Kali Visits



Scene Title Kali Visits
Synopsis Exactly what the title says

The Diamond

Yet another evening at the Diamond. Rupert is stalking through his rooms, shouting curses as he kicks open doors and punches walls until he reaches his bedroom. "Fucking bloody idiots," he growls. "That's it, Frankie's out of the band. Can't hold a bleeding beat for shite." He pauses and exhales heavily, forcing himself to calm down. "Right, then." He walks out onto the balcony of his top-floor room and stares out at the city. "Need to get out of here for a spell," he murmurs to himself. "Wonder what's going on out there."5r

"Death, chaos, fire..the usual.." and there's a response behind him. A beautiful young Indian woman appears dressed in a crimson red dress as she stares at Ripper grinning in a rather predatory fashion. "But something has come..something my son needs to destroy…Amaterasu's child failed in her mission, I knew she couldn't do it..that is why I am coming to you, my son.."

"Hullo, mum," Ripper says, trying to feign an unimpressed air in the face of his fully divine (and fucking scary) mother. "Bring any presents this time? Got a lot of birthdays to make up for." He finally turns to face her. "Well, at least you've only got two arms this time."

Kali clicks her tongue and rolls her eyes a bit as she slaps Ripper across the face. "Don't take that tone with me. I can still smite you if I so deem it.." she warns before she heads on towards his bed and flops onto it, crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "But..onto business..the child of Amaterasu was weak..she couldnt take on seven Scions defending the anathema. You will kill the anathema, won't you my dear Ripper?"

"Er, what?" Ripper asks. "First off, what the bloody hell are you on about? Second, whose idea was it to send Maia to face seven of us on her own? Honestly, does anyone use their brains anymore? She's not a war goddess, you know. Or, er, won't be if she gets that far."

No, it should have been an easy assignment. The anathema was surrounded by those who would protect her, particularly an idiot son of Apollo and a brash daughter of Artemis. They didnt know better." Kali replies with another dismissive wave as she hrmms for a few moments. "Still, she's feisty, not exactly like her mother. Almost killed Anubis' child and attacked her own bandmate as a means to achieve her end. It was a glorious battle, until she was overwhelmed.."

Then there's a bit of annoyance again as she gives the thought about ending the world a dismissive wave. "But my son, you will destroy the anathema, won't you?"

"Yeah, yeah," Rupert replies. "Point me to it, and I'll put it down. Now, description, location, defenses, what happens if I fail and it gets loose? 'Anathema' is fairly unhelpful term, you know."

"She's a young woman.." and soon, Kali's spouting off the description of Caelis. "Kill her and sacrifice her heart to me.." she purrs softly, wetting her lips in the end with her tongue.

"You got it," Ripper says. He whistles and a two-headed bird, about the size of an eagle, flies in and perches on a hatstand. He reaches for his trenchcoat. "Burnt offering, heart, done deal. I know the drill." He smirks as he looks at his mother. "Bloody well better get extra credit for this, if I'm going to be ruffling the feathers of people I may have to work with fighting titanspawn. Gonna need more than a pat on the head for cutting off allies."

"You are an idiot..a violent idiot, but an idiot.." Kali replies, letting out a hearty laugh as she eases on up and scritches the ganda beruna on it's heads. "The child of Amaterasu will try to kill her as well. And I believe the Baron is giving orders as we speak. The Great Sage Equal of Heaven, Eris, Thoth, and Thor himself even want her dead. I doubt your bandmates will get in your way.."

"Hey, now," Ripper protests. "No need for name-calling. Said I'd do it, didn't I? But what about Anubis, Artemis, and Apollo? You said their kids were guarding the bint."

"They were when the child of Amaterasu was trying to kill her. I don't know if their parents are doing the same..I don't keep track with those members..I only get along with your band's divine parents for the sake of..easy negotiations.." she says matter of factly, scritching at the gandaberunda some more.

Ripper shrugs. "Right, then. I'll meet up with my band, er, the other band, and we'll go kill her. If we all want her dead, she doesn't stand a chance. We're some of the most powerful people in the city, yeah?"

"I want her heart, my son. Scatter the rest to the wind, preferably as ashes.." she says matter of factly, a predatory grin curling onto her lips.

"Well what Kali wants," Ripper says mockingly. "Kali gets. Consider it done. Anything else I need to know?"

"The relics of Amnis. I want them." Kali says matter of factly as she snaps her fingers and disappears.

"Bitch," Ripper mutters fondly, sliding on his trenchcoat and heading for the phone.

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