame as well, issuing several motes of flame and many an ember before it dies.

"Too bad he teleported those other guys, I always did enjoy a weenie roast."

Awwww, isnt it romantic when you're by a fire caused by the destruction or possible destruction of a demigod of immense power? Maia heads on over to Haldor, sighing a little as she rests her had on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his as she lets out an impish giggle. She shakes her head a little as she hops up and steals a quick kiss on the Viking's cheek before looking at the rest of the band.

"I think we should get home. We definitely need to have a celebratory party.." she says with a sage nod.

Ripper follows a cable to the ground and joins the crowd. "Well, that was invigorating," he comments. "Now, I require beer. And not that horsepiss they sell on this side of the pond, either."

"I know a British b- Err… Pub. A British pub a few blocks from here," remarks Haldor to Rupert.

The Viking slowly stands up, shrugging some soot from his shoulders before turning to plant a kiss on Maia's forehead. He smiles cheerily at her, ruffling her hair with one hand before he goes about strapping his shield across his back again.

"This was a Hel of a test of us as a team."

The gathering of heroes is observed with a slight, crook'd smile from Gene, the pistol holstered under one arm. There's a pensive look about him, but he decides to let the others have their celebration. "I wonder if the limo's still here," he muses, padding along over the grass to peer off to where they parked.

Alas, there's no limo. It drove off with Marie in it after Kane did his betrayal that ended up badly for the Corrupted Scions.

Maia looks back and doesnt see it as she sighs a little. "If you want, I can rent us a limo..or maybe Rupert should..he's richer.." she says with a hearty laugh before she oyes at the mention of a pub. "I can't..waittaminute, I can totally get in.." she realizes as she giggles once more and steals a quick kiss on Haldor's lips in a celebratory manner.

"So off to the pub we go! I wanna get drunk for the first time!"

Ripper blinks and looks at Maia. "How old're you?" He glances at Haldor. "Robbin' the cradle, mate?"

Haldor pauses a moment and twists his head to peer at Maia. One red eyebrow arches, sparing a quick glance at Rupert followed by a shrug.

"I'll meet you all there," offers Gene with a tip of his chin up to the others, a smile tugging up at one corner of his lips as he admits, "I've got something I need to do first, but, shouldn't take too long if everything goes a'ight."

"I'm eighteen. Legal in almost every country but here, but I'll just flash a bright smile and I'll get let in, don't worry.." she says with a hearty chuckle under her breath, beaming the entire time while squeezing Haldor fondly once more. "So shall we then?"

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