Taoka Kane
Portrayed By: Kaneshiro Takeshi
Status: Alive and Deadly
Age: 20s
Calling: Harbinger of the Titans
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Divine Parent: Amaterasu/Mikaboshi


Kane is the brains behind the Shinsengumi and a prime example of a Scion who has been thoroughly corrupted by a Titan. Kane lost his father and adopted mother at a very young age and spent the remainder of his youth in orphanages, with abusive foster families or on the street. When Mikaboshi revealed to Kane that his mother was the Goddess Amaterasu and that he need not have endured a life of hardship but for her indifference, Kane vowed revenge. Now empowered by Mikaboshi in addition to possessing the divine gifts of his parentage, Kane plots to drag his mother screaming from Takamagahara before finally destroying her, no matter what the cost.


Name Relation Notes
Haldor Englund Idiot Looks dumb as hell, acts dumb as hell, probably is dumb as hell.
Tsuchimikado Maia Half-Sister Idiot. Daughter of Amaterasu. Must destroy her as well.
Sylvester Guiler Lackey Idiot, but has his uses as the Scion of Loki.
Orlanda Elliot Fuckslut Seduced her. Idiot. Uses her for her abilities. Decent lay.
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