Jocelyn V. Mantreh
Portrayed By: Drew Barrymore
Status: Not Dead
Age: 19
Calling: Gossip Extraordinaire
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Hermes
Significant Other(s): Aillen


Some 19 odd years ago, two business travelers who happened to cross paths while on assignment in Greece. After several rather steamy nights (and mornings), the two travelers parted ways. It wasn't until young American woman returned from Greece a few weeks later that she discovered she had brought home a stow away from her travels abroad - she was pregnant. 9 months to the day after that first chance encounter with the traveler, she gave birth to a little girl, who she named Jocelyn Violet Mantreh, leaving the 'father' space conspicuously blank on the birth certificate. Of all the things the two travelers had exchanged, names was not one of them.

Jocelyn took well to constant traveling, even from infancy she would sit quietly on the countless flights and drives, staring intently out the window, and seeming to take in everything around her. Jo learned from a young age that information was power - she had seen her mother use that power countless times in meetings around the world. Even as she sat unnoticed in her mother's business meetings - a decent baby sitter was so often quite hard to find on such short notice - she continued to observe everything, because no one pays attention to a harmless child sitting in the corner. Even after her mother decided to settle down temporarily in a condo just outside of New York City to give Jocelyn some stability in her high school years, Jo continued to collect information like an old woman collects cats. And as she began high school, she found that the information she collected could be used to some rather amusing ends.

The summer of her 15th year, just following the completion of her freshmen year, Jocelyn's mother was once again on assignment in Greece, a place which they had not traveled since Jocelyn's birth, where Jo was for the first time allowed to explore the area on her own. Wandering aimlessly through the winding side streets of Athens, Jo became rather hopelessly lost, and her increasingly panicked walk brought her to a tiny little book shop off the beaten path, filled with dusty books and crinkling parchment maps. It was in this shop she met a curious Greek gentleman who insisted on taking her to a coffee shop closer to the older parts of town. She felt oddly safe with him, and agreed to that cup of coffee without much second thought.

In that empty little coffee shop, Jo's life was turned upside down. The handsome Greek gentlemen told a rather disbelieving Jo that he was her father, and that he was in fact, the Greek god Hermes, protector of travelers, theives, and communication. By the time she finished her coffee, Hermes had explained that the old myths were true, and that she, being his daughter, was to be tasked with aiding in the battle against the Titans and their spawn. After several minutes of her asking rather incredulously if he expected her to beat said beasties into submission with her school books, the god chuckled, and assured her he would not send her into the fray unarmed.

Following her return to the US, Jocelyn's next year and a half at a high end private high school outside of New York City, found her acting like a normal, studious girl during the week, but doing her father's bidding on nights and weekends. Some kids deliver papers, Jocelyn delivered messages from the Gods. She also got fairly decent at gathering information, a skill she delighted in applying during school hours, crafting the information she got into rather interesting rumors that were mysteriously leaked to the rest of the school. Not that Jo had any knowledge of how they could have possibly gotten out.

And then everything fell apart. Jocelyn's mother was transferred into the heart of New York city, and Jocelyn herself was transferred out of her familiar, easily influenced, cushy school setting, and into James Madison High School, midway through her Junior year. She was not pleased with this change of scenery. The events surrounding New York's rather unexpected transition to New Atlantis shook Jocelyn's relatively sheltered world even more than any simple change of local could have. She's still getting to know her new school, and is quite cautious about how she acts. But, that doesn't stop her from being an extremely good listener, even when no one is talking to her.

Her birthday is March 22.


Jocelyn is quiet and reserved, preferring to observe drama from the sidelines, as opposed to directly causing or involving herself in it directly. She's quite friendly, if you approach her first, anyway, and has a rather sarcastic, dry sense of humor. She is quite aware of her short stature, thank-you-very-much, and has no problem making self deprecating jokes about her appearance - but be warned, she is wont to kick you in the shins if you make jokes about her lack of height. She's rather self conscious about her overall appearance, as could be expected when surrounded by divinely pretty people, and chooses to hide what she does have beneath ill fitting clothes. She is exceedingly bitter about being forced into dresses. Overly perky people who try to hard annoy the hell out of her, and she doesn't mind telling them that.

She will talk your ear off about history or art, and can often be found with her nose stuck in a history or mythology book.

At the same time, she's a devious little bugger, and will not hesitate to spread nasty rumors about someone who crosses her or one who causes harm to those close to her. Jo delights in seeing the high and mighty get their comeuppance, and enjoys it even more if she had a hand in their downfall. She is a loyal friend, though, and will do all she can to squelch rumors about those she counts among her friends.


Name Relationship Pantheon / Parent Notes
Aillen Bandmate and Boyfriend Tuatha / Lugh Nice guy, even though he can be an obnoxiously tall cad at times. Everyone has always assumed we were dating, even the gods. He's a natural leader and warrior, good dancer, good kisser. I don't think his pixies like me very much. He has an adorable puppy. We are giving this dating thing a try.
Hopper Bandmate and friend Yankee / Br'er Rabbit Rather quiet guy from school - really smart. Good with explosives, inventions, and general neat things. He thinks like I do. This amuses me. When he's mad or emotional, he won't say it - retreats into his work. Tends to go missing for long periods of time - we think he's in his lab, maybe?
Dion Bandmate and friend Greek / Dionysus Fashion / Party god of the community. He can be a bit melodramatic, at times. He's occasionally a devious bastard. Spectacular dancer. We are all very, very protective of him. He's been helping me come out of my shell a bit, and I appreciate that.
Neil Bandmate and Friend Norse / Heimdall Good guy with a very protective dog who seems to keep the poor boy on a very tight leash. Neil is incredibly protective of Dion, apparently due to something that happened in High school. Dating Alexis.
Sophia Bandmate and Friend Yazata / Anahita Amusing girl with a quirky personality, she can be a bit flighty at times, but is an awesome friend. Seeing some guy that I decidedly don't like - I don't trust him. She's trying to get in to an art college. Adopted Norman the Derp-Falcon. Champion of all Feathered Friends.

Jocelyn bears the Vigil Brand from Aillen - it lets him know where she is, how she's doing, and if she's in danger.

Events Thus Far

Oldest logs are at the top of the chart, newest are at the bottom.

Title Description
Revenge of the Rabbits Jo finds herself at an NRA hosted Barbecue, with several of her classmates. Vorpal bunnies ensue.
Coney Island Chat Jo and Aillen meet up along the boardwalk at Coney Island, and Jo ends up with a stuffed bear cloak
Fashion in Central Park Aillen introduces Jo to Dion. Jo is generally socially awkward and horribly not fashionable.
Faulty Wiring Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 An adventure starting with a rampaging stove and ending up facing off against a giant mechanical dog!
Boot Camp: Oops! Aillen and Jocelyn have undertaken getting Dion a little bit more battle ready. Jo has the bright idea to summon a spirit to spar against.
Bad to the Bone Jocelyn and Aillen get caught up in a battle alongside several other Scions against some rough and tumble Chimera in Hell's Kitchen
Crunchy and Good with Ketchup Jocelyn, Aillen, Sophia, and Neil are attacked by a creature from the Deep.
Road Trip Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 An rainy adventure that begins with a search for Hogzilla, and ends atop the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio.

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 3 Perception 4
Strength 3 Charisma 1 Perception 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 4
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 3 Appearance 3 Wits 4
Stamina 3 Appearance Wits 3

Experience Points

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